Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Flag of the Organization Of American States


It was only a few days ago that I had made the request to the United States Representative, to the Organization of American States, or the OAS, to have the state department look into the actions of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR and also the OAS, concerning the Canadian government and in regards to their decision, to not take any precautionary measures against the Canadian government, concerning my petition. It has been over a year since I first asked the commission to take immediate actions against that government to stop its abuse of my human rights, that are also mainly coming from the police attacks against me. The massive cover-up and conspiracy to corrupt justice in my case, has also finally resulted in the investigation by the US State Department, against those two organizations, concerning their bias investigation of that country's human rights abuse. And during that time I have also suffered countless abuse of my rights at the hands of the Canadian government and its police agencies, that are also carried out againt me. The conspiracy involved individual members of the IACHR and the OAS, such as Victor Madrigal, Mario Lopez, Deborah Benchoam and Lisl Brunner, also acting in such a manner, as to be diametrically opposed to the mandate of the Inter American Commission and the OAS and also what human rights stand for. It was a case of the personal corruption involving those members of those two organizations and of the IACHR, especially. One of the things that also came through in regards to their investigation of my petition and of the Canadian government, was also their own prejudice and bias, which also included racism against me, that was also paramount in their decisions not to investigate the Canadian government's actions.

I also discovered that there are other cases with Inter American Commission on Human Rights and also the International Court of justice, besides my own, against that same government, that were also not investigated by them and were also handled in the same exact manner. The massive cover-up by those international organizations, to also hide all infractions by the Canadian government, concerning its human rights abuse.

I had decided to have those two organizations, the IACHR and the OAS, investigated for not following its protocols regarding the investigation of some of its member/states, because of its undue bias, in regards to those same countries, such as Canada. And what that also means for the petitioners of claims of human rights abuse from that government, directly. I believed this last effort also came about, as a direct result of being in a medical emergency recently, that in all intent and purposes was also aggravated by the actions of the police against me directly. It was also a life and death situation from which I am still recovering and which I also blamed entirely on the police's actions to aggravate that medical condition through their attacks against me directly. That was the last straw from them and the Canadian government to continue to abuse my human rights in this manner.

It had to be made clear that petitioners from those countries, such as Canada, which are also in violation of the human rights treaties, that were also set up by those organizations, should also be investigated impartially. when it is found out that this is also not the case, then the credibility of those two organizations, based on their corrupt investigation of those countries which are in violation of human rights standards must also be exposed. The Inter American Commission on Human Rights claim, that for over fifty years it is also a defender of human rights, is also not true. It is time those organizations such as the IACHR and also the OAS, action are also examined, to see if they really are following through with their mandate to investigate human rights abuse and to hold those countries in violation of it, responsible. By also taking decisive actions against them and not just to continue to delude the world about their positions concerning those countries, such as Canada, which are also in violation of those human rights treaties.


Toronto's 13 Division Police Acted Corruptly In The Investigation Of Individual Cases. My Personal Account.

Failing To File Reports, By Individual Police Officers.
Removing All Information From The Police Data Systems, And Providing No Public Records of Those Complaints.
Undue Delay In Responding To Serious Calls.
Cover-ups and Conspiracy

Toronto 13 Division Police is breaking the law in their every actions involving me. These are some of the things that they are known to do. Not to investigate any complaints that I make to them. Every single one of those complaints has been dismissed by them. Erasing all records of my calls and complaints to the police from their data systems, so that I have to get this information about my complaints from the Police headquarters, where it is also logged. In the past when I also provided them with evidence such as taped recordings they also destroyed the information on the tape, claiming that the tape malfunctioned and so the information was lost. Once when I called them because I had believed that I was the subject of a hate crime, the police reported the call as threatening by me to them and also sent over a "special" team to investigate. When that "special" team arrived , including from another division they told me that they saw for themselves that this was not the case. The 13 division police later responded that the "threatening" nature of the call was because I had said it was a hate crime and that was a threat to me, so they had to regard it as a threatening call by them. But the police officers from 13 division also has been involved in attempting to set me up because of my human rights activism and blogging about them. In September 2011, they did not file a report about a death threat to me by someone that I also believed is one of their agents. The latest of these happened yesterday, December 13, 2011 when a man who was identified as a neighbour forced his way into my home and the 13 division police also did not investigate or lay any charge or to file a report in that case and also erased all information about my call about that incident from their data system involving that incident. The staff sergeant at Police headquarters in Toronto had to go into its own system and provided me with the information that I would need about that 13 division complaint in order to have their actions investigated further. They also did not show up for hours until I spoke with a dispatcher supervisor about their delay in responding to my call about this serious crime against me. I am seriously concerned for my safety from the Toronto police 13 division specifically.

The two police officers from 13 Division Police in Toronto, who has failed to file
a record of my complaint, in this latest situation, has the badge numbers 10700 and 10368. I will also do my best to get the names associated with those badge numbers.
The offence of the illegal entry into my home, was also the basis of my complaint, and it is not only a summary offence, as in the trespassing law, but it is also an indictable offence, in other areas of the law. The 13 division Toronto police is also familiar with the person who has also committed that offence against me. As mentioned earlier, not only did they not file a report of the incident, they also erased all information pertaining to that complaint, off their data system. No trace of it could also be found by contacting the 13 division Toronto police, or even the dispatcher, who is also supposed to record all of those calls to the police, as well. I only later got this information from the police headquarters data system, which I am also told has a means of keeping a record of all calls and complaints to the police, separately, from the police divisions, who are also supposed to keep a record of those investigations as well. But in some cases do not.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Occupy Toronto Protesters Quietly Gave Up Park Without Any Resistance.

I guess they did not believe in the movement that much, or else fear got the better of them, or maybe they just didn't have it in them, to fight for what they also believe in, whatever the cost to them. But the occupy Toronto protesters, put up no resistance, to the police eviction of them, from the St. James Park, in Toronto.

Some quietly pack up their tents and left, while others gave in to the police cajoling, on the day of the police raid on the park. The last of the group, that were showing a little bit of resistance, by chaining themselves to the yurt, that they also called a library, also gave up quietly, as the police moved in on them, with an eviction order, early Wednesday morning.

One of the protesters, was even quoted as saying, that, had they not given up voluntarily, "It could have ended very badly". Excuse me, but isn't that all part of the deal? No one hoped that it did, but if that did happen, so what? It's better to die for what you believe in, than to live in shame afterwards.

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford and the rest of the Canadian government, also had no trouble, convincing the occupy Toronto protesters, to give up on their ideas, or their attempts, to reform the Canadian government and to bring about any kind of social change, that is also so badly needed, in that country. The message from Ford and the others, were that the government was not going to change, so the occupy protesters, needed to accept it and moved on. Sadly, they also did.

To me and the rest of the public, they should have also put up a fight and let the Canadian government, also do whatever it wanted. Let the police have resort to brute force also, if they wanted to, but they should not have budged. This was mostly the same, from other occupy Canada protesters, in other cities across Canada.
Although in my opinion, none of them acted as badly, as the occupy Toronto protesters, in giving up totally, to the demands of the police and also the Canadian government and especially to the demands of Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford.

Rob Ford's side kick and ever present shadow, Georgio Mammoliti, who also seem to have some big ideas of his own and not the least, of becoming Toronto's next mayor, also said pointedly, that the occupy Toronto protesters, "Should all be arrested" and that "They should all pack up their one bag, that they have also brought, to the park and leave". Georgio Mammoliti is also a hater against gays, communists and anyone else, who also does not fit in, with his own personal ideas.

Rob Ford and Georgio Mammoliti and the rest of the government, had also worked very diligently, to see that the occupy Toronto protesters, leave the St. James Park, which is also owned by the St. James Cathedral church, in Toronto. In Canada there also does not seem to be a separation of Church and State, for the Reverend Douglas Stoute, of the St. James Cathedral, in Toronto, also decided to evict the occupy protesters, from the side of the park, which is also owned by the church and has openly refused to give them any sanctuary. The church, along with the city, had both served the occupy Toronto protesters, with eviction notices and ordered them to leave all of the park.

The Reverend Douglas Stoute, of the St. James Cathedral in Toronto, also openly backed its decision, to evict the occupy protesters, by also saying publicly, that it also sided with the actions government, right or wrong.

To some people, there was no heart, in the movement at all and you have to also wonder, if those occupy Toronto protesters, who were also commenting to the media and talking openly of giving up, were also not police agents and agent provocateurs, who were also planted there, to also make the movement look bad. It is a very common tactic of the police, to destabilized a movement, by planting their agents among them, to spread disinformation and to disrupt the group, or worst, to also put up no resistance to the police, or the government's attacks, on those groups.

This also seem to be most likely what happened with the occupy Toronto and the occupy Canada movement altogether. And To also justify their actions, some of them are also saying, that the occupy Canada movement, is also not a movement at all, but an idea only. And that the Canadian government, also cannot change that idea, which the protesters also have. If this sounds confusing, to them and also to the rest of us, that is because it really is. Personally, I also believe in an occupy Canada movement, to also bring about the necessary changes, in that government.

Maybe they should also learn from the actions of other occupy protesters, around the world and not give in so easily, if they also really want their voices to be heard. For the occupy Toronto protesters, let the police drag them from their place of occupation, if they have to and also arrest them. But not to also listen to them, to give up and moved on quietly. They did exactly what the autocratic government, also wanted and now it is going to be even harder, to convince that government, or anyone else, that they are also serious enough about this change, that you are also talking about. If that is to happen, they will also have to back up your words also, with their actions, because no one really respects a quitter.

Thursday, November 10, 2011



The occupy Canada movement that began three weeks ago, on October 13, 2011, in cities across Canada and as an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement, is not over, despite the Canadian government crack down, on protesters. Police has begun to remove protesters from the parks that they have been occupying and arresting them to send the message that the government will not tolerate any challenges to its current system of doing things. You would not exactly call its actions democratic either.

This latest action by the Canadian government is also part of the latest trend by other totalitarian governments, currently and in other countries, with the same agenda.

In some Canada cities recently, such as Vancouver, London, Ontario and others, the police has come out in large forces to evict the protesters from the parks that they had been occupying, in order to send a messge to the Canadian government, that they are also fed up with its actions, concerning the government's policies. The movement's slogan "We are the nintey nine" protest, is still going strong, despite these latest setbacks, which is also a clear infringement by the Canadian government upon their rights as well and which is also designed to prevent the people from protesting peacefully, or to have a peaceful assembly, as they also have a right to do.

These same governments including Canada, has turn an about face towards this movement where it has been pretending to respect the rights of the people to peacefully protest for changes that they believe in, or to peacefully assemble.

The Canadian government has also began to use brute force to shut the movement down and I say that this is also undemocratic on its part. In London Ontario, the protesters were taken away in police vans despite not putting up any resistance to the police who has forcefully removed them from the park that they had been occupying.

Toronto's mayor Rob Ford is also echoing the same sentiments towards the occupy Toronto protesters. But Rob Ford is wrong, again. The people will not give up so easily. The Occupy Toronto protesters, are also gearing up for the new challenge, that has now been put forth by the mayor and to remain at the St. James Park that they have been occupying for the last three weeks despite the recent threats to evict them from the park by the mayor.

As for Rob Ford, he is now starting to show his true colors and we now know which side he is really on. He is certainly not for the nintey nine percent, that much is also clear. This is coming from the same mayor Rob Ford, who also recently admitted publicly to using the F-word to members of the public that he was angry with. This is Rob Ford's weak apology, "Maybe I shouldn't have used the F-word, I appologize....".

According to the CBC, which also was the reason for the mayor's outburst when they tried to interview the Toronto mayor at his home for one of their shows and for which the mayor also called the police to have them removed from off his property, the mayor Rob Ford was said to have also screamed at the 911 dispatchers "You bitches! Don't you fucking know? I'm Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of the city!". The Toronto mayor also gave at least two other citizens the "finger", in recent months and while driving and talking on his cell phone. Something which is also against the law and which apparently do not also apply to him, in this case.

For the Canadian government and its police to try to evict the protesters from the parks or any where else that they also want to occupy is also simply a gross violation of their rights to openly opposed the actions of the Canadian government. They are also protesting against some serious and genuine concerns by the Canadian government in regards to those rights, which it has also slowly but surely been taking away from them. The protesters are not willing to accept the temporary solutions that the government is also offering to them and which most of the public is also willing to compromised on, in terms of their diminished rights. They also want more accountability on the part of the Canadian govenment. Since the government is really the people and should also be making its policies around that issue, the protesters has every right to also demand that it does. The occupy Canada movement is not going away anytime soon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Alex Jones Canadian conspiracy

Alex Jones: "Canada Looking To Boost Its Image Using The Internet".

American Conspiracy theory advocate, Alex Jones, reveals in this video, new information, on the Canadian government's use of the internet, to boost its own public image and also to abuse the rights of its citizens, through programs, such as the echelon spy program and other spying methods, that are currently being used, by the present Harper government, to track the use of Canadians, on the internet.

Its goal? To suppress information from getting out about its own activities, concerning human rights standards, and to also limit the freedom of Canadians, using the internet, as a means of sharing information, with the rest of the world.

Alex Jones viedo on this subject is not only revealing, but it is also in line with what other informed sources, such as human rights activists, are also saying on this matter. That human rights standards are also deteriorating, at an alarming rate, in that country.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The World Has Remained Silent, Concerning The Individual Claims, For Human Rights abuse, By The Canadian Government.

The Canadian government has done a neat job in covering up its actions, for
carrying out human rights atrocities in its own country. Individual claims for
human rights abuse, against that country, has been growing steadily, over the years, yet no one, including the United Nations, has also taken the Canadian government's actions seriously enough, to make the Canadian government, also accountable, for carrying out those atrocities, against people living in that country.

One of the main areas of abuse, is the corruption by Canadian government officials
including the police and also the widespread claims for torture, that are also now coming forward by individuals, against the Canadian government. Those targeted are often those who has openly protested, against the Canadian government's actions.
And many such journalists and writers, like myself, also pay for this right, to freedom of speech, by also being persecuted relentlessly, by the Canadian government and its police, who will also stop at nothing, to prevent this information, from getting out to the rest of the world, about its action.

How many of those writers and journalists, such as myself, has to be injured, or have their freedom and safety, also jeopardized, by the corrupt actions, of the Canadian government, in order to silenced them? Will the world remain silent, much longer, as those atrocities continue and also still believe the official version, or lie, that the Canadian government, has also been complying with human rights standards, in its own country?. My concerns here, are with those claims for human rights abuse, by persons living in that country and whose claims has also been virtually ignored, both inside and also outside of that country, as well.

The unbelievable corruption of the police, is also one of the areas that should also be investigated, very seriously. Now is the time that the world should also listen to those claims about that government's actions as well.

One has to also wonder why the rest of the world and also those international human rights agencies, is also buying into this deception, by the Canadian government, concerning its human rights abuse, both in its own country, as well as around the world. How many more lives must be destroyed, against individuals in that country, by the Canadian government and especially by its police, who also carries out both open and covert actions, against select targets, to silenced them and to also try to suppress the information, about the Canadian government human rights abuse, in openly violating the UN and other treaties, in that country?

How many more victims of the Canadian police, secret actions, who has to also endure torture and other crimes against humanity, that are currently employed by that government, to silence critics of the Canadian government? It is these methods, that are now being used by the Canadian police, against some of them, as a means of punishment, for speaking out about the Canadian government actions, on human rights abuse.

The world need to sit up and take notice and not buy into the current lie, that is now being perpetuated by the Canadian government concerning its human rights abuse.
As the world sit by and watch the Canadian police continues to carry out those actions, including torture, with immunity, because they are also never investigated, for those crimes, as well.

Those who has presented a different opinion, from the official version, concerning human rights abuse in Canada, are also quietly targeted by that government, using all kinds of methods, most of which are also illegal, to also re-enforced the message, to them, that their actions are also viewed, as being counter productive,
to the one that the Canadian government, also wishes to established, to the rest
of the world, concerning human rights abuse.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Putting The Safety Of The Public At Risk.

A Complaint That Was Filed, By A Member Of The Public, With the
Toronto's 13 Division Police, Was also Removed From It's System.
In Effect, There is No Record, That The Complaint Was Ever Made.

"It's A Glitch In Our System." says 13 Division Supervisor, William Gagliardi.

The acting staff sergeant, Enis Spencer, went even further, he threatened the person, with charges of harassment, if she should call back the station and request the badge numbers, of the officers, who had failed to file a record, of the complaint, including, also, their personal notes, concerning the complaint. When asked if he was trying to also intimidate the person, with that response, he said "No, not at all". But we know better.

Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice, Is Just One of the concerns, by the public,
in regards to this matter.

Not even with the Toronto police dispatcher, who also has their own record,
when a member of the public, calls the police, separate from the individual
police officers, also had a record of the call. Both the dispatcher's record and
the 13 division police record, were erased from the police data systems. To also protect the person, who was also being accused, at the time. That information was later only able to be retrieved, from the Toronto Police Headquarters, who had a different internal system, from the individual police division.

Why was that information concerning an alleged threat, or more specifically, a death threat, not recorded by that police division?. Because it also had to do with the person, who had made the threat. It is also a matter concerning, Mintz & Partners Ltd., Kehilla Residential Program and their employees, such as Lisa Lipowitz and Sandra Thompson and also the Toronto's 13 Division Police. More specifically, in this case, the superintendent of one of the buildings, the Moahav Noam Coop, that they also manages, who had made a threatening statement, allegedly, directed at a resident of the building. What was the threat? "That the person is so stupid, that they should be taken outside and shot". Most people would also perceived this, as a very serious threat also.

He of course also denied making that statement, to the police, who also
attended the call, from the resident and to help the matter even further, the 13 division police, also erased that complaint, from their data system. The resident had to get the information, of the two police officers, Constable Oneil and Constable Pangos, who attended, including their badge numbers, from the Toronto Police Head quarters, afterwards. And when the Toronto police 13 Divsion, was asked why this complaint, because of its serious nature, was also not recorded by them, the 13 division police officer responded, that this was due to a "glitch in their system". That is, why the attending officers, had also failed to make a record, of the complaint. The suspicion got even greater, when the dispatcher, also, had no record either, of the call, that was make earlier.

Keeping the public informed, in regards to these anomalies, from the Toronto
police in regards to their actions, or their services, to the public, is also a
good way, of keeping them in check. Disregarding information, by the police, that could later be used in an investigation, is and should also be regarded, as a crime, by the police officers, or division, who do this deed. When looking deeper into the matter, one can also see evidence of a conspiracy, and especially a conspiracy to obstruct justice, by the police, in those matters. This action by the police, also certainly, do not serve the interest of the public. It is also an abuse of the person's right, to equal treatment, in regards to its services, by the police.

According to one Toronto police dispatcher, Joanna Clark-Dunn, on the subject of
the Toronto police response, to calls from the public, or in acting upon them,
she made it quite clear, that some of those calls, also do not get acted upon.
And more disturbingly, that this is often the result, of a directive, from the "upper command", in the Toronto police department. And although this dispatcher was also referring to a specific incident of the Toronto police, relating to the G20 events, it is also by no means, an isolated case, concerning their actions, either. Certain complaints are investigated, in a negligent manner, by the police, while others may also be suppressed, entirely, depending upon who is also making the complaint, or who the police is also trying to protect, in those cases.

As for the Toronto police 13 Division and the accusations of a collusion,
between that police division and the companies also mentioned, that has also become extremely clear, by those who are aware of their actions, including by some of the residents of the building, that they also manage, in that area. The police taking sides, in legal matters, including covering up evidence, is something that is also frequently done, by the Toronto police. They both manufacture evidence and also suppress it, when it also suit their purpose, to do so.

That is why a lot of their cases also gets thrown out of court, for their mishandling of those cases, as well. In some of them, you can also see the police hand print in them. These are all cases, of the police abusing the individual rights, of the public. Since we also know that those actions of the police, in those cases, also comes from their "chain of command", in regards to some of those cases, it is also easy to see how corruption, is also very much a part of the police practice, as well.

Thursday, August 25, 2011



My Further Personal View And Comment, On Toronto Mayor's, Bad Behaviour, In Regards To An Inquiry. "I Am Still Waiting, For The Official Letter, Of Response, That Your Staff, Has Also Promised, To Send To Me". "When Will That Also Happen?".

Rob Ford's Mug Shot.

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.

Okay, so what has Toronto's Mayor, Rob Ford, been up to lately?. I have a bone to pick, with his very rude office staff, who has promised, to respond in writing, to an inquiry, that I had sent to his office, concerning, the Toronto's Municipal Licensing Standards and some corrupt persons, in that department. Elita Purdy, its Manager and Lance Cumberbatch, its Director, of investigations, concerning, a noise complaint, that I had also filed, with that office. And which I have, also, yet to received. Apparently, also, I am not the only one, who thinks that the Toronto, Mayor, is rude and obnoxious and also needs a lesson, in social skills.

Number one, Mr. Mayor, do not give anyone, the "finger" and do not talk on your cell phone, either, while driving. Talking on your cell phone, while driving, is illegal and giving a member of the public, the "finger", allegedly, is also morally wrong and plain disgusting. Those are just two of the many other complaints, that has also come from the public, about the Mayor's obnoxious behaviour. The Toronto media, had a
had a field day, with the allegations, about the Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, giving a woman, the "finger" and while driving and also talking, on his cell phone. Something, other members of the public, are also not allowed to do.

So why did Rob Ford, also got away, with his actions?, which other members of the public, would also have faced, a fine, over? Its hard to say, exactly, but I am also thinking, that it also has a lot to do with corruption, in regards, to the local politics, with regards to Toronto's city officials. The Mayor's behaviour is obnoxious and he hasn't the faintest clue, how to also conduct himself, in regards, to his public duties. So Rob Ford, I am still waiting, for that letter, which your staff, has also promised me, would also be sent to me, as an official response, from the Mayor's office, in regards to that inquiry.

In the meantime, I also suggest, that the Toronto Mayor, also take some lessons, in how to polish up, on his public skills, which are also lacking. And on that note, also, I'm still wondering, if the Mayor, has also given up, on smoking pot, entirely?. Could that also be the reason, for his very public, lack of judgment, concerning his duties, as the Mayor? Maybe he still secretly smokes.

As for the former, convicted, pot smoker, Rob Ford, Toronto's current Mayor, the public can also be willing, to forgive, one's past behaviour, providing that you also, give them a reason to do so. And based on your actions, since taking office, we are not entirely, convinced, of that. You are also a racist and a homophobic, with irrational views, that you've also forced upon the rest of the public, and the public is now wondering, why they had also elected you, in the first place?.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Canadian Government Is Backing Israel, In Denying The Palestinians
Total Autonomy, For An Independent State, Within Israel.

The Canadian government was the lone voter, at the United Nations, among 47 other nations, to deny the Palestinian people, a homeland. The other nations had voted for a motion, to have an investigation by the United Nations, against the Israeli government's, human rights violations and the Canadian government was openly, adverse, to the motion against Israel.

The Palestinian people are also unable to leave Palestine, for humanitarian reasons, because the Israeli government, has also closed the borders to them. They are basically locked into a very small area of territory and has also suffered unimaginable human rights abuse, at the hands of the Israeli military and the Israeli government. And to further the abuse by the Israeli government, the international coalition of humanitarian aid, to that nation, has also been blocked, by the Israeli government, including food and medical supplies. Yet the Canadian government also does not view this action, as a human rights violation, by the Israeli government.
It has continued to be that government's strongest ally, along with the United States.

And at the same time the Canadian government, is also presenting a different view, to the rest of the world, concerning human rights issues. It is also pretending to advocate, on behalf of human rights issues, not only in its own country, but also around the world. The most disgusting example of this, is its Human Rights Museum, that it has built, in so called "honor" of human rights, in Canada. That museum, The Canadian Museum For Human Rights, is also paid for by Jewish organizations, such as the Asper Foundation and also cost the Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars, in the process.

Already some groups, such as the Canadian Ukrainian Congress, are also opposing some of its displays, saying that it does not "tell the whole story" about the Holocaust, which excluded from its displays, any mentioned of the other victims of the Holocaust. At present the Canadian Museum For Human Rights, has only exhibits for two groups of people only. The European Holocaust victims and the Canadian aboriginal victims. This makes me also wonder about the other victims of human rights abuse, in Canada also, such as Blacks, Chinese immigrants and others. No mention also, of other human rights victims, in other countries around the world, such as in Africa (Rwanda, Sudan, the Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia) and also other places.

And should anyone have any further doubt on the issue, of the Canadian government and the Israeli government's policy, the Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, has put those doubts, also to rest, by stating, "I will defend Israel, whatever the cost".

So then why is Canada publicly making claims about human rights issues, when it has condoned a country, that the United Nations and the rest of the world, has also recognized, as committing inhumane actions, against a minority group?. And why the double standards by the government?. Canada also wants to continue to get the support, of the rest of the world, on that issue and to also be recognized, as being at the forefront of human rights. That is a lie and its other actions has also proven this fact.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Not A Conspiracy? You Be The Judge.
No Process Was Issued, After The Ontario Superior Court,
Mandamus Decision, To Lower Court.

My Second Attempt, To Lay A Private Charge Was Denied And No Process Was Issued For A Second Time, By The Justice Of The Peace, Stephen Waisberg, After The Superior Court Of Justice, Mandamus Decision, To Have A Second Pre-Enquette Hearing, Of The Matter. The Same Crown Attorney, Was Also Involved, Who Two Months Previously, Had Also Withdrawn, A Charge, That I had Laid And After The Justice Of The Peace, Had Also Decided, To Issue Process, On The Charge.

You have heard it many times here before on my blog, about the conspiracy
that exist, involving the Canadian courts and myself, to deny my constitutional rights as a person. Well the latest incident is also no different, from the other cases, involving me. I was surprised, that the lower court, in this case, the Ontario Court of Justice, located at the 1000 Finch Avenue Courthouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, would also ignore a higher court ruling and continue to persist in denying me the same rights as everyone else.

The charge actually originated from an incident that had occurred in 2009, involving the superintendent of the building, Alex Gaisiner, who had assaulted me, by shoving me, after he was asked to check my entry card key, that was also deactivated for no apparent reason, by the office staff, something that was also a regular occurrence at the time. And to digress a little from this immediate incident, at those times also, the 13 division police, in a marked cruiser, would also be parked outside my building and I could only enter the building, by the front entrance and not the back entrance, for instance and while they were also parked outside. It was clearly intended to also provoked me.

Now back to the other incident. The superintendent of the building, had also left the office, after he was asked by the office assistant, to check the entry card at the door, to see if it was now working. Coming back into the office, where I was standing and had also remained throughout the whole incident, he had also shoved me, in front of the office assistant, as he came back into the office. And he was also clearly visibly upset, because he now also claimed, that the key was also working and that was what had also made him angry enough to shove me, in front of the office assistant.

At the first pre-enquette hearing, the crown attorney, had tried to made out that the shove was an "accident" and she spent a long time also trying to prove that fact. Something which I also pointed out before the Superior Court Judge successfully. When I also refused to go on with her questioning on the matter, as she was also doing a full cross-examination of the case, in which she also stated to the court that" Your honor, I was just trying to established, if it was an accidental push, or not". Irregardless, the Justice of the Peace at the first hearing did not issue process on the matter.

The matter was then heard at the Superior Court of Justice and was sent back to the Ontario Court of Justice for another hearing, which the crown attorney also claimed was a new hearing of the matter. At the second pre-enquette hearing of the matter, the crown attorney, Kene Canton, pointed out the the Justice of the Peace, that my case was "frivolous and vexatious" and the Justice of the Peace also agreed, claiming also, that the grounds for the case of an assault against the superintendent in this case, was also "minimal and at the lower end of the spectrum of the law" whatever the hell that also means. Either there was a non consensual contact, between this person and myself, which I've also asserted, and which is also illegal, or there was not. There are no grey areas in this case, in regards to what the law, also says about that.

It was the same crown attorney, who had also withdrawn another charge, at a pre-enquette hearing, two months earlier, in May of 2011, against another member of the staff, of the building, in what appears to also be, a desperate act, on his part, to also prevent the charge and also after another Justice of the Peace, had decided to issue process on the charge. The justice of the Peace had also stated, in that case, that there was a prima facie evidence, on the charge and on all of the elements, at which point the crown attorney, kene Canton, also decided, at that moment, to withdrew the charge, in order to prevent me from having the opportunity, to have the matter go to a trial and for the accused person, to also appear before the court on those charges.

At this latest incident, in regards to the denial of my rights, in a Canadian court, I have also decided to fight back. I have already contacted the crown attorney's office, at that court and let them know that I will also be having them investigated,
because it also cannot be a coincidence, that I have been unable to lay a single charge, against any of those persons, who, I also believed, had worked with the police, in carrying out those actions againt me, in some of those cases and also for those matters, to be ignored by the court.

No process of those charges, has ever been successful, against any of the management staff, of my building, who has also continually, harassed me and also committed other offences against me, over the years. This is also due primarily, I believed, because they have also been working with the police, to also carry out those actions against me. Both the police and the courts, are also involved, in the maladministration of justice, involving all of those cases, involving me. The actions of those people has also not stopped, against me and the court is also sending the wrong messages to them, that they can also continue to break the law and to violate my rights and the evidence also abounds in regards to this fact.

It is a case which also now requires a full investigation, into the actions of that court, in particular. For instance, the said matter, which was just heard by the Justice of the Peace Stephen Waisberg and which was also before the Superior Court of Justice on May 2, 2011, that was also sent back to the 1000 Finch Court, for a second hearing of the matter, was also originally slated to be heard on May 26, 2011. but after several adjournments and manipulations by both the court administrative staff, as well as the crown attorney office at that court, the matter was finally heard on July 15, 2011. They had first stated that the documents were also misplaced, or that they had not received it from the Superior Court of Justice. Then it was adjourned further, a few more times and all of this was also due to reasons, related to the court directly.

Who is paying for all of this? Me!. I have been paying for all of the transcripts to appeal those cases, at the higher courts over the years. I have spent a lot of money out of my own pockets, to pay for the court's mistakes. This is also wrong. I obviously has to appeal this latest decision again, at the higher court and this will also be paid for by me, as a member of the public and not by the court's whose mistake it is. I will also know this as a fact, after the ruling of the higher court, which in this case, is the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario.

I am also making an advancement, in also exposing their conspiracy, against me as well. They also now know that I will also exposed their actions publicly. For that reason also I have not been able to record those court proceedings, even when I make this request, both as a member of the public and also as a part of the media. At those time the requests are also denied by the presiding Justices of the Peace, at that court. Others have also tried to enforced this right, which is actually not a given right, in any Canadian courts.

On July 15, 2011, the Justice of the Peace Stephen Waisberg, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court in Toronto, also excluded all other members of the public from the courtroom, at the hearing of my case, in regards tot he pre-enquette matter. They also clearly do not want any witnesses of those hearings. There should also be no "private" hearing of any matters before the Canadian courts. The courts should be opened to the public, for all matters. Excluding the public from hearing some of those cases, that are before the Canadian court, is also a violation of international human rights laws.

I will also continue to bring those issues, of human rights abuse, by the Canadian courts, for whatever reasons, before the rest of the world and to exposed some of the corruption, involving those cases.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



On Behalf Of My Case And Also Human Rights Abuse In Canada

Anyone who also thinks that this can't be done, should just watch and see. Including those who thought that they had also gotten away with their crimes against humanity, that were also directed at me personally. I do not know the meaning of failure, despite the outlook of things, because I have never quitted, what I also intended to do. It is now up to the international human rights court, to now deal with this matter, in regards to my case, since I also cannot find, any justice, in the Canadian courts, in terms of those human rights violations.

It is certainly not over until I also win. And it certainly can be done.

Shame! Shame!

T.O City Councillor Georgio Mammoliti

The T.O. City Councillor, was caught taking pictures, of the group, QuAIA at the Pride Parade. He later then used those same pictures, to also recommend, that the city's funding, for Pride, be also cancelled.

Here is one from a Facebook reader:
Emma Rudolph
"ahhhh i hate rob ford that stupid doghnutt".

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, should be made to resign his office, along with his ally, Toronto City Councillor Georgio Mammoliti. We know that the Toronto mayor, has also not attended, any of the Pride events, this year and on top of that, he has also stated publicly, that he is also for the traditional marriage, between a man and a woman. The question is really about his duty, as the mayor and his representation of the city of Toronto. Does he support the diversity of the many different groups, that also exists in this city, such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community, which as everyone knows by now, he does not support.
He also makes the city of Toronto, look just as bad, as he does, in front of the whole world. The Toronto Mayor, may also have been unduly influenced, by a group
of pro Israeli supporters, who also happened to be a part of gay and lesbian community and who were also willing to sacrifice, the Pride organization, for
their own personal agenda. Their ultimatum was to get Pride, to oust the group, QuAIA, from among their ranks and also as one of the different groups, that has participated, in the annual Pride parade. Or they will also lobby to have its funding cut by the city. Backing this group were also a league of Toronto journalists and businesses from the Jewish community. (See my article below this one, for more on that issue).

The email that was sent, by the Toronto Sun columnist, Sue Ann Levy, to the other jewish leaders and businesses, calling for them to put pressure, on the Mayor, to cut funding for Pride, also shed a new light on how politics, are also conducted with Toronto's elected officials. The Toronto Mayor, also obliged them, with their requests, and also made it contingent, upon the Pride organization, to banned outright, the so called offensive group, Queer Against Israeli Apartheid, or be dismantled, as an organization, that would get no further funding, from the city of Toronto.
And to make sure this also happened, the Mayor's close friend and ally and also fellow city councillor, Georgie Mammoliti, came to the Pride parade, with his
camera in hand and was also seen taking pictures, specifically, of a small group
of marchers, holding a banner, with the QuAIA sign on it and then later broadcast those pictures, to the local news media. His actions were not only offensive to the group directly, but also to the many people, who also attended, the parade as well. It was also weird. I am sure that the people around the world, who are reading this blog and others like it, who has also reported this story, has also found the behaviour, of the Canadian politicians, kind of bizarre.

What is also crystal clear about the pro Israeli factor, in all of this, is that those pro Israeli groups, also, has absolutely no allegiance, to the Canadian government, or the Canadian people, but only to the State of Israel. It meant nothing for that group, to personally advocate for the dismantling, of an organization, such as Pride, that has also given visibility, to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community, or to the other groups, that has also taken part, in the Pride festivities and that were also marching for human rights, in regards to their own personal causes. Those groups will no longer have this visibility, if the funding for Pride, is also cut, by the city of Toronto. And the pro Israeli groups, also couldn't care less, if that also happens.

I was also disappointed with the organization, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid,
for officially speaking out, against a small group of courageous demonstrators, who had marched in the Pride parade, with the QuAIA banner, after the media had also attacked that group. The group also marched peacefully and gave no grounds, for the attacks against them, by the local media and also by the corrupt politicians, such as Georgio Mammoliti and Rob Ford. Instead of taking a stand, the official QuAIA group, stayed away from the Pride parade and also further distance themselves, from those few men and who also stood their ground and marched in the Parade. They certainly had every rights just like the other groups that were there, to also participate and the organizers of the Pride parade, despite their efforts, which also backfired on the organization directly, could not keep them out entirely. In my opinion, the entire QuAIA organization is also compromised by those who also controls it, and who also has no backbone in standing up to those who also challenge or opposed the. Congratulations to the few of them who do.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is A No Show At Pride Festivities.
"I will be spending the weekend at the cottage with my family".

Toronto's Pride Festival

If he is to be judged by his actions, then Rob Ford, is not a very smart politician.
Rob Ford is deliberately absent at Pride events this year and it is the first time that a Toronto Mayor, has openly snub the events, in recent times. The Pride parade and other events, that has been put on by the LGBT community, to celebrate its diversity, was also totally ignored by the Mayor and this has many people talking. People are talking about his apparent lack of interest in the city and that he has ignored his duty as the Mayor and especially in promoting equality among the many different groups, including the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community.

It doesn't seem as if he wants to be re-elected either, because that is what is also going to happen, if he continues to ignore the LGBT community and do not show up at any of the Pride events, this year. I personally thinks that he has acted foolishly.
So in my eyes Rob Ford is stupid. He could have chosen another way of saying that he does not support the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community and that he
is really homophobic, because that is what his message is also saying. Chosing to
go to the cottage for the holiday weekend, rather than to attend the Pride events, was a tactical error on his part, which will also, I believed, hurt his political career and which has also resonated, rather negatively, with the LGBT community.
And that community should also not be underestimated either.

Many of the most powerful members of the LGBT community, are also in the media and they have so far supported Rob Ford, but I also see a shift in their loyalty, to the former marijuana smoking, now turned mayor, Rob Ford. I couldn't care less personally, if Rob Ford shows up at this year's Pride events. What I do care about, is in regards to some of the other actions, by the Pride executive committee, to totally ban the group, Queers Against Israel Apartheid, from participating in this year's Pride Parade.

Last year I wrote on my blog about that issue and I had thought that the organization would really change its mind and include that group. I must have also been naive. With the pro Israeli supporters, many of whom are also members of the LGBT community and the Pride organization, also putting pressure on the others, to prevent this from happening, they also finally succeeded, in excluding this group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, permanently, from the Pride events and with none other than Toronto's Mayor, Rob Ford, also giving his approval on the matter. As the evidence will also show, he was also most likely pessured into it, as well, by the pro Israeli lobbyists, at City Hall. An email has since surfaced, detailing this very fact. The email was also written by the Toronto Sun columist, Sue Ann Levy, after her discussion, with Earl Provost, Director of Stakeholder Relations, in the Mayor's office and who also, along with Sue Ann Levy, had shared the same views about the group, Queers Against Israeli Aopartheid, participating in this year's Pride parade.

In the letter, that was sent on March 29, 2011, the Toronto Sun columist, Sue Ann Levy requested from the Jewish organizations involved, to also put pressure on the Mayor, to defund Pride, because of the group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. I am appalled at the open racism and the sectarinism, displayed by Sue Ann Levy and other members of the Jewish community, in using their influence, to go after those that they dislike. No wonder they are also reluctant to publish anything in those newspapers, that also has anything to do with the often objectable conduct of members of that community. I have also recently viewed Sue Ann Levy, on the Sun Televison, promoting her cause and she was also asked, if she was now going to
celebrate this momentous event, with her other pro Israeli supporter, who had also succeeded, in bannig the group, Queer Against Israeli Apartheid, or QuAIA, from the Pride Festivities. She also answered in the affirmative.

I also had a discussion some time ago with one of the organizers of the group, QuAIA, Aruna Boodram and she was also quick to point out, about how powerful the pro Israeli lobbyists were, in her eyes anyway, in getting their agenda, with Toronto city officials. I could see that the group was also not going to survived, because
of the united front, that presented, by those lobbyists, which also included some of the pro Israeli journalists, from the local Toronto newspapers, most notably, the Toronto Sun Newspaper. And the most notorious of all of them, is the Toronto Sun columist, Sue Ann Levy, who also took it upon herself, to contact other memebrs of the Jewish community and also jewish organizations, telling them, to also not support Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford, unless he also helped to banned the group, Queer Against Israeli Apartheid, from the Pride events. Sue Ann Levy also sent out the infamous email, to all of those Jewish organizations, with this request and she was also specific, in mentioning that those Jewish lobbyists, also put pressure on the Mayor Rob Ford,to exclude this group, QuAIA, from Pride.

Even though Sue Ann Levy and other pro Israeli journalists, are also a part of the LGBT community, they are also not representative of it. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community, is also made up of other groups of people, who has also
been shut out of its decision making process, due to the influence of the pro Israeli
supporters, among its members. Those other members of the LGBT community, also has raised their voices is protest, against the actions of this group, within the LGBT community, to also influence the decisions, that are also made, on behalf of the LGBT community. Common sense will also dictate that if the pro Israeli factors, within the LGBT commnunity can be allowed to voice their opionions and to also take part in the Pride activities, then it is also fair that those who also protest againt the Israaeli government's actions, groups like the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, should also be able to participate in Pride events as well. This only
shows also, which of those groups, within the LGBT community, has really influenced the decisions, of the Pride organization, which also does not represents, generally, the opinions of all of the members, of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community. For this reason, also, many of the other members of the LGBT community, has also not participated in most of the events of the Pride festivities. They have
complained of being left out, deliberately, by the pro Israeli factor, of the organization, Pride, whose agenda also coincide, with the agenda of this one group,
also, in regards to in the Pride organization itself. We also now know, that the actions of the Mayor, Rob Ford, may not have been influenced by this group, as well.

The actions of the Toronto Sun columist Sue Ann Levy, to request that the Pride organization be dismantled, if she and the other pro Israeli factors, also do not get their wish, was extreme, but also not surprising either. That is what she and her group, has been up to all along. To influence the decisions of the politicians, to also fit their agenda. The question is what the rest of the public, has to also say about it? Clearly, it is this reprehensible faction, of the Pride organization, which should really be banned and not the other. It is a group, that, clearly does not think, about the organization, as a whole, or even respect the differences, of the others who are also involved. I do not think that the group, Queer Against israeli Apartheid, has also ever suggested, that this group, also be banned from the Pride events. And if the Pride oganization, can have the pro Israeli supporters, within that organization, why not those who also protest the Istraeli government's
policies as well? Since they are also decidedly against human right standards.

Below is the copy of the letter, that was emailed, by Toronto Sun columist, Sue Ann Levy, to the other jewish organizations, requesting their intervention in the
matter, to influence the Mayor, in his decision about the Pride organization and particularly, about the group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

... email from Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy addressed to several leaders in the Jewish Community encouraging them to lobby Toronto city councillors to defund Pride Toronto. Read the text below

-----Original Message-----
From: Sue-Ann Levy
Sent: Tue 29/03/2011 3:21 PM
To: mailto: ; ;
Subject: City funding of Pride

Good afternoon Gentlemen:

I had an interesting discussion this morning with Earl Provost, Director of Stakeholder Relations in Mayor Rob Ford's office. He is very concerned that unless the Toronto Jewish community gets on board and starts sending mass e-mails to ALL 44 councillors, the vote to defund Pride this year because of QuAIA's involvement will fail.

He told me that while the mayor is very supportive of keeping QuAIA and hate speech out of the parade, he is ONLY ONE VOTE on council. There's no doubt in my mind that the supporters of QuAIA -- including Xtra and QuAIA's new friend Rev. Brent Hawkes-- are working behind the scenes to ensure there's enough votes to overturn the motion.

This is the time for the Jewish community to speak loudly and clearly. If we sit on our hands with a mayor in power who supports us, we will pay the price of missing an opportunity to put an end to hate speech.
Make no mistake.

The Rev. Brent Hawkes tour of Jewish media and basically whomever will listen to him is only about one thing: Saving face, keeping bums in the seats of his church and promoting the image of himself, Rev. Hawkes, as the self-appointed leader of Toronto's gay community.

Rev. Hawkes does not speak for me. He does not speak for Martin or for any of our Jewish gay friends. I highly doubt he speaks for most of the gay community, many of whom have written to me saying that he and his panel should have banned QuAIA outright.

He speaks for a fringe group only.

Despite all of his talk about there being a process in place to ensure hate speech is not in the parade, you have to ask yourself one thing.

Will QuAIA march this year?

The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Please take Earl's concerns to heart and I urge you to get the e-mails going.


Sue-Ann Levy
City Hall Columnist
Toronto Sun

Monday, June 6, 2011




Staff Inspector, Earl Witty,
Toronto 13 Division Police

Who has authorized the Toronto Police, 13 Division to carry out daily physical surveillance of me, both night and day? The surveillance also has an element of harassment to it. It is also carried out in both marked and unmarked police cruisers, and the Toronto police has also give the signal to its agents, who also live in my building, to either inform them when I am leaving my home, or they
also have some kind of camera, set up at my place, that also lets them know this information. I am extremely pissed. I cannot leave my home without seeing one of those police cruisers parked somewhere nearby and also directly watching me. Sometimes only one police officer is in the cruiser.

Worst than this is also the daily psychological and physical harassment, as
well torture, that I also go through as a result of the police actions directly.
The police has also been using the unit above mine to conduct surveillance
of me. It also doesn't just stop there either. The methods that they have also employed in this regard, are also totally illegal. They have also with the cooperation of the management of the building, kept a mentally deranged
person, in that unit to also carry out the harassment. This brazen action
on their part, will also see a further investigation into this, because they
are also lying about who the occupants are in that unit. I am also thinking
of making a deputation before the Toronto City Council, in regards to the
management of the building, Deloitte, to answer to some of those questions.

I know the law sufficiently to know that what they are also currently doing,
is also illegal. If they had any authorization in regards to this issue, of
carrying out the surveillance, it would have also expired by now, since it has
also been going on for years. There is a also a limit as far as how long they
can also interfere with some one's privacy in this manner. But to be sure,
they also do not have any authorization to do this. Toronto has a black
deputy police chief. I hope he is not a token, because I would also like to
see his response, to this issue, concerning police. Both a fair and objective
view, about the police conduct, in carrying out these illegal actions, in my
case. So I will also be contacting him, concerning the Toronto 13 Division
police. Maybe he or his office can also shed some more light on what they
are doing.

How many people are aware that the police are also directly involved in
carrying out crimes and are also intimately involved with criminals and also
organized crimes? People need to also know that when the police carry out any
kind of illegal actions, they are also like everyone else. They should be made
to answer for their crimes, that they have also committed, against any
members of the public. It is difficult to respect the police, when you are
also personally aware of some of their crimes that they are also committing
and that this organization, itself, has also operated just like any other
criminal organization. That the police are also just like the other so-called criminals, that they have also claimed to have gone after. The police also
instigates violence in high risk neighbourhoods and are themselves, directly involved, in some of those crimes. That is what the people in some of those neighbourhoods are also starting to believe. The rest of us are also aware of
this fact as well.

Based on the human disposition, it is not difficult to see that the police,
and those that they are affiliated with them, are also some of the worst
psychopaths and social deviants, in this society. The police force is also
used as a cover, to carry out the illegal crimes, that the police are also themselves, involved in and which their jobs has also provided them with
the cover, to commit those crimes against the public. And which for the
most part, also goes unnoticed, by the majority of the public.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Individual Cases Of Human Rights Abuse.
The Organized Stalking And Targeting Of Some Of Those Victims

The Unholy 'Marriage' Between The Canadian Politicians And Those Big
Corporations. Rich Companies Who Can Also Buy Off Corrupt Politicians.
Who Also Have The Protection Of The Police, And Who Has Also 'Worked'
With Them To Combat Corruption In Government, Or With Other Corporations,
But Who Are Corrupt Themselves. Some Of Those Big Corporations Like
Deloitte & Touche, Who Are Also Immune To Prosecution In That Country,
Because Of The Corruption That Is Also Involved. It Is Only One Of Many
Such Corporations, Who Also Has Corrupt Politicians Backing Its Actions.

My goal is to bring some of those corrupt corporations like Deloitte & Touche
before the international human rights tribunals for committing crimes against
humanity, even if it is only one documented case and for also working with the Canadian government, in regards to its police agencies, in carrying out some of
those crimes against the individual in that country. I will also prove that
Deloitte & Touche was also involved directly, in working with the Canadian
government and its police, in carrying out the torture and other crimes against
me personally. It was Deloitte & Touche, who also gave the Canadian police access, in order to carry out those torture against me in my home.

Human rights abuse and crimes against humanity are taking place in Canada on unprecedented levels, based on the number of reports that are also coming out of that country. Blogs like mine are springing up all over the Internet, detailing those crimes of human rights abuse by the Canadian government, targeting individuals.

Yet, despite these horrible crimes that are also being committed in front of the whole world, no one also seem to be listening to those victims, like myself and
others, who are the target of the Canadian government in its direct attacks
against them. Jeopardising their very lives and also freedom. For human rights activists like me, being the direct target of the police is also a daily

Not just the local police, but all of the Canadian police agencies combined.
This is hard to ignore, because they also used illegal means to target and also
to cause injury to those victims like myself. It is not just about carrying out surveillance and harassment, they are also using advance weapons to attack those victims and to also cause them injury. It also known that one of Canada's most notorious police agency on this subject, is also the RCMP. It has both
targeted and also used some of the most illegal methods against human rights activists, in that country. Methods that are expressively forbidden under international human rights treaties, against those victims.

Those impotent international human rights governance's, like the Inter-
American Commission on Human Rights, The International Criminal Court and others, also need to take notice of those cases of human rights abuse that are coming
out of Canada, very seriously. They are not that interested because they also do not care about going after the Canadian government for violations under international treaties, concerning human rights standards in that country. They are also part of the worldwide effort towards a one world government, called appropriately, the new world order. The ICC, cannot even try those visible cases of human rights abuse in other countries, such as those detailing war crimes, how much more those other cases that are also less obvious?

When you also have those like the former US governor Jessie Ventura and many others like him also giving credence to those reports of government abuse that are happening in his country and also making it known that this is also happening all over the world, in other countries like Canada, then the world need to also take notice. This information is not just coming from individuals, who are also labeled as being deranged, but it is also coming from other very credible sources as well.

Aside from blogging, I am also involved with helping to put a stop to those
crimes against humanity that are being committed against individuals living in Canada. My newly formed organization called PAGE, or People Against Government Exploitation and Human Rights Abuse, is also committed to making the Canadian government accountable for its actions before those international human rights bodies, for those crimes that it has also committed against both individuals and also groups of people in that country.

It is a silent crime that is also being committed by this government right under
the so-called watchful eyes of the UN and others. It is an unspeakable crime
against those victims that must also be acknowledged by those who has also made it their duty to investigate those kinds of crimes by autocratic governments like Canada. It is also extremely offensive to the victims and also to moral standards and the human dignity for those crimes of humanity to also continue without something being done against it.

Monday, May 30, 2011


The Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice By These Crown Attorneys

The Goal Is To Traumatized The Victim And To Also Create The
Circumstances, To Also Bring This About. It Is Called Psychological Torture. A Very Useful Tool In The Hands Of The Police And Others Involved.

As a human rights activist in Canada, I have had more than enough evidence, to also prove that human rights abuse is also a chronic problem in that country.

Below is just one more examples of this abuse that I have also dedicated this
blog to exposing, concerning the attacks against my own individual rights and freedom, by the Canadian government and the corruption that is involved in those actions, by the people who also do not want this information to be made public.

The information also needs to get out, in order to educate the world on what
is also happening, to some people, in that country. The recent exposure on
my blog, in regards to the corruption involving some Canadian government
officials, has also garnered more attacks against me, by the police and also
by those who are also directly affected by the exposure that this article
also brought to them.

The Obstruction of Justice By These Crown Attorneys Involving My Case.

Case Number One: Crown Attorney, Kene Canton.
A Justice of the Peace, at a Toronto court, the 1000 Finch Avenue Courthouse,
in Toronto, has decided to issue process, on a charge of assault, against a
Deloitte & Touche employee, Jim Cook, for an assault against me. After giving evidence concerning the charge, at the pre-enquette hearing, the JP also decided, that there was also a prima facie evidence, established, on the charge for assault, against this person, Jim Cook, in regards to me. He then decided to also issue process on the private charge, that I had also laid, concerning that person, in regards to that matter. It was also the first time that this court, had also decided to proceed with any charges, against any of the people, who were also involved, with the personal attacks, against me and also despite the surmounting evidence against them.

The crown attorney, Kene Canton, had also decided, as a last attempt, to stop this proceeding and to also withdraw the charge, where process had also just been issued, by the justice of the peace, against that person. The Justice of the Peace, responded, to the crown attorney's actions, by also claiming, that under the law, the crown attorney, was also allowed to withdraw a charge. That the matter was also out of his hands, as far as the crown attorney's attempt, to prevent me from proceeding, with the matter in the court.

This is because of the conspiracy, that was also involved, regarding them and the police, also, in regards to this matter, in abusing my rights. It was the police, I also believed, that has also prevented, those charges from being laid, against them, for a number of years, and also with the cooperation of the court, as this case also shows and by the crown attorneys involved with those cases, in also preventing the charges from also being laid against any of them.

He had also not convinced the court, in regards to the prima facie evidence,
of why the charge should also not be laid and the Justice of the Peace, had
also read back to the crown attorney, the areas of the law, that he had also
relied upon, in also issuing process on the charge. In desperation, the crown attorney, Kene Canton, then also addressed the court and simply withdrew the
charge, rather than to see that it also proceeded, in the court. Now it is also
up to me to challenge this legally. Which include, also, an obstruction of justice
charge, against the crown attorney, Kene Canton.

The Issue Regarding Crown Attorney Number Two.

The second matter, also involved the actions of another crown attorney, in
also trying to prevent me, from also exercising my rights, as a member of the
public. It also clearly shows, that she has also tried to obstruct justice, in
this case, as the evidence also seem to suggest.

A mandamus writ was issued by a Judge, in the Superior Court of Justice, on
May 2, 2011, in regards to my application, before that court, against another employee, Alex Gaisiner. The crown attorney, in regards to that case, also did
two things, that were both illegal and also unethical.

First, she has told the Judge that she also has a date, at the 1000 Finch Court,
for the return of the matter, on May 26, 2011, when she was also asked by the same Judge, to get this information and to also present it to the court. I was then instructed by the court, to return to the other court, on the date that the crown had also given, in regards to the pre-enquette hearing and to also lay the charge. The crown attorney, whose name I also have a problem in getting, at this time, also told the Superior Court Judge, that she would be forwarding, the necessary documents, back to the other court, in regards to the matter. She also never did.

On May 26, 2011, I showed up for the pre-enquette hearing, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, in Toronto and the Justice of the Peace, who was in the courtroom, had no idea about the mandamus writ, that was also granted, because the crown attorney, did not send the information, to that court. Finally, the manager at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, also claimed, that she was able to have the Superior Court of Justice, also fax, the necessary documents, to that court and the matter was also rescheduled for another date.

The biggest question, that I also have, about this matter, is, whether the
crown attorney, also tried to obstruct justice in my matter, by also not doing,
what she was asked by the court to do? Why did she not forward the documents to
the other court?, as she had also said to the court, that she would also do. The
date of May 26, 2011, which was also on a Thursday, that she also gave to the court
for the pre-enquette hearing, also does not occur at that court. It was later revealed, that this court, at the 1000 Finch Avenue West, courthouse, also did not hold any pre-enquette hearings, on a Thursday. Which was also the date, that the crown attorney, who was involved with the matter, had also suggested, to the other court, the Superior Court of Justice and also to the Judge of that court, in regards to the mandamus application, before that court.

The matter was simply toss aside, by either the crown attorney, by the court, or by both, in this case and I was also not able to proceed, as I also should have.
Later the court, also tried to cover up this action, by also suggesting another date, for the matter to be heard. Was it a coincidence or was it also deliberate?
Of course, I also do not believed, that it was a coincidence.

The direct links with the Metropolitan Toronto police, 13 Division, especially, has also offered to those involved, the protection that they also needed, to carry out those attacks against me. And the conspiracy also goes much further, to also
include the courts, as well. Which I as a member of the public, must also rely on, to also protect those rights, but which also do not result in this happening. As for the Metropolitan Toronto Police, 13 Division, most of the time, they are also parked outside of my home and doing apparently nothing. Just watching my movements, daily. As soon as they see me, either enter, or leave the building, they also drove off. The police has also denied doing this.

Whenever I also put up an article, on my blog, that has really exposed those
actions of the police, or others, involving corruption, or some other issue, I
also tend to see an increase in those attacks against me. Like some of my most recent articles for instance, that has also exposed, the unethical conduct, of
some government officials. As a writer and journalist, I am also strongly committed, to exposing the truth on corruption and other issues of human rights abuse. It is also important for the world, to know that human rights activists, like myself, are also daily, subjected to every attempt by this government, or its police agencies, regarding the further abuse, of their individual rights and freedoms. And also other attempts, that has also, increasingly, subjected them to harm. All of this are also carried out against them, in order to cover up the human rights abuse, that are also occurring in Canada.

Thursday, May 19, 2011



The Unanswered Questions, Surrounding The Actions Of The Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope, In The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

1. Her Personal Influence, In The Decisions, Concerning The Private Companies, Kehilla Residential Programme and Deloitte & Touche, Who Were The Only Contenders For The Bid, To Take Over The Moshav Noam Non-Profit Cooperative Housing Corporation. Providing Them With The Ministery's Approval, Despite Their Other Questionable Actions, That Also Goes Against The Public Interest.

2. Not Providing To The Public, Or To The Other Interested Parties, The Names, Of Who The Other So-Called Applicants Were, That Were Also Being Considered For The Same Bid, Regarding The Purchase.

3. The Personal Influence Of the Others Involved, In The Funding and Risk Management Branch, Of The Ministry. Keith Extance, The Director, Alison Coke, the Manager And David Stone, The Analyst, In Regards To This Specific Matter, And How This Is Also An Indication, Of How These Public Officials, Quietly Go About Disregarding The Law, To Serve Their Own Interest, Or The Interest, Of That Those They Are Also Involved With.

4. The Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope And Others, In The Funding And Risk Management Branch, Putting The Interests, Of Private Companies, Ahead Of The Public. The Illegal Aquisitions Of Those Companies And Other Procruements By Them, That Are Also Questionable And Also Against Public Interests.

The corruption scandal, that is now surfacing, concerning the Assistant
Deputy Minister, Janet Hope and her role, in allowing the transfer, of the
Moshav Noam Non-Profit Co-operative Housing Cooperation, over to Kehilla
Residential Programme, after it was brought to her attention, through the
complaints of the public, to also investigate Kehilla's actions, concerning
the property and its residents. The scandal also involved others, in the
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, in the Funding and Risk
Management Branch, including the Director, Keith Extance and also the
Manager, Alison Coke, as well as the Analyst, David Stone. The Manager of
the City of Toronto Social Housing Unit, Funding and Risk Management
Branch, Maria Varlokostas, is also involved, and also its General Manager,
Phil Brown.

Upon the recommendations, of the City of Toronto, directly, through
the Toronto Social Housing Unit, Funding and Risk Management Branch, as
well as the Receiver, Deloitte & Touche, Kehilla Residential Programme,
seem to have been the only choice, for the transfer of the Coop, from
Deloitte & Touche, over to Kehilla Residential Programme. In fact the
claim that is also being made, against the Deputy Minister, Janet Hope and
the others, are that they have also put through the proposal, to have Kehilla
Residential Programme, take over the sale and transfer of the Moshav Noam
Non-Profit Cooperative Housing Corporation, exclusively and has also denied
this opportunity, to the other qualified applicants, thanks to the corruption
that was also involved, in their actions, to also make Kehilla, the exclusive
and only choice, for the project.

All of them were also directly involved, in the decision, to allow Kehilla Residential Programme, to purchase the assets, of the Coop and to also
take over the Moshav Noam Non-Profit Co-operative Housing Corporation, on
a permanent basis, from the current Receiver, Deloitte & Touche, who has
also recommended, Kehilla Residential Programme, exclusively, for this bid.
And who was also, along with the others, in the Funding and Risk Management
Branch, of both the Toronto Social Housing Unit, as well as the Ministry of
Municipal Affairs and Housing, has excluded all other qualified applicants,
who may have also been interested, in the purchase, to take over the Coop,
from the current holder, Deloitte & Touche, directly. All of this, also,
outside of the democratic process of the Coop, or its residents and also
outside of the boundaries of the law.

By this I also mean, that, there was also clear evidence, of a monopoly,
by those in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, to put forward the agenda,
of those private companies, before the interest of the public. And worst, that
they all had a pecuniary interest in the matter, to see that Kehilla Residential Programme, was also the sole contender, for this bid, and no one else. All
available evidence, seem to also point to this fact. There has also been no
other information, that has been made available, to either the members of the
Coop, or even to the court, to suggest, that, anyone else, were also being considered, by those in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, as a possible candidate for this bid, to take over the Coop. Except of course, Kehilla
Residential Programme, who has also been managing the property, on an interim
basis and who has been seeking, to also take over, on a permanent basis. Something that the residents of the Coop, do not want and has also voice their concerns, to those in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the Ministry, as well as to the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope and which were ignored, by all of those involved, who has also quietly, went behind their backs and pushed through the agenda, of this private company, before that of the public.

As a formality, the residents were also requested, in January 2011, to provide information, about Kehillla's management of the Coop, during the interim.
They also responded negatively, in regards to Kehilla, and sent their response
back to the Ministry, detailing the concerns, that they also had about Kehilla,
including the open racism, that is also practiced by Kehilla's staff, to some
of the residents. All of this was also quietly ignored, by those persons
mentioned, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the Ministry of
Municipal Affairs and Housing, including, also, the Assistant Deputy Minister,
Janet Hope, who also oversees that branch, of the Ministry and who is the also
direct boss of its director, Keith Extance and the others. She is also mandated
to put the interest of the public first, before that of any private company,
which also did not happened in this case. Keilla's illegal actions, regarding
the management of the Coop, was also diregarded, by them, in order for them,
to put through its agenda, to take over the Coop.

All of those persons who were involved, in the Funding and Risk Management Branches, of those government agencies, in excluding all of the other possible applicants, who might also have been interested, in the bid to transfer the Coop, over to another management. They have all consented, also, to Deloitte & Touche's hand picked choice, which was Kehilla Residential Programme, to take over from Deloitte & Touche, directly and no amount of requests, that has also been made, to them, or anyone else involved in this matter, has also been able to make them also provide, the information, directly, as to the other so-called applicants, for this purchase. It is a secret among themselves only and no one else. It would be interesting, also, for this information, to be provided to the public, because it will also show, that, from the very begining, they had all monopolized, the bidding process and that no one else, were also being considered by any of them, in regards to the transfer of the Moshav Noam Coop and that this action, was also agreed upon, by the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope and those other persons, who were also involved, directly, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the Ministry. She also,
as a necessity, had to ignore the concerns from the public, about those companies actions, in order for her and those others mentioned, in the Funding and Risk Managemen Branch, of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, to also provide them, with, the Ministry's consent, to go ahead with this deal.

I have been following this situation, closely and I can also say, that, based
on the evidence, that has been made available, both to me directly, as a member
of the Coop and also to the court, that those involved, also had a pecuniary interest, directly, in this project. This is also in regards to Kehilla
Residential Programme, as well as Deloitte & Touche. They also did not provide
any information, concerning the other so called applicants, who were also, supposedly, considered for this bid, in regards to the transfer of the Coop, based
on the fairness rule, and that Kehilla was their one and only choice
for this project.

There is much evidence available, to also suggest, that the Assistant Deputy
Minister, Janet Hope, also knew about the actions, of those involved, and in
fact, was also directly involved, in the decision, in putting forward the
agenda, of this private company, before the interest of the public. This
decision, on their part, has also landed those involved, in the Funding and
Risk Management Branch, of both government agencies, under investigation,
for violations under the Conflict of Interest Act. And there are also those,
like myself, who also believed, that, the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet
Hope, should also be investigated, by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, for her role, as someone who holds office, in also ignoring the interests of the public, in this regard and also in putting forward the private interests, of those companies, Kehilla Residential Programme and also Deloitte & Touche, before that of the public. An action, which is also an open violation,
of the public trust in her office.

It was a decision, that was also made, exclusively, outside of the legal requirements, of the law, including those under the Conflict of Interest Act
and also the Municipal Act. That has now, also, implicated, the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope, in that decision, along with the others, for not complying, with those rules and regulations, under those Acts, concerning the sale, or purchase, of a property and to also participate, in a manner, that has also indicated, that there was a conflict of interest, on their part, to favour the current holder, Deloitte & Touche, as well as Kehilla Residential Programme, exclusively, to take over the bid, in regards to the transfer, of the Moshav
Noam Non-Profit Cooperative Housing Corporation, from them and over to
Kehilla Residential Programme. And while at the same time, also, clearly
excluding, all other qualified applicants, in the process. It is also a case,
where those city and government officials, has also used their positions,
to influence this decision. Which also, clearly, favoured Kehilla, over any
other qualified applicants, as well.

This latest development, regarding their actions, has also shed a light,
on how private companies, are also able to get through, with their agendas,
with those corrupt city and other government officials. In this case, the
claim, that was also made, against the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope
and also the others, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, along with the Toronto Social
Housing Unit, was also based on documented evidence. Evidence that is also
a part of the public record, concerning their actions. The corruption in
regards to their actions, also comes from the fact, that, they have decided
to take their public duties, so lightly and to also act upon their own
interests, outside of that duty, and also in regards to the public.

For instance, neither the Assistant Deputy Minister, nor those other
persons, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the Ministry, acted
upon the complaints of the public, in regards to Kehilla's actions. David
Stone, is an analyst, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch of the
Ministry and both he and Alison Coke, were also in charge, of handling the complaints, about Kehilla Residential Programme, in regards to the Coop,
directly. They were also a part of the team, in the Funding and Risk
Management Branch, who were also considering, Kehilla's application, to
take over the transfer of the Moshav Noam Non-Profit Cooperative Housing
Corporation, from Deloitte & Touche and also over to Kehilla. Alison Coke,
manager in that branch, has also has confirmed to me, directly, that she has
also received the complaints, from the residents, of the Moshav Noam Non-Profit
Housing Coop, concerning Kehilla's actions, and that those complaints would
also be addressed by the Ministry, before any decision was made, on Kehilla's eligibilty, as a potential applicant for this bid. That also did not happened,
and we as the public has also come to know why. That Alison Coke and also the others
in the Funding and Risk Management Branch of the Ministry, has also never
deviated from their positions, to have kehilla Residential Programme, take over
the Coop, from Deloitte & Touche. It was what those companies wanted and also
what those other persons, including Alison Coke, David Stone, Keith Extance
and even the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope, in the Funding and Risk Management Branch also wanted. It was also not the public interest that they were
also adhering to, but thwir own and also that of those private companies.

One has only to look, further, into their actions, as well and at the information, that is also available, in regards to those actions, to see that they, also had a conflict of interest, with regards to this decision, on their part. And that the obvious conflict of interest, in regards to their actions, also stems from the
fact, that, they also wanted to promote those private companies interest, over
that of the public. In this case, also, it is both their own private interests,
as well as the interests of those two companies, Kehilla Residential Programme
and also Deloitte & Touche, that also takes presidence, with them, over those
of the public.

The Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope, also knew of the complaints, of the public, against Kehilla Residential Programme and has also chose to ignore it.
In fact, She was asked directly, to investigate those concerns, before the
Ministry, has also made its decisions, regarding kehilla's application, that the
Ministry was also considering, at the same time. She also chose not to do so, because, this would also pose, a direct conflict of interest, with her own private agenda, as well as the private agendas, those of the other two companies, at the center of this controversy, who were also looking to make this acquisition, for their own personal reasons and the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet Hope also
acquiescence, without giving any thought to what her public duties also requires her to do in this case. Which is also to put the needs of the public first, before those
of any private individual or entity.

The residents of the Moshav Noam Non-Profit Co-operative Housing Corporation,
has also not been told, officially, by those in the Funding and Risk Management Branch, of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, about their complaints, against Kehilla Residential Programme. Nor about how the Assistant Deputy Minister, Janet hope, has also decided, to deal with those complaints, in regards to Kehilla's actions, as well. They are usually, the last ones to know, if at all, about the very issues, that also concerns them, in regards to the actions, of these city and other government officials. Or that those involved, are also now go ng back, to the court, to have a further extension, given to them, to complete this purchase. A process which has also now taken, almost three years, from when it was started in 2008, and at the time when, Deloitte & Touche's term, as the Receiver, was also ended. And which they have also mandaged, to have extended, on an ongoing basis, to the cost of the taxpayers also. I also first became aware of Kehilla Residential Programme, as a possible candidate and also Deloitte's only choice to take over, from them, around January of 2008. Now, they are also going back to the court, to have this process, dragged on even longer, which is also no loss to them, financially. In fact, it is also the very opposite. They have all stand to gain, substantially, from this very long and costly process. Which, somehow, the City of Toronto, has also overlooked. This process, has also been financially, rewarding, for all of those involved and the Auditor General's office, has also shown an interest, to examine the financial records, of the Receiver, in regards, to the management of the Coop.