Tuesday, November 8, 2016



THE CANDIDATES:  REPUBLICAN DONALD TRUMP AND DEMOCRAT HILLARY CLINTON. The Question is who is the lesser of the two evils?. I say Donald Trump.
Democrat, Hillary Clinton, on the left and Republican, Donald Trump, on the right.
Did you know, that those two candidates, are also cousins? 

Let me say it out loud and straight away. Hillary Clinton is corrupt. With Hillary Clinton in the White House, as the new President, the world will not be in a better place. Scandals has dogged Clinton, since the days when her husband, Bill Clinton the sex addict, was President of the United States. Yes, the president who said, "I did not have sex with that woman", referring to the Monica Lweinsky sex scandal, involving the US president, William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton. 
Hillary Clinton back then had eight years in the White House, as the wife of the President of the United States. But that was not enough. It seem our current candidate, Hillary Clinton, is not only corrupt, but she also loves power. Why else would she want to be back in the White House and this time under her own leadership?. God help the world if she wins the election tonight. 

Donald Trump has his own skeletons in his closet. He was outed as a former racist and after being sued, for discriminating against Blacks. But he seem more right for the position than Hillary Clinton. Clinton's closet is full of dead bodies. Unexplained dead bodies, the likes of Vincent Foster and a trail of other dead bodies. But that is not the only disturbing fact about Hillary Clinton. That she has been accused of everything from orchestrating the murder of her enemies, to dealing with some of the most crooked and corrupted individuals in the world. Hillary Clinton for one, is the poster person, for the New World Order and the Illuminati. And you can also bet, that if she ever gets her foot in the door again, as far as the White House presidency, she will also made it her priority, to carry out further the agendas, of those two evil
banes, that the world has to live with at the moment. 

What is Hillary Clinton's experiences as far as running for office?. She lost against Obama the first time and she has never been elected, but chosen, for her positions in politics. Trump on the other hand, is a business man. I personally believed that Donald Trump is not all that honest in business. Nobody is who has reached as far as he has. But Trump has some experiences that Clinton do not have. Trump has a proven record in business. If he runs the country like he has operated his business ventures, the US may have a chance. And for that reason alone, I would choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton, has just barely missed being indicted last week, over her emails mishandling. To many she is guilty in that situation. But her emails are not the only things that Hillary Clinton has been accused of covering up. For her entire  political career, Clinton has been accused of corruption. The question that everyone is asking is this?. How can a candidate who has been facing such serious accusations, even think of running for the White House, as president of the United States?. It shows that Hillary Clinton is also narcissistic and cares nothing about anyone else, but herself. It is all about what she wants and how she can achieve this. A narcissistic person like Hillary Clinton, who has also been proven by body language experts, to be a habitual liar, cannot be a good president.

As I am writing this article, Americans has already casts most of their votes. And by tomorrow, we should all know who has won the US elections. Lets hope it is NOT Hillary Clinton.