Monday, August 22, 2016


Valerie Guillaume
Blogger, and Author;
Persecuted for years by the Canadian government and its police.

Recently, I have taken to educating the public, in a different way, from my usual way of writing on my Blog. Having direct contact with the viewers, certainly, give a different perspective on the issue,
concerning human rights abuse in Canada. The reaction also varies from person to person. But generally, I am commended and even encourage to continue, with this kind expose on a problem that officially,  do not exist in this country. The newsletter, which I also hand out to people on the street, now puts  a face to the problem. And mine is just one of many faces, that could be used as a  poster, for bringing awareness, to the existence of  the persecution ,by the Canadian government, of  individuals and in violation of international laws, on that issue.   And public awareness is also essential, in eradicating this kind of human rights abuse. For the most part though, people are willing to pretend that this problem do not exist, in Canada, despite the mounting evidence, to the contrary.

"Someday, I hope people get to know, just how much I have suffered, at the hand of this government, through its police and various other people, who are in league with them".  And that the systems employed by the Nazi, in Germany, concerning its unethical practices and methods, to strip the
individual of his human dignity, are still being employed today, by countries like Canada and America. Programs like MKULTRA and other mind controlled programs, or the use of the government's black operations programs, where victims are relentlessly persecuted, with no end in sight.
No end in sight, because this system, will also be used on the general population, as it has been used on selected Bloggers, Whistleblowers, and any one who has been bold enough to voice their dissent, regarding government policies, at home and abroad. What is happening to selected and isolated individuals, will no longer be regaled to them only, but also to those who went along with the government's abuse of others, willingly, or wittingly, will soon find themselves in the same shows as their former victims. You know the ones whose lives you've helped to torment, because some corrupt government official also convinces you, that it is part of your patriotic duty. So you have carried out gang stalking, harassment, and all manner of bullying, against  the victims. The only consolation that the victim has, is that when your are done acting for, or on behalf, of the corrupt government, it will also be your turn next, to be a human sacrificial victim.