Saturday, August 10, 2013


                      Kate Middleton, in high heels.

A 'Pregnant' Kate Middleton, playing ball.

The 'suicide' that was perhaps a murder. What led to the death, of nurse, Jacintha Saldana? Did she know too much
about Kate Middleton's visit to the hospital?.

Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, in front of the King Edward VII
hospital. A private hospital for the royal family.

The world has been deceived, about Prince William and kate Middleton's new baby. Conspiracy theorists, like me, also believed, that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was never pregnant in the first place. Yes, It is all a hoax. Kate Middleton, like Beyonce, has faked her so called pregnancy, to fool everyone. But why? Why did Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, pretended, to be having a baby and a royal heir to the throne, after his father, Prince William, if that isn't the case?

There are many conspiracy theories, about this very question. Some of the answers also make sense. The most common one, is that Kate and William, Old Wills, has to a use a surrogate mother to bear their child, because Kate, cannot get pregnant naturally, or she refuses to become pregnant, for superficial reasons. Like not wanting, to go through the natural changes, that a woman's body go through, during pregnancy. I tend to believe the first theory, that they cannot have a child, on their own by natural means, and so they had to use a surrogate mother, to bear the baby for them. Whatever the reasons, are, they have also deceived, the majority of the people, because their new baby, George, was also not born to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.  The major give away, was the unnatural baby bump, after her so called delivery, of the baby.
Not freaking real in a million years.

Listen, I have had three children, or has given birth three times, and many other women can also attest to this fact, that though you may have considerable weight gain, around your belly, during and after pregnancy, it doesn't look as firm as that. Kate Middleton's stomach looked as round and firm, as if she was still pregnant.
The other clues, that she was faking her pregnancy, all along, is her slim figure. No weight gain on her face and on her ankles, as with most other pregnant women.  Likewise, she also carried out her full engagements, as a royal and this was what really gave the whole shenanigan away. Wearing high heels and doing a lot of risky things, without a hint, of any danger, that it could also posed, to either she, or the baby. How many women can wear high heels, during their final month of pregnancy?. Not too many, unless you are also faking it. Did Kate Middleton, had a miscarriage instead and was also forced, to go along with this deception, to please her royal in-laws? Is the suicide of the nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, to Prince William and Kate also tied in with this pregnancy?  Was it really a suicide, or murder?. And was she murdered because she knew too much?. Jacintha was the nurse at the hospital, at the time that the Duchess was also admitted there, for allegedly, having morning sickness. Some people believed that the Duchess of Cambridge, was not at the hospital because of morning sickness, but for some other reasons, perhaps for an in vitro fertility treatment, and that the nurse got a hold of this secret, so she had to be murdered, to cover it up.

Prince William is no different, from the rest of the royals, who are also principal players, in the New World Order, or the one world government. The British royal family, also want to remain as it is, so they will also do, whatever is necessary, to keep their current position. Even lying and also creating one of the biggest hoaxes, the world has ever seen, with this so called pregnancy.  Some people are starting to catch on, and others are also wondering, in disbelief, if they also had the nerve to pull this one off.  Apparently they do.

Two final questions, that I am sure will leave many people, also wondering the same thing. Why has Kate Middleton, not hired a nanny for the baby and why did she also went to her parent's home, to live with the new baby?