Monday, June 6, 2011




Staff Inspector, Earl Witty,
Toronto 13 Division Police

Who has authorized the Toronto Police, 13 Division to carry out daily physical surveillance of me, both night and day? The surveillance also has an element of harassment to it. It is also carried out in both marked and unmarked police cruisers, and the Toronto police has also give the signal to its agents, who also live in my building, to either inform them when I am leaving my home, or they
also have some kind of camera, set up at my place, that also lets them know this information. I am extremely pissed. I cannot leave my home without seeing one of those police cruisers parked somewhere nearby and also directly watching me. Sometimes only one police officer is in the cruiser.

Worst than this is also the daily psychological and physical harassment, as
well torture, that I also go through as a result of the police actions directly.
The police has also been using the unit above mine to conduct surveillance
of me. It also doesn't just stop there either. The methods that they have also employed in this regard, are also totally illegal. They have also with the cooperation of the management of the building, kept a mentally deranged
person, in that unit to also carry out the harassment. This brazen action
on their part, will also see a further investigation into this, because they
are also lying about who the occupants are in that unit. I am also thinking
of making a deputation before the Toronto City Council, in regards to the
management of the building, Deloitte, to answer to some of those questions.

I know the law sufficiently to know that what they are also currently doing,
is also illegal. If they had any authorization in regards to this issue, of
carrying out the surveillance, it would have also expired by now, since it has
also been going on for years. There is a also a limit as far as how long they
can also interfere with some one's privacy in this manner. But to be sure,
they also do not have any authorization to do this. Toronto has a black
deputy police chief. I hope he is not a token, because I would also like to
see his response, to this issue, concerning police. Both a fair and objective
view, about the police conduct, in carrying out these illegal actions, in my
case. So I will also be contacting him, concerning the Toronto 13 Division
police. Maybe he or his office can also shed some more light on what they
are doing.

How many people are aware that the police are also directly involved in
carrying out crimes and are also intimately involved with criminals and also
organized crimes? People need to also know that when the police carry out any
kind of illegal actions, they are also like everyone else. They should be made
to answer for their crimes, that they have also committed, against any
members of the public. It is difficult to respect the police, when you are
also personally aware of some of their crimes that they are also committing
and that this organization, itself, has also operated just like any other
criminal organization. That the police are also just like the other so-called criminals, that they have also claimed to have gone after. The police also
instigates violence in high risk neighbourhoods and are themselves, directly involved, in some of those crimes. That is what the people in some of those neighbourhoods are also starting to believe. The rest of us are also aware of
this fact as well.

Based on the human disposition, it is not difficult to see that the police,
and those that they are affiliated with them, are also some of the worst
psychopaths and social deviants, in this society. The police force is also
used as a cover, to carry out the illegal crimes, that the police are also themselves, involved in and which their jobs has also provided them with
the cover, to commit those crimes against the public. And which for the
most part, also goes unnoticed, by the majority of the public.