Thursday, August 26, 2010


Phil Brown

The investigations into the actions and often criminality of Toronto city officials, is nothing new to the public. My personal request for an inquiry regarding some of them recently, should also not surprised anyone either. After all, corruption is a regular business with them. Exposing corruption is also what I do here on my blog. The subjects of this inquiry has included, Phil Brown and Maria Varlokostas, who is mentioned numerous times, here on this blog. Others included Howard Rubinhoff, president of Mintz & Partners and other employees of that company, Karen Harwarth and Adam Sherman. The investigation also included another publicly appointed company, Kehilla and some of its employees and the criminal actions involving them, as I'm also alleging here, as well. That investigation also surrounded the issues relating to their actions against me personally and also the public. All of them has also denied any wrong doing, which is also subject of this inquiry, that will also, hopefully, restore public confidence in their office, that is currently being occupied by those criminals and yes, I did call them criminals, because of their actions, which are also the subject of this investigation. For example, those persons mentioned, has used their positions or influence, to carry out attacks against me personally, and has acted in other ways, that are also contrary to their office. I have made a request to the Senator, Ann Cools, to also investigate their actions and to help with the investigation of the inquiry against them. Some of the areas of investigation, included breach of public trust, conspiracy and corruption on their part, for which they would also, have liked to go away quietly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"I plead guilty. I am a racist". That was the response of Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kennedy, when he was asked about his role, in changing Canada's immigration policies to fit a more racist agenda. It was an "off-color comment", against a reporter's question to him, that has nevertheless, resounded negatively, with all those who has heard it and it has also, as expected, reverberated back unto the speaker, who is the Minister in this case. The Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, is also most frequently referred to, as the "Minister of Citizenship and Deportation", because of his unprecedented approach, to launch an attack, through his new immigration policies, against those who has also sought, legitimately, to seek a home in Canada. And especially in those cases, involving refugee claimants and the refugee system, which is also protected under international human rights laws. In his zeal to rid Canada of those "undesirable", who also do not fit his own personal view, of what Canada should also look like, he has also been directly involved, in implementing, those new policies, that has also fit that agenda. He has also enforced a close door policy, to all people of third world countries, including Africa, as well as those from Iraq, Palestine and South America. And unlike some of his predecessors, whose more lenient and somewhat open door policies, to some of those countries, the current Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, is not so kind. He has also let his racist views be known, on several issues, such as lifting the moratorium, on deportations to such countries, as Burundi, Rwanda, Liberia and others, and also cutting funding for some agencies, whose policies, he also did not agree with, because of those issues, surrounding the Israeli government and Palestinian situation in Gaza, and also excluding other genuine refugees, from applying or even to remain in Canada, due to those measures that he has also taken, to prevent a fair or unbiased processing of refugee applicants, who are also targeted, based on their country of origin, and some of whom are also directly affected, by his racist immigration policies. Other concerns, in regards to Jason Kennedy's new policies, has also included, his racist treatment of migrant workers, in Canada. Those new and openly racist policies, were also implemented during his term, as the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Other issues, concerning Canada's domestic and international foreign policies, has also been negatively affected, by Jason Kennedy's actions as well. It was also Jason Kennedy, who has also taken steps, to openly express the attitude of the Canadian government, in regards to Canada's relationship, with the oppressive Israeli government, by taking actions to prevent anyone who disagreed with those policies, to be reprimanded by the Canadian government and in such a way, that has also further exposed, both his own personal bias and the racism of the Canadian government, around that issue, and to implement new policies, that would also put those ideas, further into place. It was the Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy's impervious views, on those same issues, that were also used, to effectively bar anyone, including the British M.P, George Galloway, from entering Canada, based on those grounds. The new changes that were also made to Canada's immigration policy, under the present Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kennedy, has also severely impeded upon the ability of others, living in Canada, such as landed immigrants and refugee claimants, from ever having any legal advantage, as far as the new measures that were also put in place, that has also ensured that their rights, were also diminished, under the current policy. His ministry is also full of corruption, in general, with some members of his cabinet, who were also convicted of crimes against the public, in some highly publicized cases. Those charges has also included bribery and sexual misconduct on their part. Canada's Immigration Minister, Jason Kennedy, is also a self acknowledged racist. The question that is also being asked by everyone, is, can the Canadian government afford to have an openly racist minister, who has also admitted to such behaviour? Several groups, currently, and also Canadian, who are not happy with his actions, are also calling for his resignation.



G20 protesters who were charged and appeared in court on Monday August 23rd, were also required to pay restitution, in order to have their charges dismissed. For the three hundred or more protesters who were in court, 58 had their charges dropped, after agreeing to pay restitution, while the rest were not, including 17 protesters, who are still facing charges of conspiracy. The move by the Canadian government to criminalized the protesters actions and to make it illegal for anyone to openly criticized the government's actions, are illegal and against international human rights laws.

These actions are more representative, of a police state than a democratic government and most people would also agree. Since the charges were dismissed, it means also that there were no legal rounds for it, or that it had no legal merit to proceed on. So why were the protesters fined?, which in essence, also, is a show of guilt? Did the court find them guilty and what law did they break by simply exercising their democratic right to dissent?

This is also a move to silence critics of the Canadian government and since the g20 summit in Toronto, there has been many human rights violations, by the Canadian government, in regards to this issue. The Canadian government is know for its disingenuous approach in suppressing dissent, but now it is also acting openly, in regards to this. How does it feel, to be criticized, as it has also criticized other countries on those same issues?. Now that it has also done the same. The question to be asked then, is, what is next?

Friday, August 20, 2010


I Am Black and Also A Human Rights Activist.

To Understand what the agenda of the police is, in regards to the subversive
actions, on their part, against anyone who also speak out against them, or the government, right or wrong, is to also know what it is like, to become a target of them, like I am. With this in mind, they also set to work in carrying out their attacks, against those persons and almost always, gets away with their actions, because these are also carried out with such secrecy, that it is sometimes hard to prove, their involvement in this.

For me, they have also made themselves quite clear, in how they have also managed, to carry out those attacks against me. Most of this is done in my home and they have also used the people around me, to help with those attacks.

I know of many other human rights activists who are also targeted in this way, and it has never really mattered to the police, either the color, ethnicity, or race, of those that they have targeted. The tactics are all the same. This has also shed a new light, on how both the police and also the Canadian government, has carried out those kinds of human rights abuse, that it has also tried to cover up. It is no different from any other repressive governments, that has also used those means to silence critics of the government.

Saturday, August 14, 2010




Eight times are the number of times, recently, that I have tried to lay a private complaint at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, in Toronto and it was denied. The crown attorney's office, at that court and the Justices of the Peace, who also accept private complaints, which also seem to be different from the Judges or JPs who actually conducts hearing or trials at that court, should also be investigated further, regarding their actions. I need not explain that they have also infringed upon my right, to bring my matter before the court, for a hearing and perhaps it also has to do with the fact, that those that I have tried to charge, are also directly linked to the police, in one way or other, including being agent provocateurs for them, or is involved in their conspiracy against me, in some other capacity. None of them has so for been charged. It is not only the decisions of the Justice of the Peace, in not issuing process on the charges, which included mischief, criminal harassment and assault, but also the conspiracy that is also involved, in regards to their actions concerning me, that has also caused them to deny my rights so openly and flagrantly. A conspiracy that has also prevented the matter, for years now, from proceeding any further in the court. As a Black person also, racism has also definitely played a role in the decisions, on the part of the justice of the peace and the crown attorney, to deny me the same rights, as any other member of the public. I should mention here, also, that in my last attempt to lay a private charge, the matter was also heard by a justice of the peace, who is also black and I mentioned this to show, just how broad this conspiracy is, against me. He also did not issue process on the charge of mischief, against those that I had also charge and it also has nothing to do with the legal merit of the case, I also believed, because those actions on their part, has also persisted for years, with no consequences to them. It is referring to the neighbours, who I also have been unable to charge, for persistently harassing me. I also believed one hundred percent, that there are also personal interferences, on the part of the police and the court, in preventing me, from also laying any charges against them. For instance, the crown attorney has persistently downplayed, or ignored altogether, any concerns for my safety, in regards to their actions against me. It has even included such actions, as coming to my door and banging on it, or attempting to open it with their keys, and this was also not a concern for the court, in regards to my safety. I have also been denied the right to appeal, the justices of the peace decisions, also from that court. At the Superior Court of Justice for Ontario, my mandamus applications, in regards to the laying of those private complaints, has also been denied. At one point I had five of such applications, that I was also appealing, before the Superior Court of Justice, concurrently, and all of them were also denied. How can anyone not believed, that there is also a conspiracy involved, after all of the evidence that I have also presented, even publicly? There are two things about me, which are also quite clear. I am not a quitter, nor am I someone who likes to be pitied. The purpose of this blog and the articles that I have also presented in it, are intended, to show the overall disparity, concerning how people are treated differently in this society. And around those same issues, also, are human rights abuse by the Canadian government.