Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The United Nations Also Finds Canada's Justice System, Guilty of Practicing Racism, Against Marginalized Groups, In That Country.

Exposing Corruption Within The Court of Appeal For Ontario and the Attorney General's Office.

I was recently at the Ontario Court of Appeal for Ontario and I observed, some of the worst displays of corruption, in that court, involving the crown attorneys and the Attorney General Office, as well as the Court of Appeal itself. It is a also
one of the many examples, of systematic racism, by the Canadian court system.
Besides the direct interference in my case, by the crown attorneys and the court staff, by changing the dates of my hearings, for dubious reasons and also trying
to interfere in the matter, before the court, in other ways. And there are other instances of corruption, that have also been witnessed, at that court, involving
the judges of the court of appeal. It would do well for the public, to attend the hearings, before that court and see to for itself, the conduct of the court.
In some instances, I have also seen this happening and observed the comments made afterwards, by members of the public, but it does not happen as often as it should.

Although the Court of Appeals, is delineated, to protect the rights, of the individual, under the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms, this was also found
to be not true, involving a lot of the cases, that has been before that court.
For instance, systematic racism, is also generally acknowledged, as being routinely practiced, by the court of appeal for Ontario, as well as by other Canadian courts. There is just no way to get around this fact. I will also give some examples of this, not only involving my case, but also other cases, that I have also witnessed, at the court of appeal for Ontario, personally. And I have not even made references, to the other documented facts, that has also been established, by the other sources, in regards to this. There are some Canadian organizations, such as OCASI, and others, who has conducted inquiries, into the systematic racism, within Canadian courts.

On more than one occassions, before the Court of Appeal for Ontario, I have seen systematic racism displayed towards Blacks, by the judges of that court. And not
just in my case alone. I also saw some disturbing events, at the Court of Appeal
for Ontario, including a black man, who was also scheduled to conduct his own defence, regarding his murder conviction appeal, presumably, also, because he could not afford a lawyer, nor could he get any, legal aid assistance, for his case. Another matter, also involved, a mentally disturbed black man, who was also scheduled, to act as his own defense counsel, at the hearing of his appeal, before the Court of Appeal for Ontario. There were also other cases, as well and none of them, has also had the opportunity, of being properly represented, before the court, because of the lack, of legal representation, that is also required, in order to deal with those matters before the court.

Ironically, while Legal Aid Ontario, could not afford to provide a lawyer, for a black man, convicted of a murder, it could also provide a lawyer, for a white man, a police officer, also convicted of murder, in the amount of 1.2 million dollars, in legal aid funding, for his defense. The system is also inherently bias and racist against some marginalized groups, such as blacks and other visible minorities. Add the corruption, that is also a part of the Court, as well as a part of the Ministry of the Attorney General, to be exact, involving the crown attorneys, who are also involved with those cases, and which makes it also difficult, to deal with the systematic racism, that is also such an integral part of the Canadian justice system and one that also highlights, some true cases of human rights abuse in that country.

There were some very interesting events, regarding the outcome of those hearings, that were also happening, at the court of appeal for Ontario, and which were also being condoned by the appeal judges, at the court of appeal for ontario. Including some especially corrupt judges, at that court, such as judges Paul S. Rouleau and Marc Rosenberg, Mcpherson and Blair. I believed it was the judge, Marc Rosenberg, who had also instructed, one of the appellant, about the preparation, of his murder conviction, at the court of appeals for ontario. Telling the Black man, that the hearing will also proceed, on the scheduled date, whether he had obtained a lawyer or not. The Black man had also told the court, that he had no lawyer and was instructed by that judge, to be prepared to conduct his appeal himself, at the next hearing. That judge's racism is also especially obvious, when also addressing, certain members of the public, at that court. His manner is disrespecful and he obviously does care, about enforcing the rights, of those appellants before that court.

In my case, also, for instance, the crown attorneys were trying to have a hearing, of a matter, that was already addressed by the court, by way of a motion, before the court of appeal. It was also one of the many interferences, in my case, before that court directly, by the crown attorneys, court staff and the judges of that court. The crown attorneys, in this case did not like the outcome, of the motion, that was heard, on my behalf and was trying, to get a second hearing of the said motion. Sitting at the new panel of judges, was Judge Paul S. Rouleau, who had been on the first panel of judges and had addressed the matter previously. He sat there, as part of the new panel of judges, that also included, Justice Macpherson, Justice Blair and himself, and acted as if he was also prepared to have a hearing, of the same matter, that he himself, had presided over, previously, and also acting, as if he now has no knowledge, of this. It was a matter that was previously heard on January 17, 2011, and was scheduled to "be spoken to" on February 7, 2011, with the purpose of setting a date for the hearing of the appeal. That date was also set for April 11,2011. But the many inappropriate, conduct, that also took place, by the crown attorneys, involved with the case and also the court of appeal itself, also give rise, to the many misgivings, about cases before that court.

These cases and others like it, before the Court of Appeal for Ontario and other Canadian courts, in regards to dealing with the systematic racism, and other corruption, that is also such an integral part of the Canadian justice system and one that also highlights, some true cases of human rights abuse in that country.