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Putting The Safety Of The Public At Risk.

A Complaint That Was Filed, By A Member Of The Public, With the
Toronto's 13 Division Police, Was also Removed From It's System.
In Effect, There is No Record, That The Complaint Was Ever Made.

"It's A Glitch In Our System." says 13 Division Supervisor, William Gagliardi.

The acting staff sergeant, Enis Spencer, went even further, he threatened the person, with charges of harassment, if she should call back the station and request the badge numbers, of the officers, who had failed to file a record, of the complaint, including, also, their personal notes, concerning the complaint. When asked if he was trying to also intimidate the person, with that response, he said "No, not at all". But we know better.

Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice, Is Just One of the concerns, by the public,
in regards to this matter.

Not even with the Toronto police dispatcher, who also has their own record,
when a member of the public, calls th…