Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, that was built, supposedly, in order to present the Canadian government's views, on that subject, has also stirred up a lot of controversy and rightly so.

Many believed that it is a hypocritical action, on the part of the government and that its real purpose, is to hide its own human rights abuse, from the rest of the world. We should all denounce this act of hypocrisy, on its part. We know who are also behind this project. And also kept insisting on more funding for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. None other than some very prominent jewish organizations, in fact. It is their very narrow view of the human rights abuse situation in Canada, that has also led them to exclude other victims of human rights abuse, in fact, more qualified victims of human rights abuse, such as Canada's First Nations People and Blacks, who were also once slaves, in Canada. This group is still asking, for millions of dollars more, in funding for the museum, while at the same time, excluding other groups, in the exhibition, of the museum. Not fair, by any means.

On behalf of all the victims of human rights abuse in Canada, I declare that this museum does not tell the whole story of its human rights abuses, committed both in its own counry and abroad. Many people have either suffered, and has also died, as a result of its actions and until many of its laws are repealed to include some kind of compensation for the victims of human rights abuse, this museum, is, instead, a testament, to its own atrocities, that were perpetrated against those victims.