Thursday, September 7, 2017



To:  The Registrar, of the Divisional Court, Tashekah Gentles.

Could you answer this pertinent question, as to why an important document, such as the Certificate of Perfection, which is necessary in order to proceed with my Appeal, in the Divisional Court, has now gone missing from the file?. Could it be tied in with the overall conspiracy, by Canadian courts, to hider and or to block all of my efforts in those courts?. On the day that my Appeal book and Compendium and Factum were filed with the Divisional Court, in regards to my appeal, from the Landlord and Tenant Board, you were also present at the counter and witnessed that the document in question was also filed. In my subsequent conversation with you, in regard to that matter, you said that it may have been an error, on the part of the staff.  Well, if that is the case and it was not done deliberately, then I am requesting that you fix the problem. 

We know that the Divisional Court, has already acted and in its typically usual bias manner against me, has also not allowed my appeal to be heard earlier. That is, to shorten the time of the Appeal, which can often be a very long process in the courts. According to the Judge of the Divisional Court, who is also the Administrative judge of that court, Judge I. Northheimer, and to whom you did take my matter to, (without me filing a formal motion to have the time shortened), he had also denied me the request to shorten the time of the Appeal and had responded that if I wanted that to be done, to file a motion and to make the request to the court. (In that case, it would have just gone before another judge like him, who more than likely, would not have granted that request anyways. Thanks to the conspiracy in the Canadian courts against me. And which also involved ALL judges, and justices of the peace and administrative staff, of the court.  Which brings me back to the issue, of why my Certificate of Perfection, was not filed on your electronic system? And why do the Divisional Court, has the Appeal showing up as not being perfected?. I even perfected my Appeal in less than a week, just so that the matter could be heard sooner, than the usual time. Which as I said before, usually take months to be heard. Now after waiting for the 60 days for the respondent to file his response, (which he has not done), I am now being told by the court, that "My appeal is not perfected as yet". Which you know to be an error, on the part of the court. So again, I ask you, as the Registrar of the court, to fix this problem, as I am sure that it was one of the administrative staff, who has made this "error". In fact, I believe that it was also done deliberately. Now you have my opinion on the matter.
I do not have to tell you here, that, removing documents from files, hat would either cause unnecessary delays and for other more insidious reasons, would indicate an attempt by such a Divisional Court staff, to interfere with the normal procedures of the court and with the appellant's
right to have her matter by the court without such hindrances. And also without a court staff trying to impede justice in this case. I hope that it was an oversight and that the matter can now proceed properly, as it should have been. I have had many dealings with this court and do know that my matters has NEVER been treated fairly by this court. Let's hope that an administrative staff, attempting to obstruct justice in this case, is also now not an issue that I would have to deal with at this time. In the past I have seen such attempts made by Rina and others in that office, to hinder my matters from proceeding as they should, in the Divisional Court. And I have also made complaints about her actions to the previous Registrar. As for my dealings with the scheduling clerk, Sobey Boweja, I also hold the same sentiment, in this case.

As the Registrar, I am also publicly asking you, how my document could go missing and  not be filed as it should have been, in this case?. (Especially since you also witnessed it being filed) and what has really happened in this case?.  I also expect you and the Divisional court, to due its due diligence and not to delay my matter any further, as you are aware that it is also of an urgent nature, still,  in regards to my appeal and I would like to prevent any further delays, to having my appeal heard as soon as possible. As this office already know, that this is a matter that the Landlord and Tenant Board also did not address and this was the primary nature of this appeal, concerning that error of law, when the Board dismissed the matter without holding a hearing, by the Member, Louise Horton.

Also, since I spoke with you last, maybe you can also explain to me, publicly, why the actual file, was not in the administrative office of the court, but in some records department?. And as I also posed this question to you directly?. That since the Appeal has not been heard by the court as yet, shouldn't the file be made available, so that if either party comes to the court to file any thing, it is also available to them?. Who at the Divisional Court, as far as the administrative staff are concerned, are also trying to undermine my matter before that court?.

As this may not have been an error on your part, but on the part of your staff, I will now expect you to investigate this matter further, as I have also requested on your voice mail, after one of the clerks in the Divisional Court, Rina, also refused to either look into the matter, as she had said that she would do, or even to get back to me about it. What she did was to hang the telephone up when I asked her to transfer my call to you, in order for you to investigate, both her actions, as well as those of the other clerks in the Divisional Court, whose job it was to file those documents and to update that information on your electronic system. So that this information is available to everyone, involved in the proceeding. According to my conversation with you, you said that you would.

 I have asked you to look into the request of the missing document, my Certificate of Perfection that was filed, along with my Appeal Book and Compendium and Factum, as you well know and have also witness and which has now gone missing from my file. As reported to me, by one of your delinquent and may I also add disgustingly rude staff, Rina, today, as I wanted to know about the dates, that would also be provided by the court, to have my appeal heard and in  in regards to my landlord and tenant matter.
It was not enough that the Administrative Judge, I Northeimer, has denied my request to have the matter heard sooner, but now I'm told that my Certificate of Perfection which I also filed, has now gone missing. At the very least, it was not filed on your electronic system, with the court and that also makes all of the difference, because that is where both of the parties, as well as the court, keep up to date, with the processes, involving the Appeal.

As an afterthought:

To those members of the public who are not aware of the details of this matter, here is a synopsis of the events leading up to the appeal, in the Divisional Court. I, as a tenant was forced out of my home by Canadian government officials, meaning those in the fire services. I was not evicted by the Landlord and Tenant Board, nor did my landlord ever applied for an order evicting me as a tenant. Yet, as part of the conspiracy involved, the landlord and Tenant Board, decided not to hear the matter and to dismiss it at the preliminary stage. And thereby committing a whole bunch of errors and wrongs against me, as a tenant. Including, some of the most important ones, which was to leave me homeless and without any kind of compensation, to which I am also entitled as a tenant, under the Residential Tenancies Act. Which is precisely why the Member, Louise Horton, dismissed the matter and without holding a hearing. Most people has never heard of such a thing, as that which was done to me, by the Canadian authorities and the Landlord and Tenant Board. It is beyond the presumption of bias against me, by the Landlord and Tenant Board Member. It is also about the denial of natural justice, in my case, and how the entire matter, was designed to bring about that result. Now I am also seeing the extension of that with the Divisional Court and it is also not the first time. Such actions won't be tolerated by me. And should not be tolerated by anyone.