Saturday, January 28, 2017



Here is a list of some of the ones who has not supported me or this Blog. Which is dedicated to fighting systematic discrimination, against the Black community and other marginalized groups.

Giving the appearance, that they are for black culture and the black community, when they don’t support other blacks, who are also be doing what they can for the advancement of the black community. Most of them capitalized on the fact that they are from the black community, when it comes to promoting their own self interest. (which may have the appearance of a black owned business, or agency), but that is where the similarity ends with some of them.  They don't really support others who are dealing with the same unjust system, that targets us as a community. In fact most, if not all of the ones that I have mentioned here, are sell outs, in one way or another. 
To 'sell out' is defied, as an act of deliberate betrayal, or compromised.  And the reason in my opinion doesn't really matters why you do it.  I would term anyone who betrays someone of their own race, community, e.t.c, as a sell out.  Keep your reasons, or excuses for yourself.  It is the act of betraying, that makes you a sell out.  This would even include those blacks who 'turns a blind eye', i.e refused to support another black person, whose actions are in helping to maintain the same community. Or on the other hand, someone who may do something for the wrong reasons.

And Unless you are blind and dumb, this Blog of mine, does help to advance the cause of the Black community. It has done so from day one, and has made a public stance against the discrimination and other negative actions against the black community. The truth is that some blacks fear the backlash, for supporting someone like me, from the establishment. It is the divide and conquer rule, that has worked so well against us, for the last four hundred years of slavery. Yes, I said slavery, because we are still an enslaved race. Some of us has managed to free ourselves, but the majority are still slaves today.

Are Black people weaker than other races?. Some are beginning to ask this question, as so many blacks are so susceptible to outside influences and has a lack of racial pride.  This is a down right personal attack against some of them, in the hope that they would change. The reason being that they are also visible members of the black community and for some they are also so called role models and or mentors, without others knowing how they treat other blacks, as members of the same community.  If you are going to represent your community, to the broader community, as businesses, organizations, or whatever, then at least show some solidarity. Else you may be exposed and then look like a fool.
Don’t mind the dreadlocks that some of them wear, or the fact that they are promoting black culture, by making money off of it. They are still slaves in their mentality. This still rings true today, as it did during the four hundred years of slavery. For some of them slavery has not really ended. They’ve never freed their minds from the mental slavery, that this system has perpetrated on them. The result is a divided community, along the lines of social status, and those who are in with the establishment, against those who are not.
You don’t have to ask yourself if those blacks, like me, are also making a difference, because it is  very obvious. For one thing, the so called powers that be only goes after those who are really making a difference and, or appears as a threat to them. Those like myself, who has been persecuted by the Canadian establishment, for simply telling the truth about its unjust system.

I have personally experienced the lack of  support from some of the most well known black businesses and organizations in Toronto. I left it up to you to decide on the matter. Do you want to support black businesses and organizations, who against other blacks advancing like they are, like crabs in a barrel?.  Aren’t we all in this thing together?. Do the system not treat us all the same, because of the color of our skin? So why are these negroes so ignorant of this fact and continues to sit on the sideline and watch the very system tear down other blacks.  Some of the ones that I have asked for support, but did not support me are the following:

The Black Action Defence Committee (Has never returned my telephone calls, after the Death of Dudley Laws, whom I knew very well).
The African Canadian Legal Clinic
The Jamaican Canadian Association
Knowledge Bookstore, in Brampton, owner Sean Liburd
A different Booklist, owner Itah Sadu, (Another children book Author like myself)
Black Lives Matters, Toronto Chapter (All of its Leaders)
Black Lawyer Selwyn Peters, (So called Human Rights Lawyer)

The list goes on and on.

I also intend to exposed, the Black Lives Matters organization, even further, in my next article. And for the simple reason that as a so called black organization, it has been well funded by whites. In the tune of 100 million dollars. One white, Jewish Billionaire alone, George Soros, a Globalist and Zionist, has personally pledged, to give to the Black Lives Matters organization, 30 million dollars. And for what? For being disruptive and for misleading the Black community, into believing that either they, or those white organizations that are supporting it, actually cares about the Black community.  The same goes for the Canadian government subsidizing some of those Black organizations and or businesses and in exchanged for their loyalty. This couldn't be more true for the Black Action Defence Committee, the African Canadian Legal Clinic and the JCA.