Sunday, March 23, 2014



When I started out as an insurance agent and was learning about the financial industry, I was always amazed, personally, at the role that the Federal Reserve has played, in the the economy of the countries around the world. As a private banking system, it had enormous, draconian powers, in the fate of almost all countries, by regulating their currencies and by also dictating to them, what their interest rates should be. This private bank, itself, is also not regulated and it is also the bane of this world's financial problems. And it did all of this with its worthless paper money!.  Alan Greenspan who was its former Chairman from 1987 to 2006, also did a lot to put into the public mind, about the invincibility of the Federal Reserve Bank. But invincible it is not.  Hearing for the first time in this video the Federal Reserve, admitting, that it had no gold to back up the dollar, which I have also known, is also something that the rest of the public need to witness for themselves.

Based on that fact, alone, we also now know the real reason why NATO, was in Libya and why the US government, NATO and the Rothchilds, also murdered Muammar Gaddafi.  Gaddafi has stood out from the rest of the Arab leaders, for his personal integrity and his commitment to his country.  He has always tried to unified the rest of Africa. That has always been his vision, for the prosperity of that continent, against foreign interference and take over. Unfortunately, the rest of Africa's corrupt leaders, could not see that.
Muammer Gaddafi, was also not a madman, but a true political strategist and a genius at politics. He was a true ruler and not a dictator.  Libya was also unlike Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. All corrupt governments, run by dictators.

There are a few world leaders that I have also long admired, for their ability at governing and their commitment to their country, when it comes to representing the interest of the people. They are Muammer Gaddafi, Fidal Castro, John F. Kennedy, Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba. And Muammer Gaddafi, has always taken preeminence over the others, in my opinion. Noticed that Nelson Mandela, is also not included in that group.  In my opinion he was controlled by outside forces, unlike the other leaders and also to the detriment of the South African people.  The same forces that has also been deposing of governments, in the last few years, at an alarming rate.

Vladimir Putin of Russia is another world leader, who should also be admired for challenging, the actions of NATO, in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. These leaders has all addressed some really serious global concerns and especially when it comes to power being concentrated in the hands of a few very rich families.  Leaving the rest of the world in debt and also indebted to that same group of elite.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, should be admired and also remembered, as not only a true leader, but also a brilliant man. I have always regarded him as Africa's shining prince. He had no close rivals for that title either, by any other African leader, except perhaps, Kwame Nkrumah.  Muammar Gaddafi, had also declared from day one of his presidency, that he was in charge and not the western countries, on what was best for Libya. Something which also set the stage for his eventual downfall. Most Libyans view of their former leader is still the same.  He did much for Libya and the people still love and admired him for that, despite what his enemies has also done to him in the end.

Undeservedly, Muammar Gaddifi was also made to look like the evil ruler, by the western countries, which not only hated the African leader, but also coveted his rich country's natural resources, mainly oil, which they all wanted to get their greedy hands on. And that was one of the reasons for his murder. It was not the people who had rebelled against their leader, but the CIA's covert operation in Libya, which also deposed of him.