Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Satellite technology and other forms of electronic harassment, is being used against those who denounce injustice, expressed their opinions openly and also criticizes the government and these has also replaced the former implements of torture, that has been used, to punish and to also suppress the actions of dissidents.

It is a little known fact that some Canadian activists, such as myself, are being targeted by the Canadian government, using illegal means to do so, such as electronic harassment and surveillance, with the very intention of not only disrupting the lives of such activists, but also of destroying them completely. It is a little wonder, that I am still alive, to expose this human rights abuse, to the world, considering the length that the Canadian government's police agencies, has also gone, to harass me and also attack me in other ways, because of my political beliefs and for exposing its actions concerning human rights abuse, to the rest of the world.

Carrying out electronic harassment against such activists 24 hours a day, is also a crime against humanity, and the Canadian government's recent comments about finding other nations, such as Libya, guilty of this action, is also an insult to those in that country, who are its prime targets and who has also suffered at the hands of this government. Those actions are also intended to maim and or to kill its victims. They also produce real physical symptoms of those attacks, and this is perhaps the best evidence against the Canadian government, for carrying out crimes against humanity. Victims suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, which is a medical condition, that is also brought about by those actions and they can also use this diagnosis, as evidence against those responsible for bringing this about, through those means.

My primary goal at this time to expose this horrific crime and to let others know about the hypocrisy of the Canadian government, who also pretends to be concerned about human rights, both in Canada and abroad and to let people know that this is not the truth. Being harassed in my home especially, daily, through the use of these electronic weapons, which I also believed are orchestrated by the police, to "break me" among other things, including also " to punish" me, through the use of those "torture methods", that are not only illegal, but are also strictly forbidden, under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration and also considered as being "cruel and inhuman treatment" that falls under the category of torture and which is also a crime against humanity.

The Canadian governement is repressive in many of its actions and a repressive governemnt, is also one that does not allow for the free expression of democratic ideals, or for the practicing human rights altogether. At stake are also two of the most fundamental of human rights principles, that of democracy and freedom. Including those concerning the protection of individual rights, families and different groups. In Canada repression also takes the form of systematic racism, and this I also believed, is where the real problem lies. Most of its human rights abuses can also be classified as being propelled by the issue of race, or ethnicity, because it will also not openly acknowledge some of the other factors, such as religion, that are also the reasons for some of its actions, in the persecution of others in this country. For example, Canadian muslims, who are also targeted, based on that assertion alone. Whether you are targeted as an individual, or as a group, also makes no difference, since these are all human rights abuses, which should also not be ignored. Getting the international community to take those reports of human rights abuse and crimes against humanity by he Canadian government seriously, is also difficult. Its international imagage, as a human rights defender, is also firmly established, and it will also take a lot of fort, from those who are also reporting such human rights abuses in that country, to also make sure that the real truth, also gets out.