Friday, April 4, 2014

Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!)

The Old City Hall Court, in Toronto.  One of the most corrupt courts, in Canada.

This regular Joe, decides to question the authority of the court.  And to also proved the errors within the court system.

This is a very brave man. A very intelligent and knowledgeable person. If you think that this law that was just contested, do not apply to Canada?. It actually does. The common law of other countries, particular those other countries, that are currently a part of the common wealth, such as Canada and Australia  or were also a part of the common wealth, such as the United States, do share the same laws. Meaning the general interpretation of the common law, in the courts and also the application of those laws.  This means that any person in Canada, who is before the courts, to which those laws applies, such as the criminal court, or a court that may also deal with the wrongful actions of others against you (tort), such as a civil court, may also use those laws, as part of their defense.  As a rule judges do not like to be challenged, about how to apply those common laws either. Or regarding their jurisdiction over a court.

And every self represented persons, who has ever questioned the court, in its application of the law, can also attests to this fact. That those same judges are also not as knowledgeable, as they want us to believe. And worst, that they also purposely apply the law in such a manner, most of the time, that can also be viewed as corrupt. Some factors that goes with the decision of the court, regarding its corruption, includes the personal bias of the judge, against the person who is before the court, institutional bias, such as racism and other mitigating factors. All of which should also result in an error of judgement and also of the law, in those cases and also a grounds for an appeal, or the dismissal of the case. Too many times the case has also been already decided, by the judge, before a hearing even began.

It is also very important to know your rights, before you enter the courtroom. Or to make sure that you have a lawyer that does. I cannot emphasize that last point enough!. Know how to weed out the ones who works with the justice system, in order to screw you up. And this would also include most legal aid lawyers. Don't be fooled by the title of 'duty counsel ' either.  Some of these lawyers who also act as a 'friend of the court', or as an amicus curiae, usually in family court matters, also do not have your best interest in mind and legally, they are also not obligated to you either, but to the court.  Prosecutors and duty counsels, are both on the same team, when the court has acted corruptly, despite the appearance that they are not.

It is high time that someone also question the court, as this man has done, about its jurisdiction over us as citizens. And when the court cannot answer, when posed with a question of law, by a citizen, then it should also not be given the authority to make it decisions, over the lives of the people. But as long as there are those who also benefits from  this the practice, it will also continue.

Quote: "There is no such thing as justice, inside or outside of the court".