Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Flag of the Organization Of American States


It was only a few days ago that I had made the request to the United States Representative, to the Organization of American States, or the OAS, to have the state department look into the actions of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR and also the OAS, concerning the Canadian government and in regards to their decision, to not take any precautionary measures against the Canadian government, concerning my petition. It has been over a year since I first asked the commission to take immediate actions against that government to stop its abuse of my human rights, that are also mainly coming from the police attacks against me. The massive cover-up and conspiracy to corrupt justice in my case, has also finally resulted in the investigation by the US State Department, against those two organizations, concerning their bias investigation of that country's human rights abuse. And during that time I have also suffered countless abuse of my rights at the hands of the Canadian government and its police agencies, that are also carried out againt me. The conspiracy involved individual members of the IACHR and the OAS, such as Victor Madrigal, Mario Lopez, Deborah Benchoam and Lisl Brunner, also acting in such a manner, as to be diametrically opposed to the mandate of the Inter American Commission and the OAS and also what human rights stand for. It was a case of the personal corruption involving those members of those two organizations and of the IACHR, especially. One of the things that also came through in regards to their investigation of my petition and of the Canadian government, was also their own prejudice and bias, which also included racism against me, that was also paramount in their decisions not to investigate the Canadian government's actions.

I also discovered that there are other cases with Inter American Commission on Human Rights and also the International Court of justice, besides my own, against that same government, that were also not investigated by them and were also handled in the same exact manner. The massive cover-up by those international organizations, to also hide all infractions by the Canadian government, concerning its human rights abuse.

I had decided to have those two organizations, the IACHR and the OAS, investigated for not following its protocols regarding the investigation of some of its member/states, because of its undue bias, in regards to those same countries, such as Canada. And what that also means for the petitioners of claims of human rights abuse from that government, directly. I believed this last effort also came about, as a direct result of being in a medical emergency recently, that in all intent and purposes was also aggravated by the actions of the police against me directly. It was also a life and death situation from which I am still recovering and which I also blamed entirely on the police's actions to aggravate that medical condition through their attacks against me directly. That was the last straw from them and the Canadian government to continue to abuse my human rights in this manner.

It had to be made clear that petitioners from those countries, such as Canada, which are also in violation of the human rights treaties, that were also set up by those organizations, should also be investigated impartially. when it is found out that this is also not the case, then the credibility of those two organizations, based on their corrupt investigation of those countries which are in violation of human rights standards must also be exposed. The Inter American Commission on Human Rights claim, that for over fifty years it is also a defender of human rights, is also not true. It is time those organizations such as the IACHR and also the OAS, action are also examined, to see if they really are following through with their mandate to investigate human rights abuse and to hold those countries in violation of it, responsible. By also taking decisive actions against them and not just to continue to delude the world about their positions concerning those countries, such as Canada, which are also in violation of those human rights treaties.


Toronto's 13 Division Police Acted Corruptly In The Investigation Of Individual Cases. My Personal Account.

Failing To File Reports, By Individual Police Officers.
Removing All Information From The Police Data Systems, And Providing No Public Records of Those Complaints.
Undue Delay In Responding To Serious Calls.
Cover-ups and Conspiracy

Toronto 13 Division Police is breaking the law in their every actions involving me. These are some of the things that they are known to do. Not to investigate any complaints that I make to them. Every single one of those complaints has been dismissed by them. Erasing all records of my calls and complaints to the police from their data systems, so that I have to get this information about my complaints from the Police headquarters, where it is also logged. In the past when I also provided them with evidence such as taped recordings they also destroyed the information on the tape, claiming that the tape malfunctioned and so the information was lost. Once when I called them because I had believed that I was the subject of a hate crime, the police reported the call as threatening by me to them and also sent over a "special" team to investigate. When that "special" team arrived , including from another division they told me that they saw for themselves that this was not the case. The 13 division police later responded that the "threatening" nature of the call was because I had said it was a hate crime and that was a threat to me, so they had to regard it as a threatening call by them. But the police officers from 13 division also has been involved in attempting to set me up because of my human rights activism and blogging about them. In September 2011, they did not file a report about a death threat to me by someone that I also believed is one of their agents. The latest of these happened yesterday, December 13, 2011 when a man who was identified as a neighbour forced his way into my home and the 13 division police also did not investigate or lay any charge or to file a report in that case and also erased all information about my call about that incident from their data system involving that incident. The staff sergeant at Police headquarters in Toronto had to go into its own system and provided me with the information that I would need about that 13 division complaint in order to have their actions investigated further. They also did not show up for hours until I spoke with a dispatcher supervisor about their delay in responding to my call about this serious crime against me. I am seriously concerned for my safety from the Toronto police 13 division specifically.

The two police officers from 13 Division Police in Toronto, who has failed to file
a record of my complaint, in this latest situation, has the badge numbers 10700 and 10368. I will also do my best to get the names associated with those badge numbers.
The offence of the illegal entry into my home, was also the basis of my complaint, and it is not only a summary offence, as in the trespassing law, but it is also an indictable offence, in other areas of the law. The 13 division Toronto police is also familiar with the person who has also committed that offence against me. As mentioned earlier, not only did they not file a report of the incident, they also erased all information pertaining to that complaint, off their data system. No trace of it could also be found by contacting the 13 division Toronto police, or even the dispatcher, who is also supposed to record all of those calls to the police, as well. I only later got this information from the police headquarters data system, which I am also told has a means of keeping a record of all calls and complaints to the police, separately, from the police divisions, who are also supposed to keep a record of those investigations as well. But in some cases do not.