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United Nations Found Canada Guilty of Human Rights Violations

The United Nation's report has acknowledged that the Canadian government was in violation of human rights. The report seemed to have alluded to the fact that the Canadian government should make amends regarding its human rights violations and called upon it to acknowledged its role in regards to those human rights abuse some of which I have touched upon on my blog such as its racism and its policy of exclusion towards different members of its society. Canada also has one of the most racist immigration policy that exist today and directly targeting specific groups of people both inside and outside of Canada and of course also the corruption that is involved in its bureaucracy. I believed that the silence in regards to its atrocities that are committed towards those living in this country should also be acknowledged. The best example of which is Canada's native people who like others have suffered at the hands of this government. On any given day there are countless human rights…


A recent inquiry in regards to the Canadian military's role in the torture of innocent Afghanistan civilians has also called for changes as well as for accountability on the part of the Canadian government. The report, which also stated that the torture of those civilians took place in 2006 and 2007, but were not investigated until now, detailed the torture of those civilians, who were also described as being, "farmers, truck drivers, tailor, peasants, random human being in the wrong place, at the wrong time". The report also stated that the Canadian military detained and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.
The report has stated that the civilians were also picked up during routine military operations, on the basis of reports that are "typically not of intelligence... but suspicion or unproven denunciation.” According to a senior Canadian Military Officer, Richard Colvin, who has made the report on the torture of the Afghans, before the Canadia…


The recent objection to the extension of the term of Mintz and Partners Limited, a subsidiary of Deloitte Corporation, as the Receiver and Manager for one of the Coops, that is also managed by the City of Toronto and the unbelievable corruption involved in their actions and especially by some City of Toronto public officials, in trying to push their agenda through the court, in regards to that company, is also staggering. It also calls for in my opinion, an investigation of corruption into their actions, because there has definitely been some criminality, on the part of that company, its employees and the City of Toronto, as far as its actions in regards to how it has carried out its duties, as the Receiver and manager for that particular building. The fact that racism is also a very big problem at that Coop and one that is also practiced by the current management, Mintz and Partners and M&P Property Management, also shows the dual role that the City of Toronto, also plays in the …


A lot of times I get asked the question, of why I chose to exposed the actions, of those who are in charge of protecting the interest of the public, but often do not. In exposing the actions of the corrupt ones, I believed, that it has also served as a deterrent, to them further abusing the rights of the public. This fact is also very evident in the courts, where there has been a lot of disregard for the administration of justice, by some of those judges or justices of the peace, who are involved in dispensing justice. There are many corrupt ones and a few good ones also. By far the majority of them are corrupt and do in fact, disregard, both the rights of the persons who are before the courts, as well as the law itself. It is for this reason also, that, from time to time, I mention here also on my blog, the names of the ones, whose actions also goes against the public. One of those corrupt judges is none other than Justice Frank Newbould of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. I…


The Toronto Police Services Board, has recently approved an additional 11 cameras, to be added to the 15 security cameras, that already existed in "high risk neighbourhoods" in Toronto. This will give 24 hr coverage of those neighbourhoods that the police has also deemed, as being more criminal than others. Among the factors that went into their decision, was also the socio-economic level of those communities. The problem with this also, is that some of those neighbourhoods in question, has also a higher visibility of minorities and they are also considered, by the Toronto police, as worth watching. The economic gap between the poor and the rich, has also put the former in the category, of being watched by the police and for the simple fact, that, those on the lowest economic scale, are also minorities. Their actions besides promoting racism, also does not help to promote human rights either. The specific neighbourhoods, in which the cameras were installed, are also being ke…

Canada Rejects UN Human Rights Recommendations

UNITED NATIONS - Canada has told the United Nations that more than half of the 68 recommendations which other countries says will improve Canada's human rights standards are unacceptable. In an address to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Canada has rejected outright 14 of the recommendations issued in March and partially rejected another 22. Rejected advice touched on issues that included racial discrimination, aboriginal rights,fighting poverty and seeking clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty overseas.
For instance Canada also rejected a recommendation from Egypt that called for the training of judges and prosecutors on the nature of race-based hate crimes.
Canada has also rejected recommendations from Russia and Ghana to launch a national poverty-elimination program. Canada has said that provinces and territories have jurisdiction in that area. On the death penalty Canada also rejected calls by Denmark and the Netherlands to seek clemency for Canadians facing cap…

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Comments

Ignatieff's Not So Very Sentimental Views About His Native Canada. And Also His Very Pro Israeli Attitude Was Also Revealed.
At a 2005 lecture at the University of Dublin’s Trinity College Ignatieff exhorted his views on his native country in his statements about Canada's human rights issues when he also berated Canadians for trading on Canada’s “entirely bogus reputation as peacekeepers for 40 years." He also followed this up by stating that Canadians also favoured “hospitals and schools and roads” over international citizenship. “If you are a human rights defender and you want something done to stop [a] massacre, you have to go to the Pentagon, because no one else is serious,” Ignatieff said.
"It’s disgusting in my own country... Canada, but they would rather bitch about their rich neighbour to the south than actually pay the note” he said in response to a question about peacekeeping. “To pay the bill to be an international citizen is not something that they want to …


The Global Integrity 2008 Report has labeled Canada as so called "Moderate" in its World's Most Detailed Assessment of Government Integrity and Democracy. The report which assesses the strength and weakness of national level anti corruption system has also found that "Canada is struggling with the controlling influence of money in the political process." Among the areas that has received the lowest ratings in regards to corruption are legislative accountability, judicial accountability, civil service regulations and law enforcement. The report is also in the opinion of some also deficient. Compared to other countries around the world no serious actions has ever been taken against any Canadian government officials who has acted corruptly. There has been investigations plenty but for those corrupt government officials no direct punishments has ever really been handed out. They have somehow managed to avert all of this during the process. The worst that they have…


Let the truth be told that the Canadian government also tortures people directly. This fact is now being uncovered because of those victims of the Canadian government who are now speaking out about its role in the torture of persons in this country. Their stories are available to all and is a testament also to human rights abuse in that country which are also carried out directly by the Canadian government and which also can no longer be ignored. It is no secret that Canada's police agencies such as CSIS, the RCMP and the local police has carried out the torture of individuals on a regular basis as well as in ways that are also fundamentally against human rights. Those police agencies has also used extreme measures including the use of both physical and psychological torture against those subjected to such treatment and this has also been carried out against the knowledge of the general public. The Globe and Mail Canada's news agency has also stated on this issue "how mo…


Canada and the war in Sudan
The operation of Canadian oil companies in the Sudan has cause economic hardship, for the Sudanese people who has not only faced civil unrest in their country from that government itself which has also profited from those foreign oil companies but many Sudanese were also killed or displaced by these civil unrest for which their government is also to be blamed and for working with those foreign oil companies to exploit them even more. Exploitation and greed is what has kept those oil companies in the Sudan and other places like South America. Talisman Oil is one of those Canadian companies that has exploited the resources of the Sudanese people without giving any thing back to the people. That in my opinion is a human rights violation. To profit off of the people for their own benefit. Canada and its global conglomerate of oil companies in Africa and other countries around the world has also violated international human rights standards through its exploita…


MARIA VARLOKOSTAS is the current Manager of Funds and Risk Management with the Toronto Social Housing Unit and these others. TONI MULGREW, PHIL BROWN, ADAM SHERMAN, HOWARD RUBENHOFF and JANET DAVIS, Toronto City Councillor should be investigated for corruption in how they go about hiring public companies and distributing funds to those companies whose actions are questionable. They also do everything possible to keep those companies on the City's payroll even after it has been proven that their actions goes against public interest. Councillor Janet Davis is the chairperson for several of those committees that oversees the hiring and funding of those companies including also those for the Toronto Social Housing Unit and she has also been instrumental in overlooking public complaints against some of those publicly appointed companies in order to keep them on the City's payroll. As for Maria Varlokostas who is the Manager of Funds and Risk Management for the Toronto Social Housin…

Canada's Federal Court Orders Repatriation Of Torture Victim Abousfian Abdelrazik

Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik who had fled Sudan as a refugee and was a Canadian citizen was denied entrance back into Canada after visiting a relative in Sudan in 2003. The Canadian Federal Court has ruled that since 2003 the Canadian government has repeatedly violated Abousifian Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada and ordered the Canadian government to repatriate the Sudanese-born Canadian citizen within 30 days. Justice Russel Zinn said “Had it been necessary to determine whether the breach (of Adelrazik’s constitutional rights) was done in bad faith, I would have no hesitation making that finding on the basis of the record before me.” The judge also found that the Canadian state had first violated Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada when it was complicit in his prolonged, indefinite detention without charge by the Sudanese state. Later after his second release from Sudanese prison in July 2006, Abdelrazik became ensnared in an unconstitutional legal-bureaucratic maze with Canadia…



One of the most disgusting revelations that I have ever come across is in regards to the Toronto Police involvement in the perpetration of crimes against others in this society and all the while going about their daily business of presumably preserving the law. It is one of those issues that should be investigated fully because the police routinely carries out acts of terror and atrocities against the public that they themselves has either helped to orchestrate or is involved in directly and which also has violated those victims rights. As a Human Rights Activist I have also seen the length that they will go to try and implicate those that they have also targeted and using ways that are also illegal to do so. For the Toronto Police 13 Division in the area that I live in that city their actions has been recorded by me and others as being particularly disturbing because most of those crimes that they have also perpetrated against the …


Canada's Double Standards Regarding Its Immigration Policy

So now Canada is a country that gives protection to refugees based on their race? If this is the case then why has this government not extended this courtesy to all refugee claimants? Not just to those who are white as in this case but also to those who are non white. A recent decision by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board that has granted refugee status to Brandon Huntley a white South African based solely on the grounds of his race has ignited a response from the public and also from the African National Congress that I believed are also justified. The decision itself was racist and anyone can see why the public has regarded this action by the Canadian government and The Immigration and Refugee Board which is also a very corrupt government agency as a racist decision on its part which also certainly do not promote racial equality in this country or in its international relations with other countries either.


There is in my opinion nothing honorable about this Justice of the Peace.
For those who are unfamiliar with the legal system in Canada, the information presented here should be an eye opener. Let me state this very clearly. Corruption is the order of the day as far as how Judges and Justice of the Peace, conduct the court. Few of them are morally upstanding. Most are corrupted and is part of the overall system that exist, that has also tramples upon the rights of people in this country. The case against Ontario Justice of the Peace Vasilios Bill Fatsis, is one of those examples regarding how Justices of the Peace, can act outside of their administrative duties, to pervert the law. The most common accusations against them is personal bias, influenced by other factors such as racism, or as in this case a conspiracy, I believed, not to exercise the law in my case. The conspiracy involved, I believed, also the police and the court and the fact tha…


Like so many Ontario Justice of the Peace who are corrupted this one Justice of the Peace Deena F. Baltman sits on the Brampton Superior Court of Justice and instead of dispensing justice she instead carries out her own version of it. It is extremely unfortunate and also to the public disadvantage for this woman to continue to decide on those family cases before her. It is most unfortunate for the children in those cases because she does not make her decisions in regards to the best interest of the child but other factors. For example she is most definitely influenced by the actions of others including the court staff. One of those court staff Rhonda Marshall recently sent Justice of the Peace Baltman an internal memo that was unfortunately for her also read out in court that also reflected negatively on those who had their case before her. The memo was intended to influence her decision in regards to that particular case. It is not uncommon for the Judge or the Justice of the Peace …


A Press Release on Canada's Ongoing Violations of Human Rights (Reprinted Here)
The International Coalition against Torture (InCAT) will present on Tuesday May 3rd in Geneva a submission to the United Nations Committee against Torture that Canada is violating the Convention against Torture for denying to torture victims in Canada the ability to sue in Canadian courts the states that have tortured them. The submission will be made by David Matas and Houshang Bouzari. The Convention against Torture requires Canada to "ensure in its legal system that the victim of an act of torture obtains redress and has an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation".

Different Kinds Of Human Rights Abuse In Canada

Torture of political activists, disregard for respecting human rights, deplorable treatments of the poor and the mentally ill who are also arbitrarily taken off the streets and put in jail just to fill up the jails where many are often raped and given drugs against their will and for crimes that do not warrant such treatment. Systematic racism and oppression against marginalized groups in Canada and the denial of their rights. The corruption of Canadian government officials that is also routine and also regarded as a normal practice. Institutionalization of racism that is also pervasive in all areas of society and the targeting of those groups specifically by the government which has also led to the further denial of their rights. Arbitrary arrests and detention of political activists and the destruction of the lives of targeted persons by the government such as those who advocate on behalf of social justice in this country. The use of technologically advance weapons by the Canadian a…

The United Nations Convention Against Torture And The Canadian Government Violations of It

Consider These Facts:
-That the Canadian Government targets individuals and also subjects them to torture that are carried out by Canadian authorities
-Widespread corruption and abuse by Canadian government elected and public
-Systematic racism practiced.
-Denial of the individual rights and freedom which also includes arbitrary arrests
and detentions (often without warrants by the police)
- Suppression of freedom of speech
- The use of illegal methods used against intended targets such as activists
journalists and advocates of social justice in Canada
- Deliberate destruction of their lives or livelihood by the efforts of the
The use of advance technology at their disposal against such targets that causes
them permanent injuries as well as physical and psychological tactics also used to cause them injury
- Disregard for respecting the human rights of persons or groups in its own country
- Creating a propaganda about it true role in human rights violations a…

Quote Of The Day

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."-- Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court justice from 1916-1939

Note: (This should apply to all so called democratic countries)


Victims of Political persecutions in Canada. The targeting and framing up of political activists and the Torture suffered by victims of Human Rights Abuse and Torture by the Canadian Government.
The code of silence by Human Rights Organizations inside of Canada including Amnesty International regarding some targeted individuals or groups within Canada such Blacks, Palestinians and others.
That country's human rights violations has also included the corruption of the police and other government officials and also their abuse of the basic human rights of specifically targeted persons in that country. Corruption at all levels of government is rampant and most are given immunity for their actions that goes against the fundamentals of human rights and the law. The media also has played a role in the lack of unaccountability on their part by being very bias in its reporting of those human rights violations such as racism that are committed by them and which is actually an institution in t…


British M.P. George Galloway who was banned from entering Canada is suing the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kennedy. Galloway who was scheduled to speak in Canada about the Israeli government's actions was refused entry into Canada and is suing the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kennedy for this redress.

Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kennedy has also enforced a policy that targets people of color and the Palestinians specifically. What most people do not realized is that Palestinians are denied as refugees in Canada. This action by the Canadian government against the Palestinians is directly the result of its relationship with Israel. Palestinians are not considered as conventional refugees by the Canadian government and not even under the United Nations protection such as those offered under its humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Facing persecution and political and social upheaval in their homeland they are still denied refugee status in Canada. I believ…


Corporal Clayton Matchee torture of Somali boy Shidane Arone
Would you call this a peacekeeping mission? or the further promotion of a racist ideology?


These acts of State sponsored terror are usually the work of the Canadian authorities at all levels. And although the police is to be blamed for most of those actions some of the other Canadian government agencies such as CSIS are also to be blamed. Even though the latter is not officially a police agency it still works directly with other police agencies to provide information to them which are also often obtained illegally. For this reason alone it has been implicated in many illegal actions in regards to the gathering of information that are often used against those targets of the government that has included the torture of those persons within Canada as well as to contribute to the torture of other Canadians by other governments around the world. A lot of attention has been given to CSIS actions in regards to allowing the information that it has shared with others that has also led to the direct torture of innocents persons and for reasons that are known only to those involved in…

Re: The Canadian Centre For Victims Of Torture


It is necessary first to also define what torture is under the United Nations Convension Against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Torture under that article is defined as:

Any act by which severe pain or suffering whether physical or mental is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, in…


The Price Of Freedom In This Country
Why I believed more than ever that this kind of corruption needs to be exposed because it directly jeopardizes the well being of people in this society. I'm going to talk here of one that I know of personally. Why? Because it involves me directly. The conspirators here are all known to me and has played a role in certain actions that were taken against me that were detrimental to me of course. Because of the fact that legal actions has been taken against some of them already and that more legal actions are definitely being considered I don't mind mentioning some of the details (but not all) here. One of those that I believed to be involved in those attacks against me is Adam Sherman. He works for a company called Mintz and Parners that I have already mentioned here on my blog. That company manages the Coop that I live in and it is also funded by the City of Toronto to oversee the everyday management of the Coop as well as other properties or…