Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Since Canada is one of those countries that has signed the U.N treaty against torture, imagine how this new revelation about its own actions, that are also coming out, concerning its police agencies, being engaged in the torture of people in that country and other places. It is beyond embarrassment at this time and it should also be held accountable for breaching that treaty.

Last January, The Toronto Star reporter, John Sewell, wrote an indept article, on Toronto's police corruption. Sewell wrote that "For the public, the silence means that police corruption in Toronto is a fact of life that no one in a leadership position can do much about. That's a pretty chilling message" He has also not said anything, that the public did not already know about.

For the 13 Division Toronto, along with other police agencies, to be allowed to carry out attacks against me, without also being properly investigated and charged for their crimes and corruption, is also an indication of how utterly useless the many agencies which exist and are also supposed to keep this kind of corruption under control, are in actuality, totally inept, at carrying out such duties, or of reinforcing the public trust in their ability to do so.
As a human rights activist, I cannot re-count the amount of times, that the Toronto police, has been implicated, in the targeting of me and of also violating my rights. I have now put the blame on them, for also being involved in carrying out torture, against me. There are also plenty of evidence against them for that. For one thing, they have also worked very closely, with others, including the management of my building, for many years and together, they have both engaged in carrying out, some of the most brutal actions against me. If the police were also not directly involved, which they will also claim, then they were also being complacent about it, by also not investigating those who were resposible, for carrying out those actions against me.

This would make them, also, indirectly involved and also responsible, for those crimes against me. But actually I'm being nice, or rather faceticious about it and I know for a fact, that, they are directly involved and that it is also part of the covert operation that is being carried out against me, by the Canadian police agencies, which also involved the local 13 division police. They have also made my life a living hell. Imagined being harassed and stalked by the police, in your own home, daily? Imagined also being followed and watched, 24/7, around the clock, by either them, or their agents, each time that I either leave or enters my home, and that this is also done openly?.

Some of their actions are even racist, but that is the least of my concerns. What concerns me the most, are the other activities, that are being carried out against me, which has also endangered my safety and on a daily basis. Because I also hear from other targeted individuals, some of them activists like myself and others, concerning those same actions by the police, I have also put them all together and into the proper perspective and has also concluded, that, they and indeed this government, are actually carrying out the torture of people in this country. I am fortunate that my children are also not with me, all of the time, because I also consider what they are doing, to be not only illegal, but also quite dangerous, to me and anyone else living in my home.

There are some rogue cops on the Toronto police force and some of the worst ones are located with the 13 division Toronto police. Some of their most frequent actions in regards to me, has included, the unusual delays on their part, in responding to my complaints, including 911 calls, which they have also taken hours to respond to and has also endangered my safety even further, including one such incident, recently, where my life was also in imminent danger. When the police did not show up, I also contacted my family and related to them the events that were also occurring. It was only then, that the police actually showed up. Because of this fact, I say to the Toronto Police 13 Division and all of the other police agencies, who are also involved, in carrying out those attacks against me. They are all BRUTES!
I say to those stinking swines. Stop your brutality.
Stop your corruption against me and
Stop trying to destroy my life!
Stop instigating others against me, that you have also used as your agents and stop enticing me to break the law! It is called entrapment. Stop carrying out attacks against me in my home. This police division, has continuously acted corruptly, where I am concerned and is always looking for ways to set me up. They need to know, also, that their actions will not shut me up. Neither they, nor any of the other Canadian government agencies, who are also involved, will prevent me from exposing the truth, regarding their corruption, involving human rights abuse in this country. They are all wasting their time, if they also believed, that by attacking me and subjecting me to all kinds of human rights violations, that this will also, prevent their actions from being exposed.

The criminal actions by the Toronto police, has also made them liabile in most of those cases, including also, causing injury to those victims and those are also two of the most frequent claims, that has been made against them, in the last few years. So far, the Toronto police has paid out more than 30 million dollars, in claims, that has also been filed against them, by the public and in my case, has also made them a defendant, in my claim against them, in the International Criminal Court, concerning their violation of my human rights. The biggest danger that I have faced, from the police, has included those relating to my safety. This is also not a small matter, since my health and safety are jeopardized on a daily basis. Due to their covert operations against me, I cannot have any peace in my home, day and night, because of those reasons. It also included them making use of a vacant unit above mine, to also carry out those activites against me. From tapping on my ceiling at night, to using some kind of elecronic sounds to create loud noises, which of course also interupts my sleep. Sleep deprivation, which is also a part of their goal. The other, is to also traumatized me by their ongoing activities, which is also intended to "break me." Their ongoing targeting and criminal actions, in regards to me, has also put them in the spotlight. I believe that I cannot exposed their actions, enough and will also continue to do so, here on my blog and other places. Generally speaking, these kind of actions, by the police, are also reminiscent of a despotic government, where the rule of law is nonexistent and the rights of the people are also ignored and which in reality, is also a police state. The truth is, also, that any oligarchical society, including this one, also requires such a police state, and human rights abuse, is actually the least of its concerns.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Rob Ford's Campaign Is Based on Change.

Outgoing Toronto City Councillors, Also Leave Packages
Of Gravy, As A Symbolic Gesture, For The Incoming Ones.

Toronto's new Mayor Rob Ford, who was recently elected, has his work cut out for him, if the outgoing Toronto City Councillors actions, are any indication of what's in store for him. As a symbolic gesture, outgoing Toronto city councillors, leaves packages of gravy, for the new incoming ones. He will also have a hard time, cleaning up corruption at city hall, because Toronto City Council and the many different agencies that it also funds, which in turn funds other private corporations, will not give up so easily. It is hard to get some of them off of the "gravy train" of tax payors. They will do anything, some of them, to keep their multimillion dollar contracts, with the city. It is an endless cycle of corruption. Some people are hopeful, though, in regards to Ford's term as Mayor. They have also claimed, that, Rob Ford is the first Toronto Mayor in many decades, to also not be supported by any businesses, and some people are thinking, that this is also good for Toronto. Ford has also chosen a new staff. Some of the old corrupt city councillors has left, but not all. One of the ones, that I would have liked to see go, is Councillor Janet Davis. As you know, I have reported on her actions, here on my blog previously, along with Howard Moscoe, who thankfully, is now gone. But the corridors of Toronto City Hall, still rings with the same old tunes.

It is not difficult to understand why some of those city councillors, has also been re-elected. They are really needed to carry on, with the same old bull shit at city hall. Besides, they have also fought long and hard, personally, in order to keep their jobs, because it is so lucrative and also beneficial, for them. When the old ones had left, leaving behind a most memorable and also identifiable symbol of their corruption, packages of gravy, for the new incoming staff, it was also one of the worst public display of vulgarity, and also a show of personal greed, that most people can also think of. I also hope that the new chair, of the Toronto Transit Commission, or the TTC, can also make the system better for its riders.

What I would have also liked to see with the new turn over, included. Change #1. A new Toronto Police Chief, other than Bill Blair. Who can forget how he has implemented the new secret "law", arbitrarily arresting innocent citizens and preventing them from exercising their rights to protest, which we now know, was also unconstitutional, during the G20 summit in Toronto, last summer. Another one, that has kept his old job, is Phil Brown, manager of the city of Toronto and his whole bunch of corrupt staff, at the Toronto Social Housing. One of the corporations that it funds, The Toronto Community Housing Corporation, has a host of buildings, that are also plagued with problems, for low income families. You have to also wonder, where the millions of dollars, in tax payors money are also going, with the reduced services to the poor, that the Toronto Social Housing and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), are also not providing. What they are really doing, is to keep on those companies and people, who are not really providing adequate services for low income people. One of the main reasons, that I believed, that Phil Brown should also be fired as manager.


My Advice on this topic: "Don't Go Looking Elsewhere."
"Look in your Own Backyard."

It is important for the truth about human rights abuse, and the other kinds of injustices, that are also associated with it, to be exposed. No country which has contributed to it, deserves protection and this is why it is also important for the actions of such countries, like Canada, to also be given international exposure, for carrying out those kinds of actions, against the many people that it has also targeted, unfairly. Whether they are individuals or groups of people. There is a mass cover-up of its actions and this is also done by the international human rights agencies, who are also to be blamed. In the meantime, the corruption that is also, so much a part of its human rights abuse, and that is also experienced by many, has also continued. I would personally like to see that this kind of corruption, is also eradicated. When you have corrupt judges, and prosecutors, who has no regard to the administration of justice, or the principles that go with it, and also the corruption of public officials and politicians, who also openly carries on with their corrupt practices, then you know also, about some of the kinds of barriers, that people also face in that country. This is something that is also happening all over the world, but my focus is in Canada, because no one has taken the plight of victims of human rights abuse, in that country too seriously. For instance, victims of torture, often face both physical and psychological abuse. And this is also done on many levels, and are also carried out in different ways. Whether by police agencies or even institutions. Other kinds of human rights abuse, are also evident in the systematic racism, that is also the backbone of this country. My goal is to expose these kinds of human rights abuse, to the world and hopefully it will also provide those victims, myself included, with some kind of justice.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Attack Against Julian Assange, Is An Attack
Against Freedom Of Speech.

Journalistic Freedom Is Being Jeopardized, By The Actions Of
The So Called Democratic Countries, Who Want To Hide
Their Own Corruption.

The latest incident, involving Wikileaks, shows clearly that governments are
abusing their powers. Freedom of speech is under attack, by those same governments, because they do not want their actions to be exposed. If governments are ultimately answerable to the people, which is what democracy is supposedly all about, then why are those same governments angry, when their actions are revealed? Could it be that those actions, actually present a different version of the truth, that they also do not want the people to know about?

The recent attacks by the U.S. and other governments, against Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, sets a dangerous precedent to be followed by others, regarding Wikileak's actions of reporting on their actions. Is that not what the media is supposed to do? It is also clear that freedom of speech is also under attack from them, because they are also trying to contain, or to censure, the information that comes out, regarding their actions. Most of which also do not contain the truth either.

I support Julian Assange right to freedom of speech and I am also against those governments, such as the United States, efforts in trying to silence him. Assange Wikileaks, was just the medium that has reported the facts, concerning those government's actions. What about the persons who has shared this information with Assange?. Why should the media be penalized for reporting information that is given to them? Most of the information that Wikileaks has exposed, has dealt with the past actions of those governments, and I cannot see how this would also jeopardized their security at the present time.

Clearly, their persecution of Assange, stem from their embarassment, over their own actions and wants to make an example of him. If those governments, like the U.S and others, succeeds in this effort, that is definitely,also, the end of journalistic freedom and freedom of speech and we cannot afford to let that happen. This blog and others, are dedicated to exposing the wrong actions of governments and their corruption and they might pick us off, one by one, but united we also stand, against these undemocratic moves by them.

Since Monday December 6, 2010, when I have reported on this blog, certain actions
that are being taken by me, and when also, the whole circumstances, regarding Wikileaks and Assange has exploded, the Canadian government has also quietly, taken steps to silence me. I've seen steps that were taken, by certain individuals and the Canadian government, because of certain revelations that I have also made, in regards to their actions, on my blog. Look for my video that I will also be posting on YouTube, to expose the conspirators, involving this latest action. This blog is dedicated to exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuse, in that country and elsewhere and it will continue to do so, despite the attacks against me, by that government.

We are part of a global community, that will not shut up, or be silent about government actions, that are also contrary to what the people either wants, or also believe in.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Why I am now seeking asylum and protection, from political persecution, by the Canadian government, for my beliefs.

The conspiracy to deny me the same rights as others, and also to abuse those rights, is mindboggling. It is also the reason that I have now sought a reprieve against such actions, from this government, regarding the abuse of my human rights, by also seeking asylum from this kind of persecution, by the Canadian government. It also cannot escape anyone, regarding the motivation for the persecutions, that I have gone through, including torture, and the corrupt actions of that government against me. As a human rights activist, it is clear that my beliefs were also a factor, in how I was treated. Speaking openly about human rights abuse in Canada, has also made me a target of that government directly. Racism has played a central role in those actions against me as well. Bringing the known perpetrators to justice, as I am also doing, before the International Criminal Court, is also a factor in this government continual abuse of my human rights. How the IACHR and other so-called international human rights governing bodies, has also contributed to the Canadian government's abuse, of human rights victims in that country and the corruption that is also involved regarding to its actions, to not hold that country, in the same light as it does, for other OAS members. Some human some rights activists, such as myself, now has to take drastic measures to get the protection that they need, in order to protect their lives. I am also committed to exposing all of those involved and who are known to me, in carrying out those atrocities against innocent people in that country.

Monday, December 6, 2010



I want to say here, that it has given me much satisfaction, in commencing with criminal prosecution against those individuals, who has carried out crimes against humanity and also against me personally, that is also to be investigated by the ICC. Among them are also Canadian government officials and others, who has worked together, to carry out those actions against me. Maybe they thought that I was just talking, for the sake of talking. Many of those persons are already mentioned here on my blog. I have contacted the ICC and as soon as the matter has commenced with fully, I will also be publishing their names and pictures here on my blog.

One of the reasons for this step, is that those actions are still ongoing, in regards to me. I cannot believe the audacity of those involved, in thinking that they can also get away with their actions. I wanted to send a clear message to those involved, that they cannot hide behing their positions and also carry out such crimes against me, or any other person and not answer for those actions, as well.
The undeniable fact, is, that those kinds of human rights violations, which are also protected under the Rome Stature of the International Criminal Court, should also be
investigated against the Canadian government, in those individual cases.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Harassment

There has been some harassment, in regards to the functioning of this blog.
If you are unable to view the videos posted on the right, it may be due to the interference of those who do not want you to see it. If you are patient, the right pictures will eventually appear for you to view. I also apologize for any other "malfunction", regarding the text, or videos that are posted on my blog.

Re: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Canadian Government Influencing Is Apparent
In Some Cases.

It seem that the Canadian government is blocking the effort, to have its actions investigated for human rights abuse, in my case. The IACHR has been delaying its actions, in taking precautionary measures against Canada. Canada is also one of its donors, contributing the second highest amount in funding, to that organization directly, with over $853,000.00, in donations, to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and I also believed that this is the real reason, for the IACHR's reluctance to find that country, in violation of human rights abuse. If you are one of its other donors/sponsors, or observers, take notice of this, because it is being selective, in which government it goes after, regarding human rights abuse. It is suppose to uphold human rights standards in all of the member States of the OAS, or the Organization of American States, including Canada, and not be bias regarding some of them, like the Canadian government, who can also buy its way out of anything. It also shows how far this government influence can reach.

Most of the time, it tries to take up positions with those human rights organizations, then also uses that to hide its own offences. Aside from the United Nations, most of those other human rights organizations, are also reluctant to hold that country accountable for violating human rights standards.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Recently, I was shown a document that is part of a file, involving me. The said document also contained a copy, of one of my articles, which as every one knows, I have not kept secret, in regards to my views on those things, that I also believed, that the public should know about. A simple exercise of my right, to freedom of speech, as a writer and journalist. It is not a criminal investigation, but nevertheless, I was surprised at the reason that was given for how one of my articles had ended up in that file, that this department had gotten a hold of and which they had also claimed, that they had gotten it, off of the Internet, on my "Google Messenger Account". This is direct a lie, because I had given a copy to them directly and I have a witness to back this up. So why did they go to all this trouble of lying and stating that they had gotten it from another source?
Why not just say that I had handed it to them? The more that I think about this situation, the more that I'm reminded of the many covert ways that these government
agents, can sometimes operate. When I also came across an article, similar in nature to this one, about how Canadian agents, went to the trouble of creating a website, just to use it to disseminate information, that they did not agree with and also did not want the public to know the truth about. I am talking about the disagreement that had come up between that government and the Irish and U.K governments, over genetically modified crops, or GMO's, where the complaints from those two other governments, were that the Canadian government, was also harassing them over that issue. Agents of the Canadian government, were accused of setting up a website, specifically for this purpose. Shane Morris, an Irish citizen, and also an agent for the Canadian government, was accused of creating the website and also using it, to discredit the other two governments and any one else, whose views differ from the one that the Canadian government, and also the U.S government, wanted to establish on GMOs and this government, also went to other great lengths, to stifle any disagreements regarding that issue. What it wanted was to lift the ban on GMOs, by the European Union, which also wanted to allow other EU countries, such as Ireland and the U.K, to have the right to ban GMOs in their own countries, something that the Canadian government did not agree with, because it also wanted to promote the use of genetically modified crops, in those countries, as well as others and also opposed this ban. It is in some of the ways that it also went about doing so, that has revealed that it also cannot be trusted in revealing the truth, to the public on some issues. Falsifying documents, lying and attempting to frame up individuals, are only some of the dirty tricks in its arsenal. When those don't work, it will also try other things that seems more benign, such as attacking the character of those it has targeted and blacklisted them, or interfere with their employment or business and even also so-called friends and family. There is no end to the list of things, that it will often use, in discrediting those it has targeted. I wish that this government, like all other governments, would also allow the people to know the truth, about some of its actions. It should not have to take those like myself, to try and expose it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



This a revelation and quite a shameful blot on the record of this country as well, regarding the image that it has created for itself and one that also has no basis of truth in it, but has now been exposed further, by the petitions that has been made against it, from people such as myself, for carrying out human rights abuse and other atrocious actions against persons in this country.

The petition made by me and others, before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, against the Canadian government, for human rights abuse and in my case specifically, also included the use of torture and the miscarriage of justice, is also yet another blow to its image, that it is a champion of the cause for human rights. A lie which has now been exposed fully, by those who has now taken this matter further to be investigated, and for its role in carrying out those actions, that goes against international laws, and those pertaining to human rights. And in the case of those, like myself, who has also suffered irreparable injury, as a result of its actions.

These kinds of human rights abuse, will not be covered up as it used to in the past, or even now. And in my case also, where my health, safety and freedom, were also subjected to daily attacks, by those actions, and are still under attack. I will also encourage those in similar situations, who may also believed, that they have suffered abuse at the hand of this government, to make their cases known and to not continue to suffer silently for those crimes, that were committed against them. Since the laws of this country, do not seen to work for some people, it is now up to those affected by it, to take their case of human rights abuse elsewhere, to be heard and to also get some kind of justice in their case. These kinds of revelations, that are now being revealed, by the petitions that are also being made against the Canadian government, regarding the atrocities that are being carried out against individuals, will also, hopefully, changed the way that people are treated in this country by this government, or by its police.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Steven Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, is seeking a seat on the U.N. Security Council. Has that prime minister no shame? Does the existing record of blame, that is also evident in its role as a peacekeeper, any suggestion of what its future actions will be, if the United Nations allow this request. Before the United Nations even consider its request, it should also look at that country's human rights record, which is not good. It should also look at its past roles, in peacekeeping missions around the world and let those records speak for itself. The list is quiet long of Canada's unintentional "abuses", that are committed by its soldiers, in those countries. If its recent "peacekeeping" activities, in Afghanistan, is also any indication, of what the United Nations can also expect that government to do, then the record actually speaks for itself. Not only has Canadian soldiers endangered the lives of those in countries, such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and any other place around the globe, that it has set up its "peacekeeping" missions, and it has also tried to cover up those actions, until it was also forced to acknowledge its wrong doing, by those who has taken the risk to do so. And I really mean that they have taken a risk, because this government is corrupt and those actions are simple not a priority, to be addressed, or even to be taken seriously. Unless it is forced to do so. After all, as one of the richest countries in the world and a member of the G8, it is also in the business of the exploitation, of those countries it has also pretended to protect, in its peacekeeping missions. Here are some things to also keep in mind about Canada's intentions, when it comes to the armed resistance around the world. It is a staunch supporter of Israel's racist zionist government and in fact, it has allowed the Israeli goverment to also recruit soldiers from Canada, to serve in that country. That means that Canadian soldiers, who are serving in that military, are in the business of killing innocent and totally harmless women and children, in Palestine. The racism of the United States, Israel and Canada, regarding how it has treated indegenious populations, is also ignored by the Canadian government and Canadian corporations are also at the forefront, in the exploitations of those poor countries around the world. Where the natural resources and also the contribution to the depopulation of those countries, are also a part of the agenda of those rich countries, like Canada and the way that they have achieved this, is mainly through the wars and global conflicts that are started in those countries. Has the Canadian government changed its attitude on any of those issues, recently? Or is Steven Harper hoping to deceived the United Nations delegations, and somehow hoped that it will not noticed, either its past, or current actions. All of those issues that I have just mentioned, are also serious human rights concerns, globally and the U.N. would also have to ignore the existing evidence against that country, to even consider its request. It is also true that some Canadian soldiers has sacrificed their lives, in those peackeeping misions, but when that is also compared to the millions who also die, as a result of that government's policies also, then the result of this disparity, is also quite clear. That its "good" actions, in those peacekeeping roles, are also not sufficient, to cover the other evils, that has resulted from its other actions. Besides, does Canada also innocently believe that those other countries, including Africa and the Middle East, who are also represented at the United Nations, will also ignore its actions on some of those issues? If they do, then Steven Harper is lucky, but I also seriously doubt, that they will.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010





Thursday, August 26, 2010


Phil Brown

The investigations into the actions and often criminality of Toronto city officials, is nothing new to the public. My personal request for an inquiry regarding some of them recently, should also not surprised anyone either. After all, corruption is a regular business with them. Exposing corruption is also what I do here on my blog. The subjects of this inquiry has included, Phil Brown and Maria Varlokostas, who is mentioned numerous times, here on this blog. Others included Howard Rubinhoff, president of Mintz & Partners and other employees of that company, Karen Harwarth and Adam Sherman. The investigation also included another publicly appointed company, Kehilla and some of its employees and the criminal actions involving them, as I'm also alleging here, as well. That investigation also surrounded the issues relating to their actions against me personally and also the public. All of them has also denied any wrong doing, which is also subject of this inquiry, that will also, hopefully, restore public confidence in their office, that is currently being occupied by those criminals and yes, I did call them criminals, because of their actions, which are also the subject of this investigation. For example, those persons mentioned, has used their positions or influence, to carry out attacks against me personally, and has acted in other ways, that are also contrary to their office. I have made a request to the Senator, Ann Cools, to also investigate their actions and to help with the investigation of the inquiry against them. Some of the areas of investigation, included breach of public trust, conspiracy and corruption on their part, for which they would also, have liked to go away quietly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"I plead guilty. I am a racist". That was the response of Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kennedy, when he was asked about his role, in changing Canada's immigration policies to fit a more racist agenda. It was an "off-color comment", against a reporter's question to him, that has nevertheless, resounded negatively, with all those who has heard it and it has also, as expected, reverberated back unto the speaker, who is the Minister in this case. The Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, is also most frequently referred to, as the "Minister of Citizenship and Deportation", because of his unprecedented approach, to launch an attack, through his new immigration policies, against those who has also sought, legitimately, to seek a home in Canada. And especially in those cases, involving refugee claimants and the refugee system, which is also protected under international human rights laws. In his zeal to rid Canada of those "undesirable", who also do not fit his own personal view, of what Canada should also look like, he has also been directly involved, in implementing, those new policies, that has also fit that agenda. He has also enforced a close door policy, to all people of third world countries, including Africa, as well as those from Iraq, Palestine and South America. And unlike some of his predecessors, whose more lenient and somewhat open door policies, to some of those countries, the current Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, is not so kind. He has also let his racist views be known, on several issues, such as lifting the moratorium, on deportations to such countries, as Burundi, Rwanda, Liberia and others, and also cutting funding for some agencies, whose policies, he also did not agree with, because of those issues, surrounding the Israeli government and Palestinian situation in Gaza, and also excluding other genuine refugees, from applying or even to remain in Canada, due to those measures that he has also taken, to prevent a fair or unbiased processing of refugee applicants, who are also targeted, based on their country of origin, and some of whom are also directly affected, by his racist immigration policies. Other concerns, in regards to Jason Kennedy's new policies, has also included, his racist treatment of migrant workers, in Canada. Those new and openly racist policies, were also implemented during his term, as the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Other issues, concerning Canada's domestic and international foreign policies, has also been negatively affected, by Jason Kennedy's actions as well. It was also Jason Kennedy, who has also taken steps, to openly express the attitude of the Canadian government, in regards to Canada's relationship, with the oppressive Israeli government, by taking actions to prevent anyone who disagreed with those policies, to be reprimanded by the Canadian government and in such a way, that has also further exposed, both his own personal bias and the racism of the Canadian government, around that issue, and to implement new policies, that would also put those ideas, further into place. It was the Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy's impervious views, on those same issues, that were also used, to effectively bar anyone, including the British M.P, George Galloway, from entering Canada, based on those grounds. The new changes that were also made to Canada's immigration policy, under the present Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, has also severely impeded upon the ability of others, living in Canada, such as landed immigrants and refugee claimants, from ever having any legal advantage, as far as the new measures that were also put in place, that has also ensured that their rights, were also diminished, under the current policy. His ministry is also full of corruption, in general, with some members of his cabinet, who were also convicted of crimes against the public, in some highly publicized cases. Those charges has also included bribery and sexual misconduct on their part. Canada's Immigration Minister, Jason Kennedy, is also a self acknowledged racist. The question that is also being asked by everyone, is, can the Canadian government afford to have an openly racist minister, who has also admitted to such behaviour? Several groups, currently, and also Canadian, who are not happy with his actions, are also calling for his resignation.



G20 protesters who were charged and appeared in court on Monday August 23rd, were also required to pay restitution, in order to have their charges dismissed. For the three hundred or more protesters who were in court, 58 had their charges dropped, after agreeing to pay restitution, while the rest were not, including 17 protesters, who are still facing charges of conspiracy. The move by the Canadian government to criminalized the protesters actions and to make it illegal for anyone to openly criticized the government's actions, are illegal and against international human rights laws.

These actions are more representative, of a police state than a democratic government and most people would also agree. Since the charges were dismissed, it means also that there were no legal rounds for it, or that it had no legal merit to proceed on. So why were the protesters fined?, which in essence, also, is a show of guilt? Did the court find them guilty and what law did they break by simply exercising their democratic right to dissent?

This is also a move to silence critics of the Canadian government and since the g20 summit in Toronto, there has been many human rights violations, by the Canadian government, in regards to this issue. The Canadian government is know for its disingenuous approach in suppressing dissent, but now it is also acting openly, in regards to this. How does it feel, to be criticized, as it has also criticized other countries on those same issues?. Now that it has also done the same. The question to be asked then, is, what is next?

Friday, August 20, 2010


I Am Black and Also A Human Rights Activist.

To Understand what the agenda of the police is, in regards to the subversive
actions, on their part, against anyone who also speak out against them, or the government, right or wrong, is to also know what it is like, to become a target of them, like I am. With this in mind, they also set to work in carrying out their attacks, against those persons and almost always, gets away with their actions, because these are also carried out with such secrecy, that it is sometimes hard to prove, their involvement in this.

For me, they have also made themselves quite clear, in how they have also managed, to carry out those attacks against me. Most of this is done in my home and they have also used the people around me, to help with those attacks.

I know of many other human rights activists who are also targeted in this way, and it has never really mattered to the police, either the color, ethnicity, or race, of those that they have targeted. The tactics are all the same. This has also shed a new light, on how both the police and also the Canadian government, has carried out those kinds of human rights abuse, that it has also tried to cover up. It is no different from any other repressive governments, that has also used those means to silence critics of the government.

Saturday, August 14, 2010




Eight times are the number of times, recently, that I have tried to lay a private complaint at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, in Toronto and it was denied. The crown attorney's office, at that court and the Justices of the Peace, who also accept private complaints, which also seem to be different from the Judges or JPs who actually conducts hearing or trials at that court, should also be investigated further, regarding their actions. I need not explain that they have also infringed upon my right, to bring my matter before the court, for a hearing and perhaps it also has to do with the fact, that those that I have tried to charge, are also directly linked to the police, in one way or other, including being agent provocateurs for them, or is involved in their conspiracy against me, in some other capacity. None of them has so for been charged. It is not only the decisions of the Justice of the Peace, in not issuing process on the charges, which included mischief, criminal harassment and assault, but also the conspiracy that is also involved, in regards to their actions concerning me, that has also caused them to deny my rights so openly and flagrantly. A conspiracy that has also prevented the matter, for years now, from proceeding any further in the court. As a Black person also, racism has also definitely played a role in the decisions, on the part of the justice of the peace and the crown attorney, to deny me the same rights, as any other member of the public. I should mention here, also, that in my last attempt to lay a private charge, the matter was also heard by a justice of the peace, who is also black and I mentioned this to show, just how broad this conspiracy is, against me. He also did not issue process on the charge of mischief, against those that I had also charge and it also has nothing to do with the legal merit of the case, I also believed, because those actions on their part, has also persisted for years, with no consequences to them. It is referring to the neighbours, who I also have been unable to charge, for persistently harassing me. I also believed one hundred percent, that there are also personal interferences, on the part of the police and the court, in preventing me, from also laying any charges against them. For instance, the crown attorney has persistently downplayed, or ignored altogether, any concerns for my safety, in regards to their actions against me. It has even included such actions, as coming to my door and banging on it, or attempting to open it with their keys, and this was also not a concern for the court, in regards to my safety. I have also been denied the right to appeal, the justices of the peace decisions, also from that court. At the Superior Court of Justice for Ontario, my mandamus applications, in regards to the laying of those private complaints, has also been denied. At one point I had five of such applications, that I was also appealing, before the Superior Court of Justice, concurrently, and all of them were also denied. How can anyone not believed, that there is also a conspiracy involved, after all of the evidence that I have also presented, even publicly? There are two things about me, which are also quite clear. I am not a quitter, nor am I someone who likes to be pitied. The purpose of this blog and the articles that I have also presented in it, are intended, to show the overall disparity, concerning how people are treated differently in this society. And around those same issues, also, are human rights abuse by the Canadian government.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Victims of human rights abuse in Canada, and also under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, no longer has to be subjected to having their cases denied, for lack of evidence, in proving that they have also suffered loss, as a result of those violations, against them under the Charter. By this ruling, the onus of proof, is also on the offenders to prove, that they did not cause those victims to suffer, any of those violations, or any losses as a result, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. For myself and others, who are also suing the Canadian government, for the violation of those rights under the Charter, this will also make it much easier in proving the case. And after years of ignoring the United Nations recommendations on the standards of human rights, in that country, it is also finally taking the initiative, to correct those problems, to the benefit of those victims. There are still many more recommendations, that it has still not complied with, under the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. This action by the Supreme Court of Canada, in recognizing the rights, for the victims of human rights abuse, especially, under the Charter of Rights and Freedom, is in fact, only the beginning.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Toronto has hosted the G20 Summit, that has now come and gone, but the actions of the police, in abusing the rights of both the protesters and non protesters alike, will also remained, as one of the other highlights, of the summit. Canada, is also now officially recognized, as also being a police state, in the eyes of many. Not that this has surprised some people, who has known this all along. That the police has had too much power and are also willing to abuse that power, as they have also demonstrated at the G8/G20 summit, recently. Many human rights abuse also occurred,
in regards to their actions as well. Some of their actions included the following:
The police were randomly carrying out illegal searches on people on the street and if they could not produced any identification, they were also arrested on the spot. Those arrested, were also denied access to a lawyer, or even to make the usually, mandatory, telephone call. People detained because of the protest, were also denied access to food, water or medicine, for several hours after they were arrested and many were also kept on the street, where they were also arrested, in the pouring rain, for at least five hours, after they were arrested. The police also arrested people indiscriminately, including the media and the journalists, that were also there. No one was immune to being arrested by the police. Because some violent acts were also committed, which some people, including me, also believed, were also orchestrated by the police, using their agent provocateurs, to carry out those destructive actions, either to gain sympathy for the protest, or to show that their own actions were benevolent, towards the protesters, or because of the fact that the international media, were also present in Toronto, during the summit. The police at first pretended to act restrained, even standing idly by and watching the destruction going on about them, but as soon as the leaders of the summit, had barely left, they resorted to such brutality, and human rights abuse, that it has also shocked most Canadians. Their first action and human rights violation at the summit, started when they secretly re-enforced, an old law, under the war act, that would also allow them, to indiscriminately arrest, anyone, that they feel like arresting. That has included, one thousand protesters and non protesters alike, that were arrested by the police, during the summit. The Protesters, who also has a legitimate right, to protest, and also unmolested by the police, were also denied that right and many of them were jailed for trying to exercise that right. The police also followed this up, by also abusing those that they had arrested and also causing injury, to some, as well as mocking and taunting others. While the police were acting thus, the politicians were also silent and some, like Toronto's mayor, David Miller, were actually praising the police's actions at the summit. A clear indication, also, that both the police and the government, has worked together, to carry out those human rights violations, that were evident at the G20 summit. It has also, since been revealed, that the police did not have the powers, that they had weilded at the summit, in Toronto. Police did not have the power, to arbitrarily stop and arrested anyone, if they could not identify themselves to the police. The police also claimed, that almost half of the one thousand people, who were arrested at the G20 summit, were later released without a charge. The police also feared legal action, from the hundreds of innocent citizens, who were arrested during the summit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


What is the real reason for the Toronto police, city officials and the Canadian government, to shut down a busy cosmopolitan city, such as Toronto, and also putting thousands of people and businesses out of their homes and workplace, just to also accommodate some world leaders? What are the real issues at stake here? It could surely not be, because ordinary people, are simply exercising their democratic rights, to protest against that government's actions? Is that any reason for the Canadian government, to go to such lengths, to try and stop them?. If the Canadian government is really interested in making amends in regards to its own human rights violations, why not allow the people to protest on those issues, as they also have a right to do? I don't believe that the G20/G8 summit in Toronto, on June 25-27, has anything to do with the protection of human rights, by those leaders. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And if the actions of the Canadian government, recently, in suppressing the people's right, to freely express themselves, is also any indication, then there should also be a cause for concern, by all those who are interested in both freedom and democracy. The agenda of the G20 summit leaders is to do exactly that. To use force against anyone who oppose them or their actions. They should also be reminded, that, it is also the people, upon whose shoulders, that they also stand. People who are now willing to hold them into accountability, for their actions, that many also believed, do not represent the interest of the majority, but of only a few. Those who have also exploited the people on their own, or has worked with these governments to do so. Big corporations, who are only interested in the profit that they also make, by exploiting those who are weak or vulnerable, among the different nations. Canada is also included in that category. Many people would love to see a curb, in the corruption, that is also practiced, by this government, which has also severely impedes upon the rights of many, in this country, and that is what I and others, will also be protesting, at this G20/G8 summit. We want to see the government's actions, changes, from one that caters to an oligarchial society, to one, in which the rights of all people, are also represented. Not just the rich and the powerful.

Monday, June 7, 2010


As the Canadian government prepares to host the G8/G20 summit of world leaders, activists and social justice advocates, are also preparing to protest, loud and clear, about the role of the 20 richest nations, including Canada, and their means also, of continuing with the global exploitation of peoples, within their own countries and around the world. The astronomical amount of money, that the Canadian government, is also willing to spend, on the security of the summit leaders, has also angered many Canadians, who also believed that the money could have also been better spent, on improving the economy and also in helping the poor and homeless, to name just a few of the issues, that are also on the agenda, of many of the protesters. Many of whom are also pushing for more answers, from the government, in regards to the cost, to the Canadian taxpayers, who are the ones that are paying for all of this and who will also see very little of their rights, either protected or represented at the summit. Canadians seemed to be especially incenced at the government, regarding how the 1.2 billion dollars were spent on the security for the G20 summit, including, a 2 million dollar artificial lake, that was built just for the occasion, a gazebo, and other gimmicks, that are also considered to be a waste of money, by the government and were built especially, in order to impress the other countries visiting. Since, also, most of the money, that has also been spent, on the security of the summit, are also unsatisfactorily explained, many also believed that there will be reckoning of the government expenditures, in regards to this, after the summit is over. For now, there are more questions, than answers, on how that money was spent. Protesters are also bracing for what could also be, a violent confrontation with the police and others at the summit. Protesters have also complained about the Canadian security agents, such as CSIS, visiting the homes of some of the protesters, as well as harassment from the police. Since last week, for instance, the police's harassment and surveillance of me, has also stepped up. To the point of following me in marked cars, until they get bored and drives off. That has not stopped those of us who are protesting the G20 summit. We will continue to do so, until our message is heard, loud and clear, about those compelling human rights issues, that are also on our agenda and which also needs to be addressed. In my opinion, one of the issues, that, should also be, at the top of the list, in regards to the government's actions, is also its approach, to using illegal tactics, against those who has questioned it actions, on some of those issues. Such as the intimidation and harassment, that some people have also experienced, for simply speaking out. On June 25-26, 2010, the G8/G20 summit, will be held in Huntsville, Ontario, at the Deerhurst Resort, in Huntsville and on June 26 and 27, 2010, Toronto will be hosting the G8/G20 summit at the Metro Convention Centre, in Toronto. It is also a call for those who are interested, in the protection of human rights, both here in Canada and also around the world, to join in the protest, against the globalization and capitalism, of those G8/G20 countries, and to also get involved.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Condemnation for Israel And Netanyahu's Hasty Retreat From Canada

The world has united in its condemnation of the Israeli government and also against its recent actions, against the Palestinians in Gaza. As Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla ship, bound for Gaza and also carrying international aid, to the Palestinians, the Israeli government has also shown, its barbaric actions, by attacking the ship and killing at least 10 civilian aid workers and activists, on board the ship, that was also in international waters, and should also have been safe, from such an attack by the Isreali government. The international outcry, that has also followed the Israeli government's actions, was also understandable and has also confirmed, that, the world will not sit by silently, any longer, at these human rights violations by the Israeli government. It didn't seemed to matter, also, that its government actions, has also become odious to the rest of the world, because of its decisions, to, repeatedly attack, a defenseless people and also in denying them their basic rights, as human beings. For a nation that has also claimed to know, what it is also like to be persecuted, it has shown remarkable little pity for its fellow human beings and must also be judged, by the very same standards, that it has also set for others, in regards to its own actions. Benjamin Netanyahu's hastry retreat from Canada, was also welcomed, by many Canadians, I believed, who are also abhorred, at the Israeli government's actions, in continuing to oppress the Palestinian people, unnecessarily and despite international condemnations for its actions. The hasty retreat by Netanyahu, was also clearly an embarrassment, for the Israeli government, as Canada is also supposed to be, one of its most trusted allies. But in also questioning Benjamin Netanyahu, about the Israeli government's latest actions, against the Palestinians, which also seemed to come as a surprise, to the Israeli prime minister, as it also appeared, that he was also not expecting, this kind of reaction, and to save face, he had to leave, right in the midst, of the international outcry, against his government actions. It is also clear that the world is no longer, willing, to also turn a blind eye, to the plight of the Palestinians. The Isreali government's human rights atrocities, cannot be ignored any longer either. And to prove that the Isreali government, will also not stop its actions, the recent statements of Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 30, after the recent crisis, has also confirmed this. In which he has also re-affirmed, his governmenment's position, regarding the Palestinian situation. He has stated, that, the Israeli government, will not consider, a Palestinian military state. It is like pulling all of the teeth out of a lion's mouth. In other words, it would be, a, completely defenseless nation, and one that would also not be able to protect itself, against any agression from its enemies. And it would also be considered, as, a, "puppet" of the Isreali government itself. Which country would agree to such terms? since it would also be denying it, its basic right, also to defend itself. Isreal wants a weak Palestinian State, or no Palestinian State at all. I think the latter is more correct. It is also stupid, enough, to, also believe, that brute force, alone, will also, guarantee its success and its continued brutality against a defenseless nation. Intelligence is what is lacking, in this situation and on both sides of this conflict. It would be stupid of the Palestinians, to consider the terms, of the Israeli government and also stupid of the Isreali government, not to consider, that, though it appears to be winning, it really is not, and that it is considerably outnumbered in everything and that brute force alone will also not enable its success, in any future actions on its part, against a defenseless people, who is also resolute, in its determination, to also win, and as it appears, will also, eventually win.

Investigation Of Toronto Crown Attorney Sheila Cressman

An investigation has commenced, against a Toronto crown attorney, Sheila Cressman, into accussations of corruption, on her part, in regards to the commencement of a hearing, recently, and also in the dismissal of the charges against the accused, in which she, as well as the assistant crown attorney, Dimitra Tsagaris, dealing with the case, has also claimed, that they had not received, any (further)information, about that case. This information was also relevant, to the hearing and it is also believed, that, they have also acted together, on this, in order, to also have the charges dismissed. The charges against them, is, that they did received, the information and also willfully, withheld, that information, from the judge, in order to have those charges dismissed. This is just another charge of corruption, and investigation, against a Toronto crown attorney, which has, also, now become fairly frequent, by members of the public. These kinds of corruption charges, against a crown attorney, in either influencing a case, or in other actions on their part, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice, is one, that, the public, is also, trying to overcome, by also, enforcing, the protection of their rights, in that kind of situation. Over the years, Toronto crown attorneys, have also had, a number of charges, levied against them. Most of them also accusing them, of racially motivated actions, on their part, that has also influenced a case negatively, or of personal interference, in other ways, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice for the public.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Mayor of Toronto, David Miller and his cohorts, has threaten to cut funding to the annual gay pride parade, if it go ahead and include in the parade, the group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. The suggested cut, has garnered international condemnation, of both the Mayor and the City of Toronto, citing an infringement upon the civil liberties of the group, to openly expressed its opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. City of Toronto staff, were quoted in the Toronto Star Newspaper, on April 18, citing that future funding for Pride Toronto, may be jeopardized if the activist group is allowed to march in this year’s parade.
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which also, in most cases, does not usually get involved, in such debates, also wrote a letter to Toronto's Mayor David Miller, on April 20, 2010, objecting to the threat to Pride funding. In the letter, which is quoted below, it clearly stated that such an action would be against the rights of the participants. According to the CCLA, “In activities such as parades, art exhibitions and theatre performances, points of view on controversial subjects may be expressed that may make individuals from specific communities uncomfortable. Freedom of expression is central to such activities, however, and these considerations alone should not preclude public funding.”
What the CCLA did, was merely to remind the mayor, David Miller, of article 19, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The one on freedom of speech and the right to hold an opinion.
Buckling under the pressure, the Pride Parade organizers, has also announced that all groups, participating in this year's Pride Parade and Dyke March, must also have the pre-approval of their signs, in order to march in the parade. I think that its decisions are based on the long term preservation of the parade. But it was a weak decision nonetheless. And one that also hints, at its own prejudice, against other groups, within that subculture itself. It is a well know fact, that there is racism, exclusionism and other not so talked about issues, within the LGBT community and this latest decision by the Pride committee, just brings those other issues to the surface. Rather than stand up to the City of Toronto, whose own decision, is based, not on the promotion of the rights of all, but of only a selected few. By trying to cencertized what the participants of the pride parade can say, it is also, without a doubt, also infringing upon their rights, to state their opinions clearly, on those issues, that they also hold to be of interest, to both themselves and the public in general. Another view that has also been held, in regards to this, is that the decision that was made by the Pride Committee, was also made, because of the pressure from some jewish groups, such as the "Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies", whose president, Avi Benlolo, also claimed, that "any criticism of Israel, is also the first step towards violence against the jewish people". This statement is not only blatantly irrational, unrealistic and oportunistic, on his part, but it is also a bold lie, again on his part, that is also used, as a cover up, for its own actions, against any such future criticism, by anyone. And by also claiming that the group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid statement, is political and also therefore, antisemitic. It is the kind of rhetoric, that also calls to mind, the proverbial saying, of the pot calling the kettle black. Is every criticism, about the actions of that group, in particular, antisemitic? Is the public, also not merely responding to its own statements or actions, in like manner? Are they supposed to be prohibited from making statements of their own?. Who gives them, or anyone else, the right, also, to decide, what others can or cannot say about them, politically? Who owns the right to freedom of speech? As idiotic as this may also sound, but also definitely relevant, to this topic.
According to one queer activist, “The City of Toronto is saying that criticizing the Israeli government is a violation of their anti-discrimination guidelines,” says Ayden Scheim, a Jewish queer/trans activist. “Invoking human rights to suppress political speech is offensive to those of us who actually care about legitimate human rights issues.”
But it is only the naive among us who do not yet know, that the city of Toronto has only the interests of a select few, and not those of the general public. Among which is its own private agenda, on most of those issues, that also directly affect us all.



OBAMA: "You'll listen while I talk, understand?."
HARPER: "I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Let me be the first to mention here, that Amnesty International's focus on human rights abuse, does not include a full report on human rights abuse in Canada. Its report on Canada's human rights abuse, is very partial and also prejudice to many different groups within that country, which it has also ignored in its reports and has instead, focused mainly on one group, Canada's Native people. No other groups, are either investigated seriously, or are supported by that organization, which is also why, I would also discouraged the public, from actively supporting it. Because in doing so, you are also supporting its actions against those other groups, which it has also conveniently ignored. For instance, Amnesty International do not support victims of torture, by the Canadian government, or by the police. In fact, that is their official statement, on that issue. It will not invetigate individual cases of human rights abuse, such as torture, by that government or its police. One of the biggest arguments against that organization also, is that Amnesty International, does not get involved, in any case within Canada, unless, it has already been given worldwide attention, in the media. Canadians have been giving to that organization, generously, over the years and it is time that they also consider, seriously, how Amnesty International, goes about helping to protect human rights abuse, in that country, before they dole out further, their hard earned money and give to an organization, like Amnesty International, that does so little, to promote human rights in that country. Here are some of its favourite pitches that are mentioned on its website: Your donation is important, Amnesty International
* Give a gift of stock
* Include Amnesty International in your will
* Special Occasion gifts
* Get an Amnesty VISA card
* Raise Money for Amnesty
My advice to the public. Do a thorough research on exactly how your donation is being spent. Better yet, don't give to that organization at all and please ask it some serious questions, on the issue of its agenda, on human rights abuse in Canada. The victims will thank you for it. On the other hand, some other charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army, are better deserving of your donations. From helping to provide food, shelter and clothing to the homeless, to other services that they also offer witin the community, including counselling for abused victims, gives them a heads up on such other groups, like Amnesty International, in my book.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is in the interest of justice and also of the public, that I am posting the names and pictures of some of those Judges and JPs here. Needless to say that the ones mentioned here, has also been involved in corruption involving me. but I am not their only target. They are also part of the overall systematic problem that exist regarding the justice system in Canada and also especially in the Ontario courts. Some of the things that they do are appalling. Not all of the names can be added here, but here are a few of the things that they have been accused of. Personal interference in cases before them, including acting in a conspiracy to obstuct justice in those cases also. Practicing systematic racism in their courtroom and denying certain members of the public their inherent right to justice. Ignoring evidence of corruption by other public officials like themselves and having no regards to carrying out their mandate to act in a manner that benefits the public.
One former lawyer, Harry Kopyto, took his complaint about a judge in the Ontario court, altering transcripts and working with the court reporters and administrative staff, to obstruct justice, in this manner, before the Attorney General. This problem is so widespread, that is is often overlooked, by those, who should also be investigating, this kind of human rights abuse. And this is because, it also interferes with, the adminstration of justice, in those cases. Those persons, not being able to get a fair hearing, because of the information, that were also deleted from the transcripts, by both the Judge or JP, and the court reporter, all working together, to obstruct justice. Other Judges like the ones mentioned here, simply go along with the conspiracy to obstruct justice and hoped that their actions are not discovered. I am personally blaming those Judges mentioned here, for acting in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in cases involving me. I have so much proof of this, that I have now prepared my case before the Inter-American Human Rights Court, in order to exposed further, those who have been involved in this conspiracy, to obstruct justice and deny me my rights under the law. I am also writing on behalf of the many others, who have had to live with the negative results of the actions of those corrupt judges and justices of the peace, who has also made light of this matter, by continuing with this practice, that has resulted in further lives being destroyed.
Here is a list of some of the Judges I have blamed personally for perverting justice in my case. Some of the main ones are. JUDGE BETH A. ALLEN OF THE ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT, who in my opinion is also a disgrace to her race. An African Canadian Judge who has done nothing to improve the prejudice that Blacks face in the courts and has in fact worked against them on occassion. JUDGE MORAWETZ and NEWBOULD, who sits in the Commercial Court and has also acted corruptly in my case, regarding their decisions involving the very corrupted Mintz and Partners Ltd, a court appointed Receiver and ignoring evidence of criminality on its part, and by also ignoring the mandate of their office, to act in the interest of the public, and J. SPEYER, also of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, as well as Justice of the Peace ROBERT WHITTAKER. The list is in fact much longer than I have mentioned and I will, in the interest of justice, post the others here, so that the public can have this information and be educated on how they have dispense with the law.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Mark Siboni, a corrupt City of Toronto lawyer, has billed the City of Toronto and taxpayors for legal defense, in a personal liability claim, against the defendants, in a lawsuit that was filed against them. The Defendants, Tiffany Woodfield, Adam Sherman and Howard Rubenhoff, were all named in the lawsuit for their personal actions, in carrying out attacks against the plaintiff, me. The City of Toronto and Maria Varlokostas, former Acting Director for the Toronto Social Housing Unit, are also named in the claim and besides the city's employee, Maria Varlokostas, in this claim, the other indiduals mentioned, who has worked not for the City, or even for the company that was hired by the City, but for its subsidiary company, M&P Property Management Ltd., a private company, has also had their defense paid for by the taxpayors in this civil case, which is also usually not covered by legal aid. Thanks to Mark Siboni, their legal defense is also being paid for by the taxpayors, for personal actions that were committed by them, against a member of the public. And while some of the defendants, such as Mintz and Partners Ltd, are also agents of the Crown, the Proceedings Against the Crown Act, still does not protect them from such a liabity that arises out of their own personal actions that may have resulted in the injury of another member of the public. It is the same for those City of Toronto employees, who are also not protected under that Act from such a liablity, while carrying out their public duties and this is a means of also protecting the public from any actions from them, that were also made in tort against the public. The background information for the legal actions taken against them, is that the City's employee Maria Varlokostas, Funds Manager and one time Acting Director of the Toronto Social Housing Unit, has renenged on her responsibilty to protect my rights as a member of my coop (it goes back even further than that)and has also worked with the other defendants, to carry out attacks against me that not only were injurious to me, but has also interfered with those rights that I have, that are also protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Since this lawsuit was initiated by me, the police in the area where I live, 13 Division Police, has also stepped up their harassment towards me, watching me and following me and intimidating me in other ways, proving that they are also directly connected to the conspiracy involved in those actions against me. Some of the defendant's actions against me were related to the carrying out of their public duties and others were direct personal attacks on their part. All of which has violated my rights under under the law. In their arrogance, they had also failed to file a defense, in the time also alloted to them by law. Realizing that they no longer has a legal defense, they have also resorted to other means and has also acted corruptly to pervert justice in this case. The question is why should the public pay for their legal defense in regards to their personal liability, in this case against another member of the public? They also most likely, do not want this fact to be made public either, which is unfortunate for them, since all court proceedings are also public information, unless banned. Others who have also acted corruptly in the case involving the defendants, has also included these Judges of the Superior Court of Ontario. Judges G. Morawetz and F. Newbould.

More Legal Aid Denied to Ex-Cop
Ex-cop who ran up $1.2M in legal aid denied more cash for appeal

TORONTO — Ontario's top court has denied a convicted murderer who ran up a $1.2-million legal aid bill more taxpayer funding for an appeal.
Constable Richard Wills was convicted in 2002 of the first-degree murder of his mistress Linda Mariani.
Wills, a former Toronto police officer and one-time self-described millionaire, systematically divested himself of his assets and then applied for legal aid.
He made an application to Ontario's Appeal Court for funding to provide legal assistance with his appeal, but the court dismissed it.
In a judgment released today, the court writes that Wills is a "well-educated man" with long experience in the justice system and is capable of presenting his appeal without a lawyer.

Sexual Misconduct of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Official
February 23,2010
TORONTO- A Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Judge is on trial for Sexual Misconduct regarding a Refugee claimant.
The Adjudicator accused of sex bribery was seen on video meeting with the refugee claimant. The immigration judge was on trial for allegedly offering to approve the refugee claimant's application in exchange for sex and had told the woman it's all right if they "do things together on the side," court heard Tuesday.
Steve Ellis, 50, has pleaded not guilty to breach of trust and an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act charge of bribery. "Mr. Ellis has the power to decide about my application of refugee claim," Kim said through a Korean interpreter. "I had to kind of decide between the status of my refugee claim and the relationship between Mr. Ellis and me." Ellis was the adjudicator at Kim's refugee hearing in 2006. After he twice visited her at a restaurant where she worked, Kim then 25 years old and her boyfriend secretly videotape her third meeting with Ellis.
"I want to be good friends with you, and I know you've got a boyfriend," Ellis can be seen and heard saying on the video, which was played at his judge-alone trial. "I've got a wife, so I mean, if we do things together on the side, that's OK."..."Are you good at keeping secrets?" Ellis asked at the meeting.
"If you do this and it's shown that I did this for improper purposes then you're screwed, too. Definitely don't tell your boyfriend."
Ellis can be seen telling Kim he initially was going to deny her application, but that "for some reason I can't say no to you, I don't know why... You're a really special person." Ellis is also a former Toronto City Councillor and lawyer who was appointed to the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2000.
In my November 2008 article I mentioned that vulnerable women, some of them who were also illegally in the country, were being pressured into having non consensual sex with Immigration officers. Some were taken to hotels and were forced to engaged in sexual intercourse with those officers in exchanged for their freedom.

Monday, February 22, 2010


1. Two of the most important human rights abuse in Canada, are the suppression of freedom of speech and also corruption, among public officials.
2. Canada's Human Rights Museum, is also a slap in the face, to those of us in this country, who has also been subjected, to the abuse of our human rights
3. One of the problems of human rights abuse in Canada, is also one, which has also included the use of illegal tactics, against dissidents within that country.
For Example:
The Metropolitan Toronto Police 13 Division has been using illegal tactics against me and others, who they have also targeted, and in my case especially, they are also involved in a conspiracy against me.
The police in this regard, are also friends with those that I've exposed, because of their corruption and they don't like it one bit.
Daily do they watch me and also follow me. Most of the times they are parked across from my home, in plainly marked police vehicles. They usually drive off the moment that they see me leave my home or return.
Each time that I have reported some kind of corruption on my blog the police comes out in full force and tries to intimidate me. The latest of which is the investigation and also the commencement of a legal action against some publicly appointed persons and what that also means, in terms of their actions, eventually.
What I would like to see, is that such individuals, who has engaged in those kinds of activities against the public, also be made accountable for their actions.
Some other headlines of interest to this topic included:
"When Police Targets Activists" by Naomi Klein and "Toronto Police Force Needs Clean Up" by the CBC News.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is interesting to recount here that Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu or Deloitte for short, who has been investigating corruption in business, has also itself been investigated for the same practices, through one of its subsidiary company, Mintz and Partners Ltd, a publicly appointed Toronto firm, now being investigated for corruption, including for breach of public trust and conspiracy regarding its employees. Are they trying to take the spotlight off of themselves in regards to their own actions? It will also show that some of Deloitte's employees, who has a background in law enforcement, such as Peter Dent, who has also been linked to the RCMP and other police agencies and has used his extensive knowledge to investigate other companies, besides his own, should also ignore the fact that his own company, Deloitte, is also not above such actions itself. This is also where abuse of the system and also of information, comes in, when those who are doing the investigation of others, comes under investigation themselves and who likewise, also, believe that they are also exempt from such investigation themselves and because of their connections. The belief that money and power, is also a means of protecting their own actions, when those actions has gone against the public, is also false. Deloitte is an international company and with an annual revenue of over 26 billion dollars US. Its servives has included those relating to finance, including audit, tax and consulting. It has also worked with governments around the world, as mentioned, in the prevention of corporate corruption, using the information that is available to them, to investigate others. It would seem that they are also "untouchable", in their own eyes anyway, in regards to its own actions. Does this company wants its international image to be "mudded" because of the actions of those other companies who are also linked to it? And who also believe that money and power is everything. Some of those companies like Mintz and Partners, who has carried out corporate terrorism and other actions, that also goes against the public. In my opinion, one cannot separate the two, in regards to their actions. I have personally seen how corrupt those companies really are. Once the public has knowledge of their actions, they should also be exposed. I also believe that too much influence on the part of those companies, with government and others, has also directly contributed to its corrupt practices.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The recent private complaint that was laid against former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, by activist Gary McHale, is a reminder that justice can also prevail if one persist. Fantino, who is the new Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police or the OPP, was charged for influencing or attempting to influence, members of council in a two-page letter to those council members, who were advised by Fantino against supporting public rallies, that were led by McHale. The charge against Fantino was instigated by an April 2007 email, that Julian Fantino had sent to Mayor Marie Trainer and other councillors. The Superior Court of Ontario decided after hearing the matter by Gary McHale, that the charge should be laid against the former chief of police.

The right to lay a private charge is one that is available to everyone. Yet that has not been the case with me, thanks to the conspiracy that is also involved, in regards to me. Recently, I also tried to exercise that right, by trying to lay a charge, against a supervisor at a Toronto court, for obstruction of justice, for his personal involvement, in regards to some transcripts that I had ordered from that court and by directly preventing the investigation of the whereabouts of a document, that I had also given to that court. That charge was denied by the Justice of the Peace, Robert Whittaker, at the Ontario Court of Justice at 1911 Eglington avenue east in Scarborough. I will also revealed the corruption, that is also involved by the court, in this matter. Chris Samac is the supervisor that I had tried to have charged, because of his personal interference in this matter. In short he had denied that either he or any member of his staff, has ever received a court order, requesting that he produced the transcripts. I had given the document to a member of his staff. There are witnesses to this fact. Chris Samac not only refused to let me speak with that staff concerning the said document, even when I also suggested that he also be present, but he denied also denied that the court had ever received any such document from me. The private complaint against the supervisor, which I had also tried to lay at the 1000 Finch court in Toronto, could also not be heard at that court, I was also told, because of a "conflict of interest". The matter was transferred to another court, due to the "conflict of interest" that would be presented by the Justice of the Peace, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, to a "set date" court, at the Scarborough location. Needless to say, that when I showed up there, in that particular court room, the private complaint was dismissed. It was in fact, not even heard has yet. (There was no pre-enquette hearing of the matter as yet). I insisted, however, that my matter be heard, so I was later sent to another court room, presided over by Justice Robert Whittaker. After hearing the matter, he suggested that it should be adjourned to another date, in order for me to produce the documents from the Superior Court. I was prepared to do that. At that point the crown attorney Robert Fried, who had already presented his arguments on why the charge should not be laid and had also closed his case. I say so because that is exactly what it was. A full hearing. Not a pre enquete hearing, as it should be, in which case the procedures are different. This crown attorney also decided that the court, also needed to know the details, of the other private complaints, that I had also tried to have laid and which were also unrelated to the one before the court presently and for which the transcripts were required. He also attacked my credibility, by also insisting on every details of my background, that also had no bearing on the matter before the court. He then reminded the Justice of the Peace and this, after he had made his ruling, that an obstruction of justice charge, was an indictable matter and that it should not go through. After he spoke, the Justice of the Peace Robert Whittaker, then disregarded his earlier decision in the matter, to bring it back for further consideration before the court. I did not know that a Judge or Justice of the Peace had to heed the advice of a crown attorney. I thought that he was sufficiently versed in the law to know better. He made a decision and then the crown attorney convinced him to later changed his mind, in regards to the matter. That is what justice is like for some people in the Canadian courts. To them, the situation was also comical. The crown attorney was actually smiling at this feat he had pulled. What appalled me in regards to this, was that the Justice of the Peace, agreed with him, where it was obvious that he was not acting in the interest of the public, but in protecting a member of the court staff. No, such a person should not be charged with an indictable offence, because of the likes of people like me. It wasn't about protecting the rights of the public. It was about protecting one of their own. I also refused to be a victim in this matter. No, I also wanted to see that my rights also as a member of the public, were also protected. Since August of 2009, I have tried to lay three private complaints at that court, in order to protect my rights and all three were denied. There are a number of Justices of the Peace at that court, who are especially corrupt and deserved special mentioning here. Justice of the Peace Weisberg being one of them.

Activists Gary McHale and Kevin Annett, has also represented two different versions, of political influence, persecution and corruption by the Canadian government. The article below has been reprinted here and from the perspective of Native Canadian Activist Kevin Annett, who has also been persecuted by the Canadian government, for standing up for his rights and the rights of his people. I have reprinted it here, in support of political prisoners in Canada. Note also that some portions of the article, for want of space, has also been deleted.

Kevin Annett: Political Persecution
by Rev. Kevin Annett...
Secretary,The Truth Commission into Genocide Canada

"I am writing this personal appeal to the world
because by August, I may be incarcerated in prison for
having exercised my God-given and constitutionally
protected freedom of speech in Canada.

In my work as an advocate and fighter for the rights
of aboriginal people, I have discovered that an
American conglomerate known as NAWAPA - The North
American Water and Power Alliance - is coveting the
lands of native people in central British Columbia,
with the assistance of... the government of Canada.

NAWAPA plans to dam and divert three major river
systems in our province into the United States through
a massive water reservoir known as the Rocky Mountain
Trench.(see website:

"There can be no clearer case than this one of a modern state...
to dispossess entire peoples in the interests of foreign multinational
corporations. Nor can there be a more obvious example of a government attacking
and silencing dissidents than what myself and native activists [...]
are presently up against.

Besides this lawsuit, we are experiencing regular
death threats, physical assaults, and other
harrassment designed to isolate and break us.

We need all persons of conscience to rally now to our

"I wish to thank you for your consideration, and ask
for your prayers; not only for myself and my family,
but for all of the aboriginal people of our land who
face overwhelming odds in defense of their land,
culture and very lives.
May the Creator and Great Mystery allow us Justice in
our time,
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
email: ph: 604-466-1804

Threats to the freedom and security of political activists and other persons of conscience in Canada, has been under attack, as this writer can also attest to. Having also endured constant threats to her freedom and both harassment and assaults from the police and their agents. Being put under 24 hours surveillance and also being subjected to both physical and psychological torture, as a result of my stand, on those issues of corruption and racism in Canada. Currently this has also involved all levels of government and the conspiracy to silence and to destroy me, is also quite evident in their actions against me. Freedom of speech and especially on those issues, that this government has taken radical actions against, has also been the reasons for those attacks. Support this author and also this blog for exposing the truth.