Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canada's Federal Court Orders Repatriation Of Torture Victim Abousfian Abdelrazik

Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik who had fled Sudan as a refugee and was a Canadian citizen was denied entrance back into Canada after visiting a relative in Sudan in 2003. The Canadian Federal Court has ruled that since 2003 the Canadian government has repeatedly violated Abousifian Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada and ordered the Canadian government to repatriate the Sudanese-born Canadian citizen within 30 days. Justice Russel Zinn said “Had it been necessary to determine whether the breach (of Adelrazik’s constitutional rights) was done in bad faith, I would have no hesitation making that finding on the basis of the record before me.” The judge also found that the Canadian state had first violated Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada when it was complicit in his prolonged, indefinite detention without charge by the Sudanese state. Later after his second release from Sudanese prison in July 2006, Abdelrazik became ensnared in an unconstitutional legal-bureaucratic maze with Canadian authorities repeatedly introducing new impediments to his return to his home and family in Canada. More evidence has also come to light in the role of Canada's spy agency CSIS in Mr. Abdelrazik's detention in Sudan. According to one document that was released labeled also "secret", CSIS had asked the Sudanese government to arrest the Canadian man the files had revealed. "Now we have the smoking gun, that our government through CSIS was responsible for Mr. Abdelrazik's incarceration" in Sudan, said NDP MP Paul Dewar.

This is a familiar theme in regards to the Canadian Authorities and how it deals with certain Canadians. They are not all treated the same. It has also repeatedly been in violation of the international human rights law of non refoulement whereby this government has directly played a role in regards to the torture of those persons in countries that they know will definitely torture such persons should they returned but it has also turned a blind eye to this by either sending them back to be tortured by those governments or by not doing anything to return those who are in such countries back to Canada. Other cases similar to this one has also involved those persons who are seeking political asylum in Canada because of persecutions in their former countries. These are also arbitrarily returned despite the dangers that they also face in those countries because of their affiliations. Many of them are also currently sitting in Canadian jails awaiting deportations to those countries that will most likely put their lives in danger and the Canadian government is extremely selective in who it helps and also who it has allowed to be tortured and abused. Itself engaged in such actions when it also finds it necessary. And this is also against international human rights law.

Friday, September 4, 2009



One of the most disgusting revelations that I have ever come across is in regards to the Toronto Police involvement in the perpetration of crimes against others in this society and all the while going about their daily business of presumably preserving the law. It is one of those issues that should be investigated fully because the police routinely carries out acts of terror and atrocities against the public that they themselves has either helped to orchestrate or is involved in directly and which also has violated those victims rights. As a Human Rights Activist I have also seen the length that they will go to try and implicate those that they have also targeted and using ways that are also illegal to do so. For the Toronto Police 13 Division in the area that I live in that city their actions has been recorded by me and others as being particularly disturbing because most of those crimes that they have also perpetrated against the public has for its basis racism. Specific targets of theirs such as this writer are also subjected to daily harassment from them and the many other ways that they have also employed in trying to set them up or to violate their rights in some other way. They also have helped other members of the public to do the same. I have personally witnessed that police division being involved in the perpetration of race related crimes and other criminal acts against the public and also proving themselves to be extremely racist which also does not surprise anyone. The fact that racism is an institution in this country and that the police is the extended arm of this government that are authorized to trample upon the rights of others in this society should be a concern for those interested in the protection of human rights in this country. They also carry out the most heinous and barbaric acts against some members of the public that should also be investigated seriously by those so called Human Rights organizations in Canada because these also constituted human rights abuse by international standards. This is why the public should support those who has been the targeted by the police or by the government for their beliefs or for other reasons. Those such as this writer and others who has made its actions known to the rest of the world and has been targeted directly as a result there by exposing its hypocrisy regarding human rights abuse that has long been covered up in this country. Your support for those who has been targeted will also go a long way towards protecting human rights in that country.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Canada's Double Standards Regarding Its Immigration Policy

So now Canada is a country that gives protection to refugees based on their race? If this is the case then why has this government not extended this courtesy to all refugee claimants? Not just to those who are white as in this case but also to those who are non white. A recent decision by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board that has granted refugee status to Brandon Huntley a white South African based solely on the grounds of his race has ignited a response from the public and also from the African National Congress that I believed are also justified. The decision itself was racist and anyone can see why the public has regarded this action by the Canadian government and The Immigration and Refugee Board which is also a very corrupt government agency as a racist decision on its part which also certainly do not promote racial equality in this country or in its international relations with other countries either.
Brandon Huntley the white South African who was granted refugee protection in Canada may have believed that his claim was justified but was it? Would anyone really say that white South Africans are persecuted by blacks under its current government as he has claimed?. And if that is the case why has the United Nations not been made aware of this Human Rights violations by the South African government? On the other hand Canada has taken it upon itself to intervened on behalf of white South Africans who believed that they are persecuted because of their race and has granted such refugee claimants refugee status in Canada. Many has regarded Canada's decision as being racist and it is difficult not to see why since it has previously made no such attempts to help Black South Africans during South Africa's Apartheid government. The decision by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board also discriminated against Blacks and other refugee claimants seeking refugee status in Canada for those same reasons cited by Brandon Huntley which are not only denied to them by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board but it is also not a part of this government's immigration policy that are in operation at this time. Blacks and other refugees from third world countries for instance are routinely denied refugee status in Canada no matter what their claims are or what their situation has implied including persecution based on race and other factors. My reasons for exposing Canada's hypocrisy and its racist immigration policy is that if it is going to use the category of race in its decisions then this should apply to all refugees and not not just white refugee claimants only as it has currently done. Some of the most persecuted people today are denied refugee status in Canada. Including the Palestinians and other non white groups. On the other hand Israeli citizens has been granted refugee status in Canada despite that government's response that their refugee claims are not legitimate. The Canadian government has still gone ahead and granted them refugee status in Canada anyway. It is not difficult then to see why this government actions has received such criticism in regards to its immigration policy which is also racist and bias. I've also included below some of the other published articles denouncing this government's actions regarding its refugee policy.(Due to the limited space only the relevant quotes are printed here).

June 23, 2008

Shock as Canada rejects Iraq refugees
Instead of joining kin here, applicants directed to ancestors' homeland...

Flood of Israeli Refugees to Canada Embarrasses Israeli Government
September/October 1994

Canada Calling

by John Dirlik
Ottawa's decision to grant refugee status to hundreds of Israelis seeking asylum in Canada has sparked a war of words between officials of the two countries... Most of the Israelis seeking refugee status in Canada are originally from the former Soviet Union. In order to have their claims accepted by Canadian immigration authorities, they have to prove that they would face state-sanctioned persecution in Israel... Israeli officials vehemently denied the refugee claims of persecution.
"It is absurd and ridiculous that holders of citizenship in an open Western democracy like Israel are benefiting from the status of refugee in Canada," said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Rafi Gamzou. "These people [Soviet Jews] came to Israel on the way to somewhere else," he said. "They are using the refugee claim as an excuse to get into Canada quickly. Of course you can understand that it doesn't look good and it's not right, it's simply not true."

Responding to Israeli protests, Canada's immigration minister said he will not let Israel tell Ottawa what refugees to accept... "I don't think it's appropriate for another government to tell our government...who is a refugee or who is not," said Sergio Marchi(Canada's former Immigration Minister).

International Delegations Demand an End to the Deportations of Palestinian Refugees from Canada

On August 15th, members and supporters of the Coalition Against the
Deportation of Palestinian Refugees visited Canadian Immigration offices,
Consulates and Embassies in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, New York, London,
Beirut, Amman and the United Arab Emirates, to demand an immediate end of
deportations for all Palestinians in Canada and for them to be granted
permanent resident status. Joe Volpe, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, continues to ignore the Coalition's demands. He and members of his ministry have refused to meet with Coalition members and ignored the support they have from civil society and individuals across Canada and the world. After over two years of organizing and fighting against their deportations,Palestinian refugees and their supporters took the initiative on August 15th to remind Volpe of their demands, and their will to continue fighting.

Canada's farcical refugee system
author: Stoffman, Daniel
Publication Name: Reader's Digest (Canadian)

Canada is one of the few countries that grant refugee status to Israelis. The practice has been strongly criticized since Israel is a parliamentary democracy that upholds the human rights of its citizens.

Note: (I like most people would disagree with the author on that last point)

So why are White South Africans and not Black South Africans (those previously under South Africa's Apartheid government) granted refugee status in Canada? or why do Israelis and not Palestinians granted refugee status in Canada? Do you see the discrepancy in its actions? The answer of course is simple enough. Racism plays a pivotal role in the decisions of this government.