Sunday, March 23, 2014



When I started out as an insurance agent and was learning about the financial industry, I was always amazed, personally, at the role that the Federal Reserve has played, in the the economy of the countries around the world. As a private banking system, it had enormous, draconian powers, in the fate of almost all countries, by regulating their currencies and by also dictating to them, what their interest rates should be. This private bank, itself, is also not regulated and it is also the bane of this world's financial problems. And it did all of this with its worthless paper money!.  Alan Greenspan who was its former Chairman from 1987 to 2006, also did a lot to put into the public mind, about the invincibility of the Federal Reserve Bank. But invincible it is not.  Hearing for the first time in this video the Federal Reserve, admitting, that it had no gold to back up the dollar, which I have also known, is also something that the rest of the public need to witness for themselves.

Based on that fact, alone, we also now know the real reason why NATO, was in Libya and why the US government, NATO and the Rothchilds, also murdered Muammar Gaddafi.  Gaddafi has stood out from the rest of the Arab leaders, for his personal integrity and his commitment to his country.  He has always tried to unified the rest of Africa. That has always been his vision, for the prosperity of that continent, against foreign interference and take over. Unfortunately, the rest of Africa's corrupt leaders, could not see that.
Muammer Gaddafi, was also not a madman, but a true political strategist and a genius at politics. He was a true ruler and not a dictator.  Libya was also unlike Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. All corrupt governments, run by dictators.

There are a few world leaders that I have also long admired, for their ability at governing and their commitment to their country, when it comes to representing the interest of the people. They are Muammer Gaddafi, Fidal Castro, John F. Kennedy, Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba. And Muammer Gaddafi, has always taken preeminence over the others, in my opinion. Noticed that Nelson Mandela, is also not included in that group.  In my opinion he was controlled by outside forces, unlike the other leaders and also to the detriment of the South African people.  The same forces that has also been deposing of governments, in the last few years, at an alarming rate.

Vladimir Putin of Russia is another world leader, who should also be admired for challenging, the actions of NATO, in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. These leaders has all addressed some really serious global concerns and especially when it comes to power being concentrated in the hands of a few very rich families.  Leaving the rest of the world in debt and also indebted to that same group of elite.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, should be admired and also remembered, as not only a true leader, but also a brilliant man. I have always regarded him as Africa's shining prince. He had no close rivals for that title either, by any other African leader, except perhaps, Kwame Nkrumah.  Muammar Gaddafi, had also declared from day one of his presidency, that he was in charge and not the western countries, on what was best for Libya. Something which also set the stage for his eventual downfall. Most Libyans view of their former leader is still the same.  He did much for Libya and the people still love and admired him for that, despite what his enemies has also done to him in the end.

Undeservedly, Muammar Gaddifi was also made to look like the evil ruler, by the western countries, which not only hated the African leader, but also coveted his rich country's natural resources, mainly oil, which they all wanted to get their greedy hands on. And that was one of the reasons for his murder. It was not the people who had rebelled against their leader, but the CIA's covert operation in Libya, which also deposed of him.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Elite's Front Men, Of Propaganda. Jesse Ventura, David Icke and Alex Jones. They Supply Us With Information, Or Disinformation, That "The Elite/Evil Men", Want Us To Know About.

The disinformation agents of the New World Order, may fool many people, but some of us knows exactly what they are about.  I am talking about the likes of  Jesse Ventura, David Icke, Alex Jones and Toronto's own radio host, who goes by the misnomer, "The Spaceman". Or perhaps I should really say, that it is his moniker. Use whatever term that you like. These men who have access to our minds, are all agents, or as some people also believed, double agents, of the elite. Those groups of people among us, who truly believe in their perverted minds, that they are entitled to rule over us. And those like me and so many others, who also opposed, those totalitarian world governments, are also made to pay the price for exposing their evil actions.  I am the least of them all, but even the most insignificant among the people, like me, also get noticed
and also hunted down. You know, like being blacklisted, one of their most effective tactics.

Those agents of the elite, whose goal is to confuse the masses, with their half truths, in order to get us hooked, and to also believe in the so called "superiority", of those mad men among us, who also want to rule over us, knows their real agenda. How do you spot them?. These front men, or women, who are phonies and are not really on our side?.   They are not bothered by the "powers that be".  They are left alone to carry out their agenda.  Look at their inner circle and the people that they are also associated with and you will also see whose side they are really on. Are they really on the side of the people, or on the side of the elite that they are talking so much about?. When I talk about their "inner circle" I am mainly talking about the people who supports them financially.  Because as you know to survive at all, you need to have either money, or those with money, who are also willing to invest in either you, or your business.  Other wise you will sink.  None of those people that I am talking about, has any financial difficulties, in their endeavors. Especially, Alex Jones and  David Icke. I won't even go into who their sponsors are, here, but you can also look it up for yourself.  They have some powerful people backing them, in every way. Not just financially, but also to protect them in other ways.

Do I believe in this lizard theory?. Absolutely. It is a very old theory that goes back many thousands of years, so there is some truth to it. Do I believe that those groups of mad men, who are also trying to rule the world and to enslave all of us, are telling us the whole truth?. No. We the people, the aggregate, as some would say, also has the power to stop them. One way of stopping them is to exposed their evil actions and also agenda, to the masses. There are many people who are doing just that and many more will also join us, in the end.  We will not shut up about what those governments and their world leaders are up to. Those world leaders, Canada included, who are also all front men for the elite and their plan to take over the world.

I am a big fan of Tila Tequila, that little pint size dynamo, with the big mouth like me.  That has also gotten her into a lot of trouble lately. She is the self described "angel of light", who has taken it upon herself, to exposed the US government and those that she knows of, who also belongs to the elite. And it also probably nearly cost her, her life as well. Tina has also described this incident as part of the US government, or the elite's, attempt to destroy her, by trying to kill her outright with a brain aneurysm. I and most other people
who knows what those governments can do, also believe her as well.

But be wary of those who also professed to be on our side, but are really working for the other side. Many of who are also in the media, or who has access to the media and therefore to our minds.  I believe those persons that I have also mentioned, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and David Icke, are just some of the more visible agents of the elite.  Listen to what they have to say, but don't believe in them too much. There is a saying that whatever is hidden will also come to light, one day.  In their case, perhaps we will never know for sure, but we also don't have to trust them either. You have to ask yourself this simple question.  Who is telling them all if those things?. And also why? It seem to me that this is information that someone, or in this case, something, want the public to know about.  Who, or what? that "something" is, is also left up to you to believe.

In the christian lexicon, otherwise known as the bible, or even in the beliefs of some christians, but not all, those beings from the other dimensions, that are being talked about in the above mentioned video, are also called 'demons'. And those 'speaking in tongues', as they would also called the language of those demons, are nothing more than the languages, that are also being spoken of by beings, from another dimension. Of course this theory of mine, being from a christian background, has also gotten me into a lot of trouble, with the 'religious christians'.  Those ones who has a closed mind. I am also not one of them.  Besides, I also happen to know for a fact, that 'other dimensions' also exist, since I am also aware of it personally.  Enough has also been said on that issue, already.

We do live in a three dimensional world and that is where most people's imagination stops. But we are also not alone in this vast universe, that is also very complex and since everything is also energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only changed into something else, those 'other dimensions' also opens up a whole new set of theories, on things that open minded people already knows exist, but is also a problem for the closed minded. And this category would also fit most of those who are also the professed christians, and also do not understand anything about the secret teachings of the prophet Jesus Christ.  I, on the other hand, is an adherent to the secret teachings of that master of men. But back to the present conspiracy theory, of Jesse Ventura, in the video.  I personally know what Jesse Ventura and his video is all about.  As I said earlier, he is an agent of the elite and his job is to spread propaganda and disinformation, away from the truth. Nevertheless, despite his efforts in the video, to get the people to not believe in the reptilian theory and also their agenda, many of us also believed that this is really what is going on with those mad men, who also called themselves the elite. A bunch of evil beings of the dark side.

The bottom line is that this is a war between those who are of the light, or who follows the path of the light and those other people, who do not.  Tila Tequilla, myself and many others through our work, has also openly professed, which side that we are on. And if you didn't get it before now, I will also say it here.  I am on the side of the light, I believe anyway, because I don't know enough of anything for sure. We are on a special mission and that is also why we are not afraid, of those who are also openly on the dark side and who through fear are also trying to damn us all. They are not that powerful, believe me. And they are really afraid of those who also professed the light.  That is why they also try to destroy them.  The negative energy that it takes to exist on that side, also depletes them of their personal power. They only seem to have unlimited power because they also joined forces. But singly they are no match, if you also know the rules of the game.  Activate your spiritual centers and you will also know the real truth.  Although, even the truth is relative. And also highly subjective. But we also has to start somewhere, right?.