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As a Blogger and Human Rights Activist, I, Valerie Guillaume, has recently filed a complaint against a Toronto Police officer, for what I believed to be "racial profiling and just bloody harassment against me". I can already see the backlash from it, in the increased harassment against me, that I also believe that the police and some corrupt Toronto city officials are also behind those harassment. Afraid of the exposure that I will also give them for acting corrupt. And I am still waiting to see how they are going to handle it. It should also be a major story, because it is so unbelievable decadent, sordid and twisted. Toronto city officials, in various departments, attempting to cover up their actions, afterwards, in some investigations that I had also been privy to witness. Just this morning, I was also on the telephone, with someone in the Deputy City Manager's office, who for weeks now, has been working alongside  me, I think and also hope, about getting some kind of accountability, from those city officials. Those persons are Mark Straga, in Municipal Licensing Standards and Carl Baron , in the Building Division. Two of the most disreputable city employees, who also has no qualms about acting corruptly. Yet, at the same time also hiding their actions, from the public.  More about this in my next blog article. Now more about the police.

The police do not like to be the subject of any investigations against them. Since the complaint was made by me last week and also with the civilian body, that is set up to investigate police misconduct. I have also seen a drastic increase in the harassment and also of  the surveillance, that are carried out by the police. I felt that his behaviour was also inappropriate and should not be allowed to go unnoticed. Since last week, I have also experienced what would appear to be a reprisal for complaining about them, coming from  the Toronto Police, directly, in terms of the increase in the harassment against me. I keep running into them on the street, in both their marked and unmarked police cars, or vans, that are used to carry out their surveillance and harassment of me. They are either too busy trying to set me up, or else to give other protection, to the people that I am also trying to expose.

The targeting of the police against me is unbearable, as a Blogger and also a Human Rights Activist. In their eyes I am an easy target, and I want to change their perspective on that issue. 

Back in February of this year, I had contacted the Toronto police, because I had believed at the time, that there may have been an attempted break in. As I had also experienced this kind of invasion of my home, previously. I was also not going to take any chances, against who may have wanted to try and hurt me. The cop said that the matter could not be proceeded with in a criminal manner, because there was no proof of a break in, even though the door was unlocked. Again there was more than one security lock on the door, which must have also helped against the intruder. That also interested the cop a lot when it saw the extra security that I had on my door. There was also no forced entry. He also said that the investigation would not go any further and that it was now closed. Yet when I had called the dispatcher back the next day, to get some additional information, such as the event number, I was told that the police officer, P.C. Antoine Ashkar, from 11 Division, did not in fact closed the file, as he had said earlier. Do police officers lie?. Evidently.  And what about striking up acquaintances, with other members of the public, with the possibility of them working for the police, later on against the police target?. This also happens all of the time.

The police cannot be leaving their cards and other personal contact information with members of the public and telling them to contact the police, in regards to me, when I was not even the subject of an investigation, regarding those persons. I felt that I was not only being targeted by the police and that this was also a form of racial profiling, but that it was also harassment coming from the police. Confronted about his actions, by none other than me, the cop, P.C. Antoine Ashkar, then made light of it and said that I could also have his contact information. I saw no humor in it however, knowing fully well, how the police has operated against me in the past and that this gesture is also often their 'modus operandi'.  This happened in February of this year and now I am also seeing what my suspicions, has also led me to believe about the conspiracy, involving the police and the other people around me.

I am constantly being warned, against being set up by the police. Of course this is something that they have also done to me, before.  As a Black woman and also an activist, I have also experienced other kinds of barriers, that has also prevented me from getting any help, in regards to being a target of either the police, or the government.

 Now a few months later, I have also noticed an increased harassment coming from my landlord and I think that this also goes back to that incident in February, when I had called them and the police officer, P.C. Antoine. Ashkar, badge # 8819,  had also conveniently gave his card with his own telephone number on it to my landlord. Do I also believe that they have kept in touch over the last few months, seeking ways, not only to evict me, but also to maybe compromise me in other ways?. Yes, Absolutely. I have never been confronted by the police about anything, in regards to my landlord, but that is also how they operate. Behind the scenes. Stirring up trouble for me and using any opportunity available, to try to set me up. I also am aware that many other people, in similar positions like me, also go through the same thing. Whether they are Bloggers, activists, writers and even some outspoken black actors, in Hollywood. All that one has to do to qualify for being a target of the police and to be harassed by them, is to exposed them for what they do. Sometimes it is also a much bigger conspiracy, than just the police alone. Many times it involve other government officials. Whether local or otherwise. I do not know why some people find it so hard to believe, about these kinds of human rights abuse, that is taking place ALL OF THE TIME, in Canada. We are after all, living in a police state. Canada is a police state. Living in a police state also mean, that your life is always in danger, as well as your freedom. Only a few days ago I was told to, 'pray about it', when I also thought that I was going to lose my cool. And this was over someone, hitting my door at night and then hiding. I thought afterwards, rather than lose my cool, why not get a camera?. Problem solved. 

One of the things that someone in my position, also goes through from the Canadian police, is to constantly not be allowed to live a normal life. They make it their duty to see to it that I often lose my home. They malign my character with those around me. And it doesn't matter who? They are also incredible adept at keeping me in their sight, all of the time. They even send people in my life posing as supposed friends, e.t.c, just to figure out what I am thinking, or to get to know more about me. I can trust no one. Are all of these things that I have just described also familiar to others in similar situations?. Yes, to other Bloggers like me, who are also living under a police state, or tyrannical rule.
Some are arrested on trumped up charges, for exposing the truth about those other governments, like Canada, which is also doing the same.

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A Toronto's article, on the Toronto Police 11 Division, Corruption:
(reprinted here in part)

Key witness has memory lapse at police corruption trial

A key Crown witness in a police corruption trial has had a memory lapse about evidence he has previously given.
Larry Vacon testified Tuesday that he wasn’t paying attention to where he was taken immediately after his arrest by drug squad officers. The Crown says he was expected to testify that he was driven in an unmarked cruiser to his apartment building, where he saw drug squad members already inside his unit.

A key Crown witness in a police corruption trial has had a memory lapse about whether he saw officers searching his apartment illegally...  “I said they took me back to my house and stuff, but I can’t say for sure,” Vacon said.
The Crown alleges police searched his apartment before 4 p.m., when the search warrant allowed them to enter, making their presence there illegal.
Police records show Vacon was booked into 11 Division police station at 3:03 p.m
But Rupic read out a portion of Vacon’s preliminary hearing evidence in which he said he was pretty sure police questioned him in front of his apartment. “They came down and they said they were going to destroy my house,” he had told the preliminary hearing.
Miched, 53, John Schertzer, 54, Ned Maodus, 48, Steven Correia, 44, Raymond Pollard, 47 — former Central Field Command drug squad officers — collectively face 29 charges, laid in January 2004, including attempt to obstruct justice, perjury, assault and extortion.