Thursday, January 28, 2016

Two Black Litigants, Faces Systematic Discrimination, in the Canadian Co...

Canadian Courtroom Hearings, Should Be Televised, To Prevent The Abuse Of People's Rights. Unlike the US and Other Countries, Canada' Judicial System Need To Have The Participation Of The Public, In Order To Stop The Corruption In The Courts.

A Canadian Judge, J.Sachs, in the Divisional Court, has ruled today against two black litigants, that were also openly bias and full of racism. The Judge then initially awarded cost of $5000.00 against a father of six, whose motion was also quashed, against MLS, or the Municipal Licensing Standards. MLS, had denied this father of six, a taxi cab license. The lawyer for MLS also told the court that $500-400, in costs, would be acceptable to them, so the amount of $5,000.00, that the judge, J. Sachs has initially ruled on against the man, was later reduced to $250.00 in cost to him. And with no thank to the judge in question, who wanted him to pay to the Municipal Licensing Standards, $5000.00 in costs.
The Respondents to my appeal, also was able to get the corrupt judge to quash the appeal, with costs of $1,000.00 to me. The judge granted them the opportunity, to bring the matter back to the Landlord and Tenant Board, for a hearing. Where I also expect more discriminatory practice from the Board against me. I also intend to appeal the Divisional court's decision, because I am so passionate about the protection of my rights and also intend to fight for it. The judge J.Sachs, did not even show any concern for my situation today, in regards to the respondents cutting off my electricity since yesterday, so that I now have to bring yet another emergency application to the Landlord and Tenant Board against them, to get my power restored.

When someone has filed an appeal to the Divisional court, on an error of law and the judge still acts corrupt, exactly how then does the Canadian Charter of  Rights and Freedoms, apply in such a case?.
My hearing was also marked as peremptory, last week and the present judge, J. Sachs, also showed such a lack of respect, towards the two self represented litigants, and gave all of the time to hearing the arguments, from the lawyer for the respondents, David Strachin, who sat very worried before the matter had commenced. But he need not have worried so much, had he also realized how much the Canadian court, are likely to act corrupt in my cases. I also know why he acted so concerned and that is also because of my response to his motion, in regards to the evidence in my Factum and motion record. Evidence which this judge, J. Sachs, did not even allow me to argue on, but gave him the full floor to say a lot of crap about his clients, whose actions even today, in disconnecting my electricity, also speaks for itself. Should I also proceed at the small claims court against them for turning off my electricity dozens of times, I believe that I would also get the same response from that court as well. Which is to not act in my favor. After all did not the Landlord and Tenant Board held on to videos of the respondents actions and statements and would not even allow those evidence against them by me, to be played at the hearing?. And hence the reason for the other two of my appeals at the Divisional Court, against the members, Essie Codjoe and Louise Horton. At the preliminary stage they both declared that the Board did not have a DVD player and would also not provide one, so that my evidence could be heard. Had the Board even taken certain steps to protect my rights as a tenant, I would not even be facing the same actions from those same landlords, Abul Bashar and Shamsun Bashar today, in my electricity being illegally disconnected. Neither the court today, not their lawyer, D. Strashin, seemed particularly concerned about my situation, at the hearing today, which I had also briefly mentioned to the court. The last time I checked, the right to be heard at a hearing, in regards to my matter at the Board, is also grounds for an appeal. So is the right to equality under the law and to be protected from judges like J. Sachs, or by Board Members at the Tribunal acting bias, against someone. To be treated in an unfair manner, is grounds for an appeal. And if those corrupt Canadian judges and others, do not start practicing this in the courts, then the so called guaranteed rights, under its constitution, The charter of rights and freedoms, also need to be thrown out. Because it does not protect certain people.