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The Toronto Police Targeting of Individuals

The Metropolitan Toronto Police are guilty of some of the worst kinds of atrocities that are committed against innocent persons and especially those it has targeted and consequently it has also committed some of the worst forms of human rights abuse. This has included using methods that are both illegal and intended to cause maximum injury to the intended target.

Not only do they target specific individuals but most of their actions are racially motivated as well. What I want to do is to expose the ways in which they go about targeting specific persons and abuse their rights. My goal is to expose their actions and to show how much they have nothing to do with maintaining the law but in using it as a shield for their own criminal actions as well as a means to go after those in society they have targeted for one reason or another.

When I witnessed the Metropolitan Toronto Police actually breaking the law themselves on numerous occasions I decided to make known some of the ways that they…

The Canadian Government's Attacks Against Me. Why It Is Worried About What I Have To Say

I want to mention that because of the political work that I am doing currently, in exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuses and especially in individual cases, such as mine, to the rest of the world, the Canadian government has step up its harassment against me. I mentioned two weeks ago how police agents came to my home and arrested me and I was throwm in jail without being charged. They also produced no warrant all the while they were in my home. My request to get the names and badge numbers of these officers are being delayed deliberately. Because of the huge corruption that is involved in my case, I am appealing to the international human rights community and organizations to assist me in my efforts to not only protect my individual rights and freedom that are being violated by this government currently, through its illegal attacks against me, but also to get involved regarding human rights abuse in this country by the Canadian government, by listing it among…