Wednesday, May 16, 2018


WHAT IS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL? "A person who has become a target by any party, organization or entities. Ranging from corruption in business, or by the government and even being targeted by regular people i.e the community at large (who has been selected to carry this out, by one of the parties listed above). A person who becomes a targeted individual will face campaigns of surveillance of different degrees and generally speaking, campaigns that negatively impact an individual.  this could range from campaigns to harass, discredit, sabotage, instill fear and paranoia, manipulate, extort, or even assassinate; among others"... (Reprinted statement). (See the rest of my own article below).

HOW DOES ONE BECOME A TARGET OF THE GOVERNMENT?.  All that you need to do in order to become a target and a victim of your government, is to start telling the truth about its actions. You can become a target by either acting on your own, or as part of a group. Either way, once you have decided to exercise your democratic rights and to voice your opinions publicly, such as by protesting, demonstrating, or writing about the government as a journalist, or blogger, then expect that the government will also find ways, to curb your efforts to expose its actions. For many it may take the form of open persecutions. For others it may be less observable, but non the less heinous in its scope of atrocities that are also illegal and are committed against you. And which has abused your basic human rights. Nevertheless, you will also notice a marketable change in your environment and in others who may now become government agents, such as paid informers and or agent provocateurs, against you. Be that at your workplace, at your home, or your place of business.
The goal is to make you believe that you are being paranoid and that your are not really being targeted, or that you have somehow imagined the whole thing. What you should know is that you have now become a part of a government funded and black operation program, that is mainly geared towards mind control and of terrorizing you into submission. The alternative is that if you resist, you may also be eliminated by the government, using one of its most effective methods against you. Those who are mainly targeted are the following:
* Whistleblowers
* Bloggers
* Human Rights Activists
* Social Activists
* Journalists (who exposed corruption. i,e those who are independent and who are not sanctioned by the government controlled media)
* Anyone can become a targeted individual
* Members of a religious group, or of often a visible minority, or some other marginalized group
*Single parents (usually single mothers) (and most of whom have had their children removed from their homes, because they are viewed as being mentally unstable, when in fact it is the State which has targeted them, in order to take their children away)
* Those with some financial resources (I once met an elderly (black) woman who was targeted in such a manner, by the management of her apartment building. She was living in a subsidized unit and the management, wanted her to use up all of her financial resources,  in order to keep the unit. (They discovered that she had some investments). She experienced chemicals being sprayed in her apartment in her absence and was even forced to sleep under the staircase at night, due to the harassment). Finally, the management got her out of the building and she is now living in a shelter.
* One single mother (white) who have had her small child taken away by the Children's Aid Society, was also subjected to this kind of targeting. In fact she could not walk down the street where she lives, without seeing the "government authorities" parked on her street and carrying out this psychological abuse of her mental state. They wanted to make sure that she never got her child back, and also succeeded in making her into an mentally unstable person.

Keep in mind that often the targeted individual and the perpetrator, are both under mind control tactics used against them. The perpetrator who often knows the victim, are made to believe that by carrying out the targeting of the victim, that they are also doing their "civil duty". That is they are being good citizens, when in fact the entire aspect of the targeting is also criminal.

The internet is full of people who are now protesting against this atrocity and abuse of their persons and of  their human rights.
The tactics that are used Against targeted Individuals
* Blacklisted
* Psychological and physical torture, using remote weapons to target the victims in their homes and  anywhere else.
* Noise harassment
*Electromagnetic harassment
*Illegal surveillance 24/7
* Financial sabotage
* Email hacking, telephone tapping
* Satellite remote monitoring
* Loss of job
*Loss of family, friends and acquaintances
* Sleep deprivation
* Voice to skull technology
* The use of agents and provocateurs
*Microwave weapons
*Non consensual human experiments
* Food poisoning
*Torture and the killing of the victims pets
*covert drugging
*Illegal break ins
* Mind control
*Character assassination

James Bond 007 tactics, used against some targeted individuals. My personal Experience.
Some years ago, I was in the subway on the upper level waiting for my bus. A white man came up to me and jabbed me with an umbrella under my right rib cage. At first he said to me, "Don't I know you from somewhere?. I said "No, I don't think so". Next thing I knew, as he spoke to me, he also jabbed me (more like a light touch) with the point of the umbrella. I thought nothing of it at the time and when the bus came I walked towards the line and so did he. Being in front of him, I got on the bus first and waited to see if he was also getting on the bus. He did not. I looked out of the window and he was nowhere on the platform either. He just simply disappeared. What is unusual about this incident is that ever since that time, I have had a soreness under my right ribcage. I told this to one of my close friends years ago and we both thought that it was unusual. More so because of the fact that people do not normally go around jabbing other people with the point of their umbrellas. And for the victim to still feel the effect of it years later, as a soreness in the exact spot. I could have been micro chipped, or injected with a cancer gene. Or something else just as sinister. This also happened in broad daylight, on a somewhat sparsely crowded subway platform (upper level) and with people milling around. I am convinced that the Canadian government authorities, perhaps the police or CSIS, were behind it. It was something straight out of a James Bond movie and it happened to me. I am just a Blogger, who has been exposing the truth about that government's human rights abuse. So no one is safe from the government, in my opinion.
You only need to read my Blog (entirely) to find out the many other different ways that the Canadian government, has gone about targeting me. Including, at all levels of government, and who all have the same agenda. To destroy my efforts and in the process to destroy me as an individual. The conspirators are so numerous, that it is hard for me to fight back all of them. But I do try. I do not sit down and take their attacks, without responding to it. For one thing, their actions are no longer hidden, thanks to my Blog. Neither can they also expect to get away with their actions against me, without facing some kind of penalty. The absolute worst thing that a targeted individual can do, in those circumstances, is not to fight back. As a world wide community, our governments and others who carry out this criminal activity against the public, are learning that the victims will fight back. Despite their enormous black operations budget and their advance weaponry, the ordinary person can and often do find ways to fight against it. Do not give in to their tactics and never be silent about the atrocities that are committed against you. Take back your individual power and defeat the enemy.