Thursday, January 22, 2009

Police Entrapment: Involving Lies, Racism And Corruption

I can't say enough about these stinking swines who are trying to get me. I thought that revealing their actions on this blog would diminished their activities towards me. This has not been the case. They are trying more than ever to destroy my life. Because their actions are also against public interest because of the tactics that they have also used against me I feel no constraint in revealing their actions to the public. It is in the public best interest and also mine to reveal their actions in regards to me here. I have talked about the police and by this I mean not just the local corrupted Toronto police and especially the 13 division police in the area that I live but also the RCMP and others who I also believed is involved in this "operation" against me. I am well aware of the dangers that I face from the state by being an advocate of social justice in this country and by speaking out regarding their corruption and the length that it will go to to try and stop me. This is not just about me though this is about freedom and democracy and human rights which is not what this country is all about. I have exposed them for what they are. Criminals and hypocrites who have been perpetuating a system that goes against many in this society and I will continue to do so however much they try to destroy me. The truth must be told. It is time to expose the lie that exist at the present time in regards to democracy or human rights in this country. And in regards to others who are also in league with the authorities because of the conspiracy that they all share to "get me". The motivation for this is quite simple. Racism. I have reported their racism and other actions to the public and they are not happy about it. As for the police working with others such as these two companies Mintz and Partners and M&P Property Management and the City of Toronto with whom they also have their lucrative contracts and do not deliver on their services. They are also not pleased because their aim is to try and destroy me. For this they have enlisted the aid of others in this conspiracy against me. They have also stepped up their harassment against me such as having their agents throw garbage at my door and banging on my walls etc. and other actions on their part as well as working actively and secretly with the police (13 Division police) to try and put me in a compromising situation to entrap me. One of their agents has even used her apartment as a kind of "command post" where they watch my activities 24 hrs a day. When I go out and come in and who visits me etc. They don't even make a secret about it. I am wondering if they all don't stop to think about one thing. That their actions are illegal and for the police to be involved in breaking the law themselves it shows the depravity of their characters and also the level of corruption involved in their actions. I had proven this point in regards to the Toronto Police and their corruption on many different occasions when I had exposed their actions and their embarrassment when they were caught red handed and especially in regards to the actions of the 13 division police. They have also learnt nothing from this. In 2007 I filed a 30 million dollar lawsuit against the Metropolitan Toronto Police. It is also important to expose the racism behind their actions as well which is also the major factor in many cases filed against them when they take certain actions against the public that interferes with their rights. That was the case with me. I know what their motivation is which is no different from those of any other police force or police state which is to silence those who speak out about their actions or the actions of the government. That is also undemocratic. As for those others who are also involved in this they seem to be unaware of the culpability of their actions even though I have also made it quite clear that I will not tolerate their actions against me.