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More Illegal Ways In Which The Police Targets Or Attempts To Entrap Persons

There are some things that the public needs to know in order to understand some of the ways in which the police go about breaking the law themselves. First and foremost is that in order to entrap someone the police always uses illegal means to do so. I am talking of those situations where the police has no authorization from a judge to go about doing this. In situations like that they most often employ the use of agent provocateurs and these are always breaking the law. Entrapment simply means that the police are the ones who are creating the "right" circumstances that will compromise the individual. When they use agent provocateurs their job is to put you into a situation where the police can then charge you. If you know their tactics then you can most likely avoid it. Agents of the police are breaking the law and so are the police when they use such means. It says many things. Number one. It says t…