Tuesday, February 7, 2017


President Donald Trump, Is A Racist and Bigot.  

Donald Trump on racism, “there’s no such thing as racism anymore. We’ve had a black president so it’s not a question anymore. Are they saying black lives should matter more than white lives or Asian lives? If black lives matter, then go back to Africa? We’ll see how much they matter there.”

Okay, I was wrong about Donald Trump. He really is an idiot.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he ran for the presidency, because his opponent was simply not a better choice.  But now Trump has got me reconsidering if he is the right person for the job. The truth is that President Donald Trump, is not doing a good job so far. Only weeks into his presidency and he has already managed to garner so much hatred (and disbelief) from the public over his actions and on a number of issues. Primarily, that he has no idea how to govern a nation and for his personal disregard for the office of the presidency. US lawmakers are saying that Trump's disregard for the Constitution, is the main focus of why he should be impeached. And now, not later.

My concern is over Donald Trump's blatant disregards for human rights. (the many different forms of it). I am citing here his bigotry and racism against other people who are not Americans. Or more specifically, who are not white. Not to mention his misogynistic attitude towards women and his islamophobia and racist actions towards the Syrian  refugees and other Muslims, who are entitled to the same treatment as other would be immigrants.
Before he even became the President, Trump is quoted as saying, "I'm putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration, that if I win, if I win, they're going back". And sure to his word he did exactly that. Only one week into his presidency, Donald Trump has his Executive Order passed, banning Muslims from several countries, from entering the United States. The countries on his hit list included, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. But what shocked and also galled me the most, was the US President's treatment of the Syrian refugees. Trump's Executive Order, has implemented a ban on Syrian refugees, indefinitely.  Many other countries, including Canada, has already taken in the Syrian refugees. And before Donald Trump also became the President, so did the United States government, as well. That has all changed since Trump has taken office. The refugees from war torn Syria fleeing the conflict in their country, will now be deported back to Syria. Those Syrians who were outside of the US, when the ban took effect, are also not allowed back into the US. This has caused untold hardships for families, both refugees and otherwise.

Let me remind you that this is also, fundamentally, against several human rights treaties that the United States has with several governmental bodies. Including, the United Nations and the Organization of American States, to name a few. Refugees are a protected group, under those treaties. People are allowed under those same treaties to seek asylum in other countries who are fleeing their homes, for reasons of war and other destabilization. It is inhumane for the United States President, Donald Trump, not to recognized the Syrian refugees, as facing a crisis in their homeland and to deport them back to Syria. In fact Donald Trump, has suspended the entire refugee program for 120 days. But Donald Trump's bias is also apparent only to the Syrian refugees who are Muslims and not to the Christian refugees from Syria. (though all refugees are banned for the 120 days following the Executive Order). There is a difference. Trump's views on the Christian Syrian refugees is also quite different from those of the Muslim Syrian refugees. According to Donald Trump, "They have been horribly treated. Do you know if you were a Christian in Syria it was impossible, at least very tough to get into the United States? ... "They were chopping off the heads of everybody, but more so the Christians. And I thought it was very, very unfair". So Trump was predisposition to help the Christian Syrians refugees more so than the Muslim ones, prior to becoming the President.  That also seem to be some kind of payback to the Christian fundamentalists who were also instrumental in having him elected as the president. Only a moron and not a genuine leader, would be so bias in his decision when it comes to which refugee gets help from the US government and which ones do not. Notice also that no European countries are also included in this ban. As if those countries has never produced any criminals, or terrorists. Racist skinheads are more of a threat to public safety, than are Muslims who wants to practice their religious freedom, in the United States.

And when has the United States experienced, any kind of terrorist attacks from those seven Muslim countries, that are also the focus of the President's Executive Order?. None to date. So why the ban then?.  It simply proved that Donald Trump is a bigot and also a racist. n fact Trump did not really changed that much from the days when he used to ban blacks from living in any of the buildings that he owned. The same applies to those living in those Muslim countries, as far as Donald Trump is also concerned. This also makes it quite clear, that the US President's islamophobia is also the real reason, that the United States has blocked all Muslim refugees from those countries, from either remaining, or from entering the United States. Trump's islamophobia is quite disturbing, as people should be able to practice their religion without any fear that the State will step in and prevent them from doing so. What is he thinking? Is he mad?.  I truly thought that he had changed and this was why I was so much for him winning the election over Hillary Clinton.  But a leopard does not really change its spot, does it?. Not at all.  Trump has left many wondering what he is really up to.  Already he has lost the trust of the American people. Calling for a President to be impeached is pretty serious stuff.  President Donald Trump's new Executive Order, is making a lot of people uncomfortable and also angry. It is also unconstitutional because it attacks a particular group of people.  Most "democratic" countries has so called laws which "protects all persons" living in that country.  It is highly disturbing for a United States President, to start persecuting people, based on their religious beliefs. It has never been done before. But certainly, persecuting a specific group of people, has also been known to be a part of the US's history. It doesn't make it right and Donald Trump in the eyes of many Americans, is going "backwards in time' with his actions. Instead of moving forward, as he had also promised to do. People see him as causing Americans to "hate', rather than be "great". Who can blame them?. Donald Trump's actions are idiotic.  He is turning into a dictator. He is a despot. And do not think for a second, that Mike Pence is also any better. Trump may indeed be the "lesser of the two evils', if that is even possible. Watching the two of them together in speech and actions, is also a reminder that the United States government, may be in some real crisis thanks to Donald Trump's actions. And Trump can't seem to stop himself either.
Donald Trump on Racism “It’s impossible for me to be racist. I employ 100’s of Blacks and Mexicans as maids in my Trump Tower hotels”

And on Blacks being killed by whites (including white police officers) Donald Trump said, "If you think we kill you too much? Go somewhere where you’re gonna just kill more of each other.”

He also has it in for Mexicans as well. Mexican immigrants are among other things, rapists, according to Donald Trump. "They are bringing drugs into the US"(I thought that was the CIA's doing?) says Trump and he assumed that some of then are also good people.  This must also irked the hard working Mexican immigrant who clean the toilets of these rich white people like Donald Trump.  I am sure that he has no white Americans doing that.  That is to act as a maid at any of his rich palatial homes. I wonder if this also applies to his immigrant wife, Melania too?. Probably not. Trump is a bigot after all. He is very selective on who he attacks for being anti American. "Those who doesn't deserve to be included in America".  He may soon turned on Blacks. But that would also be a calamity for him as the President.  Since blacks are the one group, especially, who build up that country from scratch.  No, he wouldn't dare go there, with his racism and bigotry.  Trump is also a misogynist and the things that comes out of his mouth when he talks about women, is simply revolting.  It s not just about Rosie O'Donnell who he does not like. Calling her, "unattractive, inside and out". No man should ever say that about a woman. But then again look how Trump treated his own wife Melania, at his inauguration?. One could clearly see that she got upset after the President turned around and sad something (nasty, no doubt) to her.  Her demeanor changed suddenly and many are now wondering exactly what is going n between those two.  I am starting to think that Donald Trump is protesting way too much about Russia. As in Shakespeare, "Me think the lady protest too loudly". Maybe there is something that he is trying to hide here. The conspiracy rumor is rife with speculations that either he or Melania is a Russian spy. Umm?. It does seem unusual for his ex-wife to be buddies with Putin's girlfriend.  My take is that he probably owes a lot of debt to Russia over his business interest and has to remain loyal to that country for that reason. Americans though seem to have a different view, in regards to President Donald Trump's relationship, with Russia's Vladimir Putin. Enough for some of them to begin calling him a traitor. And there is also the concerns over his business practices, while in office. The question is will he be impeached and removed from office?. We'll just have to wait and see.