Friday, November 14, 2014


Do I sound angry? That is because I am. And I also have every reason to be, where that organization is concerned. It wants to continue to stay, in existence, no doubt and after doing what? By barely acknowledging the complaints, that are coming out of some countries, like Canada, with regards to human rights abuse?

This is a letter that I have received, from the IACHR, recently. I don't know if I should respond, with some glaring words of expletives, or to just to ignore it.. Or if I should also in the interest of human rights, give it some more consideration.

I suspect that this letter, may have also came, by way of some intervention, after contacting a particular source and also mentioning, casually, the IACHR's involvement in my case. It may have also contacted them and this was the result, because this letter also came right on the heels, of that incident. Or it may also be a coincidence. Which I also don't think is this case, because of the mention of the names of the very two people, who are also assigned to my petition, regarding the Canadian government's human rights abuse, in my case and with the IACHR. Its good to know that they are also monitoring that situation in that country.

Perhaps, I should show up and say, "Well, the IACHR, did nothing in my case, so fuck off!" It didn't help either, that it also spelled my name wrong.

I may also want to view the matter, as being beyond my own personal situation, in this case and also to comply with the request. I am still deliberating on this. My own case, however, I will also take up further, with the IACHR, after this letter.

Anyone who wishes to contact me, about their own case, involving human rights abuse, in order for those issues to be addressed, by the IACHR, at the conference coming up on November 22-23, 2013, should also contact me further, if they also want to participate, by having the delegation that will be attending, also address some of those issues. As part of the overall system of human rights violations, that some people are facing in Canada presently. Be those police violence and abuse, such as racial profiling, or other forms of systematic abuse, that also affect the individual personally. Or as belonging to a particular group, who is also adversely affected, by those discriminatory actions.
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