Saturday, August 25, 2012



Can You Help To Identify This Man?.



According to the police, Idholo Hugues, is the right name for the man, who had almost brutally, murdered my animal, on July 9, 2012. I was also contesting, the name, of this man, by the police, from the moment, that, they had arrested him, on July 9th and one of the arresting officers, also commented, that, "its not what you tell us his name is, it's what he tell us his name is". He is known to use both names, interchangeably.

From the beginning, the police, has also tried to protect him and they are also, proceeding, with their minor charge against him, for 'threatening an animal', my cat in this case, with the fictitious name, of Idholo Hugues, in order to protect this criminal. The man was also in court, at Old City Hall courthouse, in Toronto, on August 21, 2012 and since then, I've also been waiting to get his bail conditions, which for some reason, also, the court cannot find. It has been missing from his file in the court, I had also been told, by Tracy Clark, Manager, with the Victim Witness Program, at Old City Hall court, in Toronto.

I also spoke with these managers, at both the Old City Hall Court and College Park Court, in Toronto, Susan Nhiem and Pat Mckinnon and they all claimed, to be "looking for his bail conditions" and will also get back to me about it. When I also reminded them, that, they are also, endangering my safety, and also the safety of the public, by also not providing that document, they've responded, that, they are aware of this and will also try to get that document to me. The document in question, a copy of the release conditions, of the accused, also do not exist. I was later told by them, that, the police had also not entered, into any undertakings, with the accused, in this case. I was specifically told that the police, had "left it to his landlord", to impose any restrictions on him, as far as him remaining in the same property, where I also live. In fact, that specific statement was also left on my voice message, by the manager, Patricia Wilson, with the Ministry of Attorney General, Victim Witness Program.

In a letter from the victim witness program, at Old City Hall, to me, on August 15, also has the accused, Hugues Idholo's name, written as Idholo Hugues. I also share the same address, with this man and also know him, by different names, including Alphonzo and Hugues Idholo Yala.

I have also been able to get the following information about him:
1. He is African and also from the Congo.
2. He has been living in Canada for 3 years.
3. He has no family, or relatives, living in Canada,
4. He is a single male, 34 years old.
5. He has previously been on welfare, and also under the name, of Hugues Idholo Yala
6. He also currently works as a labourer.
7. He has also been known, to receive, government documents, or letters, at his present address, from such government agencies as Canada Revenue Agency and Ontarion Works (Welfare), with the name of Hugues Idholo, or Hugues Idholo Yala and not Idholo Hugues, as the Toronto police, 14 division, in their corruption, regarding this case, has also claimed.

8. His landlord, has also, allegedly, claimed that the room, that he has rented, since November of 2011, he has also done so, using a different name, and in fact, she also did not recognized him, as Hugues Idholo, either.

The Toronto police has claimed, on July 9, that, they also had to hear, the 911 tape first, in which the man, Hugues Idholo, could also be heard, threatening to kill my animal, before they also arrested him. After they had listened to the 911 tape, in their police cruisers, they then took the man, to the police station and released him shortly after wards. I was also told by the police, 14 division, that they had a "discussion" at the station and then decided to release him. Keep in mind that this incident, also involved, a weapon, a knife and the police claimed that they made the right decision, to release the man, Hugues Idholo, in this case. They also disregarded the fact, that, he had also told them directly, that he also intended to kill the animal, both on the 911 tape and also when they were arresting him. The police also release the man, into the same property, as the victims, after his release. His bail conditions is also "missing" from the court file, as well. And also endangering further, the victims safety, in this case.

It turns out that the police had also not entered into any undertakings with the accused, despite the charge, which also involved violence. The charge that the police has laid, against the accused, is only for "threatening an animal' and not 'threatening to kill an animal'. One would also think, that, the very act of threatening, also involved violence. The accused was also heard, on the 911 tape, telling of his intention, to also to kill the animal. The police also violated the law, by also not entering into an undertaking with the accused. The 14 division police, had also released him, on a form 10, which is just a promise to appear, in court and he was also released, backed onto the same property, where the victim also lives. The police did not see his actions, which also involved a knife, as being a public safety issue, in this case. The fact that the man was also in court, on August 21, also seemed unlikely, that, the court also did not have, a copy of his release document, by the police on July 9, 2012, which the judge, or justice of the peace, is also required by law, to view and also act upon.

I believe that both the police and the court, are also working, together, to protect the accused, and also to prevent justice, in this case.

1. He was released without any undertakings, by the police, although the police also knew, that, his actions also involved, violence, or threats of violence, including his direct statement, to the police, of his intention, to commit a violent act, in this case.

2. The police did not positively identified the man, since he is also known to use different aliases. The police may have also arrested him and also prosecuted him, with the intention, os using a ficticious name, to prosecute him, in order to protect his true identity. And what that also means, for the safety of the victim and the public, in this case.

3. So far, we know that the following government agencies, Canada Revenue Agency, Ministry of Social Services, and also the CIBC Bank and others, all has information, on the accused, which also identified him, not as Idholo Hugues, as the police also suggested, but as Hugues Idholo, or Hugues Idholo Yala. The accused also appeared, to have no status in Canada, as well. He is neither a Canadian citizen, nor a landed immigrant, according to the information, that I have also received about him. And this may also be another reason, why the police is also protecting him, by changing the order of his name, or reversing it and it is still a ficticious name, as well, in order to protect this man. Documentary evidence, also exist, that would also refute, or contradict, the police claim, that the accused name, is also Idholo Hugues and not the other way around. It has also been suggested, that, the accused, in this case, has also been using, multiple identities and also has documentation, for all of them.

Since the accused, is also before the court, it is now up to the court, to also decipher, all of the information, that currently exist, regarding the accused. I can also say, that, as the victim in this case, I also have hard evidence, to back up my claim, against the accused, in this case, and it is also one of the reasons, that I have also charged, the police officers involved, with obstructing justice, conspiracy and corruption, in regards to the case, for their actions, in the cover-up, regarding the accused, Hugues Idholo Yala.


Friday, August 3, 2012


His Deliberate Attempt, To Hinder, The Legal Process, More Than Once, Should Also Lead To Judicial Misconduct.

I Have Come Across Many Black Justices Of The Peace, in the Ontario Courts and He is One of the Worst. His $190,000 plus salary per year, with benefits, is also a great incentive for his corruption.
They get many accolades, from their community, for their "achievements", but behind the scenes, some of them, have acted corruptly.

Justice of the Peace, John Gairy. His Actions: Not An Oversight, but Personal Corruption, On His Part.

Justice of the peace Gairy knew what he was doing on July 30, 2012, when he deliberately did not signed the second section of the private information document, regarding the charges against the police officers and also the accused in the July 9, incident involving my animal. And unbeknown st to me at the time, his actions, would also have a profound and also negative effect regarding my case, since the JP at the pre-enquette hearing on August 3, 2012, also refused to hear the case, because the first JP, did not sign and complete the document properly. He also adjourned that hearing to another date in September.

This was not an oversight, but also a deliberate attempt, on his part, to foul up the process, in getting those officers charged. The JP at the pre-enquette hearing, also refused to proceed, with those charges, because he also claimed, that, I was not properly identified, by the first Justice of the Peace, John Gairy, who did not fill out, neither the second, nor the third sections, of the private information, document. That was sufficient for him, not to proceed, he also determined, but he was also not satisfied, with my identification, himself. So he gave me time to replace my driver's license, and to come back in September, for the pre-enquette hearing. Never mind, that, I also had someone, in the courtroom, who could also positively, identified, me, besides the picture identification.

The JP also claimed, that, he could also not identify, the police officers, in my private information. He read aloud their last names, on the court's 'docket list', alongside the word "unknown" marked, beside their names. He also did not want to hear, that, I had also provided, their badge numbers and also their initials, along with their last names, in the information, that I had also filed against them. He read: "Hamilton, unknown, P.C Ross, unknown, etc..." and never mind, that, he was also looking, directly, at the private information, in front of him, that also had, other identifying information, about those police officers, such as their badge numbers and even their full names, for some of them. The Justice of the Peace, claimed that the police officers too, were also not "properly identified". And when I also pointed out to him, about their badge numbers, in the private information, that was also laid. He kept saying, that, I was interrupting him.

I was also caught off guard, because I had never been asked, before, at a pre-enquette hearing, to again provide documentation. That is usually done at the first stage of the process, when the information is being laid, or after the pre-enquette hearing, when process is also issued. Since none was ever issued, in all of my other cases, and though I also should have been prepared, still, I was surprised, that the Justice of the Peace, John Gairy, had also not acted, to complete this process properly and instead had just told me to "Sign here". and "Do you swear, or affirm?". That was it. I even tried to present, my identification again, the second time and he was just not interested. It now explains, why he also did not want, my friend, in the room also, because he, JP Gairy, specifically told the clerk, that, he should also not come in with me, this time.

I presumed that his actions, were also based on the fact, that, I was in the same office, earlier that day and had also identified myself to the previous JP, including bringing also a witness, who knew me personally. And that they had also acted satisfied with this. But again, the fact that JP John Gairy, did not want my friend in the room, the second time, nor did he also requested, my identification, the second time also, yet went ahead and handed in an incomplete document, which shows, that he also knew, what he was doing and had also acted deliberately, in this case.

That was also not the first time, that Justice of the Peace, John Gairy, had also acted corruptly, in my matter. The first time, on a another day, he also acted inappropriately, as well. In fact he acted in reverse. He asked for my identification, then begun to tape the proceeding, before he also realized, that, he was too busy to continue. Showing me the documents on his desk, he commented, that, I should come back, another day and complete what he had apparently already started. He was too busy he said. "Come back another day". And each JP, at the Old City Hall courthouse, has been saying the same thing, until they were told to take the information. Basically to stop telling the public that they were too busy. At least in my case, anyway.

JP John Gairy, also still found a way to f--k up my case. And I want to expose him, as a corrupt Justice of the Peace, in the Ontario court system and that he should also be removed, from his position. Since he also does the public, no good, by his actions. He should also be severely disciplined, because he also knew, exactly, what he was doing. He knew the procedure better than I did, I also presumed, so when he told me to "just sign here" on the two private information, I also did, as well as to affirm, the contents of the documents and then he ended the meeting. I thought that was it. Only later to find out that it was not. That the JP, John Gairy, in fact, was also acting deliberately and was supposed to have also completed the forms, completely, not halfway, by signing all of the them and he also did not. He must have known, that the matter, was also not going to proceed, without this section, also being completed by him.

It was still another attempt, to hinder the charges, against those persons, and especially to prevent the charges, against the police officers, I also believed.
This seemingly innocent action, was in fact, a very thought out attempt, on his part, to continue with his practice, of trying to see that those charges, do not get laid, against those police officers. The first time he also tried to act inappropriately, in the matter, as well as the second time also. I could also see right through his ruse, both times also and the negative consequences, that his actions, also had on my case. It is up to the Ontario Judicial Council, to also determine, if he has also acted, deliberately, in this case.


Ontario Justice of the Peace, Errol Massiah.

Oshawa Justice of the Peace, Errol M. Massiah, was found guilty, of sexual misconduct, by the Judicial Council, towards the female court staff. Clerks in his office has also testified, against the Justice of the Peace, for inappropriate conduct towards them, including about their physical appearance.

One clerk has testified, that he has "slapped her on the rear", while another one has also accused him, of making inappropriate comments, towards her. When the clerk inadvertently walked in on him, unbuttoning his shirt, he commented to her, that, "If anytime, you want to see me, with my shirt off, just let me know". He also told another clerk, that, "You have beautiful eyes and I want to gaze into them". He then asked her, what color they were, and if they also changed, with the weather. Still yet another clerk, has also testified, against the Justice of the Peace, that he has commented to her, that, "I could picture clerks, not wearing anything under their gowns", after asking the same clerk, what she was also wearing. The incidents were alleged to have taken place between 2008 and 2010.

For his actions, the Justice of the Peace, was found guilty of sexual harassment and got a 10 day suspension, without pay, but with other benefits, a reprimand and orders to provide signed letters of apology, to the complainants, and also to attend judicial training, for gender sensitivity. Blah, blah, blah. As if those actions are really going to act, as a deterrent, in the future, against this a-- hole.


Justice Michael Tulluch, seem to be a rare breed, among black judges and justices of the peace, practicing in the Ontario courts. In fact, all of Canada. The Brampton, Ontario, Judge, has been appointed, to the Ontario Court of Appeal, in June of 2012 and this also does not seem, to surprise anyone, including me. Okay, he was my former lawyer, so I can attest to his personal integrity and I don't usually show this kindness, to lawyers, but I also think, that he deserved this latest promotion. Mainly, because he has also, benefited, his community, through his efforts, to be a positive role model, by setting an example for others to follow.

As my former lawyer, dealing with the custody case, involving my children, he was also both professional and also empathetic, towards my case, although I also fired him, which he also meekly accepted, at the time. It is important, for lawyers to believe, in their clients and he believed in me. Perhaps, not that much appreciated, by me, at the time. Later, he became a judge in the Brampton court and now he is also being appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. I seriously, think that one day, he may also be a judge, in the Supreme Court of Canada and also changed the face of it, for the better. Not just for his community, but also for Canada. Because the Supreme Court of Canada, as I know it right now, is also corrupt. Just asked the many people, who are now, exposing its actions.