Friday, March 8, 2013




Activists Demand More Shelter Beds, For the Homeless and An Increase In Welfare Benefits.

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, has taken on Toronto City Council and The Mayor, Rob Ford, over more shelter beds and welfare benefits, for the poor and homeless. That is a good thing right? but Toronto's bulbous Mayor, Rob Ford, is not accepting any of this goodwill gesture, on behalf of the most vulnerable, in this society. He has demanded that the protesters leave city hall.

The Toronto police has moved in since yesterday, to remove the occupy protesters, from the Toronto City Hall.  And since last night, every single one of them, has been removed unto the street, by the police. But OCAP protesters and the other activists, are also adamant about what they want the Toronto Mayor and the rest of the Toronto City Council to do, in order to meet their demands, regarding their latest gesture. And also on behalf of the poor. Some are even questioning, if OCAP is also being sincere, or if this is also another publicity grabbing stunt, by them?. This has also been Rob Ford's accusation, against OCAP.  The needs of the poor and the homeless in the city, should, in fact, be a priority, but it is also not, based on the actions of the Toronto Mayor and his colleagues. Part of OCAP's demand, is for the city to provide more shelter beds, for the homeless. But the Mayor, Rob Ford, also claim that this is not necessary and a waste of tax payer's money. Where does he get off saying that?, Or speaking on behalf of all tax payers?  To me, Rob Ford, despite his position as the Mayor, is also not qualified to speak on our behalf.  He gave up that right, by insisting on putting his own opinions and beliefs, time and time again, before the public, and to also make that decision on our behalf.  Rob Ford is bad for Toronto.

According to Toronto's Mayor, Rob Ford, OCAP is also wrong about the city, being without shelter beds. Ford says that, “OCAP is wrong about access to beds. Every single night there are empty beds in our shelter system,” Ford said. “On average, about 3 to 4 per cent are empty every night.”

I have news for Rob Ford, who I also think should be homeless, even for just one night in the cold, just to understand the plight of the poor and homeless, in the city. There is a lack of shelter beds in the the city of Toronto, for the homeless and this has also been a long standing issue.

Ford can also call the shelters, in Toronto, on any given night and they will tell him, that they are also full to the capacity. So Rob Ford do not know what he is talking about. As for his talk about "saving tax payers money", why didn't he think of that recently, when he also gave himself a three percent raise in his salary?. The hypocrite that he is, he cannot identify with anything, that also does not personally, affect him.  We have long known this. And many Torontonians are also not willing to over look this flaw, with him any longer.

Speaking, of Rob Ford's flaws, a recent allegation has come out against the Mayor, for sexual misconduct and possible sexual assault, against a fellow mayoral candidate. The allegation was made public, today in fact, as I'm writing this article, and also from a woman, Sarah Thompson, who has alleged that Rob Ford, has touched her inappropriately and has also made a suggestive comment, to her, that was also inappropriate.  The woman's claim is also actually pretty "revealing" about the latest of the Toronto Mayor's rude conduct.  She is also a part of his team, so why should she also tell a lie, about the Mayor now?

How did the Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, also get back into office, after being booted out, should also be a testament to the corruption, that is also prevalent, with Canadian politicians and the justice system overall.  The Mayor, has had some very serious accusations, about his conduct while in office and anyone one else, would have also been gone by now.

I think that I will reiterate, some of them here, as a reminder, of exactly who we have in office, as Mayor right now. Accusations of domestic abuse, by the Mayor's wife, after she also called 911 and the police, in 2008 and also charges of assault and uttering death threats, against his wife, Renata, were also laid against Mayor, Rob Ford, in 2008. And that those charges, were also subsequently dropped, against Rob Ford, in 2008.  In 2011, the police were also called numerous times, to the home of the Toronto Mayor, for "domestic" reasons, in October 2011. On December 25, 2011, Christmas Day, the police were also at the Mayor's home again, when Rob Ford's mother in law, called the police, after claiming that, "the Mayor had been drinking and wanted to take his children to Florida, against his wife's wishes". This is not a happy home, from the look of things.

I did not even go into the Mayor's distant past, regarding his drunk driving and drug conviction, charges, in the US in 1999, before he was a mayor. Nor will I also go into details, about his more recent vulgar behaviour, in the last couple of years, while still a mayor, which every one also knows about by now. The bottom line is that he is not fit to be mayor, or to represent Toronto, let alone to speak on behalf, of the poor and homeless, which he also cannot identify with, on any level. Rob Ford is also a millionaire.

I have also said to a friend when the Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, was also put back into office, in January of 2013, after being kicked out in 2012, on conflict of interest charges against him, that, there would also be more scandals, in the future about him. And the latest one is also not surprising. Can so many people be wrong about him?. I don't think so.  No one really believes in him, or that he can also do a good job, as the Mayor, for Toronto, because of his personal habits. No one, that is, beside Rob Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, who both run City Council, like it is a family business.

OCAP, should also ignore the rants, of Mayor Rob Ford and stick to their agenda, regarding the plight, of the poor and homeless, in the city. I don't think that all of City Council, also share the mayor's views, on that issue either.