Monday, November 12, 2012


This morning, as I left my home, an unmarked police car, with a single female inside and wearing dark glasses, drove off, as soon as I began to video tape her, as she sat idly in the car and watching me.  A few
days previous to that, it was a white van, with the windows all shaded out, that was also parked, at the top of street. It was night, so I couldn't see the occupant clearly, until I got up close.  This time it was a guy and as soon as he saw me enter the street where I lived, he too drove off, immediately.  Of course, I still have to put up with the police surveillance, that is also carried out, in marked cruisers and sometimes there are several of them, all at the same time. 

For a while it had stopped, or at least the ones in the marked police vehicles, but started up again some weeks ago.  That I could also plainly identify, as definitely watching me.  Somehow the idea of being video taped, also does not appealled to them, for they will always, immediately, drive off.
The police has also stepped up its harassment, through its agent provocateurs, who has also been increasing their attacks against me. The court, last week, has also blocked my charges against them, as well as the police. I am pressing for other media, to take up this story, as well, because I am also convinced, that, some of those persons, who has been working, with the Toronto 14 division police, in this case, should also be investigated further. Since that police division, has also blocked, all investigations and charges against them. It is a major cover-up, that also need more exposure more in the media.