Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Toronto has hosted the G20 Summit, that has now come and gone, but the actions of the police, in abusing the rights of both the protesters and non protesters alike, will also remained, as one of the other highlights, of the summit. Canada, is also now officially recognized, as also being a police state, in the eyes of many. Not that this has surprised some people, who has known this all along. That the police has had too much power and are also willing to abuse that power, as they have also demonstrated at the G8/G20 summit, recently. Many human rights abuse also occurred,
in regards to their actions as well. Some of their actions included the following:
The police were randomly carrying out illegal searches on people on the street and if they could not produced any identification, they were also arrested on the spot. Those arrested, were also denied access to a lawyer, or even to make the usually, mandatory, telephone call. People detained because of the protest, were also denied access to food, water or medicine, for several hours after they were arrested and many were also kept on the street, where they were also arrested, in the pouring rain, for at least five hours, after they were arrested. The police also arrested people indiscriminately, including the media and the journalists, that were also there. No one was immune to being arrested by the police. Because some violent acts were also committed, which some people, including me, also believed, were also orchestrated by the police, using their agent provocateurs, to carry out those destructive actions, either to gain sympathy for the protest, or to show that their own actions were benevolent, towards the protesters, or because of the fact that the international media, were also present in Toronto, during the summit. The police at first pretended to act restrained, even standing idly by and watching the destruction going on about them, but as soon as the leaders of the summit, had barely left, they resorted to such brutality, and human rights abuse, that it has also shocked most Canadians. Their first action and human rights violation at the summit, started when they secretly re-enforced, an old law, under the war act, that would also allow them, to indiscriminately arrest, anyone, that they feel like arresting. That has included, one thousand protesters and non protesters alike, that were arrested by the police, during the summit. The Protesters, who also has a legitimate right, to protest, and also unmolested by the police, were also denied that right and many of them were jailed for trying to exercise that right. The police also followed this up, by also abusing those that they had arrested and also causing injury, to some, as well as mocking and taunting others. While the police were acting thus, the politicians were also silent and some, like Toronto's mayor, David Miller, were actually praising the police's actions at the summit. A clear indication, also, that both the police and the government, has worked together, to carry out those human rights violations, that were evident at the G20 summit. It has also, since been revealed, that the police did not have the powers, that they had weilded at the summit, in Toronto. Police did not have the power, to arbitrarily stop and arrested anyone, if they could not identify themselves to the police. The police also claimed, that almost half of the one thousand people, who were arrested at the G20 summit, were later released without a charge. The police also feared legal action, from the hundreds of innocent citizens, who were arrested during the summit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


What is the real reason for the Toronto police, city officials and the Canadian government, to shut down a busy cosmopolitan city, such as Toronto, and also putting thousands of people and businesses out of their homes and workplace, just to also accommodate some world leaders? What are the real issues at stake here? It could surely not be, because ordinary people, are simply exercising their democratic rights, to protest against that government's actions? Is that any reason for the Canadian government, to go to such lengths, to try and stop them?. If the Canadian government is really interested in making amends in regards to its own human rights violations, why not allow the people to protest on those issues, as they also have a right to do? I don't believe that the G20/G8 summit in Toronto, on June 25-27, has anything to do with the protection of human rights, by those leaders. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And if the actions of the Canadian government, recently, in suppressing the people's right, to freely express themselves, is also any indication, then there should also be a cause for concern, by all those who are interested in both freedom and democracy. The agenda of the G20 summit leaders is to do exactly that. To use force against anyone who oppose them or their actions. They should also be reminded, that, it is also the people, upon whose shoulders, that they also stand. People who are now willing to hold them into accountability, for their actions, that many also believed, do not represent the interest of the majority, but of only a few. Those who have also exploited the people on their own, or has worked with these governments to do so. Big corporations, who are only interested in the profit that they also make, by exploiting those who are weak or vulnerable, among the different nations. Canada is also included in that category. Many people would love to see a curb, in the corruption, that is also practiced, by this government, which has also severely impedes upon the rights of many, in this country, and that is what I and others, will also be protesting, at this G20/G8 summit. We want to see the government's actions, changes, from one that caters to an oligarchial society, to one, in which the rights of all people, are also represented. Not just the rich and the powerful.

Monday, June 7, 2010


As the Canadian government prepares to host the G8/G20 summit of world leaders, activists and social justice advocates, are also preparing to protest, loud and clear, about the role of the 20 richest nations, including Canada, and their means also, of continuing with the global exploitation of peoples, within their own countries and around the world. The astronomical amount of money, that the Canadian government, is also willing to spend, on the security of the summit leaders, has also angered many Canadians, who also believed that the money could have also been better spent, on improving the economy and also in helping the poor and homeless, to name just a few of the issues, that are also on the agenda, of many of the protesters. Many of whom are also pushing for more answers, from the government, in regards to the cost, to the Canadian taxpayers, who are the ones that are paying for all of this and who will also see very little of their rights, either protected or represented at the summit. Canadians seemed to be especially incenced at the government, regarding how the 1.2 billion dollars were spent on the security for the G20 summit, including, a 2 million dollar artificial lake, that was built just for the occasion, a gazebo, and other gimmicks, that are also considered to be a waste of money, by the government and were built especially, in order to impress the other countries visiting. Since, also, most of the money, that has also been spent, on the security of the summit, are also unsatisfactorily explained, many also believed that there will be reckoning of the government expenditures, in regards to this, after the summit is over. For now, there are more questions, than answers, on how that money was spent. Protesters are also bracing for what could also be, a violent confrontation with the police and others at the summit. Protesters have also complained about the Canadian security agents, such as CSIS, visiting the homes of some of the protesters, as well as harassment from the police. Since last week, for instance, the police's harassment and surveillance of me, has also stepped up. To the point of following me in marked cars, until they get bored and drives off. That has not stopped those of us who are protesting the G20 summit. We will continue to do so, until our message is heard, loud and clear, about those compelling human rights issues, that are also on our agenda and which also needs to be addressed. In my opinion, one of the issues, that, should also be, at the top of the list, in regards to the government's actions, is also its approach, to using illegal tactics, against those who has questioned it actions, on some of those issues. Such as the intimidation and harassment, that some people have also experienced, for simply speaking out. On June 25-26, 2010, the G8/G20 summit, will be held in Huntsville, Ontario, at the Deerhurst Resort, in Huntsville and on June 26 and 27, 2010, Toronto will be hosting the G8/G20 summit at the Metro Convention Centre, in Toronto. It is also a call for those who are interested, in the protection of human rights, both here in Canada and also around the world, to join in the protest, against the globalization and capitalism, of those G8/G20 countries, and to also get involved.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Condemnation for Israel And Netanyahu's Hasty Retreat From Canada

The world has united in its condemnation of the Israeli government and also against its recent actions, against the Palestinians in Gaza. As Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla ship, bound for Gaza and also carrying international aid, to the Palestinians, the Israeli government has also shown, its barbaric actions, by attacking the ship and killing at least 10 civilian aid workers and activists, on board the ship, that was also in international waters, and should also have been safe, from such an attack by the Isreali government. The international outcry, that has also followed the Israeli government's actions, was also understandable and has also confirmed, that, the world will not sit by silently, any longer, at these human rights violations by the Israeli government. It didn't seemed to matter, also, that its government actions, has also become odious to the rest of the world, because of its decisions, to, repeatedly attack, a defenseless people and also in denying them their basic rights, as human beings. For a nation that has also claimed to know, what it is also like to be persecuted, it has shown remarkable little pity for its fellow human beings and must also be judged, by the very same standards, that it has also set for others, in regards to its own actions. Benjamin Netanyahu's hastry retreat from Canada, was also welcomed, by many Canadians, I believed, who are also abhorred, at the Israeli government's actions, in continuing to oppress the Palestinian people, unnecessarily and despite international condemnations for its actions. The hasty retreat by Netanyahu, was also clearly an embarrassment, for the Israeli government, as Canada is also supposed to be, one of its most trusted allies. But in also questioning Benjamin Netanyahu, about the Israeli government's latest actions, against the Palestinians, which also seemed to come as a surprise, to the Israeli prime minister, as it also appeared, that he was also not expecting, this kind of reaction, and to save face, he had to leave, right in the midst, of the international outcry, against his government actions. It is also clear that the world is no longer, willing, to also turn a blind eye, to the plight of the Palestinians. The Isreali government's human rights atrocities, cannot be ignored any longer either. And to prove that the Isreali government, will also not stop its actions, the recent statements of Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 30, after the recent crisis, has also confirmed this. In which he has also re-affirmed, his governmenment's position, regarding the Palestinian situation. He has stated, that, the Israeli government, will not consider, a Palestinian military state. It is like pulling all of the teeth out of a lion's mouth. In other words, it would be, a, completely defenseless nation, and one that would also not be able to protect itself, against any agression from its enemies. And it would also be considered, as, a, "puppet" of the Isreali government itself. Which country would agree to such terms? since it would also be denying it, its basic right, also to defend itself. Isreal wants a weak Palestinian State, or no Palestinian State at all. I think the latter is more correct. It is also stupid, enough, to, also believe, that brute force, alone, will also, guarantee its success and its continued brutality against a defenseless nation. Intelligence is what is lacking, in this situation and on both sides of this conflict. It would be stupid of the Palestinians, to consider the terms, of the Israeli government and also stupid of the Isreali government, not to consider, that, though it appears to be winning, it really is not, and that it is considerably outnumbered in everything and that brute force alone will also not enable its success, in any future actions on its part, against a defenseless people, who is also resolute, in its determination, to also win, and as it appears, will also, eventually win.

Investigation Of Toronto Crown Attorney Sheila Cressman

An investigation has commenced, against a Toronto crown attorney, Sheila Cressman, into accussations of corruption, on her part, in regards to the commencement of a hearing, recently, and also in the dismissal of the charges against the accused, in which she, as well as the assistant crown attorney, Dimitra Tsagaris, dealing with the case, has also claimed, that they had not received, any (further)information, about that case. This information was also relevant, to the hearing and it is also believed, that, they have also acted together, on this, in order, to also have the charges dismissed. The charges against them, is, that they did received, the information and also willfully, withheld, that information, from the judge, in order to have those charges dismissed. This is just another charge of corruption, and investigation, against a Toronto crown attorney, which has, also, now become fairly frequent, by members of the public. These kinds of corruption charges, against a crown attorney, in either influencing a case, or in other actions on their part, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice, is one, that, the public, is also, trying to overcome, by also, enforcing, the protection of their rights, in that kind of situation. Over the years, Toronto crown attorneys, have also had, a number of charges, levied against them. Most of them also accusing them, of racially motivated actions, on their part, that has also influenced a case negatively, or of personal interference, in other ways, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice for the public.