Thursday, January 14, 2010


The recent private complaint that was laid against former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, by activist Gary McHale, is a reminder that justice can also prevail if one persist. Fantino, who is the new Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police or the OPP, was charged for influencing or attempting to influence, members of council in a two-page letter to those council members, who were advised by Fantino against supporting public rallies, that were led by McHale. The charge against Fantino was instigated by an April 2007 email, that Julian Fantino had sent to Mayor Marie Trainer and other councillors. The Superior Court of Ontario decided after hearing the matter by Gary McHale, that the charge should be laid against the former chief of police.

The right to lay a private charge is one that is available to everyone. Yet that has not been the case with me, thanks to the conspiracy that is also involved, in regards to me. Recently, I also tried to exercise that right, by trying to lay a charge, against a supervisor at a Toronto court, for obstruction of justice, for his personal involvement, in regards to some transcripts that I had ordered from that court and by directly preventing the investigation of the whereabouts of a document, that I had also given to that court. That charge was denied by the Justice of the Peace, Robert Whittaker, at the Ontario Court of Justice at 1911 Eglington avenue east in Scarborough. I will also revealed the corruption, that is also involved by the court, in this matter. Chris Samac is the supervisor that I had tried to have charged, because of his personal interference in this matter. In short he had denied that either he or any member of his staff, has ever received a court order, requesting that he produced the transcripts. I had given the document to a member of his staff. There are witnesses to this fact. Chris Samac not only refused to let me speak with that staff concerning the said document, even when I also suggested that he also be present, but he denied also denied that the court had ever received any such document from me. The private complaint against the supervisor, which I had also tried to lay at the 1000 Finch court in Toronto, could also not be heard at that court, I was also told, because of a "conflict of interest". The matter was transferred to another court, due to the "conflict of interest" that would be presented by the Justice of the Peace, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, to a "set date" court, at the Scarborough location. Needless to say, that when I showed up there, in that particular court room, the private complaint was dismissed. It was in fact, not even heard has yet. (There was no pre-enquette hearing of the matter as yet). I insisted, however, that my matter be heard, so I was later sent to another court room, presided over by Justice Robert Whittaker. After hearing the matter, he suggested that it should be adjourned to another date, in order for me to produce the documents from the Superior Court. I was prepared to do that. At that point the crown attorney Robert Fried, who had already presented his arguments on why the charge should not be laid and had also closed his case. I say so because that is exactly what it was. A full hearing. Not a pre enquete hearing, as it should be, in which case the procedures are different. This crown attorney also decided that the court, also needed to know the details, of the other private complaints, that I had also tried to have laid and which were also unrelated to the one before the court presently and for which the transcripts were required. He also attacked my credibility, by also insisting on every details of my background, that also had no bearing on the matter before the court. He then reminded the Justice of the Peace and this, after he had made his ruling, that an obstruction of justice charge, was an indictable matter and that it should not go through. After he spoke, the Justice of the Peace Robert Whittaker, then disregarded his earlier decision in the matter, to bring it back for further consideration before the court. I did not know that a Judge or Justice of the Peace had to heed the advice of a crown attorney. I thought that he was sufficiently versed in the law to know better. He made a decision and then the crown attorney convinced him to later changed his mind, in regards to the matter. That is what justice is like for some people in the Canadian courts. To them, the situation was also comical. The crown attorney was actually smiling at this feat he had pulled. What appalled me in regards to this, was that the Justice of the Peace, agreed with him, where it was obvious that he was not acting in the interest of the public, but in protecting a member of the court staff. No, such a person should not be charged with an indictable offence, because of the likes of people like me. It wasn't about protecting the rights of the public. It was about protecting one of their own. I also refused to be a victim in this matter. No, I also wanted to see that my rights also as a member of the public, were also protected. Since August of 2009, I have tried to lay three private complaints at that court, in order to protect my rights and all three were denied. There are a number of Justices of the Peace at that court, who are especially corrupt and deserved special mentioning here. Justice of the Peace Weisberg being one of them.

Activists Gary McHale and Kevin Annett, has also represented two different versions, of political influence, persecution and corruption by the Canadian government. The article below has been reprinted here and from the perspective of Native Canadian Activist Kevin Annett, who has also been persecuted by the Canadian government, for standing up for his rights and the rights of his people. I have reprinted it here, in support of political prisoners in Canada. Note also that some portions of the article, for want of space, has also been deleted.

Kevin Annett: Political Persecution
by Rev. Kevin Annett...
Secretary,The Truth Commission into Genocide Canada

"I am writing this personal appeal to the world
because by August, I may be incarcerated in prison for
having exercised my God-given and constitutionally
protected freedom of speech in Canada.

In my work as an advocate and fighter for the rights
of aboriginal people, I have discovered that an
American conglomerate known as NAWAPA - The North
American Water and Power Alliance - is coveting the
lands of native people in central British Columbia,
with the assistance of... the government of Canada.

NAWAPA plans to dam and divert three major river
systems in our province into the United States through
a massive water reservoir known as the Rocky Mountain
Trench.(see website:

"There can be no clearer case than this one of a modern state...
to dispossess entire peoples in the interests of foreign multinational
corporations. Nor can there be a more obvious example of a government attacking
and silencing dissidents than what myself and native activists [...]
are presently up against.

Besides this lawsuit, we are experiencing regular
death threats, physical assaults, and other
harrassment designed to isolate and break us.

We need all persons of conscience to rally now to our

"I wish to thank you for your consideration, and ask
for your prayers; not only for myself and my family,
but for all of the aboriginal people of our land who
face overwhelming odds in defense of their land,
culture and very lives.
May the Creator and Great Mystery allow us Justice in
our time,
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
email: ph: 604-466-1804

Threats to the freedom and security of political activists and other persons of conscience in Canada, has been under attack, as this writer can also attest to. Having also endured constant threats to her freedom and both harassment and assaults from the police and their agents. Being put under 24 hours surveillance and also being subjected to both physical and psychological torture, as a result of my stand, on those issues of corruption and racism in Canada. Currently this has also involved all levels of government and the conspiracy to silence and to destroy me, is also quite evident in their actions against me. Freedom of speech and especially on those issues, that this government has taken radical actions against, has also been the reasons for those attacks. Support this author and also this blog for exposing the truth.