Wednesday, November 26, 2014




As the mother of a 24 year old black man, I am more than concerned, with what is going on in the United States, concerning the killing of black males, by white police officers and that those murders are also condoned by the courts.

It says many things about how society also regard the lives of our community. They are of no value to the system, that is also destroying them and it is nothing more than genocide. And we are also supposed to just sit back and do nothing. Where did they get that from?.

Poet, Nikki Giovanni's poem, "Nigg-- can you kill?", "Can a nigg-- kill a white man?", should be taken back up off of the shelf and dust off and be read by every black man, today.  They need to learn how to fight back. Giovanni also said that, "The best answer to violence, is a response". I also agree. And violence can also take many forms. If blacks were killing whites at the rate that they are killing us, there would be more equilibrium to this problem. But we are not like that.

We are the more forgiving kind and that is also to our own detriment. Some of us are also not that forgiving. Especially when we have to sit back and are also expected to do nothing, about the violence that are being perpetrated against us, on a daily basis. We should be sufficiently concerned for the lives and also for the future of our black children, to fight back.

It is a brutal system that we are also fighting. One that is designed to make our existence less than humane. Do those who are killing us also regard us in the same manner, as themselves?. No. If they did they would not be bent on eliminating us as a race. Whether that destruction, is also taking place in Canada, The United States of America, or Africa.

Michael Brown, was just an unarmed black teenager, who according to the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who also shot and killed him, on August 9, 2014, was also alleged to have taken part in a robbery earlier. Wilson story also kept changing, right up to his testimony to the grand jury, on November 24. His fanciful tale about the killing of the black teenager, was also designed, to get him off a murder charge.  Sadly, it was also backed up by the police chief, of Ferguson, Missouri. A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.  That little community, is also 70 percent black. And of the 50 police officers on its police force, only 3 are also black. It is a scenario, that is also repeated, right across the US and not just in that small town.

The Michael Brown story, is by no means an isolated case.  It happens all of the time in the US, where white police officers are by now, used to killing  unarmed black men. The killing of Michael Brown, the eighteen year old teenager, by another white police officer, has also resonated with the black community, in the same way, as the murder of Treyvon Martin. Another unarmed black teenager, who was also killed by a white cop.  Or with the shooting of Amadou Diallo, another unarmed black man, who was also shot 41 times, by four police officers in New York.

As a community world wide, we should also be concerned at the rate at which this society is killing our youths. And for those who think that blacks fare any better in Canada, than in the United States, they should also look at the statistics here as well, in the killing of unarmed black men.  One of the most recent, was of the killing of Jerome Carby, who was shot to death at a routine traffic stop, by the Brampton police. 

All that the Brampton police wanted to do in that case, was to also carry out their own form of justice, in regards to Jermaine Carby. They felt that they had a right to kill him, since he was also alleged to have been involved in other criminal activities, in another province. And in their minds, he had also escaped justice, in regard to that case. So they shot him multiple times, after running his license plate, through their data base, at a routine traffic stop.

What we also need to know is that this kind of racism that is being perpetrated against us, as a community, has also not stopped with the killing of our back youths.  Anyone of us who are intelligent enough to question the barbarity, that is being perpetrated against us, are also slated for elimination and destruction.

Take this writer for instance. Right now, as I speak, there also is a conspiracy, in the Canadian court against me, to not only disregard my rights under the law, but also to destroy me outright. They want to silence me. I must mention here the Judge, J. Richie, of the Old City Hall court in Toronto, in the most recent case, and based on his actions so far, is also bent on carrying out this conspiracy against me.  I will also go into much more details about that case, in another upcoming article and also video. It is also necessary to do so.

Racism in the Canadian courts against blacks, is just as bad as what is going on in the United States of America, concerning the plan to either kill us outright, incarcerate us, or to carry out other kinds of acts against us, that should also be regarded as an act of genocide against us, as a people. Regardless of the country that we are living in.

There will be no trial for the white police officer, Darren Wilson, in the killing of Michael Brown. The grand jury has decided against indicting the police officer in his death. In which many also believe was based on the evidence, that was also presented by the prosecutor, to not indict the officer. And also based on the tainted relationship, between the prosecutor and the Ferguson, Missouri, police department.  Nor will there be a closure, any time soon, to the grieving parents of this teenager.

This writer is obviously, also, not cut from the same cloth, as the parents of either Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin, who it seem has also been cajoled into remaining quiet, about the crime that was perpetrated against them, by the courts and by the rest of white society. There would be hell, fire and brimstone, should they be foolish enough, to try to harm any of my three children.