Friday, November 27, 2009


The recent objection to the extension of the term of Mintz and Partners Limited, a subsidiary of Deloitte Corporation, as the Receiver and Manager for one of the Coops, that is also managed by the City of Toronto and the unbelievable corruption involved in their actions and especially by some City of Toronto public officials, in trying to push their agenda through the court, in regards to that company, is also staggering. It also calls for in my opinion, an investigation of corruption into their actions, because there has definitely been some criminality, on the part of that company, its employees and the City of Toronto, as far as its actions in regards to how it has carried out its duties, as the Receiver and manager for that particular building. The fact that racism is also a very big problem at that Coop and one that is also practiced by the current management, Mintz and Partners and M&P Property Management, also shows the dual role that the City of Toronto, also plays in the perpetration of racism. One of their actions, is in trying to have them, that is, the Receiver Mintz and Partners and its subsidiary company, M&P Property Management Ltd., reappointed for the fifth time, as the Receiver and Manager, of the property and assets of the Coop, which is also, usually, only a twelve month term, but the City of Toronto has managed to have their term extended and this would be the fifth time, that they have done so and without even consulting the members of the Coop, in regards to this. In fact this was all done without the members knowledge or consent, thanks to Maria Valakostas, the Funds Manager for the department that has hired them. She herself having being implicated in other corrupt practices, in regards to the hiring or maintaining of such companies and how also she has responded to public complaints about their actions, as related to their public duties. There are also many things wrong with this appointment. Receiverships are usually appointed for a 12 month period only, unless this is extended by the court and only under special circumstances, but never indefinitely, as this case seem to also suggest. The City of Toronto wants the Receiver Mintz and Partners, to continue with its current position, to continue to handle the property and assets of the Coop, despite complaints from its the members against the Receiver. The City of Toronto is also obligated under the law, not to seek the reappointment of the Receiver, under those terms, where there has been a complaint made against them by the public, in regards to the carrying out of its duties, or in regards to the actions of its employees, that might also have involved any breach of the law by them, but they have even gotten a corrupt lawyer, Mark Siboni, representing the City of Toronto, to try and push their agenda through the court. Mark Siboni is also known to have represented other corrupt public officials or organizations, such as the Metropolitan Toronto Police, when the public has made a claim against them for corruption. In all of those cases, his clients are never wrong. It is the public who is imaging those things about them. Fortunately for the public, no one really believes this crap about his client's innocence and in my opinion, he is every bit as corrupt as those that he also represents. In fact, what he and those others mentioned have been trying to do, is to perpetuate systematic racism. Not only in regards to this case, but also against the general public. The court has also played a role in this corruption as well, regarding that case, thanks to the corrupt practices of Judges like Newbould and Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, by reappointing the Receiver Mintz and Partners, for its fifth term and despite it actions that has gone against the public. The application of the City of Toronto to reappoint the Receiver Mintz and Partners, (also their fifth request) was also done at an in chamber meeting with the Judge, Justice Frank Newbould. The very same Judge who had three months previously, made an order to the effect that the Receiver's term, should not be extended beyond the three months, that he had made in his previous order and also gave some very explicit reasons why he had decided on such. Citing for instance the exhorbant cost that it has already racked up, due to the unusual delay in the process. Now the public has learned that he has three months later, decided to grant the City of Toronto's request, which is a complete reversal of his earlier order, to not extend the term of the Receiver for another year, ending in November 2010. The new appointment of the Receiver, as mentioned, was also not scheduled to be heard in the court room, but rather at an in chamber meeting with the said Judge. It is no wonder too, because he would have been making a new order that would have gone completely against the first one that he has made, which was to deny the City's request, to extend the term of the Receiver for another year. City of Toronto too, did not present any new evidence to the court to warrant any such further extension. The case for corruption against that company and its employees also goes much further than this, to include also the personal actions on the part of those ivolved, that would also warrant such an investigation into their actions against the public. The public should also not be surprised at these actions by either the Judge or the City of Toronto. This is how a lot of cases are dealt with that also involved corruption, which also includes systematic racism on the part of those involved. They simply want to perpetuate a system that works for them and not necessarily others. They will also go to great lengths to prevent anyone from stopping them from doing this. What I meant by this, is that they will also resort to illegal means to get this done.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A lot of times I get asked the question, of why I chose to exposed the actions, of those who are in charge of protecting the interest of the public, but often do not. In exposing the actions of the corrupt ones, I believed, that it has also served as a deterrent, to them further abusing the rights of the public. This fact is also very evident in the courts, where there has been a lot of disregard for the administration of justice, by some of those judges or justices of the peace, who are involved in dispensing justice. There are many corrupt ones and a few good ones also. By far the majority of them are corrupt and do in fact, disregard, both the rights of the persons who are before the courts, as well as the law itself. It is for this reason also, that, from time to time, I mention here also on my blog, the names of the ones, whose actions also goes against the public. One of those corrupt judges is none other than Justice Frank Newbould of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. I mentioned him here because he is one of those judges who also practices systematic racism in the court. Aside from this fact, it has also been observed by me, as well as others, that this judge also has no regards, whatsoever, for the administration of justice in the courtroom. He is also known to ignore evidence and to personally interfere in those cases that are before him. He is also disrespectful of the differences, of some of the people, who has also appeared before him and seemed only to be interested in promoting the interest, of those others like himself, who also goes about trampling upon the rights of others in this society, or whose actions are questionable, because of the corruption involved, in regards to their actions. I am talking here about other public official or guardians of public trust who has also further their own personal agenda at the expense of the public.
The list of judges or justices of the peace, in the Ontario courts, whose actions goes against the public, is actually quite long. As more people are becoming aware of their rights, they are also begining to challenged the actions of those corrupt judges, that has also gone against them. Once they know that their actions will be exposed, perhaps they will also stop infringing upon the rights of the people, who has appeared before them. For a list of more of those corrupt judges in the Ontario courts, I also recommends that you also visit the website called "Canada Court Watch". They have a long list of judges and justices of the peace in Ontario and across Canada, who has also been known to act corruptly and to disregard the administration of justice in those cases before them.