Monday, December 29, 2008

The Toronto Police Targeting of Individuals

The Metropolitan Toronto Police are guilty of some of the worst kinds of atrocities that are committed against innocent persons and especially those it has targeted and consequently it has also committed some of the worst forms of human rights abuse. This has included using methods that are both illegal and intended to cause maximum injury to the intended target.

Not only do they target specific individuals but most of their actions are racially motivated as well. What I want to do is to expose the ways in which they go about targeting specific persons and abuse their rights. My goal is to expose their actions and to show how much they have nothing to do with maintaining the law but in using it as a shield for their own criminal actions as well as a means to go after those in society they have targeted for one reason or another.

When I witnessed the Metropolitan Toronto Police actually breaking the law themselves on numerous occasions I decided to make known some of the ways that they go about doing so and especially in regards to the targeting of individuals for the purpose of setting them up. It has included using methods that are illegal and should never be allowed in a court of law against those persons whom they have targeted. This has included using others to act as provocateurs to enticed the victim to commit a criminal act whereby they can then be charged by the police.

They have also been known to physically abuse and assault individuals and causing them injury. Injuries that are not always so visible but can be regarded as torture because of the effects of it. I am talking here about the use of advance technology at their disposal that the police have also used indiscriminately against such persons including me that should be classified as weapons of torture and is also a crime committed against such persons. This is against the international law on the torture of innocent persons by those means that are employed by the police or the government. Their actions also involved putting those persons in a compromising situation. It is a very frequent tactic of the police that when they want to "get you" that they will create the situations necessary to bring about this about and if you are not a willing target of theirs that they will employ all kind of means to get you by attempting to frame you up and to get you involved with the law by means of entrapment.

They also break the law themselves because the methods used by them in this way are illegal and are not admissible in court. If it can be proven as is often the case that the police did in fact used those methods as mentioned to entrapped the person or to cause that person to commit an offence against their will whether directly or indirectly. The police are protective of the agents they used in this manner. Those who assist them in going after others, they will protect at all cost, even compromising themselves in the process while at the same time attempting to destroy the lives of those that have been the focus of their hatred for one whatever reasons.

When someone becomes a target of the police it can make their lives difficult and for some unbearable. All kinds of people have come under attack from the police but the ones most frequently targeted are those whofor some reason or another are viewed as threats to the system that is the government. Many of those people are just exercising their rights as citizens but have still come under attack. It has included social activists journalists writers and anyone who may speak against the government's actions that they feel are unjust.

When you are targeted by the police or by the government you can be sure that they are aware of just about every area of your life and will try to influence your life through the actions of others. Very few people can deal with this intrusion into their lives and you will see the effects of it in regards to your business or if you are employed your job which they will try to get others to fire you. If you are self employed they will seriously interfere with your business to the point that you are aware of their influence. Your telephone and other electronic equipment such as computer will be bugged.

Telephone calls and emails are intercepted and you are wondering why your business is so "slow" or why you suspect some of your clients of "something you can't really put your finger on but you know its there". It would be good if you have a second talent to earn you money when all other attempts at earning a living fails because that is the intention of those who are behind this to see that you fail. In a recent interview with CBC television, human rights activist and entertainer Harry Belafonte mentioned some of the ways that the government targets those who advocate on behalf of social justice.

According to Belafonte the government's attitude towards those persons is that "our message to you is that if you don't follow in line we are going to put you in prison". Mr. Belafonte's position on the solution to this violation and abuse of people's rights by the government is that "we put you in office and we have the power to take you out of office". The police organization itself is corrupted and exist to look out for their own interests and the interests of those who are also involved in the same activities as themselves. If you find some on the force who are not as yet, into what their colleagues are doing they too soon eventually becomes corrupted and if they try to remain neutral or to not become involved in what most of their colleagues are doing then they are ostracized and some have even been known to get killed (Think of the Mumia case the Black activist and journalist who was framed up by the police)when the conspiracy involving police corruption goes to the highest level. Often that includes going after "special" targets of theirs such as activists journalists and those who they consider as whistle blowers whom I called those with a conscience that they do not have themselves because of their individual corruption.

The police is there to protect the interest of those in power including the government which do not act in the interest of the people all of the time. This is the way that it has always been and they hoped to remain. Those who speak out on behalf of those who are often the target of such a government such as those who are socially marginalized in society then becomes a target themselves. This site is to educate you on how far those in power will go to protect their own criminal actions and often at the expense of the pubic. If you have ever wondered why the police act contrary to their public duty to uphold the law instead of being a perpetrator of it themselves with regards to their corruption it is difficult to decide on any particular reason for that. It could be power alone or some other factor.

Based on the evidence however it would seem that money also and not just power is the motivating factor behind most of their actions. That is why they are often involved with the criminal elements of society. I am not just talking about organized crime that they are often accused of being involved with and the criminal activities that goes along with it but other organized criminal activities on their part that are also carried out and endorsed by the government or rather those corrupted individuals who have used the positions that their jobs affords them to carry out criminal actions against others in society while acting within the capacity of their jobs and people need to know this.

That it doesn't just happen in countries where there are dictators or with governments who are "undemocratic" but even in a so called "democratic" country like Canada, that has a police force that is exclusively involved in the organized torture of persons that they deem to be a "threat" whether that threat is real or not. Often it is not but it is used by the police as a means of controlling the people. Hence the reason why they go after certain people such as those who would make their actions known. Combined, they appear to be all powerful when they go up against individuals. They have the money and the resources to carry out their attacks against such targeted individuals with the result of the subsequent destruction of the lives of those persons that it has targeted.

This needs to be made public. There is currently not much information available on the government's direct actions into the torture of individuals in this country and in my case it may take the form of a book that will go into details about this government's actions agaisnt me directly and also in sustaining a system that discriminates against members of society and of and which also re-enforces a policy of exclusion against them that is both unfair and takes away their natural rights. I do not believe that the actions of this government should be overlooked in regards to its racist policy in disregarding the rights of those in its own country.

Based on this fact it is also necessary to expose its hypocrisy to the rest of Canadians and the world and that by doing so that it will bring about the changes that are necessary that will also provide a more equal opportunity to those in society who are currently excluded from any real participation in this government. Those who this government has elected from such groups and who are involved in politics are mainly tokens and have no real power. As a social activist and a journalist I have more power than they because I can change the way that people thinks. I believe that by educating people on what are the real issues, that they will have the necessary tools, to make their own decisions that will hopefully make things better for themselves and others in this society.

This is what I do as a social activist and a journalist. To present an opposing view, to the ones that are generally accepted which would begin the process of an independent analysis of the situation that exist. This attitude will never change either because a). It is empowering to those who needs it and b). because this method has always existed. I am not afraid of those people in power who believes that they are immune to the rest of the things that most of us has to go through. It provides for a severe imbalance to those others in society who are also deserving of the same opportunities that they have. I doubt if those in power ever acknowledges this fact which is why they believed that things will always remain the same way. These people fail to realise that they are accountable to the public.

Nothing remains the same indefinitely. Things are always changing. The authorities also cannot stop this change from happening, however much they try to do so. I do not believe that the government has the right to treat people in the manner in which it currently does. It is unfair and severely interferes with their individual rights and freedom which are protected under the law. The abuse of power and the targeting of individuals as I have witnessed by this government is also unparalleled and even by those other countries it is also in league with. People need to know this truth and not to believe the lies that they have been told.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Canadian Government's Attacks Against Me. Why It Is Worried About What I Have To Say

I want to mention that because of the political work that I am doing currently, in exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuses and especially in individual cases, such as mine, to the rest of the world, the Canadian government has step up its harassment against me. I mentioned two weeks ago how police agents came to my home and arrested me and I was throwm in jail without being charged. They also produced no warrant all the while they were in my home. My request to get the names and badge numbers of these officers are being delayed deliberately. Because of the huge corruption that is involved in my case, I am appealing to the international human rights community and organizations to assist me in my efforts to not only protect my individual rights and freedom that are being violated by this government currently, through its illegal attacks against me, but also to get involved regarding human rights abuse in this country by the Canadian government, by listing it among those countries that are in violation of the United Nations Charter on those issues. I am still committed as ever, to seeing that human rights abuse in this country is exposed and the atrocities committed against individuals are investigated as it should. That the corruption that is practiced by Canadian government agencies on a mass level, where the criminal behaviour of these publicly appointed persons who use their positions as cover to carry out criminal actions against the public are exposed. This kind of action does not get any exposure in this country at present. The people who are involved are getting nervous about their actions and especially in my case, where the evidence of human rights abuse by the Canadian government's actions against me directly is so blatant, that it will shock those who believe in human rights or freedom and justice worldwide. I call upon Human Rights Organizations everywhere to get involved in what the Canadian government is doing in regards to ignoring international laws in its own country and persecuting those it believes has been exposing its actions. In its persecution of me as a political and social activist, it became evident that almost every significant Canadian government agencies are involved. They are all working together towards a common agenda at present and have now increased their attacks against me to stop me from doing what is naturally my right and that is to speak or to express my opinion on what I believe is corruption that is practiced by this government. That right is expressively protected under the United Nations Charter on human rights. It is my right to hold a different view from the ones that are generally accepted including being critical of the government's actions, if it goes against social justice or interferes with the individual rights or freedom of persons in this country as I have been doing. I anticipated the government not liking its actions being exposed to the world. If that is the case, then it must consider those it has persecuted or have ignored their rights as members of this society. My focus has been on the deliberate targeting of individuals and the abuse of their rights by this government through its agencies such as the police and others. The methods that have been used to attack such persons, including in their homes and have included everything from arbitrary arrests to 24 hr surveillance, illegal wiretap and using other agents as provocateurs against such persons to attack or to entrap them. More serious attacks included the physical and psychological injuries caused to such persons by the methods used by the Canadian authorities that causes both current and long term injuries to these persons as well as the ongoing harassment that they face daily from Canadian government agents that have impeded their lives dramatically. It also included the maligning of their name or character, the interference or destruction of their business or livelihood as well as forming a coalition against such persons, to destroy that individual and will stop at no means to achieve this, that has also resulted in the destruction of the lives of such persons. In the meantime, corruption continues because for the most part, the actions of the inviduals or agencies involved, never gets exposed. By revealing to the public the names of such corrupted public officials, that I, or others, have known to act corruptly while carrying out their public duties, makes one a target of this government because it does not want its actions to be revealed. Persons can fight back by exposing the actions of the people involved. The last thing that they want is for others to know what they have been up to and to reveal the truth about them to the public.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Exposing Corrupted Canadian Government Agencies And Public Officials With Questionable Conduct

I have so far been exposing human rights abuse but in general terms and not being specific enough in regards to individuals cases of corruption or human rights abuse by either publicly appointed persons or the government agencies that they represents. I have now decided to complile a list of canadian government agencies and the individuals in those agencies, as well as the courts and to expose these publicly appointed persons who have come under investigation or where some public complaint have been made against them or there are questions in regards to their public duties. I will cover as many areas as I can and will from time to time add names to the list as they become available.

OFFICE OF THE CHILDREN'S LAWYER: (Does not represent the interest of children as
believed). Below is a list of individuals who have acted contrary in regards to the children that they have represented).
Mischa Lavine
Dena Moyal
Adrienne Ambrozic

CHILDRENS'S AID SOCIETY (Not a government agency strictly speaking, but a private corporation that traffic in the lives of our children and it is run by a bunch of sociopaths. Its members are known to act against the public in regards to how they carry out their public duties. I can honestly say that I have lost count of how many people have come to me over the years with complaints about this organization and its members. It included those listed below.
Jennifer Kay
Melody Thomas
Lisa Liftshitz
Dave Flemming
Mariam Jonckheere
Nancy Dale
Hanna Gavendo

Detective Teeter
Adele Vansherrenberg
Const. Quiggley
Elaschuk (13 division)
(Note: this is in fact a very long lists and will be updated further soon).Their actions included everything from obstruction of justice to corruption by individual police officers. (Read my other articles on some of their actions against me personally).

FAMILY COURT: Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto
Harry Brownstone
Geraldine Waldman
Zukar(I have known this judge personally in regards to my family case and his personal bias relating to cases before him and I was personally outraged as other members of the public were when he awarded custody of a child to a father who later threw the child off the highway overpass unto traffic below where the child was killed.

Justice Corbett
J.R. Belleghem

ONTARIO PROVINCIAL COURT: 1000 Finch Avenue West,Toronto
Leslie Pringle
J.P Billich
J.P Nevins
J.P Rothman
J.P Whittaker
J.P Steven Weisberg
There are public complaints now being made against members of the court staff and Judges and Justice of the Peace regarding what has been a regular practice by the courts in regards to the changing of transcripts that are made during a hearing, either by a judge or the court reporter recording the hearing. This has happened to me personally as well as to others that I am aware of and it is also interesting to see that other sites such as "Court Watch" are also now reporting this trend by Ontario Courts against the public.

Many violations regarding the rights of individuals before the courts including racism and other forms of discrimination. It also included the personal interferance of Judges and Justice of the Peace against members of the public.

Maria Varlokostas
Glen Courtney
Phil Brown
Systematic discrimination as well as corruption by persons in this agency that are known to many members of the public. I can certainly attest to the actions of individuals in this agency where complaints have been made against them including legal actions taken for their actions regarding members of the public.

Note: This agency is worth special mentioning because I regard it as being one of the worst in terms of its human rights abuses. It is a confirmed fact that officers from these two agencies regularly abused the rights of women by procuring sex from these women who are illegal aliens in exchange for their freedom. Their despicable actions are well know to social activists who know of such cases happening. There are stories being told of women being taken to hotels by these agents and after having sex with them are released by them. Other known actions on their part included bribes and extortion. Illegal women in Canada are regularly exploited by these two agencies. The Canadian government's immigration policy is also one of the worst in modern countries today, targeting people of color, those from third world countries and exploiting them in many ways. The personal corruption of agents of these two government agencies are also well known. And in the case where there have been public complaints made against them it included:
Iris Kohler: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
M. Funston: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
A. Beechan: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
M. Bandera: Deputy Registrar Immigration and Refugee Board
M. Torres: Immigration and Refugee Board
Liegh Sokoloff: Immigration and Refugee Board
(All these persons are known for their individual corruption in cases before them and I do not believe that they serve the interest of the public in their current positions). For the Canadian government to be regarded as a country that respect the rights of persons and especially those rights that are protected under international laws it must have a better system in place other than the ones that it has currently that is based on racism and corruption by its members in the carrying out of their public duties. It also included from these two agencies the following persons regarding their personal corruption or questionable conduct while carrying out their public duties.
Brock Mitchell
I.C Green
C. Wheeler
(Note: Other names will be published when they become available)

Adam Sherman
Howard Rubenhoff
Karen Barker
Amanda Yetman
Allison Limerick
Susan Anderson
Brenda Nesbitt
Nicholas Vine
Carleen Thompson
(Note: Will be updated further as more information becomes available)
All the names of these public officials mentioned on this site there have been concerns in regards to their public duties. With all of them it has included the personal interferance on their part while carrying out their public duties. It involved actions on their part that does not benefit the public. Basically corruption. As members of the public you are now aware regarding these persons and that they do not act in the interest of the public because of personal corruption on their part. You can now make an informed choice as to whether to have these persons continue to represent your interests or getting rid of them altogether.
You can email me your complaints of any public or government officials that you want to exposed. I will put their names on this site. The more complaints against such persons the less likely that they will be able to keep their current positions.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why I do what I do: To expose the actions of the Canadian Governement and its hypocrisy regarding the way that it governs

I have used this blog to showcase human rights abuse in this country, that are being perpetrated currently by the Canadian government, against unsuspecting individuals in this country. I am particularly concerned with the violation of the individual rights and freedom of persons living in this country by the Canadian government and its intention to keep such actions of its human rights violations, away from human rights organizations set up to investigate such actions by the government, or of its intentions to decieve the public in general with its actions, by claiming that such cases of human rights abuse do not exist in this country. It included its disregard for respecting international laws on human rights and for practicing a kind of government that excludes specific members of its society and denying them what are their basic human rights. Those who protest or who exposed its actions are then targeted and the methods used against them are inhumane and included every form of physical and psychological torture that they can used against such persons and get away with, which in most cases they do because often the methods that are used will not be detected, which is what happens in most cases. It leaves its victims lives shattered and destroyed and many are not able to survived this. All methods used against such persons are intended to strip them of their dignity, as a means of punishment by this government and should be classified as torture. It goes strictly against the United Nations Convention Against Torture, but this is of course ignored by the Canadian government agents or agencies who have used this method against the public, where often specific persons are targeted for such treatment .This government also gives broad powers to the police and other government agencies, setting the direction up for the personal abuse by such government or public officials, in regards to the violation of the rights of others in this society, without being made accountable for their actions because of the current system that exist, which offers them immunity from prosecution for their actions against the public. This included also elected officials and even judges and others dispensing the law, who have no regard for the admistration of justice and regularly commit criminal offences against persons whose rights they have ignored in the course of carrying out their public duties. In making these situations public, I hope to bring much needed attention to the corruption involved in the daily operation of the Canadian government and how its actions should now be investigated on an international level because of its disregard for respecting human rights here in its own country.
It should never be allowed to build any museum dedicated to human rights, as it has now declared to do. It is not just the rights of specific individuals or groups that are affected by the actions of this government. I believed that the entire Canadian people are decieved by their government and that most people are unaware of the corruption that is such an integral part of the way that this government functions and is seen in the criminal actions of those government and public officials who have no regards for the public but in furthering thier own personal interests at the expense of the public. Lives are destroyed when these criminals get away with their actions. Because of the way that it is structured, those who are "in the know" continues to act against the public. It is this inner circle that controls how things are done or what are to be done, in terms of the different ways that this government is operated. Discriminatory practices are enforced by the actions of this government, which practices a policy of exclusion against specific people within its own nation. As for its political agenda and the control of power, it is not an electorial process as many might believed, but a very organized and deliberate effort on the part of those who have been elected by the public, who also have been excluded from taking part in the democratic process. Members of the public have been excluded from taking part in political debates and the electoral process, by being banned from including anything on the political agenda, such as those of city council. It seemed that the only thing that gets included, are what the politicians wants on the agenda and not what the public necessarily wants, and especially in regards to changes that are required by the public that those who are elected may not be in agreement with. Other corrupt practices included the awarding of private contracts to corporations that do not deliver in regards to their services. Corporations such as the TTC, Children's Aid Society, Toronto Housing Connections and Toronto Community Housing Corporation which are leeches upon the public, whose corrupt practices have included racial discrimination,such as by the the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC),Toronto Social Housing Unit and others and the mismanagement of funds such as the CAS and others. This is information that the general public needs to be aware of, but most are not aware of this, and so do not hold their government responsible for its actions. They cannot count on the government to act for them because it is too busy looking out for its own interests, which is catering to the elite, and not those of the general public. It is difficult to understand the makeup of the Canadian government without understanding the role that racism also plays in the way that this government operates. It may seemed redundant to repeat it here, as most people are already aware of this fact, but it needs mentioning, because of the fact that those who are often targeted the most, are those of a racial minority in this country and this is not a coincidence either. Of course racism is by far the worst form of discrimination that is practiced by this government, for the simple fact that it is also institutionalized in this country, in the form of systematic racism. The role that this government plays in maintaining this form of human rights abuse is evident in the way that it targets specific members of its society, whether as an individual or as a group. Basically the picture that is often painted in regards to human rights abuse in this country are those belonging to one or more of the racial groups in this country. Those who have accused the government of torture and other forms of human rights abuse are almost exclusively non whites. There is something definately wrong with this picture, in terms of this government's actions and regrding its international image that it has been promoting to the rest of the world, which is that racial tolerance in this country is generally accepted. This is a blatant lie and has nothing to do with the truth. The fact is that just about everything in this society is based along the lines of race, or class and to a lesser degree gender and that you often find human rights abuses involving both by this government, as I and so many others can attest to. This truth is now being told, which has now challenged this government's credibility in the eyes of the world. It may continue to attack persons who advocate on behalf of social justice in this country, but its actions can never be hidden again from the rest of the world as it had hope that it would be.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Corruption By the Toronto Police and Canadian Authorities

If you are wondering why I did not post anything new on my blog it is because my enemies had come together in a conspiracy against me. I was thrown in jail without being charged for any crimes recently. I believed that it is because of my activism and that this government is getting scared about its own corrupt actions and going after those who would exposed its human rights abuses. To be more specific I believed it was the work of those same public officaials who have been working all along in regards to their actions against me. The police came to my home and without producing a warrant arrested me. I was detained and put in jail but was never charged for any crimes because I had not committed any. The police knew that when they showed up at my door because the arrest was intended to control my freedom of movement. In jail I saw more human rights violations being perpetrated against innocent people by the Canadian government. This arrest was well planned by my enemies and was intended to prevent me from continuing with my fight against the Canadian authorities in the courts. They wanted me out of the way, which would have impeded my ability in terms of my movements. I can tell you that those responsible are not happy that I have my freedom and I believe that they will continue in their efforts to prevent me from trying to exercise my rights as a member of this society. I am committed to exposing the corruption of this government in terms of its treatment of persons living in this country and its efforts to continue with its practice of violating people's individual rights or of suppressing this information from getting out to the public. The different government agencies involved and the corruption and illegal actions involved in their day to day operations. It is now impossible to distinguished between the police, for instance, and that of any other criminal gang in this country, because it is intricately linked with organized crime both regarding individual police officiers as well as the organization itself. I have witnessed the police and specifically Toronto Police officers from 13Division police committing crimes such as obstruction of justice aid and abet conspiracy and a slew of other offences. This I have witnessed personally from that police division. It also included of course their covert operations against me personally that never seemed to ceased. Their corruption included everything from statements made by individual police officers such as the ones that were made by detective Teeter during the course of his investigation of a complaint that were false and were made with the intention of obstructing justice in order to protect someone whom they wished to protect from being prosecuted by the law to the destruction of evidence by the police that were required in an investigation. This has happened frequently in the past and is a very common practice by the police intended to obstruct justice where I was concerned. By this I was refering to a taped conversation that was provided to the police of that division which they destroyed and could never produced even after it was requested. The police statements were that the tape was damaged and so it was never produced by them even when requested as part of an investigation against that particular police division. The "damaged" tape was never recovered from the police. Fortunately I had also saved the contents of those messages on my telephone which were of a threatening nature, which provided me with a duplicate copy for such a case as this where the police had purposely destroyed evidence pertinent to an investigation in order to obstruct justice regarding that investigation. The courts are becoming more and more familiar with these actions of the police either for destroying pertinent evidence or fabricating evidence relating to a case that they are investigating. Because the police wanted to protect those whom I was complaining about they destroyed the evidence. This is common regarding the Toronto police and specifically regarding
13 division police in regards to their actions towards me. It is also a fact that I cannot as a member of the puplic expect them to act on my behalf. In fact quite the contrary. My life is constantly in danger from them, either directly or indirectly. When they do not act directly they made use of their personal agents that they have used against me. They act as agent provocateurs acting for the police. Their job is to put me in a compromising situation where the police could then have reasons to charge me or to cause me directly. Though I have tried my best to avoid their traps, it has become increasingly more difficult because the attacks have gotten worse and included also personal injury to me through their direct actions. That particular police division is rife with corruption which included racism and other kinds of behaviour by the police. On one occassion a police officer from that division, Constable Quiggley, was caught smoking a cigerette in a police crusier while making an arrest! This of course is miniscule compared to other actions on their part, that have caused serious injuries to members of the public, which I can also attest to, since they have caused me injury in such a manner and which resulted in legal action being taken against them by me. Every one knows that the police is the right arm of the government, but they don't seem to know that this organization believes in protecting its own interests as well and often acts outside of its jurisdiction by being engaged in actions that has nothing to do with protecting the interests of the public but their own. These people are sociopaths, most of them who specifically seek out such positions because of the cover which it affords them to carry out their personal intentions that has nothing to do with upholding the law or of protecting the interests of the public. We are living in a police state that is increasingly getting worse. I am wondering how much longer they can act in such a way and still pretend that this is a democratic society that we are living in. To speak out against the government or the police, which is your right as a citizen, that is to hold an opinion that may be different from those that are generally accepted and especially when it comes to the way that the government operates is to find oneself in a situation where you are viewed as being antigovernment when it is the government which is being antidemocratic. You then becomes targeted by the government which lacks a conscience and are involved in corruption and the infringement upon the rights of the people. It also included such actions by the Canadian authorities, such as throwing one in jail which was done in my case, with the intention of taking away my freedom and to prevent me from expressing my views, however different those views are, from the general public, who I might add do not know to what extent that coruption is a part of the practice of this government. Now I am breaking the silence that have surrounded their actions towards me for so long.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Support Victims of Torture and Human Rights Abuse

Support victims of torture and Human Rights Abuse
For more details about this article. Go to " GoPetition" website for a full view of the petition and how you can help by signing the petition that I wrote. View the petition at the "GoPetition" website and look under "Human Rights" under the country of Canada for my article. I can also be contacted directly as well. See my contact information on this blog.