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Canada's Federal Court Orders Repatriation Of Torture Victim Abousfian Abdelrazik

Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik who had fled Sudan as a refugee and was a Canadian citizen was denied entrance back into Canada after visiting a relative in Sudan in 2003. The Canadian Federal Court has ruled that since 2003 the Canadian government has repeatedly violated Abousifian Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada and ordered the Canadian government to repatriate the Sudanese-born Canadian citizen within 30 days. Justice Russel Zinn said “Had it been necessary to determine whether the breach (of Adelrazik’s constitutional rights) was done in bad faith, I would have no hesitation making that finding on the basis of the record before me.” The judge also found that the Canadian state had first violated Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada when it was complicit in his prolonged, indefinite detention without charge by the Sudanese state. Later after his second release from Sudanese prison in July 2006, Abdelrazik became ensnared in an unconstitutional legal-bureaucratic maze with Canadia…



One of the most disgusting revelations that I have ever come across is in regards to the Toronto Police involvement in the perpetration of crimes against others in this society and all the while going about their daily business of presumably preserving the law. It is one of those issues that should be investigated fully because the police routinely carries out acts of terror and atrocities against the public that they themselves has either helped to orchestrate or is involved in directly and which also has violated those victims rights. As a Human Rights Activist I have also seen the length that they will go to try and implicate those that they have also targeted and using ways that are also illegal to do so. For the Toronto Police 13 Division in the area that I live in that city their actions has been recorded by me and others as being particularly disturbing because most of those crimes that they have also perpetrated against the …


Canada's Double Standards Regarding Its Immigration Policy

So now Canada is a country that gives protection to refugees based on their race? If this is the case then why has this government not extended this courtesy to all refugee claimants? Not just to those who are white as in this case but also to those who are non white. A recent decision by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board that has granted refugee status to Brandon Huntley a white South African based solely on the grounds of his race has ignited a response from the public and also from the African National Congress that I believed are also justified. The decision itself was racist and anyone can see why the public has regarded this action by the Canadian government and The Immigration and Refugee Board which is also a very corrupt government agency as a racist decision on its part which also certainly do not promote racial equality in this country or in its international relations with other countries either.