Monday, January 19, 2015



Toronto Mayor, John Tory, has been a part of a lot of them, but if you also believe his rhetoric that he is the "man for the job", as the new  Mayor of Toronto, you may also be fooled into believing, that, he actually cares, for the marginalized groups, such as visible minorities, in the city of Toronto.

There is also no better example of this, than his new Smart Track transit plan, a 22 stop, 53 kilometre line, extending from downtown Toronto, and also bypassing the north of the city entirely, to the GTA, or the Greater Toronto Area, suburb, of Mississauga, some 23 miles away, located west of Toronto, and which has also conveniently, by passed the infamous Jane and Finch area of the city. It is also a 8 billion dollars project when it is all finished. And in fact, the cost of figuring out all of that cost, will also cost the tax payers 1.65 million dollars.  Notice, also, that none of this money will also be spent in the area of Jane and Finch.  Not a single dollar of the 8 billion dollars. There are already companies lined up for the job. Companies that also has "long ties" with doing business, with the City of Toronto. And the City Manager for Toronto, Joe Pennachetti, probably knows all of those companies, personally. It is he who also recommend, or more appropriately here, approved, their million and also billion dollars contracts. With the "consent" of the Toronto City Council, of course.

Blacks make up a large part of the population of that area of the city and in the Mayor's view, they actually became really "invisible". Why should that neighborhood benefit financially, or otherwise, from the Mayor's new budget plans for the City?. It has not really benefited in the past, so there is nothing new about that. What the Jane and Finch community has also faced, is more cuts to their programs and especially for the youths. Case in point, I was recently at a Jane and Finch resource center, a few weeks ago, that offers services, directly for the black youths. To my amazement, the computers that the kids should have been using, were also not working properly, except for two of them.  The others were practically useless. My opinion on that issue was to say, "Only in Jane and Finch". And just leave it at that. 

Unfortunately, for that community, John Tory also has the support of those token blacks, who will also defend him in the media, of any talk of racism, that may be leveled at him. They speak of him in glowing terms, ignoring the most blatant fact, that, actions do speak louder than words here.  One of the black supporters of the Mayor, is Spider Jones, a former boxer. Jones has also been quoted in the press, with this ridiculous statement, about John Tory, "Honestly speaking, if John Tory is a racist, then I am the Grand Wizard, of the Klu Klux Klan". Why don't he just go and get his white hooded robe and put it on then, if he is not lynched before doing so?.  JOHN TORY IS IN FACT ANOTHER RICH POLITICIAN, WHO ALSO PRETENDS, TO CARE FOR THE POOR. One of the first things that he did, as the new Mayor, was to hike the transit fare, to begin on March 1, 2015. 

John Tory's rise to power has also been with the special interest groups, and list of other companies, some of which he has either helped to create, or was a leader of.  He also helped to bankrupt, at least one of those companies. So much for a leader. What has irritated me the most, about this fraud, besides his actions regarding the Jane and Finch issues, is his hypocritical views, on the homeless situation in Toronto. 

So far this winter, four homeless persons has died. And all within a little over a week. Those deaths are also directly attributed, to a spate of the cold bitter winter weather, with windchill temperatures of -30 degrees or more, that Toronto has been facing lately. It is more than likely that those deaths, could have also been avoided entirely and that the blame should also be put squarely with the shelters.  They it is who are also known to put homeless people out in the bitter cold. Without any regards for their safety.

In fact, the Mayor of Toronto's office was also well aware of this fact. And also did nothing about it. One shelter in particular, that has been putting homeless people and their pets out in the bitter cold, within the last few weeks,especially, has been the Fred Victor Centers. That agency also has a lucrative contract with the city of Toronto, to run those shelter beds. A multi million dollar contract. And John Tory, as the Mayor, has also asked them no questions about their operations, or about the accusations, against that organization, regarding the staff abuse of and also its lack of concerns for the homeless.  The Mayor was saying much in the media about the homeless problem, without actually acknowledging, that the city which he also runs, is also a part of the problem. 

A stricter reign, on the Toronto Hostel Services administration, will also helped the situation with the poor and the homeless. The independent community agencies, like the Fred Victor Centers and also the United Way of Greater Toronto, through their purchase agreements with the City, and who has also reneged on their promises in many cases. The City just continues to dole out money, whether the agencies has also lived up to their obligations or not. Who is giving them this money?". Let's look at the Agency Review Officers and the Funds Allocation Managers. They meet the budget approvals for those crooked CEO'S and management, of those organizations. They also ignore any suspicious activities on their part, or any issues stemming from the public complaints about those companies. They actually make friends with them. I called them the unholy alliance.

If you don't believe that the new Mayor John Tory and his gangs of thieves at City Hall, will also act corruptly, then listen to the words of one of those former councilors, who should also know. 

According to Doug Ford, who also lost in the recent election, "The system at City Hall is broken. There is a new culture of corruption down there...If this was in the States, they'd be in front of a grand jury and they'd be in jail right now". His brother, Rob Ford, who was then a candidate for Mayor, also chimed in, "I wish I could tell you the stuff that happens behind closed doors." After he was elected as the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford also had this to say about the corruption at Toronto City Hall, when he also called the rest of his fellow councilors corrupt!. After his then most loyal ally, Councilor Mammoliti, was asked to leave a council meeting, Rob Ford, charged back, "The most corrupt ones can stay right?". He also stood firm, when asked to apologize for his statement. "I didn't name names, I can say what I want". Rob Ford also has a point, reckless though he may have been. Both in his personal life and also in his role as the mayor at City Hall. But he also has a point. There is much corruption at City Hall and this Mayor John Tory, is also unlikely to change all of that. 

In fact, he seem quite comfortable in his role, in carrying on with this corruption.  If only in allowing the entire City Council, through its administrative departments, to act corruptly. It's the same thing.