Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Joe Pennachetti, City Manager, of Toronto.
The cover-up by his office. This guy should
also not be running the city.
Tracey Cook, Executive Director
of the Municipal Licensing Standards.


Mark Strega, Director of the Municipal Licensing Standards and also Ken MacMillan, Fire Services District Chief, and also the Office of the City Manager, Joe Pennechetti, are all involved in this corruption.

Toronto Fire Services District Chief, Ken MacMillian and also his Captain, Roman Worjenski, has both come under fire, for allowing a rich landlord, Joanne Catinella, to maintain some illegal basement apartments and to violate fire and safety regulations, regarding them.

Implicated in this corruption scandal as well, is also the Director of Investigations, for the Municipal Licensing Standards, Mark Strega, who has also done nothing, to enforce the law, against this landlord.  The landlord in question, Joanne Catinella, owns several buildings across the city, and has also used the basements, of those commercial properties, as illegal apartments.  She has also never applied for, or has ever received any permits, to change those underground storage rooms, of the commercial businesses, for the use of private apartments.  Yet this is what she has also done for many years. And with the approval of the Toronto city officials.

There has been no explanation, also, from those Toronto city officials, why they have also not closed her down, as yet and the most obvious answer to that question, is because she is also filthy rich.  A millionaire slum dog landlord. She also has the police from the Toronto Police 11 Division, also intimidating some of her tenants.  She has also been accused of threatening the ones, who has also complained about her, to the authorities. 

The Toronto Fire Services, in the West Command District, located at 358 Keele Street, in Toronto, Captain, Roman Worjenski, also has his officers, approving this landlord's commercial and residential properties, when there are also evidence of fire and safety violations, by the owner. One astonishing piece of information, from the Captain himself, is that he and his officers, has also told this landlord, to block off the fire exits, in the original plan of the buildings, that also lead to the outside and thereby cutting off the secondary exits, for the tenants, in an emergency.  Since those basements apartments, which are also all located underneath her commercial properties, also has no windows and only one other door, located at the back of the buildings, that are also blocked off by a wall, that also faces the parking lot, it means that there is also no way of escape in an emergency.   

Among  other recommedations, that were made by the Toronto Fire Services Captain, Roman Worjenski and the District Chief, Ken MacMillian, regarding that 'slum dog' landlord's illegal basement apartments, which are all underneath her commercial tennants, and which were also intended, only as the basements for those businesses, is that she also did not need to have a secondary exit, for them. Mind you, they also have no windows and only one door!.

Many times those doors are also blocked, by the public parking their vehicles, at the back of those commercial buildings, also located on the busy, St. Clair Avenue West Street, in Toronto.  The landlord, also owns several such buildings, in the area. The Toronto Fire Services Captain, also could not explain to the public, how those trapped tenants, would also get out in an emergency, should the one door, that is also used as the entrance/exit, also be blocked, by a vehicle parking at the back of the buildings. Or how should an emergency personnel such as a paramedic, also get into those apartments, in a medical emergency, should the one door also be blocked from the outside, by a parked vehicle?.  HOW IN GOD'S NAME COULD THOSE CITY OFFICIALS, ALSO APPROVED SUCH BUILDINGS, THAT ARE NOT SAFE?.

The Toronto City Manager, Joe Pennachetti, is also involved, in this corruption as well, in that his office has also not put any pressure, on those others ones, that I have also just mentioned, The Municipal Licensing Standards and the Toronto Fire Services, to investigate this landlord properly and to enforce the law, where she is also concerned.  Instead, his staff has been quietly condoning the actions, of all of the others involved, by also looking the other way.  The public need to know that this is done more frequently, than they also realized. Whether it is with bidding, as in procurements, regarding getting contracts, or with some other monopoly, that the City Manager's Office, is also involved in, that office is also at the centre of it. I am saying here, that, Joe Pennachetti, the current City Manager, for the city of Toronto, is also corrupt. And since our Mayor, is also morally deficient, how the hell then, can the public also expect those public officials, to act any better.

The line should be drawn though, when it comes to protecting the safety of the public, and in which those Toronto city officials are also involved. Ken MacMillan as the Fire Chief, should also be fired on the spot, for allowing landlords, who are rich, to also endanger the safety of their tenants, by maintaining unsafe dwellings.  So should the Director of the Municipal Licensing Standards, also, Mark Straga and his boss, Tracey Cook, the Executive Director. In the meantime, the only one who is befitting from all of this, is the greedy landlord, Joanne Catenilla, who also has all of them, eating out of her hand. That is, until the public also decides, to fight back. I hope that the exposure on this blog, also put a curb on their corrupt practices.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014



An attempted break in, into my home last night, did not get the Toronto Police 11 Division, to attend when I had called them. As a result, I also can hardly maintain my composure, well enough, to write this article.  I am that mad!.  The intruder, who also had a key and was attempting to let himself into my home, though I also live alone, was scared off after realising, that the door was also secured from the inside. My landlord also swore that she did not give anyone a copy of the keys.

The two police officers, from the Toronto Police 11 Division, P.C. N. Ninji, Badge number 8861 and P.C. P. Deacon, Badge number 10318, also lied about their involvement.  After they were dispatched to my addressed, they did nothing other than to not show up.  They then later reported back to the dispatcher, that, "they attended and then cleared the call as a GOA i.e. No one was there".  This of course, is also in stark contradiction, to he actual truth, because I was also waiting for the police to attend, and was also listening, for the knock at my door, which also never happened.

They did not knock on my door, (OR SHOWED UP), as is the usual action of a police officer, who also attends to a call from the public.  And after waiting for the police to show up, for a considerable time, I also call them back again, and then made a second request for them to attend.  Instead of returning, to investigate, this time I got a telephone call, from the police officer instead. He wanted to go into the details about  the break in, over the telephone. I said the he should attend at my home, and he said that he does't have to, because such investigations, can also be conducted, over the telephone and with that said, he also hung up.  In my third call to the police, a supervisor of the dispatcher, who took the call, then told me that she would also put in a request, for the police to attend a third time. By then I was in no mood, to see the face of any police officers, and I said that I would report the matter in another manner, on another day. It was now now several hours, since my initial call to the police, at about 8.15 p.m. 

The intruder was also unknown to me, yet he also had a key to my home and was trying to let himself into the residence.  The police also did not care if he had also harmed me, or not. Was this also tied to the fact, that, my landlord Joanne Catinella, was also being investigated, for numerous illegal actions, in regards to that residence?.  An investigation that was also started, because of inadequate heat initially and then also led to other building code violations, against her. She is yet to be served with a formal notice, from the Municipal Licensing Standards.  Nor, has the Toronto Fire Services also attended, I am told, as part of the ongoing investigation. I have actually discovered, during the course of my own investigation, that the Toronto Fire Services, had been called by her other tenants, living at that location before in 2013, for fire and safety violations and this information, I also got directly, from the fire captain himself, Roman Worjnarski, recently.  Though he could also not explained how his command centre, had also overlooked her illegal actions. He could not explain, why there is also now a second call, made to the Toronto Fire Services, for that same address and also for her other illegally maintained properties, located in the same area.  

According to her other tenants, both commercial tenants and also residential tenants, she also owns several buildings in the area, and is also generally regarded as a bad landlord.  She is also supposed to be investigated, for the numerous illegal basement apartments, that she has also maintained across the city. One of her commercial tenants as described her as a "millionaire".  Kind of like the landlord in the movie, "slum dog millionaire", because it is extremely difficult to get her to fix anything, or to maintain the buildings, especially regarding the heat, under the city's building code bylaws,which she has also openly violated regarding her properties. In my unit, the entire ventilation system was shut off, until she was made to clean it and have it in a working condition. She simply forgot that it is winter and she also needed, to get the building heated properly. On the exterior, it would seem that everything was fine, until you press her to do any kind of repairs.  Nor does she stop breaking the law, regarding her illegal basement apartments, which are also all located beneath her commercial businesses. According to the Director of Zoning, for the City of Toronto, this is also not allowed. In her case though, MLS, has also allowed her to continue to do this, regarding her properties, for years.

As a landlord who has been doing all of these things, she also seemed to be very concerned that her actions, are discovered and also investigated. I wonder if she has also been reporting those rental income, for her illegal apartments to Canada Revenue Agency. She certainly has gotten rich off of all of them. And also seem to be able to buy off local city officials, to overlook her actions. And she also has a lot to lose, if the law is also enforced against her, in this case.

Needless to say, that, she also blamed me, as I had also initiated some of the investigations, because of the heating problem. I also ordered her to changed the lock, on the front door, after the break in.  She had said refused initially, which also made me even more suspicious, regarding the incident, but later had the lock changed. It still has not registered with her, how an intruder could also have a copy of the keys, without either the landlord giving it to him, or someone else who may have also lived there previously. The landlord, simply did not change the lock, after her last tenant had left. A tenant who I have also discovered, is also connected to the intruder.

Do I think that she could also be an agent of the police?.  Yes, and I also have other reasons, for making that statement.

In a few days, I am also heading to court, regarding another case, where the police has also deleted a part of a tape, containing evidence, that they also do not want the court, or the public to view. Does it ever stop with them? Even, when I had called the Toronto Police 11 Division last night, regarding the attempted break in, I could also hear the police officers in the background, snorkling about something.  They also told me, when I had asked them, that, no police sergeant, was also available at the time.  That he had also left the building.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014




The Toronto Police Services, Access and Privacy Department, under the Freedom of Information Act,  actions, are not really surprising, in this case.  I did not really believed that they would, or even could, provided the 'alleged' 911 tape, for the police illegal entry into my home on November 15, 2013. The reason being that there was no "Medical Emergency", that the police has also alleged and that it was a concocted story, by the police. I have gotten the same response, from the Toronto Police Services, Access and Privacy Department, as I also did before and also in a previous request, for another 911 tape.

That one which I had also witnessed personally and had also involved the making of death threats, by the person caught on that 911 tape. The police had also claimed, in that case, that to provide the 911 tape, would also be a violation, of his privacy.  And this is also the same excuse, that is being used by the police again. This time instead of a witness, the Toronto police has used the pretence, of a so-called 'medical emergency' and the alleged 911 tape, that had also resulted from the call to the police, "acting upon that medical emergency".  To enter and to remain in my home, alone and also illegally, on November 15, 2013. The police also later claimed, that, "discovering that there was no medical emergency, they then also left". The police also did not have a warrant for that entry either.

When the Toronto Police, was asked to produce the alleged 911 tape, recently, in a formal request, that was also made under the Access and Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act, they also did not, or could not.  And they had also hoped to leave things at that. The Analyst in charge of that request, with the Toronto Police Services, is Carolyn Kelly, as well as her bosses, Kathryn Watts and Don Beaver. Both of them also the Co-ordinator and the Manager, of that department. Also requested, by me, under the Freedom of Information Act, which also generally covers, all government departments, including the police records, was also the police officers names, badge numbers and also their notes. Needless to say, that, the information that was also provided, to me, was also incomplete.

Unfortunately, it has been one too many violations of my human rights, by the police, for their latest actions to be ignored. The police also do not seem to be concerned, either, of any legal actions being taken against them.  Knowing, also how this will play out, in the Canadian courts. But I am not talking about enforcing my rights, in the corrupt Canadian courts here.  If there are any other human rights governances available, to do that and there are also many, then this is where the matter should also be taken and dealt with.

I also got a sad reminder though, of the Canadian court's actions, by the treatment of the Canadian activist, like myself, Steve Finney, by the Canadian court.  Steve Finney, who is the leader of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), was jailed by the court and also refused bail, and for his actions regarding his affiliation, with that organization.  He was also specifically told by the judge, Michael Cuthbertson, to further disassociate himself, from the organization, or "face a further 30 days in jail".  Steve Finney, in some ways, was also more fortunate, than most of the other activists, facing persecution in Canada.  In that he also had the help of the United Nations, observing his case, with the Canadian courts. Of course, that is also not enough, to stop the gross human rights violations, that is also, currently, happening in that country, and most of which, is also carried out, by the police and the courts.

The police simply cannot 'do what it feels like', in going after certain human rights activists, like myself. There has to also be a limit, as to how far they can go, in abusing their power and also the person's human rights, in this case.  This is a message that the police, also need to get and there is no better way of doing so, than to also have the Toronto Police Services, pay out in a liability case, against the police actions. As well as to have them investigated, under international laws, for human rights abuse.