Friday, October 22, 2010


Recently, I was shown a document that is part of a file, involving me. The said document also contained a copy, of one of my articles, which as every one knows, I have not kept secret, in regards to my views on those things, that I also believed, that the public should know about. A simple exercise of my right, to freedom of speech, as a writer and journalist. It is not a criminal investigation, but nevertheless, I was surprised at the reason that was given for how one of my articles had ended up in that file, that this department had gotten a hold of and which they had also claimed, that they had gotten it, off of the Internet, on my "Google Messenger Account". This is direct a lie, because I had given a copy to them directly and I have a witness to back this up. So why did they go to all this trouble of lying and stating that they had gotten it from another source?
Why not just say that I had handed it to them? The more that I think about this situation, the more that I'm reminded of the many covert ways that these government
agents, can sometimes operate. When I also came across an article, similar in nature to this one, about how Canadian agents, went to the trouble of creating a website, just to use it to disseminate information, that they did not agree with and also did not want the public to know the truth about. I am talking about the disagreement that had come up between that government and the Irish and U.K governments, over genetically modified crops, or GMO's, where the complaints from those two other governments, were that the Canadian government, was also harassing them over that issue. Agents of the Canadian government, were accused of setting up a website, specifically for this purpose. Shane Morris, an Irish citizen, and also an agent for the Canadian government, was accused of creating the website and also using it, to discredit the other two governments and any one else, whose views differ from the one that the Canadian government, and also the U.S government, wanted to establish on GMOs and this government, also went to other great lengths, to stifle any disagreements regarding that issue. What it wanted was to lift the ban on GMOs, by the European Union, which also wanted to allow other EU countries, such as Ireland and the U.K, to have the right to ban GMOs in their own countries, something that the Canadian government did not agree with, because it also wanted to promote the use of genetically modified crops, in those countries, as well as others and also opposed this ban. It is in some of the ways that it also went about doing so, that has revealed that it also cannot be trusted in revealing the truth, to the public on some issues. Falsifying documents, lying and attempting to frame up individuals, are only some of the dirty tricks in its arsenal. When those don't work, it will also try other things that seems more benign, such as attacking the character of those it has targeted and blacklisted them, or interfere with their employment or business and even also so-called friends and family. There is no end to the list of things, that it will often use, in discrediting those it has targeted. I wish that this government, like all other governments, would also allow the people to know the truth, about some of its actions. It should not have to take those like myself, to try and expose it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



This a revelation and quite a shameful blot on the record of this country as well, regarding the image that it has created for itself and one that also has no basis of truth in it, but has now been exposed further, by the petitions that has been made against it, from people such as myself, for carrying out human rights abuse and other atrocious actions against persons in this country.

The petition made by me and others, before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, against the Canadian government, for human rights abuse and in my case specifically, also included the use of torture and the miscarriage of justice, is also yet another blow to its image, that it is a champion of the cause for human rights. A lie which has now been exposed fully, by those who has now taken this matter further to be investigated, and for its role in carrying out those actions, that goes against international laws, and those pertaining to human rights. And in the case of those, like myself, who has also suffered irreparable injury, as a result of its actions.

These kinds of human rights abuse, will not be covered up as it used to in the past, or even now. And in my case also, where my health, safety and freedom, were also subjected to daily attacks, by those actions, and are still under attack. I will also encourage those in similar situations, who may also believed, that they have suffered abuse at the hand of this government, to make their cases known and to not continue to suffer silently for those crimes, that were committed against them. Since the laws of this country, do not seen to work for some people, it is now up to those affected by it, to take their case of human rights abuse elsewhere, to be heard and to also get some kind of justice in their case. These kinds of revelations, that are now being revealed, by the petitions that are also being made against the Canadian government, regarding the atrocities that are being carried out against individuals, will also, hopefully, changed the way that people are treated in this country by this government, or by its police.