Friday, September 30, 2011


Putting The Safety Of The Public At Risk.

A Complaint That Was Filed, By A Member Of The Public, With the
Toronto's 13 Division Police, Was also Removed From It's System.
In Effect, There is No Record, That The Complaint Was Ever Made.

"It's A Glitch In Our System." says 13 Division Supervisor, William Gagliardi.

The acting staff sergeant, Enis Spencer, went even further, he threatened the person, with charges of harassment, if she should call back the station and request the badge numbers, of the officers, who had failed to file a record, of the complaint, including, also, their personal notes, concerning the complaint. When asked if he was trying to also intimidate the person, with that response, he said "No, not at all". But we know better.

Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice, Is Just One of the concerns, by the public,
in regards to this matter.

Not even with the Toronto police dispatcher, who also has their own record,
when a member of the public, calls the police, separate from the individual
police officers, also had a record of the call. Both the dispatcher's record and
the 13 division police record, were erased from the police data systems. To also protect the person, who was also being accused, at the time. That information was later only able to be retrieved, from the Toronto Police Headquarters, who had a different internal system, from the individual police division.

Why was that information concerning an alleged threat, or more specifically, a death threat, not recorded by that police division?. Because it also had to do with the person, who had made the threat. It is also a matter concerning, Mintz & Partners Ltd., Kehilla Residential Program and their employees, such as Lisa Lipowitz and Sandra Thompson and also the Toronto's 13 Division Police. More specifically, in this case, the superintendent of one of the buildings, the Moahav Noam Coop, that they also manages, who had made a threatening statement, allegedly, directed at a resident of the building. What was the threat? "That the person is so stupid, that they should be taken outside and shot". Most people would also perceived this, as a very serious threat also.

He of course also denied making that statement, to the police, who also
attended the call, from the resident and to help the matter even further, the 13 division police, also erased that complaint, from their data system. The resident had to get the information, of the two police officers, Constable Oneil and Constable Pangos, who attended, including their badge numbers, from the Toronto Police Head quarters, afterwards. And when the Toronto police 13 Divsion, was asked why this complaint, because of its serious nature, was also not recorded by them, the 13 division police officer responded, that this was due to a "glitch in their system". That is, why the attending officers, had also failed to make a record, of the complaint. The suspicion got even greater, when the dispatcher, also, had no record either, of the call, that was make earlier.

Keeping the public informed, in regards to these anomalies, from the Toronto
police in regards to their actions, or their services, to the public, is also a
good way, of keeping them in check. Disregarding information, by the police, that could later be used in an investigation, is and should also be regarded, as a crime, by the police officers, or division, who do this deed. When looking deeper into the matter, one can also see evidence of a conspiracy, and especially a conspiracy to obstruct justice, by the police, in those matters. This action by the police, also certainly, do not serve the interest of the public. It is also an abuse of the person's right, to equal treatment, in regards to its services, by the police.

According to one Toronto police dispatcher, Joanna Clark-Dunn, on the subject of
the Toronto police response, to calls from the public, or in acting upon them,
she made it quite clear, that some of those calls, also do not get acted upon.
And more disturbingly, that this is often the result, of a directive, from the "upper command", in the Toronto police department. And although this dispatcher was also referring to a specific incident of the Toronto police, relating to the G20 events, it is also by no means, an isolated case, concerning their actions, either. Certain complaints are investigated, in a negligent manner, by the police, while others may also be suppressed, entirely, depending upon who is also making the complaint, or who the police is also trying to protect, in those cases.

As for the Toronto police 13 Division and the accusations of a collusion,
between that police division and the companies also mentioned, that has also become extremely clear, by those who are aware of their actions, including by some of the residents of the building, that they also manage, in that area. The police taking sides, in legal matters, including covering up evidence, is something that is also frequently done, by the Toronto police. They both manufacture evidence and also suppress it, when it also suit their purpose, to do so.

That is why a lot of their cases also gets thrown out of court, for their mishandling of those cases, as well. In some of them, you can also see the police hand print in them. These are all cases, of the police abusing the individual rights, of the public. Since we also know that those actions of the police, in those cases, also comes from their "chain of command", in regards to some of those cases, it is also easy to see how corruption, is also very much a part of the police practice, as well.