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The recent private complaint that was laid against former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, by activist Gary McHale, is a reminder that justice can also prevail if one persist. Fantino, who is the new Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police or the OPP, was charged for influencing or attempting to influence, members of council in a two-page letter to those council members, who were advised by Fantino against supporting public rallies, that were led by McHale. The charge against Fantino was instigated by an April 2007 email, that Julian Fantino had sent to Mayor Marie Trainer and other councillors. The Superior Court of Ontario decided after hearing the matter by Gary McHale, that the charge should be laid against the former chief of police.

The right to lay a private charge is one that is available to everyone. Yet that has not been the case with me, thanks to the conspiracy that is also involved, in regards to me. Recently, I also tried to exercise that right, by trying to lay…