Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 Candidates Running For City Councilors, For The City of Brampton, Ontario.

Cassian Joseph Wants to Make A Difference. 


Cassian Joseph, is a South Asian candidate living in the city of Brampton, and also who is running for ward 2 and ward 6, in the Brampton elections, for city councilor.  He is originally from Sri Lanka.  Joseph who is also actively involved, in the Tamil community in Brampton, is also a business man and a former restaurateur, who he is running on the platform of change, for the city of Brampton. 
  By just by taking a casual look, at Cassian Joseph's Facebook page, you will that he has also been very busy, promoting his city leading up to the elections.  He is all over the place.  The man seem also to be genuinely, interested, in helping others.  

Joseph is also quite content for now, in just trying to become elected, as a city councilor.  But I also believe just from observation, that he would also do a damn good job as the Mayor. There are many Bramptonians who would just love to see the current Mayor, Susan Fennell, take a hike.  The public just can't wait to see her leave office, due to her corruption, while in office. To put it in its proper context, the incumbent and the Mayor, Susan Fennel is plain bad for the city.  I was first suspicious about her campaign funding back in 2010, when it was also above, the allotted amount of the $130,000.00 that was also allowed.  Nobody asked then, why she was also allowed to have funds, in excess of other candidates?. We now know that it did not stop there either, but has also continued with her office, as the Mayor of the city of Brampton.


Cassian Joseph, the candidate who is running for city council, is also a man of exceptional faith, and also with strong religious views. He is one one of the most sincere persons, that I have also ever met.  He will also need this kind of personal integrity to sustain him, in the dirty business of politics, that is also so rife with corruption.  

You can visit Cassian Joseph's Facebook page, at "cjosephforbcc", for more on his campaign.

Note:  No Picture Is Available As Yet For Allison Brown.
(Still she also deserve a mention here as well).

Allison Brown, is one of several African Canadian candidates, who is also running for a seat, as a Brampton city councilor.  She is also running for office in wards 9 and 10, against the incumbent, Vicky Dhillon.  Vicky Dhillon, is also the only South Asian politician, at city hall. Brown  who is a nurse by profession, also believe that she can make a difference, for the city of Brampton.  She is also hoping to win in the riding of ward 9 and 10. She is also the opposite of the flamboyant, Steve Kerr. A quiet person, she may be unassuming, but she also seem to have the determination to win. 

The race is on for the upcoming Brampton municipal elections on October 27, 2014.  And though I am usually critical of Canadian politicians, there is always the hope that this will also change, because of the advent of more people, from the different minority and also marginalized groups, who are also entering politics. At the municipal, provincial and federal levels. For one  thing, the demographic of the politicians, are also much more diverse. South Asians, as a minority group in Canada, is also one of the largest ethnic groups, in the city of Brampton, and that is also represented, in either the local, or provincial politics, in Brampton. (Vicky Dhillion, is also the only
South Asian politician, at City Hall). Nevertheless, they also wield sufficient power, to sway the Brampton politicians in their favor. Such as in overlooking their penchant for being unscrupulous landlords and  for having the most illegal basement apartments in the city.  African Canadians are also the least represented, among those groups. The city of Brampton, unlike its neighbor to the south, the city of Mississauga, whose Mayor Hazel MacCallion, has also been the Mayor of that city, for over 35 years, continuously, because she has loves power so much, I also believe, Brampton is a city that is much  more open to change. And this change is also most evident, not only in the demographics of its population, but also in its local politicians. We want to keep it that way.

I will also be the first to report, if any one those three candidates, that are also profiled on this blog, also ever rescinded on their campaign promises. So they also better beware. There are no free rides here. We expect our politicians, to work for us.

Note: I have publicly withdrawn my support, for Steve Kerr, whom I had previously endorsed here. His comment, that he is "Not an advocate for the Black Community" has offended me, personally. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Human Rights Show: Exposing Canada Human Rights Abuse. Hosted by, V...

Correction: This episode of the show, was recorded on February 11, 2014 and not as I had previously stated, in error, in 2013.

This is a previously recorded version, of my radio show on Blog Talk Radio. The show will be back on the air, on Friday May 9, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. 
I have a lot to say, so listen to more of this broadcast, in other upcoming shows, on Blog Talk Radio, every Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Is Caught In Another Alleged Crack Video...Certainly Not His Last.


Rob Ford's sister, Kathy Ford, is an enabler to her brother, Rob Ford and so is his brother, Councillor Doug Ford. 
The entire family, it seem, also has a long association with drugs and the violence, that goes with it. 

Kathy Ford, herself, has been shot in the head, over her involvement, with drugs and she is also a "recovering drug addict".

Is Rob Ford, only going to rehab?.  He should also be gone, permanently. 

Rob Ford is going to rehab, only because he has been caught, red handed. It is a political ploy, on his part, to gain the sympathy of the public and to also boost his chances for re-election. 

Rob Ford, is also far from being contrite about any of his actions, let alone for his substance abuse. He is a flat out a liar and has been caught lying about his actions several times. He is a con artist, an imbecile, stupid, and also a sorry excuse for a human being. Blaming everyone one else but himself, for his problems. He will also come back from the rehab in 30 days, claiming that he is also cured of his addiction to alcohol and drugs, only to continue to deceive the public, until he is caught once again next time.  This fraudster also has the public galvanizing, about his every move and not to mention his clutches, on the city of Toronto, as the Mayor of that city.

The latest video showing the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, smoking what appears to be crack cocaine, in the basement of his sister, Kathy Ford's house, is yet another proof to the fact that Rob Ford is also incapable, of running the city. He is certainly not representative of the broader society in his personal views, that are also so offensive to certain other members of society.  

I am talking about his homophobic rants, which also surprises no one at this point and also his racist views, both of which were also caught on tape recently, along with the new video of him allegedly smoking crack cocaine. That too is also not surprising, coming from a man who has been using drugs, since his early youth as the spoiled son of a rich politician. And hence his sense of entitlement, also, for his current job as the Mayor. A job which he is neither qualified, nor capable of doing, currently . Forget about how many 'billions of dollars', he has also saved the taxpayers, because that is all crap.  Rob Ford has not saved the city of Toronto, billions of dollars. Far from it.

Once we have also realized his uselessness, at governing the city, those who are also championing for his cause and for him to remain in his current post, as the Mayor, will also be more accepting of this fact, now that he is also gone, albeit only temporarily.  Too bad it is also not permanent.