Friday, September 12, 2014



Charges are pending, in the International Criminal Court, against these defendants:
Justice of the Peace Getlich; Justice of the Peace Currie; Justice of the Peace Rizwan  M. Khan, Crown Attorneys, Sonia Beaucamp and John Flahery, and a slew of other Judges and Justices of the Peace, at the Old City Hall Court in Toronto, Ontario Canada. There are also criminal charges pending, against several Canadian police officers and other court staff at that court, including Roman Haruk, manager of court services and Lucy Fernandez, who is also a receptionist in the office of the justice of the peace and has also acted upon their instructions.  Also charged are also those other persons, in the Provincial Office of the Justice of the Peace at Old City Hall Court.  The criminal charges are for corruption, conspiracy and obstructing justice, in a legal proceeding.

The message is startlingly  clear. You have no rights that we must either consider or respect.
With that said, each of those individuals then also proceeded, to ignore, not only my so called guaranteed rights under the Canadian Constitution, that are also enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but also those other human rights under international laws.  I had simply had enough.  It was time for charges of corruption to be laid against all of them.

The latest actions of that court against me came about last week when I tried to exercise me right to lay a private information, and the mockery that ensued, in which the  information was also being repeatedly denied, by the justices of the peace at that court, using one excuse after another. Which has also led to legal proceeding being commenced against them. They were literally making a game of the whole thing. Including pretending not to be able to read the information before them. Telling me to type it up, (so that they could read, what was otherwise a legible handwriting).

It is a long standing issue that has also been going on for many years. It became too much for me to deal with on my own, as it also became abundantly clear that those involved, at the Old City Hall court, were also prepared to continue in their corruption against me.  Last week they had a field day mocking me openly.  From pretending to not being able to read the information before them, to changing the charges, directly from what was on my information and then also pretending that they were going to also proceed with it at a pre-enquette hearing, coming up on September 23, 2014, when both they and I also know that it was also a sham. They were only going to 'pretend' to have a pre-enquette hearing, and then toss the charges out. That has been their actions in the past. And the Justices of Peace at the Old City Hall court in Toronto, were also going to continue with this practice, if allowed to do so.  I felt that they should not be allowed to continue, to act in a criminal manner and to get away with it. It was time for a change to be made.  They must be charged under international law and held accountable for their actions.

The most obvious clue to this was when the secretary Lucy Fernandez tried to convince me that the charges were going to be kept a secret from the public and that I also could not retain a copy of those charges that I had laid, or rather that the JP had laid after changing it from the other original charges. He was only going to lay a Mischief charge against the accused Joanne Catinella and the co-accused Milton Huie. The other more serious charges of Criminal Negligence and Reckless Endangerment, as well as in Disobeying a Statue, were also not included in the information that was typed up, on the instructions of Justice of the Peace Currie. 

It is common practice for the informant to be given a copy of the information that they have laid, including the typed up version of the charges. This was not done in my case and I have stated what I also believed are the reasons for this, by the Old City Hall Court. They do not intend to proceed with the charges and are only 'going through the motions'. I was suppose to accept it as well, according to them.  I had a hard time believing, or accepting, what I was seeing unfolding before my eyes, in regards to the corruption of that court.