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United Nations Found Canada Guilty of Human Rights Violations

The United Nation's report has acknowledged that the Canadian government was in violation of human rights. The report seemed to have alluded to the fact that the Canadian government should make amends regarding its human rights violations and called upon it to acknowledged its role in regards to those human rights abuse some of which I have touched upon on my blog such as its racism and its policy of exclusion towards different members of its society. Canada also has one of the most racist immigration policy that exist today and directly targeting specific groups of people both inside and outside of Canada and of course also the corruption that is involved in its bureaucracy. I believed that the silence in regards to its atrocities that are committed towards those living in this country should also be acknowledged. The best example of which is Canada's native people who like others have suffered at the hands of this government. On any given day there are countless human rights…


A recent inquiry in regards to the Canadian military's role in the torture of innocent Afghanistan civilians has also called for changes as well as for accountability on the part of the Canadian government. The report, which also stated that the torture of those civilians took place in 2006 and 2007, but were not investigated until now, detailed the torture of those civilians, who were also described as being, "farmers, truck drivers, tailor, peasants, random human being in the wrong place, at the wrong time". The report also stated that the Canadian military detained and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.
The report has stated that the civilians were also picked up during routine military operations, on the basis of reports that are "typically not of intelligence... but suspicion or unproven denunciation.” According to a senior Canadian Military Officer, Richard Colvin, who has made the report on the torture of the Afghans, before the Canadia…