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Alex Jones Canadian conspiracy

Alex Jones: "Canada Looking To Boost Its Image Using The Internet".

American Conspiracy theory advocate, Alex Jones, reveals in this video, new information, on the Canadian government's use of the internet, to boost its own public image and also to abuse the rights of its citizens, through programs, such as the echelon spy program and other spying methods, that are currently being used, by the present Harper government, to track the use of Canadians, on the internet.

Its goal? To suppress information from getting out about its own activities, concerning human rights standards, and to also limit the freedom of Canadians, using the internet, as a means of sharing information, with the rest of the world.

Alex Jones viedo on this subject is not only revealing, but it is also in line with what other informed sources, such as human rights activists, are also saying on this matter. That human rights standards are also deteriorating, at an alarming rate, in that country.


The World Has Remained Silent, Concerning The Individual Claims, For Human Rights abuse, By The Canadian Government.

The Canadian government has done a neat job in covering up its actions, for
carrying out human rights atrocities in its own country. Individual claims for
human rights abuse, against that country, has been growing steadily, over the years, yet no one, including the United Nations, has also taken the Canadian government's actions seriously enough, to make the Canadian government, also accountable, for carrying out those atrocities, against people living in that country.

One of the main areas of abuse, is the corruption by Canadian government officials
including the police and also the widespread claims for torture, that are also now coming forward by individuals, against the Canadian government. Those targeted are often those who has openly protested, against the Canadian government's actions.
And many such journalists and writers, like myself, also pay for th…