Thursday, March 26, 2009

Evil Works of Darkness

No matter what these evil people do. The truth will destroy them. They work under the cover of darkness but their actions will be exposed to the light of day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Conspiracy By The Police And Canadian Government Officials To Silence Me

The plot to silence me and to bring about my downfall by the Canadian authorities and more specifially by those corrupted public and government officials I have been reporting on this blog has grown to such a proportion that they will stop at nothing to achieve this. This is where the involvement of other human rights organizations must come in. To step in and to help me to protect those rights that I have and to also hold this government accountable for its human rights violations. As a journalist I also emphasized that freedom of speech and the protection of those rights that are inherent to all of us as human beings should be a priority among those human rights organizations set up to investigate these violations. It is those same rights which are in jeopardy in this country at this time through the corruption that exist within this government and through the efforts of those others in this society who wishes for things to remain as they are.


What did the 13 division Toronto Police do when they learned of a threat that was made against me by Donna Laidlow who was in Canada illegally and her family? That police division and these police officers specifically Detective Teeter, Sergeant Coglin and others worked to see that she was not prosecuted and went out of their way to protect her in other ways by not reporting that she was in Canada illegally and was posing a danger to others. They destroyed the tape of the threats that were made against me during their investigation and was working directly with those I was complaining about. This person Donna Laidlow who lives in Toronto and Calgary, Alberta was allowed to remain in Canada illegally because of the direct actions of the police.
The same is true for Georges Guillaume my ex spouse who not only had lied about certain aspects of his identity when he entered Canada and has remained here under false pretences ever since but he has also was worked continuously with that police division in regards to me. For example, he took our daughters 12 and 13 year old at the time to the 13 division police station and laid a private complaint against me alleging that I had slapped my daughters with a magazine during their weekend visits with me some months earlier. The 13 division police then charged me with assault with a weapon even though they also said in their reports that there were no injuries to the alleged victims. They have also continuously tried to set me up and in another incident when a white male (who was drunk at the time)had broken into my home through an unlocked door that police division charge me instead ( I had just two weeks prior to that filed a complaint against them for not investigating concerns regarding my children while in the care of their father). Four times that matter went to trial and three times the witness did not show up for the trial. He cited all kinds of reasons such as he had to work he just can't come which he passed on to a relative to tell the judge at the trial. He also was never injured in the alleged attack against him. He was summoned to show up on the fourth trial date(after not showing up three times previously) but the matter was later dismissed when the (new)judge learned that the 13 division police officer Quiggley who had arrested me was also smoking a cigarette in the police cruiser while making the arrest. (She also conveniently did not show up for the trial as a witness at all four trial dates! but her partner did and was later discredited on the stand by me when I crossed examined her(I had no lawyer so I had to do the trial myself). The charge was dismissed. Nothing came of the investigation regarding that corrupt 13 division police officer Quiggley either.

Friday, March 13, 2009

More Attacks Against Me

I have accused the Canadian government authorities of using torture against me that has included the use of technological advance weapons at their disposal that they have used in their attacks against me. Some of this is being transmitted directly at me through walls I believe by those that they have used as their agents for this purpose. Their principal agents for this are neighbours one of whom lives in the apartment above me. For a year now strange sounds has been coming from that apartment as they continuously turns on a machine in their living room that gives off a sound that is so irritating that if it is turned up loudly I have to leave my apartment. That is not the only thing that they do. They have employed many tactics in their attacks that points to the police involvement as it seem to go with their general modus operandi. There is also evidence that they are also working for the management in this regard and in this case it would not make any difference because both the management and the Canadian authorities are in league together with regards to this issue. I have more than enough evidence to back up this claim. These same neighbours also carries out other harassing behaviour such as banging on their floors(my ceiling)walls or my door and there is even someone in that apartment who has been stalking me and my family. This person also appears to be mentally deranged. Because they are agents of the police and the management it has been extremely difficult to prosecute them because the police in that area Toronto's 13 division police has blocked my efforts in doing so. They have now as well as in the past also prevented me from laying a private complaint against those persons through the court directly because of their influence that can also be felt in regards to that issue and this is not the first time that they have done so. When they want to set up or to target someone they will also simultaneously act to protect those that the person has also complaint about. I cannot stress enough the methods that are used by the government against those that it has targeted. These are all illegal means and they are intended to either drive you insane or to commit some kind of act that would get you in trouble which is what they had intended in the first place. Just to digress a bit here and also to prove my point. Have you noticed that you cannot access the link on the right of this page to the website http://www.Electromagnetic This is a website which deals with domestic surveillance by government agencies.That website which I had linked up to on this blog is not accessible through that link anymore. You have to try and get to that site directly from the Internet. Someone must have thought that this information was too explosive for the general public. It detailed how government agencies in their covert attacks against specific targets use illegal means to accomplish this. I also know of others in the same situation as myself and they have also come up with some ingenuous ways to deal with these attacks against them. I have endured so far because I have decided that they will not win against me no matter what tactic they employ to do so. I realise that not everyone can assimilate this kind of information and quite frankly I don't care whether I'm believed or not. What I do care about is exposing those who are responsible for those attacks against me. Something which they do not want at all to happen. Another area in which they have attacked me is my finances. These people have used every opportunity to block me financially. Neither my email nor my telephone is safe and I have reasons to believe that they are also behind the failure of my business. When you decide to speak out against government corruption you are not safe at all. Recently a group of individuals all working in various government agencies came together and blocked me from getting some money. It wasn't a lot of money but I could see quite clearly what their aim has been all along and that is to prevent me from managing financially. It has been the goal of my enemies to bankrupt me financially and to prevent me from earning a living in the "normal way". In doing so they have all worked together towards this purpose. If you think that this is strange I hope you get the chance to hear what the Harry Belafonte Human Rights activist had to say on this issue in regards to the many different ways that a government will use to stop those whom it has targeted from living a normal life. Emotionally I have proven too strong for them and they are never tired of looking for new ways to silence me. That is why the police has engaged the use of agent provocateurs in their aim to get me. I will not stop doing what I am doing which is to expose their actions to the public. All human rights abuse on their part which are directed at me specifically as well as others that I am aware of will be exposed and in all cases if I can help it will also be investigated by the International Human Rights Agencies set up to do so. I am specific about that. It will no longer remain a secret the actions of the Canadian authorities and how they go about their duties as public officials and also in defying international laws on human rights in the process. That is the simple fact of the matter. There is also a public need for this information and I believe that this information should get out to the public. The main reason is that lives are destroyed as a result of the actions of those corrupted persons involved. This is common place and without the public being made aware of such actions taking place it is bound to continue indefinitely. This government is not unlike any other that goes after those who speak out against it. In my case I have spoken out on those government and public officials who have used their positions as a cover to carry out illegal actions against the public. They are the real criminals and not the persons that they usually go after. This is the reason why they have also targeted me in the manner that they have which I will also detailed in the book that I'm writing on this subject that will deal with their actions against me. Both their open and covert attacks against me and it will also name the specific persons who were involved in that because I want to publicize in full detail all of the participants involved in my downfall which they had also orchestrated. Space do not permit me on this blog to do so. They in turn are working desperately to prevent this. It will also happen despite their efforts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Canada's Human Rights Abuse Exposed!

Victims of political torture in Canada by the Canadian government through subversive actions of the Canadian government have no where to turn. Canada's hypocritical attitude regarding human rights have turned attention regarding its own human rights abuse both here and abroad away from the real concerns involved regarding its own human rights violations. This allows the Canadian government to continue with its practice of violating the United Nations Charter on Human Rights unabated and unchallenged. The individual rights and freedom of specific persons as well as groups of people are regularly infringed upon by the Canadian government but perhaps the one area that needs to be investigated the most is the corruption involving Canadian government officials and public official and particularly in breaking the law. The Canadian government have been successful in its propaganda to avert the real issue of human rights abuses here to other countries. The fact is that the cases of human rights abuses in Canada is so exponentially high in this country, that the United Nations intervention is required now to look into these violations of its charter on human rights by this government. Individual cases that have been brought before the U.N. have been blocked by the Canadian government's attempt to conceal these matters away from international attention. There are many instances of individual cases regarding human rights abuse that have been interfered with by the Canadian government. Those cases have never been heard of in the Canadian media and some have now sought relief by requesting that the United Nations and other international human rights organizations intervene on their behalf. In some of those cases also the Canadian government have also been known to try and interfere with the proceedings through its manipulations. It is serious about not wanting this information regarding its own human rights abuses to get out in order to protect its image internationally. Victims of human rights abuse in Canada and those who have been targeted by the government directly are adamant about bringing these issues to the attention of the worldwide community in order to bring awareness to the problem.

Allegations Made Against The Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Canadian Human Rights Commission Internet Spying
what that means to freedom of speech in this country and for those who uses the Internet as a form of expression either for personal use or for other reasons. Censorship of the media including Internet contents which are intended to inform or to educate the public on issues including those pertaining to human rights I believed are under direct attacks presently in this country. It would also explain why not until recently has such information in regards to human rights abuse in this country been more available to the public. The reason for this of course is that there has been censorship in regards to this subject and mainly to hide the atrocities that has been taking place here by the Canadian authorities on that issue. More recently however this has changed somewhat with more of this information getting out to the public by those who has had a vested interest in this subject matter for one reason or another. Such individuals myself included having been personally affected by the actions of those who has been perpetrating it and has felt that there was a need for this information to be made public regarding such human rights abuse and the corruption that is also associated with it that are happening in this country at present. So when I recently discovered that the Canadian Human Rights Commission had been accused of spying through the internet on those who has been reporting on such human rights abuse in Canada and others I was very much interested because as you know this is an infringement upon freedom of speech and the right to hold an opionion and even those opinions which may shock or disturb others and this of course should not be tolerated. The person who is alleging all of this against the Canadian Human Rights Commission and he is not the only one doing so however is Marc Lemire someone who although he has been reporting on human rights issues in this country has also in my opinion has had some dubious connections with some very racist groups on the internet such as stormfront a known white supremist group that is also known for promoting racial hatred of others on their website. Even though he is associated with this group by defending those on its website it doesn't take away from the fact that he has also reported on human rights violations in this country even though he may also be a racist himself. I have no sympathy for stormfront on this issue but I do have a concern with the way that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has gone about gathering evidence against those who has used the internet for the purpose for which it was intended which is to state their opinions freely on issues that are important to them and which are also their right to do so if they wish. The alleged internet spying by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to gather evidence against those who has been using this medium to express their views or to educate the public is definately a violation of freedom of speech and the freedom to hold an opinion however disturbing those opinions are. My concern is that although it may have believed that its actions were legitimate for going after that group and others who has used the internet the methods that it has used to do so is in fact illegal and does interfere with the rights of those persons who has used the internet to express their opinions. This violation by the Canadian Human Rights Commission is really an attack against anyone who holds a different opinion and also against freedom of speech. Besides that the Canadian Human Right Commission is a human rights organization that is supposed to protect the freedom that are guaranteed under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Including of course freedom of speech. Its history however regarding human rights abuse says something else entirely and you may also find that other Canadians besides those mentioned also has a lot to say in regards to the Canadian Human Rights Commision's other actions and some has taken to trying to enforced their rights against this organization by writing or speaking out about its actions publicly. More information I believed will be coming out about it that I also believed that the public will appreciate. The Canadian Human Rights Commission work hand in hand with others to perpetuate human rights abuse in this country and to ignore the rights of others in this society. If this sounds shocking that a so called human rights organization should be accused of going against its own policy then the public should also know that covert actions has always been taken place by the Canadian authorities against anyone who has tried to exposed its human rights abuse and internet spying is only just one of the many methods that are used against both individuals and groups alike that are targeted. No one will agree with the tactics that are used by them to gather information about those that they spy on because those tactics are often illegal that are used against those persons who goes up against them. Anyone in fact could challenge the methods that are used by those agencies to gather such information. I really did not forsee the Canadian Human Rights Commission as one of those agencies that would violate the rights of others in this way and that would resort to such tactics. Call me naive for thinking that but Human Rights should belong in the area of Human Rights and this organization has no business of confusing those ideals which it has claimed that it stands for and participating in the corruption that it should also be investigating on behalf of human rights. I believe those who says that it is guilty of such actions and the simple reason is that the Canadian Human Rights Commission like countless other organizations that has been set up by the government has had one sole purpose and that is to extend the actions of this government further in the exploitation and the abuse of the rights of those in this society. Including of course furthering the abuse of those people's rights in this country. Internet spying is just one area that is utilized by them for this purpose and the public should know that it has also included these other activities as well. It includes such actions as breaking into people's homes illegally in order to gather evidence against them. Bugging their telephones and also setting up surveillance of such persons all of which violates their rights which has also not been discussed openly before now. This is a chance for those of us who has used the internet to say no to the tactics that are used by those government agencies to suppress freedom of speech and other human rights in this country. Gathering evidence against someone in that manner is always illegal.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit Against The Children's Aid Society And The Ontario Government

This is a class action lawsuit that has been filed against the CAS and the Ontario government. It was started by Kathleen Mattinson who is also the Founding Director of an organization called Cherish The Children (Independent Media). This class action lawsuit is also being promoted on facebook by John Rhykman creator of the group which has promoted it. The lawsuit was filed based on human rights violations and infringment by those mentioned. Anyone who has had a negative experience with CAS are asked to join this class action suit. For all those who are wlling to join her contact information is also posted on that facebook site as well. I have mentioned it here so that those who wish to know more about this lawsuit or who wanted to join the group which has promoted it could do so. I firmly believes that the CAS should be made accountable for its actions and the countless lives which it has destroyed through its negligence. It is also currently being investigated by the government as well. That to me has long been overdue in regards to that organization. For one thing for those lives which it has contributed in destroying there has been irreparable damages done to those involved. Both to the children and to the parents in those cases. I should know I am one of those parents who has felt CAS bias in its negative reporting and although my children were never a ward of CAS or has ever been in foster care, CAS has nevertheless made a negative impact upon our lives. For instance it was instrumental in my custody dispute with the other parent and acted very bias regarding that. It is a well known fact that CAS will take the side of one parent against the other in such disputes. Worst in my case CAS had refused to investigate any claims made against the father of my children or in regards to the care that the children were recieving, just so that he could retain custody of them. The results of this action by the CAS and the Ontario government (courts) has been the direct devastation of the lives of my children and the psychological damage which cannot even begun to be evaluated based upon this. What about those other cases also that has involved the deaths of children in foster care? I have met some of those parents and can tell you the horror stories associated with their cases and it all involved the negligence of CAS. I will mention one such case here. It involved a Black single mother, whose child died in foster care after CAS had the child removed from her care and while she was still in the hospital and just after giving birth. The circumstances pertaining to that, as she has related it to me also involved the hospital staff who tested her secretly for drugs, which came back positive. In this case the mother had been on prescription medication to deal with a trauma that she had gone through. Based on the positive drug test however her child was taken away and put into foster care where he later died while in foster care. I know the mother personally and knows that she would never take any illegal drugs. Her life and the lives of those other mothers who has been affected by CAS decisions against them has been destroyed in many ways. I hope that all those who has had a negative experience with this organization will now join this lawsuit against them. It has also become quite clear to those who are familiar with this organization that there are other motives other than what is supose to be in the best interest of children that propels this organization as well. It is not even necessary to mention here the scandals which has enveloped this organization such as those which has also been reported in the media and on this blog in regards to the actions of their executives and the way that this organizations spends its money.
My best description of this organization is that it has trafficked in the lives of our children. I think I can speak for all those parents who have been affected that no amount of money can ever repay for the damages done by this organization as far as our lives and those of our children are concerned.

Re: The Canadian Centre For Victims Of Torture


It is necessary first to also define what torture is under the United Nations Convension Against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Torture under that article is defined as:

Any act by which severe pain or suffering whether physical or mental is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.
– Convention Against Torture, Article 1.1
Further to quote from the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
"From this definition, it can be said that torture is the intentional infliction of severe mental or physical pain or suffering by or with the consent of the state authorities for a specific purpose. The aim of torture is to break down the victim's personality and is often used to punish obtain information or a confession take revenge on a person or create terror and fear within a population...
Torture is distinguished from other forms of ill-treatment by the severe degree of suffering involved. It encompasses many forms of suffering, both physical and psychological, which are remarkably similar worldwide. Most techniques seek to prolong the victims' pain and fear for as long as possible without leaving visible evidence...
It is important not to forget about psychological forms of ill-treatment which very often have the most long-lasting consequences for victims...Who are the victims?...Frequent victims are politicians, union leaders, journalists health professionals, human rights defenders, people in detention, or prison members of ethnic minorities and student leaders.
Victims of torture do not suffer alone. In many cases the victims' families and friends are also affected. The broader society may also be indirectly affected. The use of torture sends a strong warning to those within a political social or religious opposition. Who are the perpetrators? Those most likely to be involved in torture and other forms of ill-treatment are:
• the police
• the military
• paramilitary forces
• state-controlled contra-guerrilla forces. But perpetrators may also include:
• prison officers
• death squads
• any government official
• health professionals
• co-detainees acting with the approval or on the orders of public officials

I have started a public campaign against the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture. This is because this agency has been complacent in regards to victims of torture within Canada. It does not support such victims or even recognized such actions taking place within Canada and it also reports directly back to the Canadian government though it is not a government agency. This is not helping the situation for those victims of abuse and torture within this country most of whom have been targeted by the Canadian authorities and in some cases by the Canadian government directly. I have given this subject wide coverage on my blog because I have been personally affected by the actions of those Canadian authorities and knows of other cases as well taking place within this country that violates international standards on human rights. DO NOT SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS LIKE CANADIAN CENTRE FOR VICTIMS OF TORTURE. Until this organization recognizes and helps those victims of torture within this country its should not even be considered as being of any help in that area. It must begin to take such claims that are happening here, just as seriously as it does for those other cases that it is mandated to investigate on behalf of the Canadian government. I believe that it has compromised its position by not officially recognizing such cases within Canada. Of course, the Canadian government endorses this position. But that is not exactly the truth of the matter. I respect any person or organization who is bold enough to speak the truth on these issues.