Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Last week, I reported that my cat, was stolen and that it was also never investigated by the police, who were also called about the incident. Well, I am pleased to announced, here, that the thieves has brought her back.
Perhaps because of the publicity, that was also generated, by posting the video of the incident, on my blog and by also going directly to the website, of the establishment, where she was stolen and also posting a poster of my animal there as well.  I certainly do not have the police to thank for this either.

In fact I also believed, that they could have also been behind, the abduction of my animal in the first place. An employee of the establishment, name 'David' told me that he had also contacted the thief, on her facebook page and told her to "bring the cat back, or else there would be some serious consequences". He claimed that she did so, first thing on the morning, of the third day. But another employee of the place, also mentioned to me, that the animal was kept in a backroom and that she had not eaten for the three days, that she was missing after being abducted. They should all be looking for a lawyer, just about now, because they will also need one.

Many thanks to all of the other people and businesses in the area, who has also helped, in regards to the matter, including by offering to help in locating the thief, who is also known in the area and also by accepting posters of the missing cat, on or near their place of business. Thanks a million.