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Among the charges, or claims, levied against them are:   * breach of public trust
                                                                                           * abuse of power
                                                                                           * endangering the safety of the public
                                                                                           * conspiracy and corruption

The Toronto Fire Services overstepped its jurisdiction in using a clause in the Ontario Fire Protection and Prevention Act, under sec. 15 (1), to take reprisal actions against a tenant who had made a complaint to the Toronto Fire Services, regarding the lack of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, at the rooming house in North York, illegally housing 12 tenants.

On March 20, 2017, Toronto Fire Captain, Rob Patten, issued a notice to the landlord of the illegal rooming house on Four Winds Drive, in North York, (a suburb of Toronto, where rooming houses are not allowed, under the law). The notice showed (see image below), that the Toronto Fire Captain, Rob Patten, had ticked off, under Sec.15(1), of the Ontario Fire Code, "eliminate ignition sources", thereby preventing any likelihood of a fire starting, from those sources. The sources being the electrical cords to the stoves in the basement and also on the first floor of the rooming house. The tenants on all three floors, were told to use a microwave oven instead, in both kitchens of the rooming house.  

The two Toronto Fire Services captains, Rob Patten and Captain Paul Fortuna, who are in charged of the North Command region in Ward 8, in North York, are also responsible for the disturbing and illegal illegal phenomena in the area, near the York University campus, involving the illegal rooming houses. Kind of like how the CIA runs the drug trade operations in the US. Captain Rob Patten has told this Blogger, directly, that he "knows of the fact that there are many illegal rooming houses, in that area". To which he also does nothing and even when it is exposed.  But his actions and especially those that endangers public safety, are more than just ignoring this fact. The fire captain has directly contributed to this, through his personal corruption, in investigating those illegal rooming houses, which all breaks the fire code.  For instance, after investigating the illegal rooming house at 27 Four Winds Drive, Unit 1, in North York and located in the Keele and Finch area, which is under his command, the Toronto Fire Captain, later did a number of shocking things to which he has also broken the law. Among his actions include a breach of public trust, by reducing the number of tenants in the illegal rooming house, from 12 tenants, to 9 tenants. Captain Rob Patten did so in order to avoid removing the other 7 tenants who are all living on the second floor of the rooming house.
 He did not issue any charges against the landlord, nor gave any indications that he was going to.  In fact, the very opposite. Instead of shutting down all of the rooming house as he should have done, or to reduced the number of tenants to the legal limit of only four tenants, under the fire code, if he also believed that there was an immediate danger to their lives due to a fire, then that also did not occur. The Toronto fire captain, Rob Patten, had told the landlord that he was going to issue an order against him, if he did not ask one of the tenants on the main floor, (according to the statement of the landlord) who had made the complaint about the fire code violations to cooperate and to leave immediately, due to an immediate danger posed by a fire.(A "danger" that he was still undecided about, at that time and was willing to leave the matter still undecided, "until the next day, or the next day" he had also stated. Captain Rob Patten, chose to use a section of the Ontario Fire Prevention and Protection Act, under sec. 15(1), to try to evict one of the tenants (there are two) on the main floor of the rooming house, (as well as the three tenants in the basement of the house), who had made the complaint to the Toronto Fire Services, over the fire code violations, by the landlord. Captain Rob Patten, who also ignored the complaint for a week, believed that there was an immediate danger to the lives to those four tenants, of the illegal rooming house, but also chose to ignore the other tenant on the main floor of the rooming house. (The Toronto Municipal Licensing Standards officers, who attended the property afterwards, later declared that both tenants on the main floor of the rooming house, were in the same predicament, since their rooms were made of dry wall and later turned into a "room", by the landlord. And for the fire captain to want to remove only one of those tenants, did not make any sense, they had declared). In fact the MLS officers also indicated that the fire captain, Rob Patten, has the responsibility to removed all of the tenants of the illegal rooming house, if there was an immediate danger to their lives from a fire. Including, those tenants on the second floor of the rooming house, with the double occupancy rooms. At the very least, only four tenants are allowed to remain at the rooming house, under the Ontario fire code regulations. WHAT IS GLARING HYOCRITICAL AND ALSO CORRUPT, ABOUT CAPTAIN ROB PATTEN'S ACTIONS, IN DECLARING WHICH TENANTS SHOULD BE REMOVED, UNDER SECTION 15 (1) OF THE FIRE CODE, WHICH HE ALSO INSTRUCTED THE OWNER, THAT HE WAS "THINKING" OF ISSUING AN ORDER ABOUT, ON MARCH 21, 2017, BECAUSE HE ALSO BELIEVED THAT THERE WAS AN "IMMEDIATE DANGER" TO THE LIVES OF "SOME OF THE TENANTS (NOT ALL OF THEM), FROM A FIRE, (AND WE ARE ALSO TALKING ABOUT OVERCROWDING HERE, WHERE THE NUMEBER OF TENANTS IN THE ILLEGAL ROOMING HOUSE ARE 12), IS THE FACT THAT THE THOUGHT FOR ANY OF THEIR SAFETY, ALSO DID NOT OCCUR TO HIM, DURING THE TIME THAT HE HAS SUPPRESSED THE REPORT OF THE COMPLAINT, AGAINST THE LANDLORD AND DID NOT ACT UPON IT FOR AN WHOLE WEEK! WAS THE DANGER TO THEIR LIVES ALSO NOT PRESENT TO THOSE TENANTS, DURING THAT TIME AS WELL?
The Toronto Fire Captain also chose to ignore the other eight remaining tenants on the second floor of the rooming house, (in his thinking). With some of the rooms holding two tenants at a time, or double occupancy. And this is the part where the corruption and a lack of concern for the safety of all of the tenants of the illegal rooming house, REALLY comes in. THE FIRE CAPTAIN, ROB PATTEN, SHOULD HAVE REMOVED ALL OF THE 12 TENANTS, FROM THE ROOMING HOUSE, ON MARCH 21, 2017. IF HE HAD THOUGHT THAT THERE WAS A DANGER FROM FIRE. THE CORRUPT TORONTO FIRE CAPTAIN, IN THE NOTICE ISSUED TO THE LANDLORD, JUST FOCUSED ON ONLY FOUR TENANTS AND THAT WOULD HAVE ALSO LEFT A REMAINING 7 TENANTS, STILL OCCUPYING THE ILLEGAL ROOMING HOUSE, AT THE TIME OF ANY FIRE! The Ontario fire code stipulates that the landlord is allowed to have four tenants legally (and under the Ontario municipal zoning bylaws, that number is only two tenants, legally). AND AGAIN, If the Toronto Fire captain, Rob Patten, was really concerned about the danger to the lives of the tenants, on March 20, 2017,why did he wait for one week to respond to the complaints, about the rooming house?. And over such a thing as a lack of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, in the rooming house. Did not his delay of a week, also further endangers the lives of the tenants, during that time?. Obviously. The fire captain, Rob Patten,  also reportedly made it clear that "he was not shutting down the illegal basements units", which has no windows and also housed three tenants.  Nor was he also shutting the entire rooming house down, due to an immediate danger from a fire, to the tenants. He was only asking four of those tenants to immediately leave, pending an order that he has told the landlord that he would be back to the premises on March 21st, after "having a meeting with the Toronto Fire Services Divisional Chief, Larry Koon and also The Toronto Fire Chief Jim Stoops. Do you think that a responsible fire chief and also a divisional chief would also agree to issuing an order immediately removing only four of the tenants from the rooming house and instead of all twelve tenants?. Due to the immediate dangers to their lives?. I wonder what they were also doing this past week thinking about all of this?. Captain Rob Patten had also stated to the owner of the illegal rooming house, that he was using section 15(1) of the Act to displace the four tenants, due to an immediate risk to their lives. Yet, he also waited for one week prior to this by not even taking any actions at all. And what about the eight other tenants on the 2nd floor of the illegal rooming house?. The Toronto fire captain Rob Patten, did not see an immediate danger to their lives, yet they all occupied the same dwelling. According to inspectors from the Municipal Licensing Standards Department, who also showed up at the property to investigate, the Toronto fire captain Rob Patten, should have also removed all of the tenants in that situation, they said. If under their jurisdiction only four tenants can remain in the rooming house, then eight tenants should be removed, the inspectors said. But where will they also be relocated?.

Tenants do have rights under the Residential Tenancies Act, and if the Toronto Fire Services, is going to removed tenants from a residential dwelling, due to a fire code regulation, under sec. 15(1), then it must also advised the landlord, that those tenants also has to have an alternative accommodation, provided by the landlord and during this time. Tenants cannot just be removed from their homes, by the Toronto fire services and not be relocated, to suitable accommodation, while a building is deemed unsafe by the fire services officers. And while captain Rob Patten had suggested that the landlord of the illegal rooming house provides hotel accommodations, for the three tenants in the basement of the illegal rooming house, that he wanted removed, under the Act, he also made no suggestions about one of the tenants on the main floor of the rooming house, that he also had included, in that order. Though, based on his actions he cared nothing about the tenant who had made the complaint, the fire captain also failed to mention to the landlord, that he had to take care of an alternative accommodation, for that tenant as well. That is perhaps why he is also "thinking" of issuing the order, on the "next day, or the "next day". And believe me, an imminent danger of fire to the lives of those tenants, from the date of the inspection of the dwelling, would not permit such a delay. There was either an immediate danger, or there wasn't. (Again, the said fire captain had waited one week, already, in regards to that "immediate" danger to the tenants, while he had considered acting upon the complaint). And nothing had happened to the tenants during that time. Something could have happened, but nothing did. Besides, if the entire building is unsafe as the fire captain also claimed, then all of the tenants would need to be evacuated and not just some.

A landlord puts a smoke detector on the 2nd floor
of an illegal rooming house, at 27 Four Winds Drive,
 unite 1, in North York, and near to the York University
campus, while two Toronto Fire Services officers watched.
 Captain Rob Patten, (shown in this video), also took one week to
respond to the complaint, of the illegal rooming house. And only
after this Blogger, had contacted him on March 20th, to do an update
 to the previous article, that she had posted on the matter.

On March 20th the fire captain, Rob Patten, attended the illegal rooming house, twice and on the first visit during the day, he chose to advised the landlord, that he was only supposed to have four tenants maximum, under the fire code. He also issued no notices or orders during his first inspection of the rooming house, earlier in the day. Among the disturbing questions that should be asked, why did he not do so, since there were obviously fire code violations, which he then later issued a notice to the landlord for.
Toronto Fire Captain, Rob Patten, has also issued no orders against the landlord of the illegal rooming house to shut it down. Nor did he proceed with any charges against him, either. Please remember, that in that area, this is also a regular occurrence. Which the Toronto Fire Services has also overlooked most of the time. And was also prepared to do the same in this case as well. Yet only two years ago, two tenants died in a fire, again in the same vicinity. All of this all under the jurisdiction of Captain Rob Patten. Viewing from the occurrence that I have described in this article, Captain Rob Patten, IS capable of sitting on such a complaint and do absolutely nothing. In wanting to "evict" some of the tenants of the illegal rooming house, (including the one who had complained, and also immediately, but the tenant had also asked the Toronto Fire Captain, what was the "immediate" danger, since he had also taken a week to respond to the complaint and thought of no danger to the lives of the tenants during that time. Coupled, with the fact that the landlord of the rooming house, had also claimed that the Toronto Fire Captain Rob Patten had "pressured" him, into asking some of the tenants to "cooperate" with an order he was going to make under sec.15(1) of the fire code, to removed only four of the tenants (including the "troublemaker" tenant), immediately, due to a danger to their lives. But the danger  from a fire and from the overcrowding had existed for all of the tenants of the rooming house, for a whole week prior to this decision. So was it an act of reprisal from the Toronto Fire Captain, to target the tenant who had complained in the first place?. The captain also told the landlord of the rooming house, that, "it was not definitive, has yet", if he was going to make the actual order on March 21st. (This Blogger has in her possession a copy of the actual statements and or actions, of the Toronto fire captain, Rob Patten, to be published at a later time).