Monday, January 21, 2013


Toronto Police 14 Division Corruption:  Lies, Intimidation and Cover-ups.

This 14 Division police staff sgt. refused to give his name and badge number, recntly, when asked to identify himself, to a member of the public. This was also because another officer's name, from that division, was also used, to cover up this officer's own visit. Luckily, the entire matter was also recorded. Later, his partner also gave me the "finger", as they drove off, in the curiser laughing.

I recently had to put up posters in my neighbourhood to warn my neighbours about the dangers posed by the Toronto police 14 division, because of the corruption that is also involved regarding their actions.
The neighbourhood is starting to get used to seeing them on Argyle street, in particular, day and night, in both marked and also unmarked police cruisers. Many people also see the police drive off, after approaching me and they may also be wondering, what is going on?  So I had to set the record straight, about the 14 division police and also about the house, that I live in and which I am also renting currently. I felt that I was also doing a public service by doing so. 

The owner of the property, Li Yong Yu, aka Yong Yu Li, is also a personal friend of the police, along with her sister, Yu Xia Li and also her tenant, Hugues Idholo. The same man who the police has also insisted, on removing his comments, on a 911 tape, in order to protect his privacy, regarding a death threat, where he was also charged by the police. Allegations abounds, about the relationship, between the 14 division police, and also their misconduct, regarding that property owner directly.  What they have covered up and why they are also protecting her.  Pay off I a;sp believed, for spying for the police. They ignored her violations of the zoning bylaw, by turning her single family home, into a multi unit rental property, without a permit.  They and the court, this time Judge J.J. Young Harvison, of the Divisional court, inToronto, has also ignored her most recent action, of lying on an affidavit, by swearing to a false name and no amount of evidence, that was also produced, regarding that matter, including a copy of her legal name, on the deed, for the property, that is also registered with the City of Toronto, would also make them, go after her for breaking the law. Instead I had a personal visit, from the staff sgt Jeff Zammit, telling me that landlord, wanted me to move out and that I had better aquiescence, or else? I got tired of seeing the police, also used her property, to spy on me daily. Including inside of the building, where they would also hide, while carrying out their surveillance. She is even believed, to have a hidden camera, that is also used, to record my movement, inside of the building. If they were also doing a genuine investigation, I would also like to see them, also produced, the warrant, that was also used for that. I would also be waiting a long time to see that one.

I have also taken up the habit of recording, the police's visit to my home, because I also felt unsafe, while they are there. When I asked the staff sgt, Jeff Zammit, if he also mind, that I record my conversation, with him and the other officer, he said "No" abruptly, and then walked away. But he was also recording me, something that I have also gotten used to by now. I recorded him anyway and was also glad that I did, when I found out, that other officers were also recorded as being there, when they were not.  And I also have the recordings to proove it. So how did I know that it was this police sergeant, Jeff Zammit, from 14 division? Well, I was able to compare my own recording of the officer, to his video that he also has on youtube. And both of them also matched.  besides, I had just written an article about him the previous day, regarding my service to the public and pronto! he showed up at my door the very next day. albeit, without identifying himself, when asked, or providing his proper identification, as a police officer, much less as a police sergeant.