All Human Rights Agencies, in Canada, currently support the Canadian Government's, human rights abuse, by not reporting such abuse, except a few cases regarding the First Nations People, who also have a legitimate claim to human rights abuse. But it is as if others don't exist in this society as well.

Primarily among them is Amnesty International who condone the actions of the Canadian Government by suppressing evidence of human rights abuse in this country that have far exceeded what is considered as tolerant by the U.N. (no human rights abuse is tolorant) by either not reporting such human rights violations fully or by not offering their services to the victims of human rights abuse in Canada. In fact it is official that Amnesty International in particular do not investigate certain cases of human rights abuse in Canada. That is their official statement on the matter. Instead it has been focusing on those human rights cases that have already gained international attention to bring more focus to those cases of human rights abuse.

Amnesty International is not alone in this. There are many other human rights groups operating inside of Canada whose mandate it is to not document or expose human rights abuse by the Canadian government. That is the official statement of most of them. They do not support any individual cases of human rights abuse by the Canadian government. As a result victims of human rights abuse by the Canadian government usually do not have the advantage of having their cases recognize because such cases are not acknowledged in Canada and this is because of the Canadian government's official position on the matter.

When asked it will declare that such individual cases of human rights abuse do not exist n Canada. Victims of human rights abuse by the Canadian government are now taking their cases international to bring awareness to the problems that they face in this country. And in regards to those human rights organizations operating inside of Canada, some of these organizations in Canada do not in fact represent the interest of human rights actions worldwide.

There is a strong suspicion of the motives of some of those organizations and the public should be aware that not all of them really deliver on their promise to help those who fall victims of their government's or others violations of their basic human rights. I regards to individual cases, most victims of human rights abuse in Canada have no voice and suffers silently. They usually have no where to turn when their rights are violated. It is the same for some groups as well. The legal system often fail them as well. In many cases there is a conspiracy that exist among Canadian government officials to prevent such persons or groups from exercising their democratic rights. These Canadian government officials are to beblamed for the disregard for the administration of justice in those cases because of the level of corruption involved.

They are both trying to cover up their actions and to maintain the image that they have both here and internationally. Keep in mind taht some Canadian government officials have held some high positions in some of these human rights organizations including the U.N. and their influence is still felt whether it is acknowleged or not. I hold them as hypocrites because of the high positions that they hold and their professed concerns in regards to human rights worldwide they still fail to acknowledged these same human rights issues regarding their own nation. They are mainly responsible for the world believing that human rights abuses do not exist in this country as well. Their influence is felt both inside and outside of Canada. Victims of human rights abuse in Canada should be aware of the obstacles that they face by the Canadian government directly.

One of these obstacles is the Canadian government's open denial of those cases of human rights abuse in its own country even though it also knows that this is a lie that it has cultivated over time to protect its image both here and abroad. The human rights agencies operaiting inside of Canada are just to be blamed for this blatant lie that have been formulated by the Canadian government to avert attention away from its own human rights violations in its own country. You can help stop human rights abuse by the Canadian government which are directed at both individuals as well as groups of people by exposing such cases of human rights abuse and by supporting those victims who most of the time do not have any other means of having their cases heard or dealt with. In individual cases of human rights abuse in this country, many lives are destroyed that way. Individuals who have been the target of human rights violations by the Canadian government directly or through some other means are most often ignored regarding their cases.

As I am aware of many such cases it would seem appropriate to mention that this is also a tactic that is used by the government to avert attention away from the problem of human rights abuse in this country. It would be rewarding for those victims to see that accountability is made in regrds to this government owning up to the role it has played in such cases. Another very disturbing factor that almost always seem to appear in those cases is that racism also plays a role as well. There is an undeniable fact that most cases of human rights abuse in Canada involved those who are considered a minority. That is those persons who are non white. This does not take away from the fact that other members of Canadian society who are white and also suffers because of human rights buse. But in most individual cases as well as those cases involving groups of people, the overwhelming majority are non white. Even in cases where the human rights abuse are based on other factors, race often played a crucial role in those cases as well. For example, among targeted groups, such as prisoners in Canadian jails, there is undeniable evidence that race also plays a role in how they are treated.

There are many cases of specific groups in those institutions who are targeted, the most notable among them are Blacks, Native Canadians and other minorities. The Canadian government's denial of these evidence is one reason why it should now be investigated for those human rights violations committed in its own country against both individuals as well as groups. Every one generally agrees that human rights abuse which is the focus of many organizations as well as countries because of the fact that as human beings it is recognized as an inherent right of each person. Yet there is a disparaging difference in how each person or groups of peole are treated in regards to this depending on the different factors involved. Each organization or country deals with victims of human rights abuse differently and it seemed to be based on factors which are often beyond the control of the person or the victims of human rights abuse themselves. The Canadian government is no different.

It has been guilty of perpetrating some of the worst forms of human rights violations against both individuals as well as groups of people in its own country. It is time that this fact get recognized by the International community and this government is made accountable for its actions. The world Human Rights organizations such as the U.N. and others as well as the world community can no longer ignore the many complaints which have been maade by those living in this country. Human rights abuse by the Canadian government is a serious concern that should not be ignored any longer. Just ask the victims.

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