Friday, January 11, 2013



Paul Chisholm, General Manager, Is Accused, of Taking Part, In Those Decisions Directly.

Should Victims Of Abuse Be Denied Priority Housing By Housing Connections?

This is against the very mandate of Housing Connections. Which is to provide housing for people, usually women, fleeing from abuse, so that they can be safe from the abuser. But according to recent reports, Housing Connections, has not been following through with its mandate on that. Victims of abuse, are also told to wait, for much longer periods, than the Social Housing Act, also allows.  It governs, Housing Connections, a subsidiary of Toronto Community Housing, its primary shareholder.  Many of Paul Chisholm's actions, also does not seem to reach the Board of Directors, for Housing Connections. If it did, then why Paul Chisholm, the General Manager of Housing Connections, still remains in his current position.

Special priority, are to be given to victims of abuse, according to the Housing Connections mandate. but that has not been the case with Housing Connections. They routinely deny priority housing, to victims of abuse.  When you have the general manager, taking part in a decision, to deny a woman, fleeing a domestic abuse situation, priority housing and also denying them twice then there is something more to look at here. Aside from the obvious corruption that is involved, the city of Toronto, need to get involved as well.  Personal corruption, is also too rampant, with Toronto city officials, like Paul Chisholm, general manager and also the other managers, of Housing Connections.  It should be a public outrage, to deny a woman in an abusive situation, housing, even after Housing Connections, has had documented and also unrefutable proofs, that this is also the case. They do screen such applicants, thoroughly and verify their claims of abuse. Yet Housing Connections, also, still manages to find ways, to deny them priority housing. The public should then asked, how they can also stop, this kind of corruption, by Toronto publicly elected officials and city employees, of those private corporations, like Housing Connection and Toronto Community Housing, which are also funded, by the City of Toronto. 

Some years ago, there were also reports, that, Housing Connection's staff, were also taking money, from those applicants, who wanted to have their applications, reviewed sooner.  The general waiting period, for those regular applicants, is up to ten years and there were reports that some Housing Connections, employees, were also accepting bribes, and were also being paid, up to a thousand dollars, to review those applications sooner.  There is a housing crisis, in the city of Toronto, but why should victims of abuse, lives, be even further endangered, by Housing Connections staff, who do not care about their situations?  Priority applicants, like victims of abuse, are not given any special priority, despite their circumstances.  They are told to wait and many of them, are also encouraged, to go into a shelter, where they are then told to wait, even longer, for their priory applications, to be reviewed.  The mandate, of Housing Connections, regarding their priority application process, is that victims of abuse applications, are to be reviewed, within 14 days, and then at the end of 30 days, they should also get some kind of response, from Housing Connections, about being put on the existing waiting list, for priority housing.  Priority applicants, are generally moved to the top, of the waiting list, for housing and are also supposed to be housed, quicker.  In the last several years, this has also changed and the waiting period now, for those on the priority list, for housing, has also gotten longer. The public is also told that those applicants, who are in abusive circumstances and who are often women, are also given priority, over other applicants, as well and are also housed quicker. 

This is actually not the case, because of the corruption, that is also involved, by Housing Connections, staff. Many of those applicants, are denied housing, even if they also qualify, or some are also given housing opportunities, in areas that are also, specifically, targeted for marginalized groups, and if they refused housing in those areas, like Jane and Finch and other places, they are then asked to wait, for much longer periods, for their priority housing.  The goal is to get them into those neighbourhoods.  It is systematic racism and abuse of the poor, on an unprecedented scale. It is also corruption and a public outrage, when you have people, like the general manager, like Paul Chisholm, who also continues to perpetuate, this kind of system.  He should be fired immediately, for his role, as the general manager, in further victimizing, victims of abuse, by being personally involved, in the decision making process, that has also denied those victims of abuse, access to safe and affordable housing.