Tuesday, November 5, 2013


He may have believed, that he  was going to be arrested and then go to jail. Whatever his reasons are, one thing is also clear, Rob Ford is also a manipulator and maybe smart enough, to avoid going to jail.  Or so he believed.

With all of the media attention and hype, recently, in the last week, over Rob Ford's alleged drug use, I wasn't going to comment further, on the embattled Mayor of Toronto, drug problem, because I have also said enough, already, about him and his alleged and now confirmed, drug and alcohol abuse.  But then the deviousness of Rob Ford, also became apparent, when he dropped a bombshell and did a complete 360 degrees turn and admits to smoking crack cocaine, "about a year ago", according to him. On Tuesday, November 5th, Rob Ford, decided to finally end months of speculation, about his alleged drug and alcohol use, by admitting to the media at City Hall, that, he did in fact, smoked crack cocaine, about a year ago.

This admission also came right on the heels, of the Toronto police investigation, in which the police has admitted to the public, that they now have the so-called alleged video, of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine in their possession, and was also using it as evidence, in the case against a close acquaintance, of Rob Ford, Alexander Lisi, who they also charged with extortion, in relation to the video. Alleging that he has acted, either alone, or with the Mayor's consent and knowledge, in trying to recover the alleged video, from the other men, who are also involved, in the "crack cocaine video scandal". Which is also now in the police and the court's possession. The police has alleged, that he was also acting on behalf of Rob Ford. Lisi was charged and then released on $5,000.00 bail.  Now it seem that he is also ready to spill the beans on Rob Ford, who also did the smart thing and confessed, partially, to using drugs while in office and particularly, to smoking crack cocaine. Many people are also calling his actions, a ploy, to get the sympathy of the public, in the event that he is also charged, with any offences, relating to the crack cocaine video, which is now an established fact. Rob Ford has said, quite matter of fact, that, "I don't recall there being a tape, or a video and I know that. So I want to see the state that I was in". Yeah, very bright. He also said, "I think I know what's on the video and it's not pretty". "Did I smoke something? Probably. It's ugly". Yes, indeed.

And coming straight from the Mayor, himself, police would only have to prove in court, that it was indeed, crack cocaine, that the Mayor was smoking and I think that Rob Ford did all of that work for them, by also admitting, that he was, indeed, smoking crack cocaine.  Some legal experts though also believe, that by his own admittance, about this fact, it is still not enough to charge him, for any crime around that issue.
Still, that should also make their job, of proving any such charge, a hell of lot easier, thanks to the "genius" of Rob Ford, admitting, for the first time, what the video seem to have suggested and what many people has also believed, to be true. Thank you Rob Ford, for being so #$&#@* stupid. The public thank you for putting an end, to this drama. Now we just want you to quit, altogether, while you are at it. It must have been all that stuff that you were smoking, that really messed up your brain. Either that, or you also have an equally stupid lawyer, who has advised you into admitting, that, you have also done something illegal. Most people would never do the police work for them. No way. But who says that he will be charged anyway?. With his money and his control of the police and other politicians, he may not spend a day, or night in jail, over this scandal. Although others has also died over it and has also gone to jail over it. But probably not Rob Ford. Because money, power and influence, also goes a long way, in this corrupt society.