Friday, July 24, 2009

The Real Truth About Toronto and Its Mayor David Miller

Toronto Is Racist
Toronto The Good. This is the self proclaimed title of the city and a not infrequent anagram that is used to describe it, which has also been inculcated into the psyche of the poplulation. But the real truth is far from this. Toronto is in fact a racist city, although this is not always apparent to the millions of visitors to the city and also in its ardent promotion of multiculturalism in Canada. What a farce! Toronto is a very racist city and run by an equally racist Mayor. Toronto's City Council for instance is made up of 98 percent white members and they represents the status quo and it is their interests, which are also promoted. David Miller, Toronto's current mayor, is a racist and this is not so hard to believe because he promotes racism in this city, like no previous mayor of Toronto. Let's start with his own staff. Instead of reflecting the diversity of the city, his staff upholds the same racist ideology, that has been promoted, by some of Toronto's most prominant public officials. One of his staff members in particular, Karen Duffy, is very racist and disrespectful of other peoples and cultures and one wonders why the Mayor, would keep someone like that on his staff, seeing that he is supposed to reflect, the cultural diversity of the city. We have recently celebrated PRIDE, in Toronto and that is good, but do not be decieved into believing that this is the same kind of treatment, that is also offered to every other marginalized group in this country. Far from it. For instance Toronto's Mayor David Miller wants the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that the Caribana festival brought to the City each year, but at the same time, he neither has respect for African Canadians, nor has appreciated their efforts, in regards to the contributions, that they have also made. When Caribana comes around, he puts on his false appearance, so that visitors would believe, that, this is a city, that also promotes racial tolerance and multiculturalism. This image, is of course, very false and they don't call Canada, the "Great White North" for nothing. Toronto, as one of Canada's largest cities, is also, one of the best examples of this. It cannot be stated enough, how much racism, is an integral part, of the way that this city operates. Even visitors to this city has noticed this too. Many have remarked, on how polarized this image of Toronto is, once they have seen it up close. Some have also commented on wanting to see a more visual display, of Toronto's diversity, reflected in the political structure of this city. For now, though, they are still being fed the lie. Why? because its bureaucrats are content, for things to remain as they are. It is all about what some of those groups, can also contribute to the ecomony of the city and without any regards for respecting them in other ways.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Gang Stalking
Government Harassment, Torture and Mind Control Experimentation
Below are excerpts from a discussion on organized government harassment.
Also carried out by corporations and individuals who has either the money or other resources to do so.

There are victims of something referred to as gang stalking or organized stalking, covert harassment, and mind control experimentation (1, 2, 3). These are all basically the same thing, government and corporate run (sponsored) hidden (covert) campaigns of psychological harassment, psychological and physical torture, and mind (control) torture using arcane technologies that attack and/or alter the mind (brain function). They can manipulate moods, causing distress, fatigue and inflicting a vast array of other symptoms on the victim (target), both mental and physical. “Say the words “Mind Control” and most people think of science fiction or lunatic fringe. Yet, incredible as it may seem, mind altering technology is real.” -Judy Wall, researcher (4). Like most targets and people trying to expose these horrific hidden crimes, Judy Wall has been stalked, as well as targeted with the same technologies that she writes about.

Targets of these campaigns become known as Target Individuals, and their lives are firstly assaulted with smear campaigns that isolate them from family and friends. The campaigns then sabotage, either slowly or quickly, everything from employment and finance, to marriages and family ties. The aim is to, through pervasive coverage of a targets life, boycott the individuals every affair, from professional to leisure, and beyond. There is usually little help for the target, and any sympathizers the target may have, or may acquire while being targeted, will be worked on by the campaigners of these criminal assaults. Lies and clever profiles of the target will be presented to anyone and everyone in the community, who may have contact with the target. These people pose as private investigators, or they say they are from the government. Gag rules are given to all involved in the harassment, and are threatened with jail time or harassment if they do not follow the commands presented to them. Some people involved in the organized stalking are careerists in the activity, some get legal assistance in return for participating, other may get help with getting a job (5). As for the organizers who run these campaigns, they are former or present people in intelligence, etc.

Friday, July 17, 2009


There has been numerous references made here on my blog regarding the harassment of private citizens by the government or by corporations engaged in illegal activities that they have also carried out against the public for different reasons. I also feel the necessity to upgrade this information from time to time. It is important for people to know that these things are happening to innocent people and are taking place because of the criminal intent of certain people in those corporations or by the government who also has their own personal agendas and has carried out such actions against the public. A case in point here. I was recently contacted by a senior citizen who also happened to live in a government subsidized building in Toronto, Canada and one which is operated by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. She and certain other seniors of the building were being terrorized in this way. I have investigated her story and found it credible also. She has provided some interesting reasons for the harassment, which has included also, illegal entry into her home regularly and damage and destruction of her property. She has even been forced to sleep in the laundry room of her apartment building. She has also been hounded by the management of that building to give up her apartment and to transfer to another location. The TCHC has advised her also that they would like her to give up her retirement savings as well, including RRSPs in order to be eligible for ongoing subsidy of her apartment. She has had an heart attack and is also on high blood pressure and diabetes medications. She is not a well person. Another reason she said also is that other people of a different background than she has also openly stated that they would like to have her apartment, which is bigger in size than theirs. It may seem like a ridiculous reason to gang stalk or terrorized a senior person but this is by far not an isolated situation. I know of too many examples of this, including my own, where the criminal actions of those who run certain companies and who also has immunity against their actions, has also carried out such terrorism against the public. In many cases they have also worked with the government as well and here I mean corrupt government agencies and some people within those agencies, who has acted in such a manner. I have also documented such cases of corruption against the City of Toronto, which itself as a legal entity, is a corporation and is also run like one. In this regard it has also maintained certain other corporations, both public and private and some of these has also carried out actions against the public, such as the TCHC and others, without any accountability on their part. In a many cases, their actions also has undermined the safety of the public or of their trust regarding those in public office. In doing so, they also seem to forget that everyone has the right to equal treatment and also the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that their corrupt actions has also prevented this from happening in many cases. Below are some excerpts from other published articles on the harassment and targeting of private citizens. "In many cases the victim has little or no idea why they're targeted. The harassment is persistent and unrelenting, occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most are targeted for the remainder of their lives. Some have been harassed for over 20 years! Many have died as a result, either by committing suicide or by illnesses brought on by directed energy weapons via a "dropped dead sudden death" occurrence assumed to be a natural death attributed to a heart attack or other traumatic incident...doesn't know it is due to MKULTRA and directed energy weapons, electro magnetic radiation". The Perfect Silent Crime "Family relationships ... are sabotaged to complete ruin in most cases. Teenagers exhibit sudden and unexplainable fits of rage and physical acts of destruction and extreme retaliation. Victims are financially sabotaged in their business or work, to the point of bankruptcy and homelessness. No friendships are allowed whatsoever, resulting in total isolation. Psycho-electronic mind control causes psychological torture and feelings of rage. Another article on this subject said that: A SECRET CRIME WAVE IS SWEEPING ... COUNTRIES ALL OVER THE WORLD. PEOPLE ARE BEING GROUP STALKED (STALKING BY ORGANIZED GROUPS OF PEOPLE) AND COVERTLY TARGETED WITH DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS (DEW‘S). THIS IS ALSO REFERRED TO AS ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND TORTURE. “- Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance You may also think that these statements are unrelated to government or corporate harassment of private citizens buts those who has experienced this will also tell you that they have also implicated those mentioned in this and many of them has the facts also to back up their claim.


Psycho electronic weapons are routinely being used as weapons of torture against those who are targeted by the government. This has been the complaints of those victims and its use has not stopped despite more people coming forward with this information against them. The damage that this can do to the individual is far worst than is generally acknowledged by professionals who are aware of those cases. Its long term effect on the body is known producing such illnesses as cancer and depression because it is intended also to drive those victims to commit suicides or to act violent in other ways. These are black market weapons that are used by the governments of Canada and also the United States against those who opposed it system of treating different members of society. Its use is illegal of course but that has not stopped them from using it against those civilians for purposes which are detrimental to them. I urged the readers of my blog to access those links on the right of this page to learn more about such weapons. It was once easy to access those sites directly from my blog. Now you have to log in to some of them. This is a direct result of the exposure that has been given to those covert actions by this government which it wants to continue to hide from the public.

Canada and Human Rights: Getting At The Real Truth

Learn about Canada's role in contributing to wars and also its supposedly peacetkeping missions, which in fact, does not reveal the truth about the atrocities that it has committed, in other countries and in the name of peace, as well as, its hypocritical stance on the issues of human rights and its continual violations of those very same principles at home and around the world.

It was revealed to me and to other members of the public that black boys who came out of the Canadian Juvenile Detention Centers were leaving those institutions with AIDS. This information was passed on directly by a jail guard who spoke at a public gathering in regards to this and who also stated that because of the confidentiality agreement that these prison employees signed not to divulge to the public what takes place at those institutions she wished to also remained anonymous. She spoke about this because she was personally concerned regarding this matter and had hoped that someone would take this matter up further because as a guard at that institution she could not. Another interesting thing that's been happening at Canadian jails and prisons are the brutal rapes of female prisoners and especially those who are black and the mentally challenged or the poor. They are also drugged just prior to their court appearance in order to affect the outcome of their cases. They are then so incapacitated at the hearing that this always affect the outcome of their cases negatively. Women in Canadian prisons and especially minority women are routinely raped at these institutions and pregnancies are also known to take place. Some of these are covered up by prison officials. One of the best examples of this is one involving a mentally challenged black woman who was raped by a prison guard at the Vanier prison in Ontario and this was covered up by those prison officials. She was let out of jail specifically for that reason i.e to make it look as if this had occurred outside of the jail. It didn't work because the public got hold of this information and she was surreptitiously put back in jail where she did not belong in the first place because she was really a sick person and not at all violent.This is another problem with the Canadian courts. Putting those who are mentally challenged in jail just to fill up the jails. There are cases of male guards at these female prisons raping these women at night and some of these women are specifically isolated for this reason alone. Another blot on Canadian prison conditions are the treatment of those prisoners held for political reasons. These are always denied their human rights. They are held without bail all of them and they are also denied access to their files and their hearings are often conducted in "closed door hearing"
Their lawyers have a hard time trying to convince the Canadian courts that these are also human rights violations. Those prisoners are also kept in conditions that are often deplorable and are also at the mercy of Canadian prison officials who are also one of the first to ignore their human rights and to abuse those rights in ways that the public are not even aware of. Many have been falsely accused with no evidence by the Canadian authorities to back up those charges against them. They are then left to languished in Canadian prisons for years with no intervention form any human rights organizations in Canada who are always silent on these kinds of human rights abuse happening in this country. These incidences are so routine within the Canadian judicial system that one wonders how it has been able to carry out those actions for so long without anyone knowing about it. One of the easiest ways that the Canadian authorities deal with those who opposed it system is to frame them up and put them in prison. The other way is to try and kill them outright and this they do by methods that would shock the public. These are subversive actions that are taken by those Canadian government agencies or persons involved that always ended up with the permanent injury or death or those who they have targeted. It is a silent crime that's been happening here as it is also happening elsewhere but with no recourse for those victims in Canada. Unless you come across websites such as this one and those of us who are willing to expose these actions by the Canadian government you will be led to believe that this country is a haven for human rights and social justice. The truth is that the Canadian govenment is by itself a great violater of human rights and is also directly linked up with those other countries such as Israel and America that also does so on a regular basis.


Here is a partial list of the names of some Canadian government and public officials who has acted corruptly against the public. Their names are listed here to act as a deterrent to any further actions from them that goes against public interest. Since corruption is such an integrated part of how this government functions this will come as no surprise to those who are already familiar with this problem that exist in this country. I will from time to time add more names to the list as they becomes available and their actions becomes known to the public. You can contribute to this list by contacting me with your stories of individual cases of corruption by any public officials and especially Toronto public officials who seemed to be more corrupted than others and I will add their names here as well. Since secrecy is also such a part of the way that they operates it has become difficult for any member of the public to get any kind of vindication when they act against public interest and exposing them is so far the best way of dealing with this issue. Included in this list are: Toronto City Councillors HOWARD MOSCOE and JANET DAVIS. Others includes PHIL BROWN General Manager for Toronto Social Housing. Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services Member:ALLISON LIMERICK. Judges or Justice of the Peace: R. ROTMAN, LESLIE PRINGLE, S. BILLICH, J. BROWN. Adjudicators: M.FUNSTON, A. BEECHAN, W.E MANSFIELD, LEIGH SOKOLOFF, M. BANDERA, I. KOHLER , CAROLINE KING. Others includes: BROCK MITCHELL, BOYD MCGILL, JENEFER KAY, MISCHA LAVINE, LORNE SOSSIN, ADAM SHERMAN, HOWARD RUBENHOFF,KAREN BARKER, Police Officers: Det. Teeter, Det. Elaschuk, Sgt. Brian, Sgt. Coglin, P.C. Quiggley

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The United Nations Convention Against Torture And The Canadian Government Violations of It

Consider These Facts:
-That the Canadian Government targets individuals and also subjects them to torture that are carried out by Canadian authorities
-Widespread corruption and abuse by Canadian government elected and public
-Systematic racism practiced.
-Denial of the individual rights and freedom which also includes arbitrary arrests
and detentions (often without warrants by the police)
- Suppression of freedom of speech
- The use of illegal methods used against intended targets such as activists
journalists and advocates of social justice in Canada
- Deliberate destruction of their lives or livelihood by the efforts of the
The use of advance technology at their disposal against such targets that causes
them permanent injuries as well as physical and psychological tactics also used to cause them injury
- Disregard for respecting the human rights of persons or groups in its own country
- Creating a propaganda about it true role in human rights violations as part of
its intentions to deceive the international human rights community while carrying
out its torture and abuse of citizens in its own country.
- Disregard for the administration of justice which is totally ignored by the
Canadian judicial system where judges and others who themselves are engaged in
breaking the law and denied citizens their rights to a fair judicial process which is often tainted by racism and bias
- A history of human rights abuse that has been ignored for the most part.
- Continued violation of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights as well as
other standards set by the International Human Rights Courts in its own country
- A deliberate attempt to deceive others regarding its own human rights violations
- A disregard for honoring the international treaties set up to monitor human rights standards in each country
- A racist immigration policy that ignores rather than helps those people of third world countries and especially those from such countries who are seeking asylum in Canada who are deliberately targeted by the Canadian government through this policy against such people and the countries that they are from many of whom are denied their rights under international laws while being in Canada. On the contrary its commitment to those European countries and people from those countries shows the disparity in regards to its international policy in giving aid to those countries.
- All non white people in Canada are deliberately excluded from enjoying the same privileges as whites in this country. This is further enforced by certain racist policies and by the actions of those currently in government. It takes much effort on the part of those communities to be included because there is definitely an agenda by the Canadian government to deny them certain rights that are inherent to them as human beings and as members of this society. Canada practices a double standards both internationally and at home among its own people.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Human Rights Abuse or Just Plain Corruption?
During the recent strike that was started by Toronto City workers and union members of CUPE local 79 the welfare benefits of the poor was cut by Toronto City Officials. Welfare recipients were told that only emergency services would be provided during the strike and all other services that were normally provided to the poor were cut off during the strike. This means that those on public assistance saw either a reduction in the services that they normally recieved including a reduction in their benefits or as in the case for many has recieved no benefits at all. The fact is that those who has come to rely upon these services were left without any means to get by while Toronto City employees strike for more money. The poor were caught in the middle of the dispute and were used as pawns by those conducting the strike despite what Toronto City Officials has said otherwise. Most welfare recipients were left without money for food and shelter and for other necessities during the strike. For instance benefits for such things as transportation which many has relied upon for such things as doctor's visits or to enable them to go to their jobs or even to school for some were cut off during the strike. Many welfare recipients have began to camped out in front of the Toronto City Hall and the Mayor's office in protest of the denial of their benefits during the strike whose end appears to be no where in sight. CUPE's President Ann Dembinski and also its National Representative has denied that CUPE was involved in any decisions to cut the benefits of the poor during the strike. In fact welfare recipients were told that the decision to cut off their benefits during the strike was made by senior management which many believed to have included a collective of Toronto City Officials including the mayor David Miller. This would include also Toronto Social Services Director Brenda Nesbit and its General Manager Heather Macvicar. Brenda Nesbit has confirmed that services to the poor has been cut during the strike and that those services should resume after the srike is over. As for Toronto's Mayor David Miller his office has denied knowing anything about the reduction of benefits to the poor in the city. This is also unlikely because as the head of the operation of the city he would have been privy to that information. Both Toronto City employees and those who run the city its public officials has incomes that far exceeded those of the people on welfare and who this strike seemed to have affected the most. Joining forces together and cutting off the benefits of the poor while they strike for more money themselves is I believed corrupted on their part. They have also left the city without other essential services such as garbage collection and this city has begun to stink. Literally.